WMatsui – The Difference (1/4)


Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena already dated for 3 years. But one day, they feels doubt of their relationship.. they’ realize that too many different things between them. They start to find each other weakness and use it to ‘attack’ each other.

How their relationship would end? Are they they’ll find someone else? Will they realize that ‘the difference’ isn’t an obstacle between 2 lovers? They even can use it to complete each other.



“Jurina!! How many times I must to wake you up again? Did you said last night that you have a class this morning?”

Rena rush in to her bedroom, she saw Jurina still covered her head with blanket. Rena sighed and strokes Jurina’s hair.

“Come on, Jurina.. I need to go to work. Your breakfast is ready.” She said it softly and kiss Jurina’s eyes.

Jurina suddenly open her eyes and pulling Rena to the bed. Jurina get on Rena’s top, she look Rena’s eyes. Her eyes are so beautiful.

Rena avoid Jurina eyes, “Ok, we don’t have much time for this. We did it too much last night.” Rena blushes.

Jurina’s face become more closer to Rena, “If I wake up earlier everyday.. will we have time for this?” She said it in a seduce way and then she touch Rena’s lips.

Rena push Jurina, then she smile.. “Don’t act like that.. it’s funny.. you even still a student.” Rena laugh.

“How can you didn’t cling to me after I said that? I already spent more time to search some ‘magic’ words.” Jurina laugh too.

Rena down from her bed, “You need to finish your school first.. then we’ll have much time for that.” She grinned. “Honey, I’m going first. Don’t forget to eat you breakfast. See you.”

After she kissed Jurina’s lips, she get out from that room before Jurina can grab her again. That’s child is so funny when she act like an adult. She is 6 years younger that me! Rena giggled and close her apartment door.

She forget about something and open the door again, “Oh Jurina!!. Are you come here again this evening??” She raise the volume so Jurina can hear her from the bedroom.

“Yes!! I will make some dinner for you then..” Jurina answer from her room.

“OK.. You can bring my key with you. Don’t forget to tell your parent that you’ll stay here again. Bye, honey!” Rena close the door again.

Jurina scratch her head. I thought after I became a college student, no need to wake up in the morning anymore. But, absolutely not. I hate morning.

Jurina go to the kitchen and saw some toast, strawberry jam, and a glass of milk. She smile. Thanks Rena. You’re a perfect girl for me.


“Matsui-san… Matsui senpai..”

Jurina feels someone run towards her. She turn her head. “Ahh… Watanabe. What’s wrong?”

Wow… this girl become more attractive than when first time I met her. Is this true or just my hallucination?

“Ahh… nothing wrong senpai. I want to tell you that you called by basketball’s captain.”

Jurina confuse. “I think you come to wrong person. I never register to that club.”

“No. I’m not. Why don’t you just come with me? I’m their manager this year.”

Jurina nodded. They go to their basketball court. She saw a girl with very short hair. “Yes?”

“Oh, you must be Matsui Jurina. Sorry for disturbing you suddenly, but I hear from your High School friends that you’re a great shooter.”

“Sorry, I don’t wanna join any club. I just want to focus to my study right now, senpai.”

“No.. I don’t ask you to join. I just need you for today. We need 1 more player. 1 of our team member got sick last night. We have a game with another college this evening. Please help us for this one.”

“If this only once, I’m in. Well.. I need some refreshing too.” Jurina grinned.


Ahhh… I can’t believe that I’m still amazing today. I never do that in 1 year, I often just playing basketball in my yard.

Jurina lay down in her bed.


Rena? Ahh.. I need to boast myself to her about that match. Jurina chuckled.

“Hello Rena.”

Where are you?

“Of course in my house, It’s already 11PM. Rena.. you know? I have a game today with my friends. I play a basketball game.. and we won!! I play it again after a year. Ahh.. how good I am.” Jurina laugh.

But the answer from Rena is not as she think before.
Jurina.. why are you always forget about me?

“I am not. I just don’t have a time today. After classes over, I need to practice a while before I go to that match. Don’t be selfish, Rena.”

Rena laugh. “I am not selfish. You just….. make me can’t enter my own home.

Oh my God! Her key!! “I’m sorry. Just wait. I will come in 10 minutes.”

No need to hurry, honey. Be careful.

Jurina drive her car as fast as possible. She parked her car and enter that building. She saw Rena standing outside her room. Rena still wear a same clothes since morning.

Jurina look down. Why I’m so stupid?!

Rena look Jurina’s sad face. She must be feel guilty. Rena hugging Jurina, “It’s okay.. Jurina, please don’t cry. I’m not mad at you. Just open the door, then we can take some rest.”

“I am sorry Rena-chan.” Jurina open the door and let Rena enter first.

“How long you wait there?” Jurina avoid Rena’s eyes.

“Not too long. I just arrived here at 6PM, I go home in hurry because you said that you’ll make us a dinner. I don’t wanna make you wait. So… this’s my fault after all.” Rena smile and about to kiss Jurina.

Jurina turned her face and avoid Rena kiss, “We need to break up.”

Rena shock. “Jurina.. relax, OK? I’m not even angry at you. I’m totally fine.” What happen to her? So childish! Argghh.. It’s the 10th times Jurina ask me to break up with her.. and all are just because of some tiny problems.

Jurina raise her head. “Really?”

“Yes. So now.. why don’t we sleep? I’m sure that you’re pretty tired today.” Rena smile.

Jurina kiss her girlfriend and Rena kiss her back.


That ‘key’ problem already passed for 2 weeks.

Rena sit in front of her TV, she hold her head.

Jurina’s childish side seems really became overload lately. When I make a mistake, she asked to break up. Even when it comes to her mistake, she asked a break up too!!

Is it this hard to have a girlfriend who very younger than our age?! But we already dating for 3 years now.. everything is fine. We’re understand each other.

Yesterday, she even didn’t come to my place, she usually stay over in my apartment at weekend. 3 days ago we have a fight just because I want to eat sushi and she want to eat soba?!

A week ago we also fight in theater just because she want to watch an horror movie but the ticket already sold out. So we end up watched action movie that I recommend for her.

Now it’s became her hobby. Twice a week… she’ll say ‘break up’ word.

I can’t angry at her… I think I need more patient to face a stubborn child like that.


“Hello? What’s up Churi?”

Ahh.. Rena-chan. Finally.. My management approve my holiday!!! 2 weeks Rena! Wooohhoo..!!”

“Wow… I’m glad. You must be tired of working everyday.”

Yeah.. Hey, Do you wanna spend my holiday together?? It’s been so long since we meet.

“Of course I want.. really want. How can I refuse my old friend?” Rena laugh.

So, it’s your choice… I’m stay in your place or… you stay in my house. Is it bothering you?

“No, I’m fine with it. 2 weeks? Hmm… I prefer to stay in your house, I’m bored here. I need a new refreshing place.” Rena laugh.

Thanks Rena. I’m waiting for you.

2 weeks. I think It’s time to give Jurina a more space. Maybe she always wanna ‘break up’ with me because I’m too protect her..

She’s 6 years apart from me, It’s make me want to extra protect her.. and maybe she got sick of me because I’m too motherly.

But, Something that I’m afraid the most is she’s bored at me.



“Rena, WHERE ARE YOU?! I’m looking to your place last night, but you’re not there. After I finish my classes today, I also went to your place.. But you still not there.”

“Jurina… I’m okay. I just have some work in Tokyo for 2 weeks.”

“Tokyo?! Why you never tell me about this?”

“Don’t you realize that we have so many fight lately? I don’t have any time! You always angry at me before I tell you about something. We end up with not talking to each other for next days..”

But Rena….”

“Let’s have our separate way for 2 weeks. We need to re-alive again like a new couple, we will miss each other. Maybe sometimes, we need to go out from our circle for a while.”

Rena…………. Why are you doing this to me? You know, We never know if something can happen within 2 weeks. We can’t make a little way to fate having a cause to separate us.

“See you Jurina. 2 weeks later. Just 2 weeks, nothing gonna happen.. have fun.”

Rena turn off her phone. I hope it works.

“Rena-chan. I make a dinner for us!” Churi smile happily.


“Waaahhh.. Churi. Tokyo is very beautiful in the night.” Rena admired it from Churi apartment’s terrace.

“Yeahh.. This place filled by lights when night comes. This town like never sleep. So different from Nagoya. Tokyo not as relax as Nagoya, I’m so busy here.” She sit beside Rena.

“Of course you’ll busy, you are an actress. Do you miss Nagoya?” Rena look Churi’s eyes. She seems so lonely here.

“Yes, Rena. I miss Nagoya, I miss my family, our old friends, and I miss you. Being an actress is really hard.. I feel everybody’s eyes watch me out there, too much pressure. Only in this room I can relax myself. Feeling lonely is public figure consequence.”

Rena hugging Churi, “I miss you too. Don’t be sad, OK? Let’s have fun.”

“Thank you for coming, Rena.” Churi laid her head on Rena’s shoulder.

“No problem, I’m glad to be here. Time passed so fast, It’s like just yesterday we went to our high school together. You always copying my homework, but look at you now! You became more fantastic than me. I’m so jealous.”

“You really help me in school stuffs back then. Don’t be jealous. You became an amazing woman too. You success in your career, smart, pretty, and mature. I adore you.” Churi giggled.

“So……. who’s your boyfriend now? Is it an actor or an idol? Can I have his signature? Please…. I will not spread it to any media.” Rena gave Churi her best puppy eyes.

“Uhh.. such a fangirling. No. I don’t have one.”

“Really? Ahh.. pity me. That’s one of my mission for coming here.” Rena look down.

Churi laugh. “Hey. I’m an actress too. You must ask my signature too. Don’t you wanna take a picture with me?” Churi grinned.

Rena rolled her eyes, “Silly.” Rena hit Churi’s arms.

“Hey! You hurt me.. my fans will bashing you.”

They laugh.

Rena look to the sky.

It’s so relax to have a conversation with someone who around my age. I can’t do this in my work and I can’t relax with Jurina too, she’s so immature.

I’m the one who always forgive. If she’s angry at me, she won’t talk to me. I’m the only one who face a problem with cold head.

If we sit, she is the one who talked about herself.. I never get a chance to tell my problem to her. I always solve my problem alone. She doesn’t care about what I feel.

I’m the one who prepare our meal even if when I’m hurry to go to work or when I get tired after work. I must waking her up in the morning everytime she stay in my place.

I am the only one who try the best to keep our relationship in harmony. 

I am tired.

================== TO BE CONTINUED =================

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