WMatsui – I Will Give My Heart for You (3/4)



“Rena.. Rena-chan!!” I run towards her. But she stop a taxi and ride it before I can talk to her again.

Lucky for me, that taxi stopped not far away from my apartment because of traffic light. I run to my car quickly and follow that taxi. Thanks red light, I owe you one.

I see her taxi stop at Paradise Cafe, She wanna run but I stop my car right in front of her. I really thankful that my car didn’t hit her. I get out from my car. “Rena, please listen to me.”

She gave me a cold gaze, “What do you want?”

“Sorry about that slap. That’s because suddenly I felt that I’m going lose you. I know, that’s sounds ridiculous.
I just saw you 2 weeks ago, we just talked to each other in these 3 days. You even haven’t call my name yet. I know that you thought that I’m crazy..
So, about my confession… just forget about it. Maybe I’m just too overreacted when I saw you dancing last night.
Sorry for anything that I ever said about you. I’ll be happy if we can be a friends… someday.” I turn away, “See you.”

I hope she’ll call me and said to me to not go, but until I get in to my car, she didn’t call me. Then, I just drive home.

======================= **** ======================

What??!! 22:45 and I still in my office??!! This is my first time.

I try to focus to my job. I become very busy without Airin. Now, I know why Airin so angry at me when I didn’t do something properly… She has so many things to do and I just mess up everything.. everytime.

It’s been only 2 weeks since Airin leave, but I feel that my head wanna explode. Too many documents that need to be read and signed, too many meetings that need to attended, and too many presentation that need to be prepared.

I need a new assistant, but it isn’t easy to find one who match with my criteria. First, not too pretty or too sexy (Because it’ll make me hard to concentrate). Second, good with words, both speaking and writing (It’ll be useful when I need a sleep. She will assist me to do the document and presentation). The last, can work under pressure (yeah.. I’m that pressure. I need someone who can quickly solve something when I mess it up).

I chuckled.

I never have a chance to see Rena, I’m too busy to handle my company by myself. I want to go there but I won’t talk with her. I don’t wanna screw up anything again, so I think I’ll just see her from afar.

I’m too tired to drive, so I just go there by taxi.

I enter that cafe, as usual.. so many people inside. I saw Akane sit on a bar stool. “Hi.” I sat beside her. “You still work here, huh?” I try to tease her.

She look at me, “and you still a jerk, huh?” She smirked.

Tsk, I’m lose again. I look away to the stage and I see Rena up there. Her dance make my heart burning, so I just look away and call a waitress who walking not far from me. “Hey, I want to order, please!!” But the waitress seems didn’t hear me.

“Yes? Tell me what you want, Jurina.” Akane talk to me.

“Eh?” I’m confuse. Ah! I’m forget that she’s a waitress too. I scratch my head. “Martini.”

She stand up, “Okay, wait a minute.”

I hear the people here shouting the excited scream, so I turn away and saw the girls do the pole-dance. My heart beat faster, I touch my chest, Come on buddy, relax. But my heart seems didn’t care about what I’m saying. It’s still beating crazily.

I saw Rena there, I notice something.

“Here your drink.” Akane give it to me.

“Thanks. Ehh.. Akane, is Rena really looks more pale than usual or it just a light effect?”

Akane sighed. “Yes, you’re right. Lately.. she often got exhausted.”

“Then why she keep working? You can tell her to take a rest!!” I’m realy angry.

“Why you’re mad at me?? She never listened what I said. Go there!! Just tell it by yourself then.” She hit the table and walk away.


Akane still go and leave me. I really want to talk with Rena, but I hold my self. After I paid the bill, I stand up and wanna go home. Before I go out, I look back to the stage one more time to see Rena. I’m shocked because I saw Rena watching me too.

I’m so sure she’s still angry at me. Before she angry at me again because I came here today, so I just open the door and walk away. I get in to the taxi, the driver start to drive.

“Sorry, but I think someone waving at us. Maybe she calling you, miss.” A taxi driver talk to me.

I already paid the bill, Rena and Akane still angry at me. It’s impossible someone here to call me. ”Just keep goin, sir. I didn’t recognize anyone here.”

The taxi driver glance into his rearview mirror and saw a pale girl with black hair chase his car. But he didn’t stop because Jurina say so.

I arrived at my apartment, I lock the door. I need sleep because I have a meeting with my Marketing Team tomorrow morning. I turn off the lamp.

======================= **** ======================


Akh… who’s come here in this early morning. I wake up lazily, walk slowly, and the I open the door. I still close my eyes, “I didn’t call for service room.” I yawning.


I know that voice. I open my eyes immediately, “Rena??!!” I rubbed my eyes to make sure she’s really Rena. “Oh, Hi. Come in. Sorry for messy room, I didn’t expect any morning-guest.”

“Sorry for disturbing you, I shouldn’t came here.” She bowing to me and about to go.

I grab her hand. “Don’t go.” after she nodded her head, I release her hand quickly. “How long you wait me out there?”.

She look her watch, “About 40 minutes. You must be so tired, I already rang your bell over and over. I’m about to go, but you open the door.”

“So… lucky for me, I open that door before you go away.” I smile at her. “You can wait there.” I pointed at the couch in front of my TV. “I will make some drinks for us.” I turn back and walk to my kitchen.

Why she come here? Did I do something wrong again? When I wanna pour the hot water, I feel someone holding me. Fortunately, I didn’t spill it to my hands!!

“Are you angry at me?”

Sh-she is crying?! ”I am not angry. I’m the one who should ask you about that.” I turn and I hug her.

“So, why you didn’t come for weeks? I saw you last night, but you just look away. I run towards you, I try call you… but your taxi still went away.”

She’s call me? Ahh.. the taxi driver was right.

“I.. I kinda miss you.” She hide her face in my embrace.

I can’t say how cute she is. I wanna jumping around because I’m too happy, but I try to keep calm down. “I miss you too, Rena.” I hold her tightly.

“Sorry, I didn’t visit you because I’m too busy with my work, beside that…. I thought you still angry at me, so I’m afraid you became more angry if you saw my face again..” I leaned my head on her shoulder.

“I’m not angry. I just… never have a friend before. Churi is the only one who close with me. I always think that rich people only take an advantage from me.”

I sighed. Akane is a rich girl too… you just didn’t know about it yet.

“But…. you’re different.”

I release my hands. I give her my big smile, “So, we’re friends now??” I feel my eyes sparkling.

She laugh. “Yes, we are.”

“Wohhooooo!!!” I running around my apartment like a child who just received a Christmas gift.

“Sorry… what’s your name?”

I stop running, then I walk slowly “You still didn’t know my name?” Pity me. “I am Matsui Jurina. Nice to meet you, Matsui Rena.” I shake her hand.

“You are a Matsui too??” She shocked.

“Yes. but we aren’t a family. I try hard to search my family’s history to find your name.. but nothing. I thought if you’re my cousin or something, it’ll will be easier for me to approach you.” I pout.

She laugh, “Jurina.. you are so silly.”

It’s so comfortable to hear her laugh. I remember something, “Rena, sorry. I have a meeting this morning. You can comfort yourself here, I will go home after my meeting is over. Okay?”

“Is it okay to leave the office like that? I mean.. your boss will angry at you.”

I’m whispering, “Don’t worry.. I’m the owner.“ I chuckled and I run to my bathroom.

Before I close the door, I see Rena smile at me. I can’t believe you’re here. I’m so happy to talk with you again. I close the door.

======================== **** ======================

These past months, our friend relationship is going well. We spend more time together, we have fun together. We know each other better now.

Everything is going well until one day on the weekend, I ask her to play with me in Fuji-Q Highland.

I hold her hand and drag her, “Rena-chaaann. Let’s ride that roller coaster.”

“No. I can’t, Jurina.”

“Ha?! Of course you can. You’re old enough to ride that.. or…. Are you afraid? Hahahaha.” I laugh hardly.

She pout. “I’m not afraid!! I just…. can’t.”

I confused. I push her to get in, “Don’t worry, Rena. Nothing is gonna happen. This is safe, I’ll hold your hand tightly. I promise!!”

She looks not sure about this. “O-okay… I will do it for you.” She smile.

When we sit on the roller coaster, she hold my hand. Akh.. she grab my hand too tight, It’s hurt. I see her face, she looks pale. “It’s okay Rena. You said you never came here before, right? It’ll be fun.” I try to calm her. She nodded.

It’s move. She hold me more tight. In this time I can’t enjoy the ride, I look at Rena. Is she will be okay? I wanna keep watching her, but when this coaster slide down really fast, I can’t help it.. I close my eyes.

Sh*t! This thing move faster than I remembered. When I feel the coaster move slower, I open my eyes. I saw Rena……… fainted.

“Rena..” I touch her. “Rena, wake up!” I hold her, then I carry her body. “Anyone, please call the ambulance!! Hurry up!!!!” I cried. I’m panicked, totally.

I’m so sorry, Rena. I shouldn’t persuade you to came here.

===================== **** ======================

It’s been 2 hours, Rena isn’t awake yet. I feel anxious when the doctor call me.

“Matsui Jurina-san?”

“Yes.” I shake his hand.

“Please, sit.” He open the document. “Is she your sister?”

“No. I’m her friend. She didn’t have any family.”

He sighed. “How long did you know her?”

“About 6 months. What happened to her, doctor?” I’m so worried.

“She’s okay…. for now.”

I hit the table. “What do you mean ‘FOR NOW’??!!” I stand up.

“Sorry, Matsui-san. I think I’m not a right person to tell you about this. You can asking her when she wake up.”

I walk out and the I slam the door. Stupid doctor!! Why he make me very worried?! Nothing gonna happened. After she awake, I will bring her to a better hospital.

I entered her room, I sit beside her. She still ‘sleeping’. I hold her hand. “Rena, can you hear me? I’m here. Don’t worry.”

“Jurina.. Jurina…”

I feel someone touched my head. Ahh.. I fell sleep. I need a few minutes to remember about what happened. “Rena, Are you okay?” I stand up and then I hold her hand.

She smile. She gave me a weak smile. Suddenly, I remember about my mom, she died in the hospital 15 years ago. After that time, this’s the first time for me to waiting someone in hospital again.

“Jurina, I’m okay. No need to sad, I’m just too tired.”

I cry hard. “Sorry, Rena. I shouldn’t ask you to play there.”

“Sssshhhh….. don’t act like a cry baby. I enjoy it. It’s fun. I’m happy to spending more time with you.”

“What is this?? What’s wrong with you? Tell me!!”

“Nothing is wrong, Jurina. Please, I don’t want to talk about this now. Let’s talk about something else.”

“Tell me, NOW!!”


“Do you understand what I feel now?! I feel that I’m going to lose you!! Now, look at you. I never saw you like this before. Why don’t you tell me the truth?!”

“The truth? I’m not lying.”

“You’re not?!” I take her bag and take out everything from inside. “What is this??” I pointed some medicines.

”Jurina, you can’t do that! It’s not your concern!”

“FINE!! Then I will just go home and watch the DVD. I will call Akane to come here. She is your friend and I’m not.”

“Jurina.. that’s not what I mea-”

I slam the door.

I cried and then I sit on the floor. I take my phone.

“Akane, Rena is in hospital now. Come here as soon as you can.”

======================== **** =====================

I’m in my office now. I try to keep busy. Come on, Jurina. Stop thinking about Rena!! She doesn’t need you. She never need you!  I talked to myself.




Oh my God, Jurina!! Where are you?! Why are you both fighting in the time like this?! Come to the hospital now, she need you.

“She said that it’s not my concern. Take care of her, I know you can.”

Listen me, baka. She said that because she didn’t want you too worried. Just come here. Doctor said she can go home today. You can take her to your apartment. Paradise Cafe is not a right place for her.

She ended the call.

It isn’t took a long time to get there. I saw Akane talk with the doctor. He’s not a doctor from the last time.

“Jurina, come here.” Akane call me.

The doctor smiled. “Takayanagi-san and Matsui-san, I think we can talk in my room.”

We following the doctor. I try to calm myself.

After we sat, the doctor look us and said, “Your friend need a Heart Transplantation.”

“Bu-but you said she can go home.” Akane ask him.

“I’m not the one who want to said it. Your friend asked me to do that. She told me to not tell it to both of you. But, I can’t. She need a support from other people.”

Akane and I look each other. We’re….. afraid.

================== TO BE CONTINUED ================

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