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Love can come to us every where and whenever, even in a shortest time and in an unexpected way.

Stuck With You

= Jurina =

“H-hey! Wait!!” Jurina ran with all her strength, trying to catch a guy who already stepped in to the elevator. “Oh, shit!” She almost caught the guy, but unfortunately… the elevator door closed right in front of her nose. “Aww!” She bumped into the door.

Jurina quickly pressed the button near the elevator. “Come on! Come on. Come on.” She looked impatient while waiting another elevator and her hand gripped the camera tightly. She looked at the number above the elevator door decreased one by one. Right after the other elevator door opened, she noticed the elevator that taken by the guy had stopped on the basement. It was already late for her to chase the guy who probably already rode his car and went to somewhere. She kicked the trash can as a sign of frustration. “Why the celebrities nowadays are really good in running away?!”

Jurina sighed while putting her camera back into her bag and then she took her phone. “I’m sorry… I lose him again.” She talked to the person through the phone.


Jurina closed her eyes when she heard her boss yelled at her through the phone. Damn it! “I tried to take his picture but his bodyguard kept pushing me.”

How can you lose him, Matsui?! Could you imagine how big our profit if his face become the cover of our magazine this week??!! He is a hot topic now!!

“I know and I’m sorry. I’ll definitely get the news and pictures before this week ended.”

YOU BETTER KEEP YOUR WORDS, MAT-” The call ended all of a sudden because Jurina’s phone ran out of power.

Jurina let out a loud sigh. Being a journalist is surely hard. After she put her phone back into her bag, she tidied her wrinkled white shirt. My shirt becomes so messed because of that brat. When she already satisfied with her shirt, she pressed the elevator button again. I’m sure he won’t come back for tonight, so… I think I’ll just go back to my room.

Last week, Jurina rented an apartment in that building for a month because she heard a rumor that the guy she chased before stayed in there too. Lucky, it was the right decision to trust the rumor. Although her room was on the different floor, but at least she was in the same building.

The elevator door opened. Jurina stepped in to the empty elevator and then she pressed ‘19’. Her room was 8 floors above the guy’s room. When the door was about to close, there was a girl who entered the elevator as well. She saw the other girl pressed the top floor button, 26.

Jurina frowned. As far as I know, the rooms only up to 25th floor. There was nothing on the 26th floor except helipad and some utility poles. The elevator door closed, however she decided to not say anything to the other girl. She took a little glance at the other girl who stood on the other side of the elevator. The other girl wore a white one-piece sleeveless dress and a pair of…. slippers? She frowned again. She walked out in a pretty dress, but using the slippers?!

Jurina stared at the girl, but the other girl looked at another direction so Jurina couldn’t see the face. The other girl’s hair was dominant with dark brown but also using light brown highlights… it was very contrast with the pale skin.

Jurina shocked as the other girl looked at her from the mirror. Their eyes met for a few seconds. Shit! She felt like being caught in stealing something. She looked at the elevator monitor that still showed ‘15’. Four floors more! Hurry up! She felt awkward after get caught staring at the other girl like a creepy person. She really wanted to run away. She impatiently wait the number on the monitor increased one by one because it felt so slow.

Finally, the number ‘18 showed. One more floor and Jurina was ready to run really fast, with all her strength but- “Aww!!!” She lost her balance as the elevator suddenly stopped and the light off by itself. The elevator stuck between 18th floor and 19th floor. The heck!! She stood up quickly and the she pressed help button. “H-hello!! Hello! Is there anyone there?! Hey, the elevator is broken in here!!!” She kept yelling but there were no answer.

“I think the button is broken. The help button should light up if someone pressed it.”

Jurina stunned because she heard the other girl’s voice in the middle of the darkness. She didn’t know how to respond it, so she just said… “Oh.” She sighed before she sat down inside the elevator. “We’re stuck here.” She rested her back to the wall.

“…” The other girl didn’t say anything again.

A few years ago, Jurina was afraid of the dark… but it was all changed after she was 20. Lucky me… I’m not afraid of the dark anymore. If I’m still like I was, I would embarrass myself in front of this girl. She remembered how childish she was when she cried so hard and screamed every time there was a problem with electricity that caused the light off.

30 minutes had passed but both of them still didn’t say anything to each other. Jurina pressed her knees toward her chest and then she hugged them. “You are not panic at all. How come?” She decided to begin the talk. “Both of us stuck here in the dark, you know?”

“… so are you. How come?”

“…” Jurina didn’t answer it right away because she also didn’t know how on earth she could remain calm in the situation like that. “Maybe because I’m sure that someone will rescue us, even though I don’t know when they will notice us… this is in the middle of the night anyway.” She stopped for a while. “And the fact that I’m stuck here with you, a girl. I would have freaked out if you’re a guy.” She let out a soft chuckle.

The other girl didn’t talk again for another 30 minutes.

As a journalist, Jurina felt uncomfortable in the quiet situation like that. She was a talkative girl and being silent for an hour made her stressed out. “What do you want to do on the top floor? I saw you pressed ‘26’ before.”


“Do you want to meet someone there?” Jurina cursed her journalist intuition, she started asking many things without she even realized it. “Why do you wear slippers?”

“… Yeah, I want to meet someone.”

Jurina frowned. Meeting someone in the midnight on the top of building? That’s weird. “Who?” She cursed herself again because she was being overly curious and crossed over the boundary. She smacked her own head. What the hell am I doing?! She’s a stranger!!! She m-

“God. I want to meet Him.”

Jurina gasped and then she blinked many times with her mouth open. If the light was on, she was sure that the other girl would see her stupid face. “Sorry?” She pressed her brain in such a way to find another answer, but the only thing that came to her head was…

“I want to commit suicide. If this fucking elevator isn’t broken, I might be dead by now, jumping down from up there.”

Jurina gulped. WHAT THE FUCK! How could she say it so lightly like that?! Like it was the easiest thing to do in the world!!!

“Some people say that when we die… our spirit will wear our last clothes forever. I wear my favorite dress now, so I can wear it forever.” The other girl chuckled. “But I was too hasty and I didn’t pay attention to my feet.”

“W-wait… wait a minute.” Jurina couldn’t believe to what she heard. “D-do you mean that… you were in a hurry to kill yourself?” It made her goose bumps. It means… I might be the last person on earth who saw her before she died?! Wow! That was……… scary? No. That was extremely sad, despite the fact that she was stranger. She didn’t know why she thought that she would be sad if the other girl committed to suicide an hour ago.

“Yes. I’m so stupid, right?”

Jurina could hear the other girl cried hard. She wanted to hug the other girl, but she didn’t know where the other girl sat because she couldn’t see anything in the darkness like that… and on top of that, we are strangers.


= Rena =

Rena was never thought that she could be THIS ridiculous. How on earth I only wear slippers?! She facepalmed. If this young girl didn’t say it to me, I would have wearing slippers forever. She chuckled. She found it funny because after all this time, she was a ‘fashionista’, a person who dresses according to the trends of fashion. She would feel stupid if in the afterlife world, she only wore a pair of slippers.

“Why are you laughing?”

Rena stopped chuckling right after the young girl talked. “Nothing.” She simply answered it. “What’s your name?”


Rena nodded even though she knew the other girl couldn’t see her. “Well… Jurina, do you have something to drink? I feel thirsty.” She wiped her sweaty forehead. They already stuck there for an hour and there was no air flowing because the air conditioner was dead too. She felt hot and thirsty.

“Oh, wait a minute.”

Rena heard the noise. She guessed that the other girl was trying to find it in her bag by throwing everything to the floor and grope everything one by one.

“Oh! I found it!!”

Rena could hear the cute happy voice that came out from the other girl lips, it sounded like an innocent kid who finally found her lost toy. She’s cute.

“Where are you? I can’t see you.”

“Here, at the right corner of the elevator. You’re on my left, right?” Rena held out both of her hands in the dark, trying to find Jurina. After that, her palm touched something. “There you are!” She tried to grab it.

“Aww! You smashed my face.”

“Oops! Sorry, I thought it was your hand.” Rena laughed. She felt Jurina slowly reached her hand and passed the bottle to her hand. “Thank you.” She pulled back her hand after she grabbed the bottle and then she drank the water.

After that, the dark elevator became quiet again. It was silence there. Rena didn’t know what to say to the other girl. She was the type of girl who couldn’t light up the conversation, especially with someone who she barely knew.

“Why do you want to kill yourself?”

Rena gasped. She didn’t expect the other girl to remind her about it. It was a long silent before she decided to answer the question. She wanted to pour out everything because her chest felt so tight, full of miserable memories. “I have a boyfriend… and he is a bastard. We have been dating since we were in high school. He was an ordinary boy at that time, he was a humble boy. Right after we graduated, he began his career. I knew that someday he would success because he was a nice person and also a hard worker.”

Rena felt that her eyes started teary. “I’m right. After 5 years, his career continued to climb. Since then, everything was sweet, at least for me. We are both success in our own field. But then… a few months ago, my happy life was turned into a hell.  Without I knew it, he was married to someone else… the fucking rich CEO!!” She cried. She was screaming because it was too painful to remember.

“WHAT?! Why didn’t you just leave him?!”

By hearing Jurina’s words, Rena knew that the other girl thought that she was stupid to commit a suicide just because of broken heart. “I’m p-”

BAAM! The lights turned on again and the air conditioner was working back. After 2 hours they isolated inside the small and dark elevator, finally… they could see each other.


The lights were working again. After blinking many times because of the sudden bright light, Jurina finally could see Rena’s face clearly. The other girl was also looked at her with the red and teary eyes, and… still sobbing. Then, she noticed something. “Y-your mascara…”

“Oh.” Rena wanted to clean up her cheeks that already ruined because of her mascara with her hands, but Jurina grabbed her hands.

“Wait… I have a tissue.” Jurina quickly grabbed the tissue pack and gave it to Rena.

Rena smiled. “Thank you. You help me again.” She took the tissue pack from Jurina’s hand.

While Rena busy with cleaning her face, Jurina collected her stuffs from the floor and put them back into her bag. “I guess the elevator will be working back as well.”

“Yeah, I guess so.” Rena shrugged and then she looked away. It was an awkward and embarrassing situation for her. She only trapped with the other girl, a stranger, for 2 hours… but she already told the most important thing in her life to the stranger. I’m a piece of shit. She facepalmed.

“You’re beautiful.”

“Eh?” Rena looked at Jurina.

“Thinking that you want to kill yourself because of a jerk like that…. It’s such a waste. With a pretty face like that, you will definitely find someone better, much better.” Jurina sighed. “But… I’m a stranger… I don’t even know your name, so I don’t have a right to tell you what to do with your life. It’s up to you… and I’m happy to be the last person on earth who talks to you.” Jurina smiled but her eyes were teary.

Rena wanted to say something, but she couldn’t because she was surprised. The elevator was moving. So… they already fixed it.

Jurina squeezed her own hands as the elevator moving up. “Do you still want to commit suicide?” Somehow, she wished that elevator didn’t work for more hours so Rena didn’t have to kill herself that soon. Before she could hear Rena’s answer, the elevator stopped at 19th floor and the door already opened.

“Are you okay, Miss?” There were three men stood outside the elevator. “We’re so sorry for the trouble. The electricity that supports the elevator should be turned off because of the short-circuit.” They bowed her head at Rena and Jurina.

“It’s okay. At least we didn’t die… yet.” Rena smiled at the men. And then she turned her head toward Jurina. “This is your floor, right?”

Jurina nodded and then she stepped out from the elevator. She hoped that Rena would follow her and stayed with her instead went to the rooftop.

Rena looked at one of the men. “The problem is solved, right? So it doesn’t matter for me to use this elevator again.”

Jurina gasped. Oh no…

“Sure-sure. It’s okay, Miss. I guarantee that there is no problem anymore.”

“Great.” Rena pressed the button to close the door. During the process, she saw Jurina looked at her with the sad eyes. “It’s nice to meet you, Jurina.” She showed a bitter smile. “My name is Rena. We are not strangers anymore.” The door closed.

Jurina saw the number that showed above the elevator door was increased; it means Rena went up there. She clenched her fist. Fuck! She grabbed the collar of a man there. “Why did you have to tell her that the damn elevator is okay???!!!! Why did you have to fix this fucking elevator???!!!” She yelled at him.

The man confused and didn’t know what to say. “I… I-”

“Where’s the emergency stairs?” Jurina waited the answer. “Hurry up!!!!”

“The- there.” He pointed at the white door on his right.

Jurina let go of the man and then she sprinted to the emergency stairs door. I hope I’m not too late. She climbed the stairs in full speed. Come on, come on. Come on! She cheered herself while running. After climbed seven floors, she finally arrived at the top of the buildings. “Renaaaaaaaa!!!!” Her feet barely could move because she was very tired. She was panting.

Jurina forced herself to walk around to find the other girl. “Rena!!! Just fucking answer me, please!!!” A few seconds later, she found Rena’s slippers scattered near the edge. She cried. She can’t be dead by now… she can’t be. She was believed that it was already too late. I wish I was her friend or her sister, so I could freely tell her to not do something stupid like THIS!!!

“Why are you crying while holding my slippers?”

Jurina stopped crying and then she looked at the girl who stood in front of her. “You’re alive!! HAHAHAHHAA.” She laughed really hard and then she hugged Rena. “Don’t die, please.” Finally, she was brave enough to say it.

Rena rubbed Jurina’s back to comfort the sobbing girl. It felt so weird for Rena to see someone that she met only two hours ago, crying for her so hard like that. “Somehow, I already had a feeling that you would chase me.” She smiled.

Jurina let go of Rena’s body and then she looked at Rena’s eyes. “Just forget about that guy. I’m sure that you will find someone better… and if you don’t find it, I can make you become the happiest person in the world. I promise! So… don’t kill yourself, EVER!”

Rena took a deep breath. “I’m pregnant, Jurina.” She could see Jurina’s shocked face. “Broken heart is not the only reason I want to end my life. Just imagining me and my baby’s future… people will mock us! There’s no future for us!!”

“I’m your future.” Jurina said it firmly while pointing her finger to her chest. “You’re not alone. Let’s raise your baby together.” She had no idea why she said it. She wondered if other normal person would say it too, especially to the stranger.

“Sorry?” Rena frowned. “Did you just… propose me?”

Jurina felt the air suddenly left her lungs. She choked. “I- me- propose y- WHAT?” Oh great… now I’m proposing a stranger. But I guess… yeah… “Yup. Let’s be happy together. Will you?”

“I don’t want to become a burden.” The tears rolled down on Rena’s cheeks. “I’m glad you care about me so much, but you don’t have to force yourself this far.”

Jurina pouted. “I didn’t force myself. I swear!”

“Then… let’s try to life together from now on.” Rena kissed Jurina’s cheek. “Thank you.” She smiled.

Jurina blushed by the sudden kiss. Although it was only her cheek, but it already made her face became red enough. She didn’t want to become the only one who blushed there, so she cupped Rena’s face. She approached the beautiful face slowly. When she saw Rena was about to close the eyes, she kissed Rena’s forehead instead the tempting lips.

Rena opened her eyes and she saw Jurina’s cheeky smile. Shit. I’m embarrassing myself again.

Jurina laughed when she saw Rena’s shy face.

Both of them went near the edge and then they sat there, enjoying the fresh air and the night view. Their fingers intertwined together and they sat in silence, playing with their own mind.

“If you don’t mind, uh…” Jurina looked hesitate. “Who’s the baby’s father? I will make you and your baby stay away from him forever.”

Rena chuckled. “Why? Are you afraid that he will steal me from you someday?” She saw Jurina nodded. “What? We only knew each other for three hours. You just proposed me 45 minutes ago. Now, you already got jealous and thinking about the future. That was fast.” She giggled.

“What do you expect? I climbed seven damn floors through the emergency stairs to prevent you commit the suicide because I already like you from the very first sight. I almost had a heart attack because I thought you were dead. I won’t let you go easily! If he wants to get you back later, I… I have to make sure that you and your kid will be happier with him rather than with me.”

Rena couldn’t believe that Jurina would care about her that much. She was happy. “Kenji… Kitagawa Kenji.”

Jurina’s eyes widened. “Kitagawa Kenji? The famous actor?!” She saw a slight nod from Rena. “Fuck.” What a fate!

“Don’t worry. I won’t leave you for a man like that.” Rena tightened her grip on Jurina’s hand.

“I’m glad to hear that from you.” Jurina smiled. “I heard he lives here, is that true? I heard from someone that he often went to this building.”

Rena shook her head. “No, that’s a wrong rumor. I’m the one who live here.”

Oh! So, he went here because he visits Rena, not because he lives here. Jurina smirked as something came to her mind. “Do you want to take revenge on him?”

“Huh?” Rena frowned.

Jurina took the camera from her bag. “Look. I’m a journalist and my boss eagerly wants to make his face become the cover of our magazine. I’m moving here because of the rumor. In a few hours ago, I tried to chase him, but he successfully escape from me… I met you after I failed to take his picture. Listen… my boss asked me to collect his news and take his picture with his affair, you, as a proof. I will hide your identity, of course. We can ruin both his showbiz career and his life forever.”

Rena smirked. “He will easily jump into my trap.”

======================= Some Years Later =======================

“Aw! Aw! Aeri, stop pulling my hair! Aw!” Jurina stopped reading the newspaper because the cute little kid kept pulling her hair harshly… while laughing.

Little Aeri giggled. “I don’t want to. You look funny.” She kept messing with Jurina’s hair.

Rena walked from the kitchen and saw the hilarious scene. She quickly grabbed little Aeri and carried her away from Jurina. “I’m sorry, Jurina. My daughter is always hyperactive when she’s with you.” She looked at Jurina with apologetic eyes and then she looked at Aeri. “You shouldn’t make her hurt, Aeri.”

Aeri pouted. “I’m sorry, mom. She’s too funny and kind.”

Rena put Aeri down and pointed her index finger to her daughter. “Go to your room. It’s time to sleep.”

“Yes mom.” Aeri looked down and then she went to her room while showing a big pout.

Jurina took the newspaper. “You don’t have to scold her. She’s just having fun with me. I’m not really angry, you know? You’re too strict.”

Rena sighed. “You’re too pampering my daughter, always.” She saw Jurina chuckled before Jurina read the newspaper again. She stared Jurina for some minutes while having a deep thought about something. “Jurina…”

“Hm?” Jurina answered without looked at Rena.

“It’s been 4 years since I lived with you and umm… Aeri is big enough now.” Rena finally got Jurina’s attention; Jurina looked at her while frowning.

“What are you trying to say all of a sudden, Rena?” Jurina put the newspaper on the table.

Rena looked at the floor. “What I’m trying to say here is… Aeri and I can’t keep depending on you. I have a promising job now and Aeri seems already accepted the fact that her father is a jerk. So we-”

Jurina stood up. “Do you want to move out?!” She looked at Rena in disbelief way. “I can’t believe it. After all these years…”

“Jurina.” Rena stood up as well. “I’m so thankful that you care about me and my daughter, but both of us can’t keep becoming a burden to you.”

“I don’t see both of you as a burden! I-”

“Oh come on, Jurina.” Rena rubbed her own forehead. “I know that 4 years ago, you tell me that you like me and allowed me to live with you because you’re afraid that I will try to commit suicide, right? You only feel pity for me and my baby at that time. Now, I can accept the truth and I won’t kill myself. I have a reason to live, Aeri. My daughter and I are strong enough to live alone now.”

Jurina scoffed. “What?! You think that I care about you just because of a pity?!” She walked toward Rena and stopped right in front of Rena. “I can’t believe that I have to say this. I think I already show it enough by the way I act.” She looked at Rena’s eyes, a pair of beautiful brown eyes. “I love you. I do really love you and I think I can’t live without you and Aeri.”

Rena moved by Jurina’s words. “I love you too. You’ve never said it properly to me, so… I thought-” She couldn’t continue to talk because she was crying. She covered her face with her hands.

“Hey…” Jurina pulled Rena’s hands that covered the angelic face. “Don’t cry.” She kissed Rena’s lips until Rena stopped crying. She gave a deep kiss to the tender lips. “I love both of you and I will do everything to make you guys happy.” She hugged Rena.


Rena and Jurina turned their head to Aeri, who already stood outside her room. They were surprised by the sudden presence of the cute kid.

Jurina smiled and the she opened her arms, asking Aeri to come into her hug. “Yeah… everything.”

Aeri grinned and then she ran happily toward Jurina. “So, as long as I’m happy… I can pinch your cheeks every day? Can I eat all your ice creams and drink your milk in the refrigerator? Can I keep pulling your hair? Can I eat on my bed? Can I sleep a bit late? Can I-”

“Aeri!” Rena scolded her daughter again. She seemed angry as she put her hands on her waist and glared at Aeri.

Jurina laughed. “Yes, you can.” She kissed Aeri’s cheek. “The only thing you can’t do is… burn this house.”

“Yeay~” Aeri escaped from Jurina’s hug and ran to the kitchen. “Ice cream~”

“No, you can’t!” Rena yelled at Aeri. “You already brushed your teeth!” She irritated by Jurina’s laugh. “You’re pampering my daughter again!”

“Stop saying ‘my daughter’ all the time. She’s my daughter too! Aeri is OUR daughter.” Jurina chuckled. “Your angry face is cute.” She grabbed Rena’s waist and pulled the other girl into her hug. “Don’t be jealous… I will pamper you as well… tonight.” She whispered seductively. “I’m sure that I will do everything to make you happy… tonight.

Rena’s cheeks blushed crazily.

============================== THE END ==============================

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