WMatsui – Do you remember our first kiss?


This OS was inspirated by my favorite Yuri Manga – First kiss.

Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena were best friends when they were still in High School. They separated since they studied in the different colleges and after some years…. they meet again and worked at a same hospital.

Are their relationship still same as 9 years ago?

I heard someone knock the door and then she coming in. She’s not one of my patient. She’s new.

“dr. Matsui-san I have to consult about something to you. Can I?”

I open her file that a nurse gave to me..

“Yes. Please sit and tell me what’s about, Kashiwagi-san?”

“I have a friend in school, her name is Watanabe. She always love to touch girl’s butt and grab girl’s chest. Every girl in school ever experience that.

I’m quite not in to it. When she touch my butt without my permission, I’ll become so angry at her.

At first, I always feel irritated when she did that to me. But actually.. she’s a nice girl and she help me many times. She’s funny too… she’s a great joker. She became my best friend.

Lately, I feel something different. When she touch me, my heart beat faster. When I see she touch other girls, I can feel my eyes burning. When I enter my class, she’s the first one that I looking for.

I’m not comfortable with this feeling. Am I like her in that way? But we both are girls.

What is it doctor? What the meaning of this? ”

It’s shocking to heard this story from this young girl. What is it? What the meaning of this? I received question from my patient who ever feel that.

How can I answer that? Everytime I gave my answer to a patient about this.. then they’ll said that it’s just because their heart unstable. Most of them end up with married with a man. This kind of relationship is prohibited.

Well… Not all of them, there are a few girls who not –

“Juritan! Oh? Kashiwagi-san, why are you here? Did your mom already go home?”

She look at another doctor, “Not yet dr. Rena-san. She go to hospital canteen to buy me some meals.” then she look at me again. “dr. Matsui Jurina… I have to go now. I will consult with you again someday. Good afternoon.”

Kashiwagi walk away from my room.

“So…. Juritan. You steal my cute patient.”

“I’m not! She come here without my permission. Who’s that?”

“She’s Kashiwagi Yuki. Her mom is my patient, she always come every month to check her blood pressure. So… what’s she doing here? It seems your quite popular here, Jurina.”

I am a Psychologist in this hospital. She is Matsui Rena, we have a same class in high school. She was my best friend back then, but since we have a different college.. we became rarely talk.

But now… she’s here. We work in a same place.

————– FLASHBACK —————-

We spent our 3 years together, study together, and play together. No one can separate us.

On the last day in our school, we went to rooftop. That’s our secret place.

“Juritan… tomorrow is our graduation day. Time passed so fast, right?”

“Yes.” I didn’t look her, I just read a novel.

“After this, will do we separated?”

I close my book, then I look at her. She’s look sad. I can’t say anything.

“Jurina… did you ever kiss a girl before?”

“No! No-no.. never.” This is my awkward moment.

“Let’s kiss, Jurina.”

“Ha?!! Wait-wait.. Why should we do that?!” I’m totally panic.

“After we graduate, we will walk in our separate way. We will find a man that we love and then married. There’s a quote said that ’We will never forget our first kiss’. So, I want you to remember me forever.”

“Re-rena chan…” I see her sad face and her lonely eyes. “Let’s do it.”

She look at me in unbelievable eyes. “OK, Juritan. I count until 3, then we close our eyes and kiss.”

What should I do?!! Kissing with a girl?? I never imagine to do that!

“One….. Two… Three.”


This’s not a kiss like I always watched in some drama. This is just peck in our lips. We just touch each other lips. So, this is how it’s feel? What is this? Why my heart beating so fast?! No way..

“Rena.. I will always beside you and never leave you. How can you be so silly to think about that? Don’t worry.”

“I hope so…” She smile. But it’s a lonely smile.

I can’t understand what I feel.

———————— END OF FLASHBACK ———————

I hear her phone ringing. “Who’s that? Is it your boyfriend?”

“Yes…. Lately, He always ask me to meet his parents.”

“So….. you will get married soon?”

“We have an enough age to get married, Juritan. Last month I received a wedding invitation from my college friend.”

“Ohh… congratulation then. I wish you happy.” I give her a smile. “Oh, sorry. I have to go.”

I leave Rena alone in that room.


I go to shower in my apartment. Everytime I stress I always take a bath, so I can feel relax. But now is different. I can not relax! I feel my head spinning.

She will get married?! I punch the wall.

I.. I never she imagine that she will married. I ever feel like this before. I feel like this when she tell me that she get a new boyfriend.

She get her first boyfriend when we’re in college. I feel so frustrating back then. So, I’m looking for a boyfriend too. I don’t want to feel lonely. But 3 months later, she said that she already broke up. I feel relieved.

After that, her relationship with a boy can’t last long. She always break up with them in 3-4 months. So, I don’t need to worry. She will throw away those stupid boys!

But now is different. It’s a marriage!!! I can’t so easily make her break up her marriage like dating. What should I do?

I cried in my bathroom. I can not calm again. This is my first heartbroken.

“Honey… are you okay??”

“Ye-yes.. I’m okay.” I go out from the bathroom. That’s my boyfriend.

“Honey, I want to talk about something.”

“What is it? You look confuse.”

“Hmm.. we already dating for 2 years, so I think it’s time to properly introduce you to my family.”

God… so this is really happen. Rena and I will live separate. She know about what she said when we’re in high school. She already think about long term.

“Don’t you want to meet my parents? They already asked me to bring you this saturday.”

“OK, I will go.”

================== **** ==================

“Jurina…. look!” Rena show her finger to me. “I cut my finger. That cutter is too sharp.” She cried.

I grab her finger and put it to my mouth.


“Don’t worry, a small wound will be okay if it touched by saliva. How can you didn’t know this? You are a doctor.” I release her finger. “Wait a minute, I will cover it with bandage.” I prepare it.

“Jurina… are you busy this Saturday? Let’s go out together. It’s been so long since we go out together.”

I still prepare a bandage for her, so I answer it without looking her. “Sorry… this Saturday I will meet my boyfriend’s parents.”


“Oh.. So-sorry.. I have to go, my patients waiting for me..” Rena walk away.

“But your wound….”

She close the door.


“Why are you so late? My parents already waiting for you.” He grab my hand.

*My Phone Ringing*

“Sorry. I have a message.” I pick up my phone.

“Hey! How can you read that in this situation? You can read it later, Jurina!”

I open that message. Rena?


Do you remember our first kiss?


What??! Why she said it in this time?! She know exactly that I will meet my boyfriend’s parents today. I already told her about it.

“Jurina, Come on!”

*My phone ringing again*


I’m at your apartment now.


This is really confusing. I still silent while my boyfriend call me. “Please kiss me now.” I look at his eyes.

He look confuse. “Now? We-we in the middle of crowd now.”

That’s right we’re on street.

“O-Okay Jurina.” He looks shy but then he kiss me.

I cried. “Sorry. I saw someone else when you kiss me.”

I run quickly and left him alone.

“Jurina.!! Jurina.” He call my name, but I ignore him.

Rena.. Rena.. Rena.. Rena…

I run as fast as I can. Finally, I enter my apartment building. I use an elevator to get to my room. 12th floor. I go out from that elevator. I turn right and I saw Rena sit in front of my door.

I touch her shoulder, “Rena?”

“Jurina…” She cried. “You’re coming.” She stand up and hug me.

“Of course I come. You send a message like that, it’s make me worry.” I stroke her hair.

She release my hug. “I know this’s strange. Since a long ago, I always remembering you when I go out with my boyfriend!”

“I feel like that too.” I smile to her.

“My heart always beat faster when I’m with you!”

“I feel like that too.”

“I am a weird girl! I’m freak! I think that I love you since the first time we met!! I know you will hate me. I’m sorry to ruin your meeting with his parents.” She cried even louder.

I pull her arms and I hug her again. She cry on my shoulder, then I whispering to her. “Don’t you hear me? I feel the same.”

She raise her head. “Eh?”

“I love you too, Rena. I realize it since you kiss me in rooftop. 9 years ago. Sorry.. I don’t have any courage to tell it to you.”

She kiss me. We’re kissing in front of my room. I unlocking my door, and we get in before someone see us. I close the door without broke our kiss.

From now on.. everything gonna be different.


“Sorry dr. Jurina.”

I saw someone open my door. “Ohh.. Kashiwagi.”

“I come here to ask you about our last meeting.”

“Ohh.. that?” I smile, “What’s you feel to your best friend is sign of love. You don’t need to doubt yourself. Trust your heart and do everything that you think it’s right.”

I see Kashiwagi’s smile. “Thanks doctor.” She walk away from my room.

“Hey Kasiwagi! Be careful. You’re about to fell from that stair!”

I hear someone angry at Kashiwagi. She open my door.

“What do you saying to her? She looks unusually happy.”

“Nothing, Rena.”

“Juritaannn…. tell me!!” She pout.

“I just say ’Go for it’ to her.”

Rena looks confuse. I just smile. “I love you, Rena.”

Thanks Rena. You make me realize that this kind of love can be happen too. It can be lasting forever. When it comes to love, there are no rules…

She shocked because I suddenly said that. “I love you to, Jurina.”

=================== THE END =====================

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