WMatsui – Rivalry (1/4)


—-> Matsui Jurina… a rich-smart-stubborn-arrogant girl meet Matsui Rena in such a bad first impression. She’s always feels annoyed by Rena’s presence and always harsh towards her.
—-> Matsui Rena…. a quiet-clumsy-smart girl who falling in love with her ‘senpai’, Miyazawa Sae. She feels like become a hopeless girl because Jurina keep trying to pick a fight with her.
—-> Miyazawa Sae… an ikemen ‘senpai’ in her school. She’s born from the rich family, but her life isn’t as happy as other people. Being ignored by her best friend, because of they misunderstood towards each other.




“Get the hell out of my way!”

I gasp. I step aside and let those girls walk first. After all of them through me, I sighed. I look their backs.

They’re so gorgeous.

I turn away to get my lunch, but suddenly…


I bumped to someone, then I look down. Someone’s bento scattered on the floor. I suddenly squat to clean it. I notice that everyone’s attention goes to us.

“You can use my voucher. I’m so sorry, this’s totally my fault.” I am bowing and thrusts my lunch voucher.

I can feel this canteen suddenly become so quiet. I close my eyes and keep bowing, waiting for some cursing words.

“I am losing my appetite. move away from my side!”

She push me away. I stop bowing and look at her back. She stop and sit in the same table with those bunch of the girls.

Oh no! Is she one of that group members?! It’s going to be hard days.



Hey Ugly-Rena.

Don’t think because you share your surname with her, you can flirt her in that lame way! You just Pretending to bumped to her.

Go to hell!!


See?! There’s almost a week passed but people still bully me. 

I throw that letter to a ditch near way my home. I enter my house, calling somebody but there’s no answer. So, I just go to my room and sleep for some hours.

I’m looking to my watch. Ahh.. I fell sleep for 3 hours, now I’m very hungry.

I go to the kitchen, open the refrigerator. Almost empty. So I decided to eat Ramen near my house.

Where are you?I send a mail to my mom.

I hear my phone ringing. “Hello mom.”

Hi sweety, sorry I forget to tell you that me and your father go to your grandpa’s house. He’s sick. I think we will here for two weeks. I left some money on your desk. Just call me if there’re anything else you need, OK?

“OK mom. I hope grandpa get well soon.”

Well… it’s going to be a lonely day. I got teased in my school, I don’t have any friend, and even my family gone. Perfect day!! Uggghhh..

I walk for about 5 minutes and I arrive in this restaurant, not such a luxurious place but.. I think their taste is the best.

I am looking for a comfortable table. I look to the corner and it’s empty.  Yes! I love quiet place and corner side is my favorite spot. Even in a class I always go earlier so I can get a corner chair.

I order my Ramen. “Extra Spicy, please.” That man nod his head. Spicy Ramen for a lonely day, great!

After my Ramen come, I eat that faster. I don’t want to walk in a midnight, I hate dark.

Half hour later I am ready to go home. I stand and accidentally looking to another corner side, someone looking me back. Then I go out from that place in hurry.

*10 minutes later*

I lay on my bed. I think I know who is it… but, it’s impossible to see someone like that in a small restaurant. It’s just my imagination.


I go to my locker, I need to take my History book. I almost late this morning. Maybe because I eat 2 bowls Ramen last night, I became too full and sleepy.

Oh my God. What is it agan?!

When I open my locker, I see some rubbish in it. I pick up my book, all my books are dirty. I see many scratch too. They’re overdo it. My tears suddenly fall. I cry in the silent corridor. No, I will not lost to them. I shed my tears and walk to my class.

In a class, I only focusing my mind to the lesson. Everytime a teacher ask a question, I raise my hand. Even though I didn’t have a nice body and pretty face, but I am so confident with my brain.

History class is over. I stretch my hands then I take off my glasses. It’s time to lunch. I take my voucher from my pocket and walk to the canteen.

OK, I already get my food. It’s time to find a table.

“Step aside from my way before you spill my food again!!”


I am about to get another table in my left, but someone push me from behind. NO!! NO-NO-NO!! NOT THIS AGAIN!!

I see my soup spill to her back. Her uniform become dirty.

“OH!! IT’S DAMN HOT!!” She scream and suddenly turn her face in to mine. “YOU AGAIN?! YOU’RE FU*KING TROUBLE!! You wanna have some fight with me? huh?!”

She yell at me over and over, I didn’t react to it. I almost get hit, I close my eyes, then I hear another girl’s voice, “Stop it Jurina. I don’t want to get a trouble just because of this silly girl.”

“You’re lucky this time.” She whisper to me and looking my eyes with her scary look, she walk away from canteen room.

“I will not stop her again if I see you bother her again. Or… if that happen again, we will become your problem.” That girl sit and her friends follow her.

Someone grab my hand and drag me to outside.

“You’re a new kid in here, right?”

I nodded my head.

“Don’t ever pick a fight with those girls. They’re very popular in this school. They’re really scary, especially Jurina, a girl that bumped to you, she’s from the rich family.. you’ll get a lot of troubles if she starts to hate you.”

“But I don’t – ”

“It’s your luck because Mariko-sama,the leader, stop her to hurt you. Bye, I have to go. I don’t wanna get a bad impact because of you.” She walk away.

“Wait.. what’s your name? I am Matsui Rena.”

“Miyazawa Sae. Nice to meet you, kohai.” She smile and run to her class.


High school is so complicated.

Last week, one of my teacher said that I will be moved to special class. He said that my grades is amazing, and I will placed in superior class which consists of smart students like me.

I am proud to hear that, I tell my family, they very happy for me. This week I get a lot of popularity. No one dare to bully me again.

I hear from some students, it’s because I will registered to executive class that only have 20 students in it, selected student. Everyone who can graduate from that class will be registered and get scholarship to any university that we want, without a test.

Today is the first day I join to that class. I walk slowly on the corridor. I try to control my heartbeat and my breath. I knock that door and open it slowly.

“Excuse me sir.”

“Yes? Ohh.. are you Matsui-san?”

I nodded.

“Please come, I will introduced you to other students.”

I follow his steps and I stand in front of other students. I’m so nervous so I just look down to the floor.

“As I told you before, we get a new friend.” Teacher whisper to me, “Here, introduce yourself”

“Ohayōgozaimasu, watashi wa Matsui Rena desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” I bow to them. No reaction at all, they stare me with a blank stare.

“Nice to meet you too, my pale-kohai!” I see her with a shock face. She stand and pointed to a empty chair. “You can sit beside me, it’s still empty. Is that OK, sir?”

“Of course. Matsui-san.. please sit down.”

I walk to that table, 2nd row. I put down my bag and take a book. That girl still look at me.

“What?” I ask her with tiny volume.

“It’s great to see you again. You looks OK, no bruise at all.” She whisper to me.

“I don’t believe that you have a same class with me. I thought you’re a senpai. Thank you….. Miyazawa-san.”

She smiled to me, I smile her back. God, is she a girl or a boy? She’s so cool. She looks different with that glasses, so ikemen.

“Sorry I am late!”

Someone’s voice ruined my imagination. Who’s that girl? So nois-

My words stop when I look her. My lips can’t close like normally. What is she doing in here?! Wait.. Is this her class??? No way.. It can’t be. That another Matsui??!!

I hide my face with my book. It will become a long 2 and a half years. I sigh.

“As I told you last week, today we will have some group work, 2 students for each group. We have 21 students, so there’s 1 group which contains of 3 students.”

I see that teacher write some notes in that students list. I hope that I’m in a same group with Miyazawa-san, it’ll be interesting since I already know her before.

“I will read your name and your group.”

I take a deep breath.

“I just realize that we have 2 Matsui in this class.”

I gasp.

“Both of you in a same group. Please work together well… Next ……………….”

I can’t hear anything else again. Why am I always stuck with that girl?! I see Jurina, she seems didn’t care. Welcome bad days!

“Pale-kohai… are you sick? You looks pale. Ah, I mean… become more pale than before.” Miyazawa-san stare at me. I still can’t say anything. “I think that I know your problem.”

Miyazawa-san raise her hand to get teacher’s attention. “Yes Miyazawa-san?”

“Sorry sir, you have not say my name. Am I not in your list?”

The teacher looks his list again, “Sorry, I seems forget to put your name. Well.. I will put yo-”

“It’s OK, sir. I will going with double Matsui team then. Is it a problem?”

“No problem. Miyazawa-san and 2 Matsui-san, you’re in 1 group.”

I see Miyazawa smirking to me.

Wow. Such a clever girl. she decide her team by herself… so smoothly.

I see Jurina. I want her to see my disappointed face because we’re in a same group.

She’s looking at me too!! I almost fall from my chair.

No. Not me. She’s looking to Miyazawa-san.. a deep look.

=================== TO BE CONTINUED ====================

This chapter is about Rena P.O.V

And for next chapter, I need to focus to Jurina P.O.V

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