WMatsui – Rivalry (2/4)



I run to my car, I open the door in hurry. I looks around.

Nobody here. I can change my cloth here. Thanks to that random girl who give me her new shirt. It’s an advantage to have many fans in here.

What happened to that Ramen girl?! This is the second time she mess up with me. This is the second time too…. she makes me feels hungry in school. Why was Mariko there?! I can kick that Ramen girl’s butt.

You don’t have to worry Jurina, your fans in this school will do that revenge for you.. as usual.


I open my classroom door, there’s only one person there.

“Where is your uniform?” she ask me. I ignore her and I sit on my chair. She walk to my table and ask me a same question.

“Just take care your own business.”  I simply reply her.

“Don’t be so childish, Jurina. You can’t act like this to me forever.”

“Yes I can. You can’t call me like that. You’re not even my friend, Miyazawa-san.” I lift my feet to the table and covering my face with my jacket. “Now go. I am sleepy.”

Yes, We’re not friend now. I was your friend back then.

I can hear those words, but I decide to pretend to didn’t hear.


———- 2 YEARS A GO ————

“YOUR MOM, THAT B*TCH… cheating with my father!!”

“HOW DARE YOU CALL HER LIKE THAT!! That’s impossible.” Sae grab Jurina’s collar.

“ Huh… Is that your family’s hobby?! To take someone’s couple??!! Does your mom dancing in her room now??? She must be happy that my family come to end like this. THAT BITC-”


Sae hit Jurina’s face. “Don’t ever call her like that again!!”

Jurina hit Sae back, Sae fall. Jurina kick Sae’s stomach over and over again.

“You have her b*tch blood. You flirting my girlfriend, but I just silent and give her to you with sincere.. I forgive both of you, because of our friendship.”

Jurina’s tears falls.

“But now, I can not forgive you anymore. I hate you and your mother. Don’t ever talk or show your face to me and my friends again. I will crush you if you do that.” Jurina give her final punch. She left Sae in that floor.

************END OF FLASHBACK***************

“Jurina! Jurina! Wake up. Class was over.”

I open my eyes slowly, I see Mariko standing in front of me. “Why the teacher didn’t wake me up?? Ahh.. I have a bad dream.”

“Wake you up?? As if they have a guts to bother you. Hahahaha. Let’s go to usual place.”


I always feel bored in this school, no one can beat me. Why these people are so stupid?? What their brains use for? I even just read something once, I sleep in a class, and skip some classes.. I can simply get A.

If teachers give some question to class, I easily know the answer. I just too lazy to raise my hand and speaks a lot in front of these people.

At first, they always thought that I get amazing grades like that because of my money. Cihh.

“Today… I will make an important announcement.”

I am not curious about that teacher’s announcement, I only interest if they announce that we got 1 month holiday. I am about to sleep again, I cover my face with a book.

“We have 3 students from this class who will moved to another class with other 17 students…. Matsui Jurina, Miyazawa Sae, and Takayama Suzuka will moved to exclusive class. These students has the best grades in our class. I hope they still can keep their achievement in their new class.”

What the hell is it?! I raise my head. It’s gonna be fun. I smirked.

“That class will be begin in next week, your new classroom on 3rd floor, C building,” After said that, the teacher go out from our class.

I see a lot of students shake Miyazawa’s hand, they congratulate her. I don’t need something like that, there is no celebration until I graduate from this school. I want to continue my study overseas, so I don’t need to see my father and Miyazawa face anymore.


“Hey Jurina!! You’re late in your first day. Your new class is waiting for you.” Mariko and my other friends laugh hard. I ignore them and continue to walk to 3rd floor.

You’re late.” Someone talk to me in English. I see her with a shock.

We even get a new teachers?? Foreigner teacher? Wow, this school being too serious about this.

Sorry mam, I late about 5 minutes because I got a traffic jam.” I answer it in english too, I don’t care if my answer seems messy.

I’m looking an empty chair, at first I saw one beside Miyazawa.. I feel my head suddenly dizzy. But Miyazawa seems to know that I will not gonna take that chair, I saw her pointed another one empty chair behind this class.

Well.. at least I still can sleep everyday. My favorite spot. I smile to that teacher and walk to there.


“Tomorrow we’ll have a new friend from B class, she can’t join us today because she must skip school because of family matter. 21 students is a final decision.”

I hope that new girl is super smart, because I want a strong rival. I’m bored to always win easily like this.

I went to Mariko’s class after my classes finished today. “Let’s go again.”

“OK.” She walk to my car, after she get in. “How’s your class?? How about your ex-friend?”

I hate when people talk about Miyazawa to me, but just because of this is Mariko… I can easily talk about it. “We got a lot the foreign teachers, sometimes it’s frustrating because I can’t easily sleep in a class anymore.” I sighed. “Miyazawa? She’s fine as long as she keep the distance for me.”

“It’s been 2 years… I know that you hate her. I will do the same thing if it was happened to me, but -”

“If you wanna talk to her, then go. I will sure that you will not ever sit in my car anymore.”

I hear Mariko’s sighed. It’s not fair to her, I already make her involved to my problem too long. I can’t keep stubborn. “It’s okay for me.. you can be her friend again as long as you keep her far away from me.“

Mariko hug me from her sit. ” Thanks Jurina, you’ve grown so much.“ She strokes my hair.


I can’t believe that I am late again. Lately, I thought myself is so stupid, Why?!

” Sorry I am late!“ I knock that door, it’s lucky for me.. it’s my old teacher, so I just bow and walk to my sit.

I hear that teacher said that he want make some groups. I don’t care about my teammate, whoever it is.. I still can do all task myself, she didn’t need to do anything.

“I just realize that we have 2 Matsui in this class.”

I gasp. I look around Miyazawa table. Oh, Is she a new comer that teacher told us yesterday? She’s Matsui too?

“Both of you in a same group. Please work together well…”

I don’t care about it as long as she didn’t bother me. I continue to playing game in my phone while he read all that list groups.

I heard that Miyazawa haven’t called yet. I hope she always forgetted by teacher until Miyazawa’s name deleted from this class member. I smile, until……….

“It’s OK, sir. I will going with double Matsui team then. Is it a problem?”

What??!!! Are you f*cking with me, Miyazawa?!! I am about to rushing to her and wanna hit her face until she covered by blood, like the last time we fight.

Just wait, Miyazawa.. your time has come. How dare you easily do this joke to me.

After I focus my sight to Miyazawa, I realize that someone eyes focus to me too. I turn my eyes for a little. That girl…. Matsui??!!! That Ramen girl who make me hungry twice?!

**************** FLASHBACK *****************

Last night, I came home late because I fell in slept in Mariko’s apartment. I didn’t know why today my father talk about it and mad at me.

“You are a girl!! You shouldn’t be that late to come home. Why are you so childish and stubborn, Jurina?! Didn’t you care about your safety?”

I really feel that my blood boiling.

“Care? You talk about care in front of me? You even didn’t care about me and mom at all. Yesterday was my first late after 3 month, but you??!!! You always came late EVERY NIGHT!”

“Are you thinking when you said that?! I’m working.. I’m working for you, you should be happy.”

“I always think about every word that I said to you. I am a smart person. So, I can’t wait until I am working and I can go home at 2 or 3 AM everyday. You still go to that b*tch’s home, right?”


I didn’t care about what he said next, I just stand and walk to outside. I drive my car.. I have no place that I want to go, I just need some fresh air.

30 minutes later, I found small restaurant. I parked my car. There’s not many people inside, so I can sit and relax myself. I choose a corner table.

After my order arrive to my table, I cry… cry so hard. I cover my mouth with my hand, so other people can’t hear that.

I keep crying until someone that I know get in to this restaurant. I know her, she’s a girl who spill my bento in school last week. But, I’m not in a bully mood right now, so I hide myself.

I watched her carefully. actually.. she’s not an ugly girl, but why she’s so awkward in front of people? She’s just too thin and too pale. Is she sick? I don’t think so, sick people can’t drink 2 glass of sake and 2 bowls Ramen. She has a huge appetite.

I chuckled.

She suddenly stand at looking at me. Is she remember me? I’m afraid she will come to me. But thankfully she isn’t do that.

I didn’t have anything to do, so why not I follow her? You know, to find something that I can tease in school.

I follow her… I watch her steps.. I watch every single part of her body. But, I can’t find something to tease. Now, The more I look her, she looks even more gorgeous. I give up.

I already arrive in front of her house, She hardly to unlock her door because she’s freezing. I wanna help but before I get in, the door already opened.

*********** END OF FLASHBACK ************

I smirked. This is going to be fun.. really fun.

=================TO BE CONTINUED==============

This chapter is about Jurina P.O.V

I already done with Rena P.O.V

For a next chapter… I will write some Sae and Mariko POV (maybe just a little part), and after that…. our WMatsui moment will be main topic.

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