WMatsui – The Difference (3/4)



“Churi, I need to go home tonight. I feel uneasy to leave Jurina alone too long. She can not take care of herself.”

“Uuummm… you promise me to accompany me for 2 weeks.” Churi pouted.

“Sorry. Ah!! You can come to my place… fair enough?” Rena smiled.

“Deal.” Churi hug Rena. “But… Did you just call your girlfriend 5 minutes ago? Or I misheard something?”


“I heard that you said to her.. you’ll go home tomorrow.”

“I wanna give her a surprise.”

“Uuuuuu…. Is my Rena grew up as a romantic woman now?” Churi laugh hard.

Yes.. I want to give her a surprise, but then.. I felt something different in the way she talked to me.

“Stop make fun of me, Churi. Let’s prepare our stuffs.”


Jurina wake up and take a shower. After that, she pick up her phone and call someone.

“Good Morning… Mayuyu. Can we meet today?”

Ohh.. Ohayou Jurina-san. Sure.

“Thanks Mayu. I need your help to buy some recipes.”

No problem. When you’ll take me?

“In 2 hours. Is it OK.”

Yes.. just call me if you already arrived here.

“See you.”

I just remember that I owe 1 dinner for Rena, at that time.. I made her wait outside her room for hours. I will make a surprise dinner for her, I don’t want she left me like this again.

———- 2 hours later ————–

“What do you want to buy?” Watanabe put her seatbelt.

“I need some ingredients for Curry Rice, Dango-jiru, Gyoza, and I think we old enough to buy some alcoholic beverage.” Jurina grinned.

“Wait… don’t tell me that you wanna cook for us.”

“Yes-yes.. I wanna cook some meals. We will have a special dinner.” Jurina looks excited.

Watanabe blushed. “Well then, you don’t need to cook by yourself. I will help you.”

They get out from the car and buy all ingredients that they need in the market. After 1 hour, they get in to their car again and ready to go. But Jurina forget something.

“Ahh… I forget to buy Melopan. Wait a minute, okay?”


“Yeah… it’s Rena’s favorite bread.”


“Yes.. my girlfriend. She will come back from Tokyo tomorrow and I will introduce you to her. We will have a good dinner tomorrow. You’re the my first best friend except Rena, so I think she really wanna meet you.”

Watanabe silent.

Jurina open her car’s door, “Wait a minute, OK?” Jurina close the door.

Watanabe smile, but still silent. She take a deep breath, “So, all of these are not for me.”

Jurina bring a big plastic with many Melonpan in it. Before they go home, they need to have lunch first. After an hour, they’re ready to go home.

Jurina start the engine and start to drive. After some minutes….

“Jurina. Where are we? I think it’s not our way to go home. Do you wanna buy something else?”

“No. We will go to Rena’s apartment first, we need to put these things there. It will troublesome if we bring this back again tomorrow.”

Rena gave her a duplicate key, so that ‘key’ accident never happen again.

“We’re here!! Let’s go, Mayu.”

“I think I just sit here, no need to me to get there.”

“Oh come on.. we need to take a rest before we go back. I’m a little bit sleepy and tired right now. I can’t drive again like this.”

“Well.. I can go home alone by bus.”

“No! No, Mayu. It’s still far from here. I can’t leave you like that after you helping me to buy all of these.”

“It’s okay. Nice to help you, senpai.”

“Mayu…. Did I do something wrong to you? You seems angry at me.”

“No, I just too tired. Okay then.. let’s take a rest for a while in your girlfriend’s place.” She smile to Jurina.

Jurina feel relieve because Watanabe is okay.


“Jurina… Jurina… I think we’re overslept. It’s already dark.” Watanabe strokes Jurina’s hair.

Jurina open her eyes and she realize that she didn’t sleep in her house. She get up from couch and go to bathroom to wash her face.

“Can I drink this one, Jurina?” Watanabe take 1 bottle from plastic that they bought today.

“Yes.. after you drink that, let’s go ho-”

Jurina didn’t finish her sentence, she laugh really hard. “Mayu.. What the hell are you doing?? HAHAHHA.”

“I open this bottle and then it spraying to all over my body.”

Jurina take that bottle. “Mayuyu.. this is a soda! Not a milk.. why are you so silly to shake it up??”


“Wait..” Jurina take a towel and help Watanabe to wipe that.

“I can do that alone.” Watanabe blushed.

“No. I will clean this before you do another silly thing again.” Jurina start to wipe soda in Watanabe’s face then go to her head..

The door opened.


Watanabe whispering to Jurina, “This is bad. I told you that I can wipe it by myself.

Jurina release her hands and leave that towel on Watanabe’s head, “Re-Rena?!! Don’t you said that you’ll arrive tomorrow?”

Rena try to calm down.

But someone answer it for Rena. “She wanna give you a big surprise, but you seems give her a surprise attack first.” She grinned.

“Who are you?!” Jurina clenched her fists.

“You didn’t know me? I’m Takayanagi Akane. Why am I quite not popular here? I’m an actress, model, presenters, sing-”

Rena stepped on Churi foot, “This is not a right time to promote yourself, Churi.”

Rena steps in and put her bags on the table, “She’s Churi, my old friend. I meet her in Tokyo.” Rena look at a girl beside Jurina. “Jurina, you can introduce your friend too and explain to me what are you doing in my place?”

Watanabe bowing to Rena, “Hi, my name is Watanabe Mayu. I’m Jurina’s college friend and her manager in basketball club.”

Jurina hit her forehead.

Rena fold her hand, “Basketball?” she smiled. “I never know that she join any club.” Rena look at Jurina, “I’m afraid we need to have a friendly talk tomorrow, Jurina.”

Jurina irritated about what happened just now. “Yeah… we need a PRIVATE talk tomorrow, I wanna know what kind of work that you did on Tokyo with her.” Jurina pointed at Churi.

“Me? I’m innocent.” Churi pointed her face.

Jurina carry her bag and Watanabe’s bag too, then she grab Watanabe’s hand, “Mayuyu.. let’s get out from here.” She drag Watanabe to the door.

Watanabe looks totally confuse, “Eh??!!” She don’t have a choice except following Jurina.

“Have fun for both of you. Enjoy your night.” Jurina wave her hand then close the door.

Rena sit on the floor and then shed her tears.

Churi hold Rena’s shoulder, “Calm down, Rena. Everything will be okay. Tomorrow I will stay in the hotel, so both of you can talk comfortably.”

“No. You don’t need to. She already cheating of me.” Rena close her face with her hands.

Churi hug Rena, “Rena… Just go to sleep, okay? You need to clear your mind. You just too tired.”


“Rena!! Calm down please. Both of you already dated for 3 years and became friends since you’re still kid. Don’t too worry about this, it’ll be settled by tomorrow.”

“Churi.. what I said to you last week is happening. Maybe it’s true.. Jurina get bored at me, she sick of me, and she didn’t love me anymore.

I know it’ll end up like this.. she’s too young for me.. too much differences between us.”

Churi shook her head, “Rena……She will not cheating in your house!! Jurina not as stupid as you think.”

“I have a bad feeling for this, she never close to anyone before. Although you’re right she’s not cheating today, but I’m sure she will.. sooner or later.
I know Jurina more than anyone, I even know her better than her family.
Right now… Matsui Jurina doubt her feeling to me.
She confuse about me and that girl.”

==================== **** ===================

Mayuyu and Jurina sit on the car.

“If Rena has a same age as you. We can play SEGA everyday. I didn’t need lectured by her, everyday. I didn’t need to be too polite to her.

I can ask her out anytime without being bothered by her work. I can do whatever I wanna do without feeling being watched.

She’s act too motherly in front of me, she is 6 years older than me.. too hard for me to dating with her. I can’t be as perfect as her.”

“Jurina… Are you OK? I will drive it.”

“I’m okay. Let’s go home.” Jurina look straight to the front.

Watanabe strokes Jurina’s head. “Jurina, everything gonna be okay.”

Jurina hugging Watanabe, “I hope so…”

“Ju-Jurina…” Watanabe hugging Jurina back. Watanabe close her eyes.“

After she calm down, she start the engine. “Let’s go home. Sorry for bothering you, this will be our bad memory.”

“It’s okay. I’m happy to stand beside you when you’re fragile like this. This is what friends are for.”

Jurina smile, “You know Mayu? I think I start to love you.” Jurina grab Watanabe’s arm and pull it close to her. Then she kiss Watanabe.

Watanabe close her eyes and kiss Jurina back. Watanabe shed her tears.

Problems between 2 couples can be resolved soon, but when there is a third person come .. It will be hard.


Jurina knock the door, the she waiting on the outside.

“Jurina? You have a duplicate key for my place. You don’t need to knock my do-”

Jurina suddenly kiss Rena, she give Rena her passionate kiss. Jurina steps in and close the door without broke their kiss. She put her hands around Rena’s waist.

Rena still didn’t react to this. So, Jurina decided to increase the tension. She push Rena to the couch.

She kiss Rena’s lips more with more passion than before. Jurina move her hand from Rena’s waist to Rena’s head. And Jurina start to play with Rena’s neck.

Rena can’t hold it anymore, she kiss Jurina back and then.. they do what usually they did before all fights happen.

It’s been a long time since they show their love to each other like this.

Rena is right, we have so much trouble lately. These past months, we always have some fight. But tonight, I want her to sleep in my hugs again.

“Jurina.. Let’s break up.”

Jurina shock and stop what she’s doing now for a while. She look at Rena’s face. She’s crying.

================= TO BE CONTINUED ==============

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