WMatsui – I Will Give My Heart for You (4/4)



I knocked the door, “Hi, Rena.” I saw she pack her stuff.

She look at me. “Where have you been?!”

She walked towards me then she hugged me. She shed her tears on my shirt. “Don’t cry, Rena.” I stroke her hair. “I will never leave you again.. I promise.”

“I’m sorry. Please, don’t hate me.”

I release her and I look into her eyes. I smile. “I didn’t hate you, never. I’m sorry to make you worried.” I wanna add ‘I love you’ behind it, but I didn’t do it. Last time when I said it, we end up with fighting.

She smile, “Let’s go home. Where’s Churi? Did she went to Paradise Cafe first?” She turn away and wanna carry her bag.

I grab it from her hand, “Let me help you.” We get out from that room. “Akane wait for us in the car. You won’t back to that cafe. From now on, you’ll stay with me.” We enter the elevator, just both of us in it.

“Eeehh?! Wh-why? I think it’s better if I keep stay there, it’ll be easier for me to go work.”

“You don’t need to.”

“Bu-but.. you paid the hospital bills. I must pay it back to you. Now, I don’t have too much money left.”

Money?! She think about money when she’s dying like this?! I push her to the elevator’s wall. My face get closer to hers, I can feel her breath. I look deep into her eyes. “I can’t let you work like that!! I have a feeling, Rena.. please don’t play with my heart. Don’t you know how hurt my feeling when I saw you dancing and kissing with all perverted people there?!” I cried.

I release her. “You don’t have to pay back.”

The elevator’s door opened. I saw Akane already wait in her car. We get in. Rena go to the back seat. I sat in the front with Akane.

“Wow.. This is your first car, right? I saw this when we’re in High School. Did you modifying this car? It’s looks different. Cool.” I try to survive from this gloomy situation.

Akane start driving, “Yes. How can you know it? You never get in before.”

I rolled my eyes, “Of course I know it. You’re my big-rival back then!! I know everything about you because I’ll know what I need to do to surpassed you..” I laughed.

“No way, are you stalking me?! I never know that.” Akane laugh too.

Akane and I starting to tell about our old-silly days, about how we competed and teased each other.

“I can’t believe it. After more than 10 years I declared you as my enemy, now we’re here together… We’re friends?! Hahahha.” We both laughed.

“Wait a minute. I think both of you owe me an explanation.” Rena hold our shoulders from behind.


Akane and I look each other. We’re forget that Rena didn’t know about it yet. I just give her an awkward smile and Akane turn on the radio and increase the volume.

Finally, we arrived. We get out from Akane’s car.

“Bye, guys. I’m going first. Have fun! Hm, Jurina.. don’t ‘play’ too hard, she’s still sick.. remember it.” Akane chuckled.

I’m about to hit her, but she drive her car quickly. I will kill you in the next time, Akane! I turned. I saw Rena look at me, she’s blushed.

“Come on, Rena. Why are you easily blushed? You often do ‘it’ anyway.” I teased her.

She pinch my arm, “Shut up.”

We get in to the elevator, I press ‘22’ button. After a few minutes, the elevator’s door opened again. We walk to my room then I unlock the door. “Welcome home.” I smile at her.

“Thanks.” She get in. She look around, “Ano…. where am I supposed to sleep?”

I pointed a bedroom. “There.”

She looks confuse, “and you?”

I pointed that bedroom again. Her cheeks looks so red, I hold my smile. “Oh, I can sleep on the couch then.”

“No. Don’t. I don’t mind it, beside… this is your house.” She look away.

I laugh, “Oh my God, Rena. Why are you became so shy lately?? Don’t you remember when we met for the first time? You even try to kiss me in the parking lot.” I stroke her hair. “Don’t worry, I won’t do any stupid thing.”

“Where’s your bathroom? I need to get shower.”

I open the cupboard and give her a new towel. “There, beside the kitchen.” She walk away.

Rena, what should I do? Do we can get a donor on time? I sighed.

========================== **** ===========================

I take my phone.

“Rena, are you okay to be there alone? I can go home right now if you need something.”

I hear Rena laugh, “Jurina, you calling me every 5 minutes. You don’t need to do that, I’m okay.

“Really? Okay then. Please don’t go out alone, you can call me anytime.. I’ll come.”

Stop worrying about me, I can take care of myself. No, I’ll just wait you here until you go home.

“See you.”

I feel relieved. Our conversation with the doctor always echoed in my head. It’s been 2 weeks, but we didn’t find any donor yet. 


The doctor look us and said, “Your friend need a Heart Transplantation.”

“Bu-but you said she can go home.” Akane ask him.

“I’m not the one who want to said it. Your friend asked me to do that. She told me to not tell it to both of you. But, I can’t. She need a support from other people.”

Akane and I look each other. We’re….. afraid.

“Actually.. what happened to our friend?” I’m really curious about this.

“Her heart is too weak to pumping blood in sufficient quantity to meet the metabolic needs of her body. That’s called as Congestive Heart Failure (CHF).

Riding the roller coaster is prohibited, Matsui-san. Her heart will be pumping too fast, lucky for you.. she’s still alive! She can’t be too tired, too excited, too shocked, too angry, too sad, or too afraid. We can’t let her heartbeat un-stable.

I already read her medical history, your friend know about this since 10 years ago. Her spirit to life is really amazing. My other patients can not last that long, usually they only can survive about 1-5 years.

I’m sure that she spent a lot of money over the years for her medical treatment.

We need to replace her heart with a new one, if not… her heart will become more weaker and eventually she will d-“

“Is that mean.. we have to find a donor?” I cut his word. It’s not easy for me to hear ‘die’ word now.

“Yes, Matsui-san. To find a heart donor is really hard. We need a life heart, but from a dying people. If the people die first, we can’t use his/her heart.”

“Is everyone can give their heart for Rena?” Akane seems curious too.

Of course she care about Rena, she love her too. 

“Not everyone. We need to get sample of their blood, do some test, and check that their heart is suitable or not. Patient’s body can reject the donor’s heart. There are a lot of procedure before and after the transplantation process.

If that’s happen, the transplantation will be useless.”

I look at Akane, “Can you please leave us alone?”

Akane looks worried, but she nodded. She go out and close the door.

“Doctor, can you check me? I wanna know is my heart suitable for Rena or not.”

“Matsui-san, I know you really wanna help your friend. But as I said before, we can’t take it from a healthy people. It will be considered as a murder case, that’s illegal. I can’t do that.”

“I know! But can you please just check it? It will be useful for me, It will be easier for me to find a donor.” I give him my business card.

He shocked. I smile, “Now, you know who I am Mr. Doctor. It’ll be easy for my family to find a donor like this. I’m from a rich family, do you still thinking that I want to give my life for a cheap girl like her?”


“I promise that I will not destroy your career, I give my family name as your warranty.. I will wrote a letter about this for your defense if something happen.”

“I can’t. Sorry Matsui-san.”

I smiled. I gave a cheque and a pen to him. “Just write the nominal that you want there. No one will know about this.”

He’s still silent.

I hit the table, “My friend is going to die doctor!!! What would you do if this happened to your daughter?! And don’t forget to think about her passion to life long, as you said before.”


Sorry, Rena. I did that… just in case we can’t find a donor. Thanks for that doctor, he did that without take any money… he give my cheque back. I promise it with my life… you and him will be safe.

======================= **** =========================

I sat on my bed.

“Akane.. do you find any donor?”

I didn’t. Sorry, Jurina.

“It’s almost 2 months passed, Akane.”

I ended the call.

Sh*t Sh*t Sh*t!! I kick the table.

“Jurina, what are you doing?!” Rena get out from the bathroom and enter my room.

“Nothing.” I look away. I can’t saw her like this. She’s become too pale, although she still can do something by herself.. I know she already more weaker. I cried. God, help us to through this.

She sighed. She walks closer to me, she stroke my head. “After I moved into your apartment, you became more stressful. Did I became your burden?”

I grabbed her waist. I cried on her stomach. “No, Rena-chan. Don’t say things like that. I’m happy you’re here with me, you gave me a chance to take care of you. I’m thankful you’re here.”

“Thank you, Jurina. I realize that you already knew about my illness. Please don’t get too stress about that. Can we just enjoy our life together? I don’t know when my heart will stop beating, but until it stop.. I want you to promise me to always show your smile. Can you?” She cried too.

I stand up and peck her lips, “I love you, Rena. Would you be mine? Is this still not enough for me to show my love? If you think this is still too fast, I will wait.. but please don’t mad at me like the last time.”

I feel her lips. Sh-she kiss me! “I love you too, Jurina. I wait that words for a long time from you.” She smiled.

I kiss her again, I kiss her passionately. We shed our tears, it’s not because of our sadness.. it’s our happiness.

I keep going to travelling all over her body. I still remember what the doctor said, so if I feel her heartbeat is too fast.. I will stop for a while. And then Rena will pull me, when she feel that she’s ready again.

You will be smile forever Rena, with Akane. I already found my happiness from you, It’s okay for me if God take my life now, but you…. you’ve been suffered for a long time. It’s your turn to be happy. 

========================== **** ========================

It’s been 6 month since I know about that transplantation. Rena got weaker, she can’t do anything again. The only thing that she did all day is lay on my bed. I… I must do it now before all of this become too late. But day after days… I become more afraid to the death.

I take my phone. “Akane.. can you come here? I have feeling that something will be happened. Rena is in the critical condition now, I know it. Please help me to bring her to the hospital.”

Okay, I’ll come in 10 minutes.

“Thank you so much, Akane.” I ended the call.

I go back to my bedroom. I saw Rena look at me. She try to sit on the bed, I help her. God, please don’t take her. I’m ready to replace her. I cried.



“I love you.” She smiled.

“I know, I love you too. Please don’t say it like you wanna leave me forever, Rena. Just.. please……” I put my head on her thigh. I cried more harder.

Rena stroke my hair slowly. “Jurina, don’t do anything stupid. You already promised me.”

She take a deep breath, “Life well, Jurina. Keep smile… I love your smile. Keep smile even after I’m dead. I know you’ll sad, but don’t be sad too long. Okay?”

I shook my head. “Please don’t say anything about die anymore. It’s freaking me out.”


It must be Akane. I open the door.

“Jurina.” She hugged me. “You looks more thinner. Where’s Rena?”

I pointed a bedroom.

She go in.

“Ju-Jurina!!!!” I saw Akane sit on the floor. She looks so shocked.

I run in too… I saw Rena laying on the floor. I check her breath… I touch her chest. She’s still alive. Thanks God. I put her on my bed.

“Give me your phone…”

Akane still shock, afraid, and confuse. Her tears can’t stop falling.

“Give me your damn phone??!!!”

But Churi still sat on the floor, so Jurina just grab Churi phone from her hand.

Jurina calling, “Hello doctor. We will come there as soon as possible, please be ready.”

Did you already found a donor?

I take a deep breath, “Yes. Please take care of her tonight. Please prepare her operation tomorrow. I will handle all the bills.”

I ended the call.

I put Rena on the wheelchair.

“Akane, let’s bring her to the hospital.”

===================== **** ====================

I open my eyes, I look at my watch. 3 AM, I need to go home now.

“Akane??” I look around. She’s not here. Where did she go in the time like this?!

I’m about to call her, but I saw 1 new unread message. “Jurina, I’m sorry. I have to go. I have a family matter. I will go back soon.

I put my phone to my pocket. I see Rena, she’s still sleeping. I’m whispering her, “I love you, Rena. Your suffering will be over soon.

I go out from that room. I drive home. After I arrived, I let my door opened.

I sit in front of my desk, then I start to write some letters.


Dear Oto-san,

I’m so sorry for all of my mistakes, dad.

I’m sorry that I can’t became your daughter who can make you proud.

Mariko is doing great, right? I know, I agree with you. You won’t feel lonely without mom and me. Mariko will take care of you better.

I love you, dad.

Your beloved daughter.


Dear Onee-san,

I know that I’ll never surpassing you. You’re too great for me.

I’m not hate you… I’m just envy to you. I don’t mind if dad love you more than me.

Please take care our father well.

I love you, Mariko.

Your beloved sister.


Dear Airin,

I always make you sad and angry. I always hurt you.

I’m so sorry for all my mistakes.

Thanks for always stand with me for many years.

I can’t be as I am today if you didn’t help me.

Sorry that I can’t accept you feeling.

I love you, Airin.

Your beloved friend.


Dear Akane,

I know that I’ll never surpassing you. You’re too great for me. (you know? I wrote this too for my older sister. XD)

Thanks for became my great rival. Thanks for became my friend, lately.

Please take care of Rena. I trust you, you can make her happy.

I love you, Akane.

Your beloved rival.


Dear Rena-chan,

Our time together… it’s too short, right?

Sorry.. I can’t keep my promise to not do any stupid thing. This is stupid!! I know. But I can’t let your smile gone, I can’t imagine my life without you.

Rena, I can’t write too long… your life is more important now. I must do this!! Please don’t mad at me.

Don’t work at that cafe anymore!!!

Thanks for all your love. Thank you for made my life became more brighter. Thank you for gave me a chance to be with you.

I love you, Rena. I really love you. I’m not leaving you.. I’ll stay forever…. in your heart.

Your silly girlfriend,


I’m crying while I write those letters.

I put all the letters into the envelopes.

I take my phone and then I call Mariko, “Hello, Mariko.”

Why do you call me? It’s been 2 years, you never talked to me.

“I’m sorry, Mariko. I’m so sorry about all things that I’ve ever said or did to you.”

Eh?! Jurina… you freaking me out.

“Please come to my apartment as soon as you can and do what I wrote, Please! I’m counting on you. I love you, my onee-chan…..”

Ju-Jurina?! Hey. Hey!!!

I ended the call.

I take a small bottle, it’s contains of so many pills.

I take a red markers and write “Please bring me to ‘Matsui Rena’ at ‘xxx’ hospital. I’m her donor for heart transplantation this morning.

After I wrote that, I open the bottle. I put all of pills in my mouth, I drink water to help me swallow all of it. “Goodbye, world.”

I saw everything became so dark, I’m breathless. I’m like burning. Please come here faster, Mariko.

======================= **** =======================

*Churi P.O.V*


I pick my phone lazily.

Takayanagi-san, I just saw your father and your brother entered our cafe.

“Are you sure?”

Yes, I’m really sure.

“Did they know I worked there?”

I guess not, because they didn’t ask anything about you.

“Thank you. Watch them, don’t let them go out from that cafe. After 2 years, it’ll be over.. I can be free again”

I ended the call. I dial another numbers.


Good Morning, mam. This is police station, can we help you?

“I wanna talk to Mr. Kurosawa.”

Oh, you must be Takayanagi-san. I will connect you to Chief Inspector office.


I dragged into a police office.

“Why the police call me to came here? I didn’t do any criminal thing.” I’m very angry.

“We know that you’re not, but your father and your brother did it.”

“What do you mean?”

“They’re a drug dealer, they already did this in the big scale. We can’t easily catch them. Lucky for you and your mom that your urine test was negative and both of you proved as innocent.”

“It’s impossible!!!” I punch the desk.

He throw some pictures on the table. I grab it. No way! I saw my father, my brother, and other 4 men exchanging 2 bags. 1 bag contains of huge amounts of money, another bag contains of drugs.

“I have some video about them. You can come with us and watch it, in case you still don’t believe us.”

I can’t believe it!!! “No need to do that. As you said before, I’m not involved with this case. So, why am I here? Did you wanna ask a bribe from my family.” I smirked.

“We’re the police. We don’t need something like that.” He laughed. “I want you to help us to catch your father and your brother.”

“If I don’t…..?”

“If you don’t help us, we will tell about this to media. They will be easier captured if media start to play with us. And your family name, will destroyed in a seconds.”

Sh*t! “I don’t know where they’re. It’s been 3 months I didn’t see them, they said that they’re in outside Japan.“

“They’re lying. We already tracked them, their name didn’t recorded in all overseas flights in last 2 years.”

“Then.. what should I do?”

He show me a picture. “You just need to work at this place. They often go there. Your job is to give us a report if they’re show up.”

I saw a sexy girl with a black hair sat beside my brother. Then I saw the name of this place. Paradise Cafe?! What is this men thinking about??!!

“You don’t need to work like that girl. You can just become a waitress. Don’t forget to dig some information from that girl, we can arrest her immediately if she’s involved.”


That girl is Rena. I hide my identity, I tried hard to became her friend back then. When I became her friend, I ask some question about my father and my brother…. it’s useless. But I relieved because Rena didn’t involved.

Hello, Ms. Takayanagi-san. I hope I’ll get a good news from you this time.

“You’ve got what you want. They’re in that cafe right now.”

Well then.. see you there. Your job will be over if we can arrest them.

He ended the call.

I wake up. I saw Rena and Jurina still sleep. 2AM, I need to hurry up. I go out from Rena’s room and go to my car. I send a message to Jurina: Jurina, I’m sorry. I have to go. I have a family matter. I will go back soon.

I drive nervously. When I arrived there, I saw so many police hiding around that cafe. I saw Mr. Kurosawa.

He talk to me. “Go there, and talk to your father and your brother to give up. They can’t run away anymore.”

“What?! Why should I go there?! You can get in by yourself!! Are you afraid?! Such a damn police.”

He sighed. “I’m not afraid, Takayanagi-san. It’s okay if they shoot me, but what if they shoot an innocent people in there?? I can’t forgive myself. Help us, just one more time.”

He’s right. How if they shoot my friends in there? “Okay. But…..“ I take out my phone and give it to him. “If something happen to me, please call her. She’ll know what she must do to me.” I show him 1 name in my contact list.

“Nothing is gonna happen. But okay.”

I turn away and then I walk slowly. I open the door. “Dad….. Onii-chan…”

Someone go out from a room, he bring a gun with him. “Akane? Why are you here?”

“Dad?” I run towards him, I hug him. “Dad, where have you been? I miss you. Where’s my brother?”

Another man poke me from behind, “Hi, my little sister. Wow… you seems taller.” He grinned.

I take a deep breath. “Can both of you just give up? The police already surrounded this place.”

They shocked, they lift their gun again. I’m trembled.

“Did your daughter works with the police to arrest us???!!!” A men show up and he pointed his gun to me.

“No. She’s innocent!” My brother try to protect me.

But I hear a gun fired. I touch my stomach…… bleeding.

“Akane!!!!” My father scream and then he shoot that men into his head. He died.

I saw the police went in. My father and my brother got arrested. I still sprawl on the floor.

“Akane!!! Wake up!!” I heard my brother screaming.

Mr. Kurosawa lift me. “Let’s go to the hospital. I’ll take you there.”

I grabbed his shirt, “Ca……. call…. my.. my… friend.”

“I already called her, she’ll come here with an ambulance.”

I heard sound of siren. He carry me into the ambulance.

I saw Airin, she cried. “Oh my God!! Churi… why are you so stupid to do this?!” She look at Mr. Kurosawa, she slap him. “You….. damn police!”

I take her hand. “Don’t…… don’t mad.. at him….. Let’s go, Airin.”

She nodded. The door closed.

I feel so sleepy. I’m about to close my eyes, but I open it again when Airin yell at me.

“Churi!!! Look at me!!!! Don’t close your eyes!!! Keep breathing… breath slowly.” She keep crying.

I lift my hand. I touch her cheek and she touch my hand too. “Airin….. thanks…… I must to do it! You know what to do, right?”

She nodded. “You’re very brave, Churi.”

We arrived. I dragged out from the ambulance, I carried into the hospital.

“Ju-Jurina?! What happened to both of you?! You lost your mind.” I saw Airin shocked. I wanna see what’s she’s looking at.

I saw Jurina carried by 2 man. Jurina close her eyes, her mouth…… What is it?? Her mouth frothing.

4 of us in the same hospital. 3 of us is dying. How funny isn’t it? How can a destiny played us like this?! I chuckled weakly.

Someone inject me. I can’t see anything again. Dark… quiet.

*END OF Churi P.O.V*

========================= **** ==========================

Jurina….. Jurina……

I heard someone whispering at me. I open my eyes. Ahh… too bright. I blinked over and over until I can look clearly. White…….. What’s this place? Am I dead? Is Rena safe?

“She’s safe.”

I turned, “Akane? Why are you here?!”

“Family issue.” She laugh.

I confused. She hold my hand. This is the first time she hold my hand, it’s kinda embarassing.

“Jurina, let’s walk around.”

We walk around, “Akane, why are we walk around? It’s all white. Nothing else.”

She smile at me, “Be patient, Jurina. We’re looking for your door.”

“My door? What door?” I scratch my head.

We walk around for 3 hours, I think. But we didn’t feel tired… strange.

“Here… your door.”

I see a door that Churi appointed. A white door, my name is writen on it.

“Where’s your door?”

She’s just silent.

“Are we have to split up?? No, I can help you to find it too.”

“Jurina….. I have something to tell you.” She looks nervous.

“Okay, tell me anything. You can angry at me too.” I’m ready to receive all rude words from her, so I can die peacefully.

“Jurina….. I love you.” She smiled.

“Eh? Last time, you said that you love Rena.”

“I already said what I want to say.” She open my door. “Go!” She pushed me.

I gasped. I open my eyes. Hospital?! I’m still here?! So, that’s mean Rena…….. I cried. I saw Mariko sleep, she hold my hand. “Mariko… Mariko!”

She gasped. “Are you awake? Jurina… you awake!” She hugged me. She cried. ” Thanks God. Thanks to the doctor, they can suck most of pills that you ate before.”

I release her. “Why don’t you did what I wrote??!!”

“I did it, Jurina… I did! I came as fast as I can. I bring you here. I said about what you wrote to a doctor. But…….”

“But what??!!! Is she died before we came?!” I cried.

“No, the doctor said that she has another donor.”


I heard someone knock the door.

“Come in, Airin.” Mariko talked to Airin.

“Jurina, don’t ever do that again. I really love you, dad too.” She peck my cheek, then Mariko leave both of us.

“Are you OK Jurina?”

“I feel great.”

“Jurina…..” She cried. I know that she cried before too, her eyes swollen. “Churi is dead.” She cry even harder.

“No way!!!! I just met her a few minutes ago!”

“It can’t be.” Airin start to tell something. “Jurina, you forced a doctor here to did a test to you, right?”

I look down, “yeah…. sorry. I can’t let Rena die.”

“Churi did it too.”


“After you talked with that doctor, she walk into that doctor’s room too. She did like you did. She brought her family name and forcing that doctor too.
A month later, she come again to this hospital. Both of you have a positive response to Rena’s body. Both of you are a great donor for her.
After she got that result, she came to my house. She told me about it. I’m totally shocked.

She said that she know what you will do if you didn’t get a donor for Rena.
She asked me to help her. If something happened to her, she want to be the one who give her heart to Rena. She can’t let you do that because………”

“She love me. She already said that to me.” I shed my tears. I’m so sorry, Churi.

“Yes. She didn’t know that you plan your suicide on that day. The day when she get shot.”


“Yeah.. a drug dealer shoot her. It’s a long story… I can’t tell you about it now. You need to take a rest.

But one thing that she said when she saw you in this hospital is ‘Airin, We come right on time’ I saw her smile for the last time.”

We both crying.

====================== 6 months later ====================

“Rena chaaannnn….! Where is my towel? Did you hide it on purpose?” I chuckled.

“Why should I do that?! You forget to bring your towel.” She gave me my towel.

I went out from our bathroom. I saw her cooking in the kitchen. “What do you cook?”

“Our breakfast.” She look at me, but she look away quickly. “You did it on purpose!”

I just use a towel to cover my body. “Why should I do that?! I’m forget to bring my clothes.” I laugh. I hugged her from behind. “It looks delicious.”

“Of course!” She smirked.

“You looks pretty.”

“always.” She grinned.

I kiss her neck.

“Jurina, we will late to go to work. I don’t want to be late in my first day.”

“But, I’m your boss.” I grinned. I turn off the stove. I whispering to her, “Stop cooking, save it for our dinner.. my secretary.

She rolled her eyes, “Geez.”

She turned, “I love you, Jurina.”

“So do I, Rena.”

We kissed. I touch her chest, I feel her heartbeat. Thank you, Churi. You’re our best friend ever.

======================= THE END =========================

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