WMatsui – Promise Me (4/4)

Fanart by Zita-san



Sound of the closed door is still echoed in Rena’s head. It must be 1 week more she take her holiday, but all that excited feeling already gone now. Before their last quarrel happen, she has a plan to persuade Jurina to travel with her for 1 week. It’s gone now.

Juju, we break our promise. I know that, after this 12 years we even didn’t recognize each other anymore. If not because that oba-san, I also forget about our childhood.

And a thing that she hate most is… Jurina even didn’t say sorry and thanks to her.

I already wait her until this morning but that child didn’t comeback yet. A stubborn girl.


Well.. Jurina still sleeping. I will go out for a while to buy our dinner. I will not buy too much, because I am not sure if she’ll still in my room or not after I go back later.

Rena decided to not go out in the night to avoid last night thing happen again. When she walks to the market, she remember something.

Ah, that place. The place that I tried to remember yesterday. I will go there for a moment, if I still can’t remember it.. I will go then.

Rena go out again from the market. I will shopping later.

After she walks for about 5 minutes, she arrive there. She look and walk around, try her hard to remember. But… she can’t. Rena sigh. This is useless, I’d better go to the market again, Jurina maybe awake right now and think to leave my room.

When she turned around, she hear someone call her name. Someone who call her yesterday too. Rena turn back and see that person.

It’s a old woman, she looks weak and thin. “Rena.. please don’t run away like that again. I’m really miss you.” After said that, that woman cry.

Rena come to her and give a hug, after that woman stop crying Rena ask, “Do you know me? I mean.. there are a lot of people know me anyway. Are you my fan?” Rena smile to her.

“No. I know you since a long time ago.. even before your showbiz time.”

Rena shock. “Since when you know me?”

“How old are you now?”

“24th years old.” Rena answer quickly because she really curious about what happen next.

“12 years ago, you still playing in this place. Walk around and give your best smile to everyone. Didn’t you remember that?”

“No. But, I seems know this place. I try to remember but I can’t. Please tell me more about it. What was this place?”

“Ohh.. what happen to you my dear, that showbiz world really spent your time.” That old woman smile. “This was your elementary school.”

Rena gasp. “This was my school?! But why it seems quiet? I think today is not a holiday.”

“After your family moved to Tokyo, this school was closed. Your family was the one who support this school,everybody told about how lucky you’re to have a rich family like that. This was just an orphan school.”

Rena close her eyes, this time she’s sure that she can remember it. That happy scenes comes to her mind one by one. Her tears fell down. She can remember it now, clearly!

One name comes to her mind, she cry more louder now. “Oba-san… where is my little sister? Is she live near from here?”

“Do you mean that girl who share her surname with you? As you remember, she’s an orphan. After this school closed, all students in here registered to one of orphanage foundation, include her. She just a 9 years old girl back then, she cried and  yell your name every night after you moved to Tokyo. 2 months later there’s a family who adopt her.”

“Do you know where her family lives? I probably can meet her there.”

“Sorry, I heard that when she was 12 years old. Her dad and mom died in a car accident.”

Rena gasp. “Oh my God. She really face the world alone, just by herself. This’s not fair. How dare I forget about this school. About her!” Rena can’t hold her tears anymore.

“But…..” That woman continue her words after she take a deep breath. “She came here every year, and she said that if someday you’ll come here… she want me to tell you that she’s really miss you. But this year she didn’t come again, I thought that she really think that you won’t come back anymore. Now, after 12 years.. this day has comes.”

“Why she didn’t come to me?? Send me a letter?? Lately, I appeared on TV more often.” Rena shed her tears.

“I didn’t know about that my dear. You can ask her by yourself.”

“You have her address???!!” She open her eyes widely.

“Yes.” That woman laugh and hug that girl.

Rena go to the address that oba-san gave to her. Rena hold that paper with a hope, a paper that writen her little sister address. She’s wondering how her Juju looks now. She must became a pretty lady now.

Finally, she arrived there. She knock the door after she take a deep breath and control her heartbeat.

“Yes? Who is it?” A men answer her knocks from inside.

A men?? Did she already marriage? So that was the reason why she didn’t come to that school this year?? She probably already forget me and focus to her husband who give her the happiness that I can’t gave to her.

That man open the door. “You? You’re the one who make my sister almost late for her match last night, right? Where is Jurina? She has a match again tonight.”

Wait a minute… God, are You try to play a joke with me???


Rena cry in her sit, she hug her bear doll tight. She cried for hours, so after she arrived at Tokyo.. her eyes looks swelling. Many reporters already wait her outside, as usual they want to get their news.

I am sure that I will become a front page and a highlight news again. Actually, I feels ashame with this kind of popularity. Ah, where is my make-up?! I am dead.. I am dead.

Her manager and some bodyguard already wait her outside too. They try to push some reporter who force to in.

Did you bring some make-up? I just wake up and my face will be exposed.

Rena send a mail to her manager. She receive a reply:

Are you crazy? I already spend a lot of time to bring these bodyguard for you, but you still want a make-up?? Now get out. We will protect you Rena.

She know that there’s no way to hide now, this’s her fault. She must admit that her manager’s patient and she knows that he really want to protect her.

Rena carry her bag and she hug her big doll to cover her face.

This is going to be a long day… Jurina, please try to watch some entertainment news. I know that you don’t like it, but….. I want you to know that I am here.


Jurina won that match, she throw Takayama’s body to outside the ring. She want to finish this as fast as she can, so she can comeback soon and apologize to her new friend.

Why I feel like this?? Yuka just a new buddy who yell at me in every minute. This is bad. Did I love her? No-no-no.. We just meet and she almost make me get a huge trouble. But beside of that reasons, my hearts still wait for another Matsui.


Audience shout with a scary and unbelievable eyes.

“No, Jurina… No!!!” Takeru run in to the ring. “Stop the match. You win Takayama. You got your revenge.” Takeru want to kick that boy but fail because judge-man hold him.

Takayama smirk after he hit Jurina’s head with a chair.

“No, Takeru. I can win this. I just wanna make a interesting game for audience.” Jurina said that with a weak voice.

“Jurina, you’re the winner. Don’t care about the judge decision.” He hug Jurina and carry her to the change room.

“JURINA WIN!!!” Jurina hear that referee’s voice and she fall into a deep dark.

That stupid Takayama, even if this is a street fight match.. but cheating still not allowed. Rule is rule.


Jurina open her eyes slowly. She look to the clock in that room.

3PM??!! No!! Yuka…..

She try to sit down but her body seems didn’t agree with her. She can not do anything, just lay there. Feels sorry for Yuka.

“Takeru-san, why don’t you wake me up??!! I need to go to Yuka place!”

“Your body is too weak now, just look how many bandages in your body! Try to remember that YOU ARE A GIRL. You need to take care of your body more.” Takeru raise her tone.

“Sorry.” Jurina turn back her face.

“It’s OK, that girl. Your friend gave this to me yesterday.” Takeru pick a small box. “She said that you must open it by yourself, and I will not allowed to give this to you if I see any bruises in your body. So, take care your body first, then I take care of this.” Takeru smirk.

“HEY!! Give it to me!!”

——————– 3 Weeks Later ———————-

“Takeru, give me that box. As you see, there’s no bruise again. I already take a bath 4 times a day and take care my wounds well.” Jurina pout.

“OK my little sister. Catch this.” Takeru throw that box and Jurina catch it well.

She open that box.

A bracelet? A Bracelet??!!! No… it can’t be…

Jurina go to her cupboard and open another small box there. Jurina take a bracelet, a same one. Twin golden bracelet.

That girl! Sh*t!

Jurina sit on the floor, she cry.

How can I don’t recognize her? Someone who I miss the most, someone who I love, someone who I wait for 12 years. Stupid. I let her go…. again.

“RENAAAAA!!!!!” Jurina scream. Not a melancholic, but it’s a angry scream.

She must kidding with me??? Play with me?? Joke with me??!! I hate her.

Jurina! Stop yelling.. too loud!” Takeru go to her sister room. He see her sister lay on the floor. He never see this kind of Jurina for a long time, fragile Jurina. “Here.” He give her something.

“A letter. She said to me that I allowed to give this letter to you after I heard you screaming. What an amazing girl! How can she tell you what to and guess what do you do, she even didn’t in this city.” Takeru laugh hard.

Jurina look her brother.“ Shut up. Just go.”

“OK OK. I just wanna say one thing for you.” Takeru stop a while. “I know she’s important to you and I think she also need you. And I just want to reminder you about you’re my sister, forever. I need you but….. I will give you a special permission. So, get that girl OK.”

Jurina shock with her brother words, she saw Takeru walk away from her room. She prepare her self to get a surprise attack again.

Dear My Juju,

Are you miss me? (○゜ε^○)

I miss you too my little sister (;゙°´ω°´)

Try to spent your time in your home, you’ll find me. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

After you find me, we will became WMatsui again. ヾ(*´∇`)ノ

Promise me… You will find me. You must.

I will wait you. ( But please don’t make me wait for another 12 years).


= Matsui Rena=

The first thing that I do if I meet you… I will kick her butt. Just wait.


Rena read her script for a next scene. It’s already 10 PM and she didn’t even eat any spicy meal today.

Ahh… my fans. They always so kind to me. I will ask their spicy meals. But I am afraid that this location will full of their gift to me.

Rena laugh herself. She only decide to update her blog that she didn’t have a meals since morning. After she finish her schedule, she will go to restaurant and eat.

She wanna put her phone, but a comment come. Wow… that was fast. Super fast.

“Wanna go out with me? You can eat spicy meals as much as you want.”

Rena laugh… She about to reply that comment but her manager call her name. I think I will reply this later.

—– 1 hour later —–

She go to her car that parked outside.

“ I can’t take it anymore. I am so hungry.” She grumbled her self while she open her car’s door. But before she enter her car. Someone grab her waist. She can feel someone’s lips near to her ear.

Someone whisper to her, “Wanna go out with me? You can eat spicy meals as much as you want.”

Rena shock. I am forget that there’re scary fans too, do anything to meet me.

Rena turn around she want to kick that fan, she don’t care if she lost 1 fan tonight. But her foot grabbed first.

“Did you forget that I am a street fighter? You can not easily hit me you know. I give my comment to your blog but you don’t reply it, I think you even didn’t read it. I the first who give that comment, how dare you don’t repl-”

A fan words stopped by Rena lips.

“I know. I read that comment. And many of your comment before.. You’re the only one who call me ‘Tanaka-san’ there. Stupid.” Rena look in to Jurina eyes, she really miss her.

“So, you aware? There are thousands comment in each post. You are so famous.”

“But I am not that famous, there’s one girl didn’t know me after all.. And she need 1 year later to recognize me.” Rena pout.

“Yeah.. that was a stupid girl. Her brother always turn on the TV when Matsui Rena appear, but that girl still didn’t aware about that. She found it while she -”

Jurina hugged by Rena,“I don’t care about that. I am still happy that I didn’t spend 11 years more to wait you. I Love You, Jurina.”

Jurina shock with Rena confession. “I should be the one who confess. You even don’t remember me until Oba-san tell you. I wait you that long.”

“I am sorry, dear.”

“It’s OK. Let’s eat. You already too tired and hungr-”

Rena give her passionate kiss to Jurina and Jurina kiss back. Jurina broke a kiss.

“Ohhh come on Rena, I have another match fight tonight in Nagoya!”

“What??!! You still do that job??” Rena release her hug.

Jurina grab Rena’s waist. “I am kidding. I am a great dancer now.. a Pro.”

====================== END==============================

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