WMatsui – Rivalry (3/4)



“Where is your uniform?” I ask her.

“Just take care your own business.” She reply me with a rude tone.

“Don’t be so childish, Jurina. You can’t act like this to me forever.”

“Yes I can. You can’t call me like that. You’re not even my friend, Miyazawa-san. Now go. I am sleepy.

Yes, We’re not friend now. I was your friend back then.” I said it in a tiny voice and leave her alone in a class.

****************** FLASHBACK*************************

“YOUR MOM, THAT B*TCH… cheating with my father!!”

I am really shock that Jurina will said something like that. That words still echoed in my head.

How can she thinks like that?! A negative think about my family. My mom and her father just an old friend… they’re became friends since in High School.

Like us, Jurina… We’ve been friends since we’re just a little baby and you ruin it in one day with that misunderstanding thing in your head.

I can’t hold my tears longer.

I have a same school with Jurina. Our school is very big, they have students from elementary school until Senior High School. It’s a good thing because we can have many friends.

But… Jurina has too much attention in school. Everyone like her. Everyone wanna be her friend. Everyone adore her. She’s rich, pretty, smart, good in sport, and friendly. Just perfect.

I am a victim. Everyone in class stay away from me. All students make fun of me, they bully me everyday.. they said like Jurina said, “I am a slut’s daughter.” I’m so depressing.

I can not run, I won’t.. I will prove to Jurina and to all people that my mom is innocent.

I should be in a Basket Ball Club. Before this thing happen, everyone praise my ability. But lately, my friends didn’t wanna be in a same team with me. I quit.

I face this situation for 2 months now. I don’t have friends anymore, but thanks God that the teacher did their job professional. I have no problem with my grades.

Someday, I fell sleep.. it’s too late for me to go to school. It’s OK for me to skip school today, no one care about me anyway. 

I saw my watch, 11 AM.. I need to eat something. Where is mom? Ahh.. she maybe in the middle of work. I open my room’s door and I close it again. What was that?!

I peek them from my room, I saw mom cuddle with someone in a sofa. I know that my father has died for 5 years, but why she didn’t say anything to me about this men?? her couple.

It’s not my business, I wanna close my door and let them have their private time. I can talk about this with her later.

“Where’s Sae?? Isn’t too dangerous for me in here?” I am freeze. My eyeballs almost fall.

“Don’t worry.. she’s in school right now… same with your daughter. Don’t pretend to forget, silly.”

I hear their laugh. I kneel on the floor. Sh*t, this is true. It’s happened. Jurina…. I am sorry.

*************** END OF FLASHBACK*************

Maybe our friendship can’t back again. I try to redeem my fault, but she’s already too far to be reached. This 2 years she’s change too much, from an innocent girl to became a rude, love fight, cursing everyone, isolate herself (she only stick with Mariko), and bad students.

It’s my fault, I’m not beside her when that problem happen.. I’m too selfish. She has to face this alone and it hurt me too.

Last year I moved to my apartment, leave my mom alone.. I’m too angry about that and don’t want to see her face again.

End of Miyazawa P.O.V


“Where we heading to?! I already drive for about 1 hour!!” Jurina look her 2 passanger in behind sit. “Am I your private driver?!”

“NO!!” Both of them reply Jurina in a same time.

Mariko giggle.

********** FLASHBACK ***********

“Mariko pleaaasssseee…. I need you to ride with me. It will be an awkward time. Just for once. After our task finished today, I will drive you home.” Jurina folded her hands.

Mariko laugh, “ So, you want me to be your mediator??!! Silly, I won’t do that. Did you just said science project?? I will absolutely sleeping after 5 minutes you open that book.”

“I don’t need you to do this project with us. I just need you to sit beside me. Mariko-samaaaa please come with me!”

“Okay-okay.. drive me home and buy be 2 box ice cream, deal?”

“Deal.” Jurina drag Mariko to her car.

****** END OF FLASHBACK ******

“Okay Jurina, calm down. We can go to my apartment, all of you can do this project there. I will buy you some lunch.” Mariko try to calm Jurina.

“Okay then, we’ll going to Mariko’s place and finish our project as soon as we can. I don’t want to waste my time with both of you.” Jurina turn back and drive again.

After 15 minutes drive, the finally arrive at Mariko’s place.

“A-Anooo… Ma-ma-mariko sama..” Rena said that while wringing her hands. “ Your house is veeerryy pretty, bu-but.. where’s the toilet, please?”

Mariko laugh and then she strokes Rena’s hair. “You don’t need to be afraid or nervous to me, we’re not in school now. There, you just need to turn left from there.” Mariko pointed to her right.

Rena smile, “Thank you, se-sen-senpai.” Rena obediently follow that direction.

“Matsui-san!” Mariko call Rena, Rena turn back, Jurina feels that Mariko call her so she look to Mariko direction. “You are so cute when you’re nervous, Rena.”Rena’s blushed and continue to walk.

Sae can’t close her mouth. Angry Jurina comes to Mariko, stepped on Mariko right foot. “Awwhhh! It’s hurt, Jurina.”

“Once again you do that, I will step my foot in your face!”

“Why? This is my home, I can do anything.. besides… it’s true that she cute, right? Or…… do you like her??”

“What?! No!!” Jurina turn around and put down her bag.

“Ok, then I have right to do that again to another Matsui.” Mariko grin.

“Ano………” Sae finally open her mouth. Mariko and Jurina make a scary eye contact to her. Sae feel uncomfortable,“ It’s okay if I’m here? I mean… Both of you can do our project as far as you want. I can do the rest.”

“Do you insult my IQ?! I can finish that project alone, you can go.” Jurina said that after she broke her eye contact with Sae.

“Wow.. wow.. relax guys. I already read your project task and that’s really complicated task. So, 3 of you better do that in here.. in the same time and place.” Mariko try to calm both of them.

“Thank you, Shinoda-san.” Sae smile at Mariko.

“Nice to meet you again… Sae-chan.” Mariko smile back. “You can call me Mariko, like before.”

“Ahhhh…!! It’s a bad day.. I stuck with 3 crazy people.” Jurina groan.

———————- 3 hours later —————————

“Dinner Time!!!” Mariko raise her volume when she comeback from somewhere and bring 2 big plastic bags with her.

No reaction from 3 of them. Mariko feels irritated, then she hit their head one by one. “Didn’t you hear your senpai? It’s dinner time!!”

“Okay okay Mariko!” Jurina pout and opened that bags. “Woww ramen??”

“You don’t like it?”

“No-no, I like it.” Jurina smile.. It’s time to my sweet revenge.

Sae grab one, “Thanks Mariko, I extremely feels more hungry than usual. This task is so complicated.”

“I will do it for you.” Rena grab it from Sae’s hand and pour it to the bowl that Mariko’s gave to her. After it completely poured, she give that back to Sae. “Here your ramen.”

“Wow. Thanks my pale-kohai.” Sae smile at Rena. They stare each other for some seconds.

“Uhhuumm.” Mariko cough herself. “Rena-chan, can you pour it for me too?” Mariko give Rena her sweet eyes.

“Of course I can.” Rena do the same thing to Mariko’s Ramen. “Here, Mariko senpai.” Rena smile brightly.

Rena about to grab Jurina’s ramen too, but Jurina hold it tight. “No! You will spill my food again. I can do it myself!!” Jurina go to the kitchen alone.

Rena sighed.

“It’s OK Rena, she’s always like that. You will used to her soon.” Mariko said that with her mouth that full of noodle.

“Pale-kohai.. let’s eat this in terace.“ Rena nodded and follows Sae.

After both of them sit there. Mariko broke the silent. “Jurina.. eat your ramen. It’ll be cold soon.”

Jurina didn’t bother about what Mariko said to her. She focusing her eyes to the terace. She look at the in a cold eyes. She saw both of them laugh and smile together.

Mariko realize it, she put her bowl down. “You know the rules in my house. No fight allowed here.” Mariko said that in serious tone.

“Yes I know. I will not fight, but teasing someone is allowed here, right?” Jurina grinned.

Mariko looks confuse about what Jurina said.

“We’re done. Thanks Mariko, it’s a tasty ramen.”

“No problem, Sae.”

Jurina look both of them already back to room. Here we go. “You’re done with your ramen, Matsui?” Jurina smile.

Rena gasp, she never really talk to Jurina before. She only talks when Jurina angry at her. “Yes. But you haven’t eat your ramen yet.”

“Oh.. this? You want it? I didn’t touch it. I ever see you eat this for about 3-4 bowls. No need to keep your innocent image in here.”

Rena’s smile gone. Where her topic heading to? Sae and Mariko see her with their unbelievable eyes.

“You-you can eat 4 bowls?!!” Sae ask Rena.

“That’s not true, right?” Mariko also ask her.

Rena didn’t answer anything. It’s true that I have a big appetite, but.. how can Jurina know it? Is Jurina try to embarrass me here? Especially in front of Miyazawa-san? How cruel.

“You don’t have to shy Rena. Ohh… I saw you drank Sake too.. Do you want me to buy it for you? 2 bottles for you.. I’ll pay it for you.” Jurina grinned again.

“Wahh.. I don’t believe you drink. We must drink together next time. You’re not as pure as I thought. It’s OK Rena, that not a bad thing.” Mariko give Rena a big smile.

Rena look in to Sae direction, Sae still look at her with unbelievable eyes. Enough!! This’s enough.

Rena carry her bag and then leave that room without saying anything.

I did it.. Yeahhh… I love this kind of revenge. No fight. No sweat. No need much energy. 

“What’s your problem. Jurina??!” Mariko raise her voice.

“What??!! I just try to nice to her.”

“Did you just tease her, Matsui?!” Sae walk closer to Jurina.

“Why?! Do you wanna pick a fight with me? I’m ready now.” Jurina stand and stare Sae in angry way. “Don’t worry Mariko. I will fight her outside your apartment.”

Sae is ready to fight with Jurina too, but she can’t make another problem with Jurina again. She was her best friend. Sae broke her stare.

“You already change too much, Matsui-san.” Sae carry her bag. “You always face me in very rude manner, but I try to forget and forgive you because of our past quarrel.”

“Don’t you feel that I’m still hope you back? Don’t you feel that I’m still want to be your friend again? Or.. are you already blinded with your revenge to me?”

“We both know that our parents problem is related to us, we even didn’t know how they start dating. We both know that!”

“We both know that you didn’t love Churi. You just play with her. So, why you put that blame to me??!! I don’t take Churi from you. Your ex-girlfriend come to me to make you jealous, then she knows that you play with her. Then you blame me??!! You call me a slut’s daughter??!!”

“OK, now I lost all my reason to get along with you. I lost my reason to hope that we can be friend again. I give up. So, now.. don’t bother Rena again, I don’t wanna see you hurt someone that I love, just because you wanna hurt me.”

“You like her? Matsui Rena?” Mariko ask Sae.

“Yes, Mariko. I want to make this clear. I want to Matsui Jurina know about her boundary.” Sae look at Jurina again, “I will not bothering you again.. you can hurt me, punch me, kick me.. but… don’t ever think to touch Rena. See you guys.”

Jurina can’t believe what just happened to her. I am the one who suppose to angry.. supposed to tease them. So why now all turn back to me??!! They humiliating me. Darn!


“Ramen-girl look at me!” Jurina grab my hand. “Why are you always run away from me? I just want to apologize about what happen in Mariko’s house last week.”

I release her hand, “Apology accepted. Now go.”

Jurina scratch her head, “Where am I supposed to go? We’re in a same class.”

“Ohayou. Now.. I will collect and check your science project today. Please sit in your team.” Then all of our friends stick with their teammate.

And I stuck with her. I look at Jurina, she sit in Sae’s chair. Pity for me that Sae sick today, Sae-chan always the one who make this girl stay away from me.

This Matsui always bothering me. But as Mariko said too, “You will be get used to her soon”. I think I already get used to her silly things, rude words, her teasing, her warmness, her cool, her pretty eyes, her soft skin…. Wait! What am I saying?! Focus Rena, focus!

It’s the first time for meto not think about my study. After an accident last week, we never do that project again. It’s okay, 3 of us can get a bad grades once. It’s like this our reminder about that quarrel. I try hard to thinking that way.

“2 Matsui + Miyazawa group!” The teacher call us.

I raise my hand and stand, “Sorry sir, we didn’t finished that project. This task is too hard for us.”

Jurina whisper to me, “Why are you said that lame answer? Do you think they will trust you?! I’m here, I can do everything.

“What are you trying to say, Matsui Rena – san? Is that mean that 3 of you too lazy to complete the project that I gave to you?!” Teacher said that in a high tone.

“No sir. Don’t worry.” Jurina walk to the teacher’s table and bring a box and a book along with her. “Rena just love to make a morning joke to us.” Jurina said it in a funny way. All student laugh at it.

Jurina open that box. “This is our project, 3 of us make this together. We thought this was the best experiment to prove Electromagnetic Theory is true …………………………..” Jurina explain the detail of that project by herself, in front of her classmate and teacher she do live demontration with tools in her box.

Their class suddenly silent. They didn’t believe about what just they look and they hear. “Jurina?! Jurina in front of our class?! I’ve been almost 10 years have a same school with her… and this is the first time!”

I giggled when I hear students whisper about Jurina. She’s very cool when she make serious face like that.

“Excelent Jurina! Good job for your team.” The teacher give them an applause, followed by their friends.

This applause is not for us, this only for Jurina.

Jurina back to her sit. “See? I looks cool, right? I’ve told you.. I can do everything.“ Jurina said it with a proud.

Ugghhh… whatever. She start boasting herself again. I smile.

I see a small paper on my desk, Jurina just throw it to me.

Read it.“ I hear a whisper.


Let’s go home together. (/ω\)

I want to buy you a dinner.

If you really accepted my apologize (シ_ _)シ,

you must not reject it.

It’ll be difficult to taking you in another day,

Sae will keep you far away from me. (╯︵╰,)

Can you?


Why she must write a letter? She can ask me directly. I shook my head. I put that paper to my pocket.

Yes, I can.“ I whisper it to her. I can see her YESS!! expression.

I hear bell ringing, it means school is over. Jurina whisper to me, ”I will wait you in my car.“ Then she run.

I slowly tidy up my book in my table. Why my heart keep beating so fast? I’m like to explode now.

I walk more slowly, so I can control my heartbeat first. I see her car in front of the gate. Calm Rena, calm! She will not gonna bite you or anything.

“What took you so long?” Jurina pout.

“I go to the toilet first.” I get in to her car, I see other girls stare me like she really hate me.

“What are you doing, baka?! Sit beside me.” She pointed front sit.

“Sorry, but where’s Mariko?”

“She didn’t come with us, she has to go to some place.”

I move to front sit. She start driving. I don’t know where she will take me. I just silent, and staring Jurina for a minutes.

I never realize that she’s so gorgeous. Usualy she always rude to me. But today, I can feel her kindness. Now.. I know why those girl crazy in her. She’s a charming prince.

“Are you start to like me?” Jurina smile without turn her eyes from the street.

I’m so shock. “No-no.. I just wondering where are you gonna take me.“

“Don’t worry. I won’t kidnap you. There’re more girls that I want to kidnap out there. They’re more sexy than you.”

Akkhh.. I know that she ask me out because she only want to tease me more.

“We’re arrive!” She turn off the engine. “Wait here!”

“Ehh?! We won’t go inside?”

She close the door. I wait her for almost 20 minutes.

“Sorry to make you wait.” She finally get in. “This is our dinner.”

I confuse, “We will eat it here? In your car? Why don’t we just sit inside that restaurant?”

“No. We will have a dinner in a special place. I never invite my friends there, even Mariko haven’t too. Tomorrow is a holiday, right? Call your parents that you’ll late to go home.”

She really trying to kidnap me even if I’m not sexy. “My parents went to my grandpa’s house since yesterday. I’m alone until next week.”

“That’s good! We can spend our weekend together.” She wink.

“I don’t want to.”


“Matsui-san.. Matsui… Ramen-girl.. wake-up we arrived. Rena-chan.”

I slowly open my eyes. Where am I? Am I still in Jurina’s car?? I feel flying. “Waaa!!” I finally open my eyes fully.I’m in Jurina’s arms. “Put me down!”

“Okay.” She release me… I mean.. really release me.

Uggghhhh. I fell down to the floor. This girl!!

“Where are we?” I ask dan wake up.

“My house,.” She climbed the stairs.


“Don’t worry.. this is my another house, only a housekeeper live here. There’s no my parents.. you can comfort yourself. Come here, I will show your room.”

Comfort myself?! Where no one around? Actually, I more enjoy myself if there is someone else in this big house. A fancy house, but it seemed deserted.

“Hey. Did you hear me? Are you afraid? Then.. you can sleep in my room.” She grinned.

“No. Thanks.” I firmly reject it.

“So hurry up. I am hungry! I will heat up our food.”

This will be my long weekend ever. Huufftt.

============== TO BE CONTINUED ==============

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