WMatsui – Gratification of Desire


This story is about Matsui Jurina, who left her life in Japan and lived in UK to forget her past… her past with Matsui Rena. Matsui Rena was her so-called ‘best friend’ and her unrequited love.
But one day, after 4 years.. she had to come back to Japan for her friend’s wedding. What would she do if she meet Rena again?

Gratification of Desire

I ran through the corridor, I didn’t know how many times I looked at my watch. Geez! I’m late.. I’m too late! Churi will kill me.

Finally, I reached the door.. I could hear the romantic song played inside the hall. I took a minute to tidy up my suit and fixing my short hair. I took a deep breath to control my breath because I was really tired of running. Okay… I stepped calmly into the hall. Oh wow.. this place is very crowded! I looked around to see where my lovely friend is.


I turned my head and then I saw Churi glaring at me. I hide my face behind my palm. “Churi, look. I’m so sorry… my flight was delayed 2 times due to bad weather.” I peeked her face from between my fingers.

“Almost 2 hours?! Urgh, Jurina! The wedding ceremony is about to finish.” Churi put her hands on her hip.

All I could do was only staring at the floor, and I didn’t have any reason to defend myself. After I arrived at hotel last night, I went to the bar and drank some alcoholic beverages. I thought it can relieve my pain because of jet lag, but I guess I was wrong.. my head became completely dizzy. Then… I woke up late this morning.

I heard someone chuckled behind me. I turned my head to know who it was. When I saw who it was, I covered my face again. I was ready to get another scolding again. “A-Airin.. I’m so sorry.”

My heart is already ready for another scold and….. it surprised me because Airin gave me a warm embrace instead of scolding me. Phew…Thank goodness Airin is not raging on me! I already feel more than guilty enough for being late to the wedding. “It’s been a long time, Jurina. I missed you.“

I smiled, I wrapped my arms onto her. “I miss you too, Airin. I’m sorry for coming too late to your wedding. I know…. I’m a bad friend.”

“Obviously!” Churi uttered it.

Airin laughed. “Stop angry at her, Churi.” She let go of her arms and looked at me with a smile on her face. “I’m still glad you’re coming even though you’re really tired.”

“You’re my best friend, of course I will come.” I grinned.

Airin giggled. “Oww! So cute.” She observed me from my head to the toe. “You looks more handsome, Jurina. Can I fall in love with you?”

“Okay, enough. You make me blushing, if your husband hear it.. he will kill me for sure.”

We laughed together. Well…. except Churi of course, she didn’t smile at all… she seemed still mad at me.

“Airin!! Honey!” I saw her mother calling for her. When her mother saw me, she gave me a warm smile. I smiled back and bowed my head.

She turned her head.“Okay mom! Wait a second!” Airin looked at me again. “I guess I have to go, enjoy yourself. We will talk again later to introduce my husband to you.”

“Ah! Wait!!” I remembered my right hand still holding something. “This is your present.”

Airin took it from my hand. “Thank you, Jurina.”

“Ahh… you’re welcome. You looks beautiful, Airin.. as always. Happy wedding day!” I waved my hand at her as I saw she walked toward her family.

“Jurina… if this is my wedding, I wouldn’t let you get in so easily like that. I may call the security to shoo you from here.”

I stuck out my tongue. “Well.. If it’s your wedding, I guess I will come back to Japan a week before your wedding.”

“I miss you, Jurina.” Finally, my other best friend gave a chuckle and warm hug tightly. Churi was always like that, she always showing her anger at me if I made a mistake, but then… she will forgive me and hugged me like her little sister. “How are you, kiddo?” She ruffled my hair.

“I’m doing fine.” I showed my cat smile.

She frowned. “Are you sure? You looked so depressed when Rena-”

“I’m doing FINE, Churi!” I cut her words before she started to dig my old scar again. I showed my irritated face to her.

She sighed.  Why? She didn’t believe at me?! No matter how often I said that I’m fine, she will kept mentioning about Rena.. and I hate it!

“Okay, I’m sorry. I’m glad that you’re fine.”

I saw Churi smiled at me, but I still could see her worried face. “Of course, I’m okay. It happened 4 years ago, so I already moved on.. completely move on.” I tried to wipe her worry away.

Her smile widened. “Well then… I’m happy to hear that.” She looked at her watch. “Ah! Sorry, Jurina.. I must go to somewhere. I’ll call you later, okay?”

I simply nodded.

“It’s really nice to see you after 4 years.” She smiled. “Well… enjoy your time here, our high school friend come here as well. You could meet them before you leave this place. Many of our friends asking me about you.”

“Okay, I will walk around before I come back to my hotel.” I waved my hand and saw her went out from the hall.

I swept my view to every corner of the room and I smirked as I found the table with many snacks, cakes, drinks, and salads on it. “I won’t walk around before I get my food.“

I walked around the table, my smile was fade away. Hmm…I can’t seem to find what I’m aiming to eat. I thought that Airin might be ordering that! She knows so well that it’s my favorite yet she didn’t order it, did she forget or something? Oh well, too bad then.

I put back the plate onto the table and then I went to grab a cup of orange squash instead of eat something.

I sat on a chair so I could comfortably drink the orange squash. I took my phone from my pocket as I heard it ringing. I read the message and I….W-What?! I can’t believe it!! The cup almost fell from my hand while I read this shocking message. My heart began thobbing as if I was on a roller coaster… really fast. I read it again to make sure that I was not mistaken.

‘Jurina, I forgot to tell you that Rena is in there too. – Churi.’

“Seriously, Churi and I will kill you when we meet again later!” I muttered to myself as I put the phone back into my pocket. I stood up and walked quickly to the table. I put the glass on it. I had to get out of here as soon as possible.

“Are you looking for this?”

*Thump!*I flinched. Too late… I’m dead. I turned my head and I saw her….. Rena. She was holding a small plate with two slices of Cheesecake on it. It’s also my favorite cake. My heartbeat became uncontrolled as I saw her…. smiled at me.

“In a few minutes ago I saw you walked around this table. I guess you were looking for this. You can found it there.” She pointed at another table.

Well… I didn’t know that Airin have another ‘food table’ in this hall. “I’m not looking for it. I’m done here. Goodbye.” I simply answered her. I turned back and I want to reach the exit door as soon as I could without being too obvious. I tried to walk away…. in a calmly and cool way.

“Wait, Jurina.”


I turned around and saw her clear figure this time. She wore a dress with deep shade of red color, her raven hair, her light-brown eyes, her tempting smile, and her reddish lips. She became more beautiful than years ago…. she’s utterly gorgeous. But except her pale skin… it was what I still remembered.

“Let’s talk. I miss you.”

I turned away as I do not wish to have my eyes gazed upon her beautiful change. The more I stared at her, the more I felt confused and my heart felt in pain. “I’m tired. I want to go back to my hotel.“ I was ready to take my step away but…..

“I don’t mind to talk with you in your hotel room.”

I flinched a bit and then I turned back to look back at her face. I saw her seductive smirk, directed at me. I smirked back and realized something… she didn’t change at all. I turned my body again and started to walk out from the hall… I left her just like that.

After I completely stood outside the building, I saw a taxi coming in closer. I want to lift my hand to stop the taxi, but I felt someone’s hand slowly pushed my hand downwards.

“I bring my car, I can drive you back to your hotel.”

I shrugged. I didn’t have to turn back to see who it was. I knew it that it’s going to be her that stopped me. That sweet voice was more than a hint to me that it’s her. “….Okay.”

Rena walked first, I followed her from behind. I travelled my view to around her back and stopped my view at her bare shoulder for a while. I saw the way she walk.. her hip swayed along with her steps.. her reddish dress just covered her body up to her knees, so I could see her white calves clearly. Sexy. It was the only word that came to my mind.

I opened her car’s door and then I sat on the front seat with her. I told my hotel’s name and she simply nodded and started to drive.

“….You’ve changed.”

“We even have not said ‘hi’ to each other, yet you already gave me a complaint.” I looked out the window, well…. actually to avoid an eye contact with her. I felt a deep pain came up again every time I looked at her face. “Everybody will definitely change after 4 years… Rena-san.” Yes, you’ve changed too, Rena.

I heard her soft giggle but I persistent to not turn around to see her face. “Drop the honorific when you talk with me… like the old time.“


“Where have you been all this time?”


“When are you going back there?”


“You will go in 3 days?!”

I glanced at her because she sounded surprised. “Yeah. I have to prepare many things for my graduation ceremony, it will be held in 2 weeks.”

“I see…” She nodded. “So, wh-”

“You can drop me here.” I cut her off as I realized that we were already in front of my hotel.

“No. I want to talk with you first.” She turned her car to the left and entered the hotel location.

I narrowed my eyes. I stared at her. What does she want? Why she talk to me casually like that? Did she not realize that I’m totally sick of her? I didn’t find any need for us to talk again. I simply looked away from her. “….Fine.” I didn’t know why but… I still couldn’t say ‘no’ to her and it made me so stressed out.

After she parked her car, I lead her to enter the building. We stepped in to the elevator. We walked in silence until we reached my room. I unlocked the door and let her in first. “Come in.”

She entered my room. “So… what’s the name of your college? What’s your majo-”

Before she even could finish her question, I grabbed her hand and then I pulled it… her body completely leaned onto me. “Why are you so curious about me? What do you want, Rena?” I said it softly but I think it sharp enough to make her gasped. My face was totally close to hers… My lips almost touched her nose.

“J-jurina.. it’s hurt!” Rena tried to release her wrist, but I tightened my grip and I used my other hand to grab her waist. She couldn’t escape from me.

Answer me…” I whispered it to her.

“Jurina!” She glared at me.

You keep persistent to get into my room…” I didn’t care even if she yelled at me, my anger that saved since 4 years ago suddenly want to get free from my heart. I smirked. “I know you very well, Rena. This is what you want, right?” I licked her ear and then I felt her body flinched a bit.

“Let go of me, Jurina!!” She pushed me strongly.

She succeeded to escape from my hug, but even before she took another step.. I managed to grab her wrist again and pushed her until her back bumped onto the wall… I pinned her tightly to the wall. “You don’t need to act so innocent in front of me because I feel SICK of it!! Come on, Rena.. we always did it back then…. when we were still in high school.” I kept whispered at her in a seductive way.

My hand moved downwards to feel every curve of her body. I don’t think I can stop myself from not touching her. She’s too pretty to resist…also, I didn’t understand why I’m having this anger and lust for her right now. Such mixed emotions I’m having right now.

I missed your body.

“What?! I just want to talk with you!! Nothing more!! Now, let go of me!!” She gasped as I groped her ass through her reddish dress. She lifted her hand and then she slapped my face. Ouch…that sure hurts, but it can’t be compared to the pain she inflicted to my heart.

“Y-You’ve changed too much!!” She yelled at me.

I couldn’t hold my anger anymore. “You’re the one who changed me in the first place!! You turned me into like this!!” I saw her hand wanting to slap my face again, so I quickly grab it. I flipped her body, so she became facing the wall.

I pressed my body to hers and it caused she couldn’t move even a bit. I caressed her cheek from behind. “I need some pleasures… Let’s do it, Rena. Give me your body and your lust to me tonight… just like I did years ago… I’ve given my everything to you.” I kissed her head, I could smell the sweet scene from her hair. It’s sure increasing my lust to touch her even more.

Her scent still same like when the first time I met her… it brought back memories of our time together. The time when I was easily affected by her charm… The time when I didn’t realize there was a little bit of devil in her angel eyes.


“Urgh!” I bumped into someone in my way back to my class. I felt the sweet scent entered my nose.


I walked towards her and helped her to collect the papers. I felt at guilt for making a mess and apologized to her immediately“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.”

I lifted my head. I couldn’t blink when I saw her face for the first time. Her eyes were so beautiful and… perfect, just.. perfect. She actually looked like an angel.

It was the first time I met her, Matsui Rena. She was a 2nd year student, and my senpai.

I was a 1st year student back then….


Without I realized it, we became close to each other, she even asked me to drop the honorific when I talked with her. I was so happy about it. I felt the gap between us slowly decreased little by little as time passed by.

I never got bored to meet her every day. The more I met her, the more I adore her. I became so nervous every time she was around me.. my cheek often blushed only because the simple thing like… she grabbed my arm when we crossing the street together. My heart pounding so fast every time we accidentally did a tiny skinship. Crazy.

I… I guess I like her.

It was what I thought after we knew each other for 3 months, she was my best friend.


One day, she asked me to come to her house because her parents had some works outside of the town. I was more than willing to accompany her.

We had our lunch together, she helped me with my homework, we played the playstation together. It was a fun day until she suddenly changed the topic.



“Did you ever kiss someone?” She asked it out of blue.

I swear that I want to throw up my lunch at that time. “N-no… why?” I was totally blushed, I guess.

“Let’s do it.” She gave a shy smile. She moved slowly and approached my face.

“W-wait… Rena-chan.” I back away slowly.

She pouted. “Why? Am I not worthy to become your first kiss?”

“No! Of course it’s not a reason… I-”

It was too late to find my way back, she already captured my lips. I was too shocked and it made me couldn’t move my lips. Re-Rena kiss me??! I thought I was dreaming at that time.

She kept kissing me comfortably, she even put her arms onto my neck. I became more relax because I felt her warm and tempting lips kissed me gently.. so I started to move my lips and enjoyed my time with her.

Our kiss became deeper, passionate, and hotter. I even didn’t know how we got until this point, I just followed the flow.

Rena pushed me slowly until I perfectly laid on the floor. She placed herself on my top, her kiss grew wilder. I enjoyed it too much and I found my hands lifted her uniform a bit and started to caress her bare waist. What is this? I even want to touch her more. It supposed to be just a kiss.

Rena seemed had the same feeling with me, she trailed her kiss down to my neck. She removed my necktie and the she kissed my collarbone. I let out the soft moan. No, this is wrong! I pushed her.

I opened my eyes and then I saw her pleading eyes. “R-Rena chan?”

“Do you trust me?” She caressed my cheek.

“Yes, of course.” I smiled at her.

She approached my ear and whispered. “Trust me more… Let’s do it, Jurina.

I couldn’t hold myself anymore after I heard that kind of seductive voice, I ate her lips again.

We did ‘it’ in her living room. Rena-chan is my first.


After that day, our intimate time increased as well. We often did ‘it’ because we became addicted to it. I eagerly want to touch her body and kiss her lips more and more.

We kept doing ‘that’ activity for almost 2 years. My love for her grew bigger and deeper as the time goes. I never confessed my feeling because I was sure that we had a same feeling. I mean… we wouldn’t do ‘it’ for no reason, right? I was sure that she loved me too.

Something big happened to us. It was just a month before her graduation day from our high school. It was quite simple, when we making love….. she moaned someone else name.

“Y-Yuki! Ahh~” Then… she gasped.

Unfortunately, I could hear it really well. “Yuki?!” I didn’t need to think twice, I pulled out my fingers from her center and then I went to the sink to wash it. I grabbed my bag and went away without care about her voice calling my name.

I shed my tears. I felt confuse and sad… so sad.

I kept avoiding her for a week. I didn’t want to meet her or talk with her.

I stood in front of my class. I watched Rena-chan sat on a bench, she (maybe) doing her assignment. 3 weeks more… I won’t see her again. I didn’t want to believe about what happened last week. I want to approach her.

But even before I took my step, Churi patted my shoulder. “Hey, Jurina!! Daydreaming?” She teased me.

I shrugged.

Churi followed my eyes, her eyes found a girl who sat on a bench. “Ohh, Rena senpai?” She grinned.

I decided to play along. “Do you know her?”

She laughed, but her laugh sounded sarcastic in my ears. “You better not get too close with her, Jurina.”

I frowned. “Why?”

She smacked my head. “Are you stupid or what?! She is a player! Don’t you ever hear the news? She often dating 2 poeple in the same time.”

I shook my head. My eyes grew widened with shock. Rena-chan always asked me to keep our relationship as our own secret. So…. this was the reason?!

“But these last 3 months I heard that she had a serious relationship with Yuki senpai, her classmate. I heard Yuki senpai is her only girlfriend right now after she broke up with our kohai, well… maybe she is not a player anymore.”

I didn’t know how to say. My heart broke into the pieces when I heard Churi’s statement. 3 months?! a kohai?! I did ‘it’ with her for about 2 years now!! She completely played my heart.

I tried hard to hold on my tears. I walked towards her. She stood up as she saw me.

“Jurina I-”

I slapped her face strongly even before she finished her words. I didn’t care about how many students who watching me slapping my senpai… I was sure that it’ll become highlight news in my school.

“Rena, do you ever love me? Even for slight a bit?” I clenched my fist. “Don’t ever try to say ‘yes’ if you just want to fool me again.”

She stared at the ground. “No… I’m so sorry. But you’re my best friend, we even never say that we love each other. I thought-”

“You are my first, Rena. You should know it! Do you think that I did ‘it’ with you just for fun??!! I love you so much, Rena.” I clenched my teeth. “Goodbye.”

I turned away. I ran away from the crowd. I called my dad as soon as I reached the quiet place behind our school building. “Dad, bring me with you.”

My parents divorced since I was still in elementary school, my mom lived in here, Japan.. and my dad lived in UK due to his job.


Since that day, I never attend the school anymore. My parents (and their money, of course) take care of everything about my transfer process to other high school in England. Thankfully, I already passed my final exam, so I didn’t need to repeat my 2nd year anymore.

I moved to UK as a 3rd year student… leaving everything behind… leaving my mom, my friends, my best friends (Churi and Airin), and my so-called ‘best friend’… Rena.

I didn’t know how much my tears that poured because of her. I buried my pain deep inside my heart.


Rena remained silent even though I already said many things to her, so I flipped her back again. We stared at each other eyes. I could feel her breath heavier than before, but… her gaze looked same, her gaze didn’t reflect any guilt after she made my heart break so damn hurt until this day.

Without any alert, I captured her lips… her eyes grew widened with shock but I didn’t care… I closed my eyes and kept kissing her. She struggled in my arms, my hands sneaked to her neck. I held her neck so she couldn’t escape from my kiss.I pulled back my kiss because I felt my lungs demanded for oxygen. I stared at her beautiful eyes for a moment… she cried. I licked her tears away from her cheek.

“Your tears right now didn’t mean anything to me. I already cried for the countless times back then because of you…!”

“Jurina, please… don’t forcing me to do it like this way.”

“Like what?!”

I didn’t give her more time to talk and clashed my lips against hers again. I bit her below lips and parted her lips. She finally let out a soft moan. She gave my tongue a full access to enter her mouth and I didn’t want to waste this chance… My tongue sneaked into her mouth and our tongue entwined to make our kiss became more passionate.

I smirked as I noticed that her hesitation already replaced by desire and lust. Great, Rena… this is what I want. I whispered against her lips.

I use my left hand to stroke her cheek and then I slipped my other hand under her dress. Her body trembled as my fingers stroke her bare thigh. Her breathing increased as I landed my lips on her neck. I trailed my kiss on her neck. After my lips touched her bare neck, I felt even more aroused than before.

I moved my fingers onto her womanhood through her underwear causing her moan became louder. I rubbed it gently.

“J-jurina…. ahhh——”

I approached her ear and whispered. I guess you want it so badly right now. I smirked. I replaced my fingers with my knee. I let my knee rubbed her wet womanhood harder and it caused her head jerked up because of pleasure.

“S-stop it Jurina…”

“I won’t stop.”

I used my free hands to unzip her dress. I caressed her back to feel her smooth skin before I took off her dress. After the dress fell onto the floor, I could see her half-naked body clearly. I gulped and licked my lips to show her that my naughty side already took over my mind, completely. I smirked as my hands roamed on her bare stomach.

Her warm breath, her white-milky skin, and her moans made me couldn’t hold my lust anymore… I grabbed her waist and lifted her body. I kissed her neck while I carried her onto my bed. I put her down near to the bed. I pulled my lips away from her neck and pushed Rena onto the bed.

I climbed up to the bed and started to kiss her lips roughly while my hands lightly squeezed her mounds through her bra.I want to break her and messing up with her body so badlyI pulled the kiss away and flipped her body and found my hands taking off her black bra. I tossed the bra away from the bed. I flipped her body again because I was eagerly wanted to see her naked bosom and pinkish nipples. I could see Rena’s red cheeks because I stared at her bare chest.

“…They’re still as perfect as I remember.”

After I said it, Rena’s cheeks blushed even redder. She seemed wanting to take a little revenge, since I was the one who kept teasing her since the beginning. Rena suddenly woke up and started to take off my blazer. I flinched a bit, but then I let her unbuttoned my shirt and unclasped my sport bra. She looked at my twin bosom. “I could say the same.” She gave me her devil smile.

When she was about to touch my breast, I pushed her back onto the bed and placed myself on her top. “…Me first.” I bend down to kiss her collarbone while my hands already went to caress the mounds.

“Nngh!—- Ahhh… J-Jurina…”

Hearing her moaned my name made me more turned on, I started to fondle and stroked her bosom without showing any mercy to her. I squeezed them strongly to fulfill my sensual gratification. Maybe I fondled them too strong because Rena suddenly let out a small scream. But again… I don’t care.

While my mouth was busy to kiss, sucking, and nibbling her skin on her neck to make a red mark on it… my fingers already found itself on her nipples. Without a further ado, I pressed, pulled, twisted, and pinched her hardened nipples and it caused her scream even louder than before.

“J-Jurin—- Ahhh~… It’s hurt!!! S-since when you turned into a sadistic?! Nnngh…”

“I don’t know… I just do it as usual.” I left her neck when I already saw some red marks on it. When I was about to move my kiss downwards, she grabbed my head and made me looked at her.

“As usual?” She frowned.

“Yeah… my girls in UK are quite hardcore, you know. This is not mean anything for them. Why? I can messing up your body even more if you want it.”

I swear that I saw a slight of jealousy in her face. I gasped when she flipped me over and sat on my legs. She gave me a deep kiss and escalated into the wild kiss. I moaned as she fondled my breast gently. I found my hands grope her butt and squeezed it slowly.

My body got weaker because of the pleasure that she gave to me. I started to think about how I could take the dominance again. I smirked as I accidentally touched her panties and it was really wet. I quickly lifted up my knee and pressed her womanhood.She replaced my moan and then her body fell onto mine as I kept rubbing it with my knee.

I used the chance to flip her down again and I managed to get on top of her again. I whispered. “I said… me first.” I began to kiss her body again. I started the kiss from her neck and slowly went down to her chest.

I removed her soaked panties and then I rubbed her wet core slowly. Rena whimpered as I massaged her clit.

“A-Ahhh~! Jurina! J-Jurina…” Her head jolted back.

I saw her face. Her lewd sound and her aroused face made me eagerly want to make her scream and moan my name more. I couldn’t be more turned on rather than this. I decided to take the final step to make her feels the pleasure.

I made the circling motions with my fingers and then without any warning… I thrust my index finger into her core. My finger curled up inside it before I started to pump her core.

I couldn’t take off my eyes from her perky breast swayed back and forth as she moved along with my finger movement. I opened my mouth and I put the nipple into my mouth. Rena grabbed my hair due to the pleasure that I gave to her when I sucked it.

As my tongue twirled her pinkish nipple, I added 1 finger into her core. I could see her hip unconsciously moved to help increase the sensation of pleasure while I shoved my 2 fingers in and out mercilessly.

“J-Jurina…Jurina…! Nnngh—-J-Jurina!!” She started to moan uncontrollably.

My hair completely messed up because she kept stroking it roughly.

“J-jurina, please… I-I want it more and harder…messing with me more.”

I smirked as I heard it. “Finally… you showed your true color, Rena. I like it because it didn’t sounds like I rape you anymore.” I added one more finger into her core and I pumped her more harder and faster just like she asked.

Her moan already filled my room. “Nnnn—gaaaah~! A-Aaah—-Haaah~! Jurina~!”

I noticed that she almost reached her climax point, so I stopped playing with her nipple and then I ate her moans. I kissed her with all my passion. I want to see her cum while kissing me.

“A-Ahh——J-Jurina…! Mmmgh…!!” She finally got her final pleasure.

I pulled back my kiss. You didn’t disappoint me, Rena. I pulled out my fingers from her center and then I put it into her mouth. “Clean up my fingers.” I saw her panting below me and she tried to catch her breath.

She did as I asked her. She licked my fingers and ate her own juices. Well…. guess what, the way she licked my fingers made something between my legs started to throb. She looked so hot.

“Now my turn.” She flipped me down.

This time, I didn’t give any resistance because honestly… I want it. “Please me.” I smiled.

She gave me a deep kiss before she roamed my body with her kisses and her licks. She moved her lips downwards; she stopped when she reached my bellybutton. Her tongue swirled on it.

DAMN!The pleasure began to crawl throughout my body. I felt so hot. I hissed as I felt she licked my skin around my bellybutton. “R-rena…” I stroked her hair as I pleaded her to keep going downwards. I already felt the heat inside my core… I want her to touch it right now, yet she only caressed my thighs.

But I guess she want to tease me more, she flooded my thighs with the kisses without touched my center. I groaned. “Just… get on with it!!” I saw her face, she enjoyed herself.

“…Okay then.”

She bit her below lip before she focusing her eyes at my panties and then kissed my womanhood through my panties. And I swear… it was really sexy. Then… she surprised me even more, she bite my panties and she pulled off my panties using her mouth! Wow. She’d grown much hotter than the last time I had sex with her.She gave me a sign to spread my leg and I simply obeyed her. Then…. she licked my core’s wall. I grabbed my sheets as I felt the pleasure and my mind went blank after I felt the sensation.

“Re-Rena..! Ahhh~”

She licked my core up and down. I couldn’t hold my moan anymore. She licked it faster and it caused my head jolted back in pleasure. I gripped her hair pulling her head closer to my exact spot. Her tongue made me addicted to it.

My moan changed into a scream when she used her thumb to massage my clit without stop licking my core. Double pleasures, I love it… I felt like I flew onto the heaven. “Rena… d-don’t stop…! Don’t! I’m about to cum~!”

Finally… I got my wonderful climax when she made a deep thrust with her tongue into my core. I screamed her name and grabbed her hair strongly, I didn’t care if she feel hurt by my action or not..the sensation made my mind went blank.

She crawled up onto my bed and then she rested her head on my left arm. She wrapped her arm around my waist. “I’m glad you come back after 4 years even though it just for some days. I missed you.”

I couldn’t speak because I still tried to catch up my breath.

“I’m sorry for betraying our relationship back then. I’m sorry for using you only to fulfill my desire at the first place to comply my sensual gratification. I make you become like this.”

I took a small glance at her because her voice sounded quivering. I couldn’t believe it and she was crying. “We didn’t have any relationship back then… we were not officially became a couples. Maybe I only put too much hope on you.” Finally, I could talk again after my heartbeat back to normal.

“I didn’t realize my true feeling for you until you went away without any single word. I felt so loss when you suddenly disappear from my life. I felt so depressed.”

“What are you trying to say here, Rena?”

“…I love you.” She said it while looked straight to my eyes. I could see her seriousness.

The moment of awkward silence. I didn’t respond to her and only just remained in silence as I listened to her blunt confession. Part of me was flattered with that but another part didn’t believe in her words. I don’t know I could bring myself to believe in her words again after she betrayed me back then.

“…I’m sorry, Rena. I will not fall into your trap again. Besides that… I already had a girlfriend. She is Japanese but she take her study there… just like me. We already dated for-”


She started to cry louder. She woke up and picked up her dress. “This is not my trap. I don’t ask you to come back to me, I just being honest to you before you disappear again.” She wore her dress again.

I quickly stood up as I realized that she was about to leave my room. “Sorry if I hurt your feeling, but you are the one who dump me first.”

She grabbed her handbag. “I know. It’s all my fault. If I didn’t do a stupid thing back then, we must be happy right now. But no…. it’s not our fate.” She took out something from her handbag. “This is my wedding invitation. It will be held next month, I will glad if you come. Well… it’s okay if you can’t make it, since you lived far away from here.” She smiled as she wiped her tears.

I flinched. I didn’t know how to describe my feeling now. Until a minute ago, I didn’t have any special feeling for her… I believed that our romance story already finished since 4 years ago. But now….. After I heard she was going to get married, I felt something else in my heart.

“Well… before, I just want to give my wedding invitation card to you… That’s why I really wanted to talk with you and I didn’t mind to come into your room because I knew that there’s no other time for us to meet again. But unexpected, you started to ‘rape’ me.” She chuckled. “I hope you don’t mind to keep it as a little secret between us.”

I knew it was a fake chuckle.

“Goodbye, Jurina…I really do love you.” She stepped out from my room. She closed the door.

I sat on the edge of my bed. What should I do? Am I really didn’t have any feeling for her anymore? Yeah… of course not! She already betrayed me a long time ago! But………… oh screw this shit!

I grabbed my casual clothes from the cupboard and I wore it as fast as I could. I sprinted towards the door and rushed out immediately without a second thought. Jeez, love is sure making people really crazy isn’t? I ran as fast as I could to catch up with that woman…it seems in the end, I can’t really let go of her after she betrayed me. After 4 years of wait, I guess it’s about time for me to run and grasp for my own destiny.

====================== THE END =====================

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