WMatsui – Voices (3/4)




And again.. I must go to the human world to do my duty. It’s quite funny… I never like my job, but I was born as Shinigami. Really funny.

Although that I’m not kill them because I want it, but it’s always tickle me when I saw their sad face and plead me to not bring them. I can’t do anything… It’s their destiny to die, it’s already writen by God.

I always feel envious when I saw the angel did their job. They bring a peace to the human world. Human always praise them. Human always smile when they saw them.

I can’t understand. Angel and Shinigami have a same job.. do everything that ordered by God, but in different situation. Human always cursing us. They’re so afraid of us.

I’m flapping my wings and down to the earth. I open my list. There’re 2 name who will die today. I must take their life as soon as I can. Death is not as scary as human thought.

Usually, human can’t see us. Only dying people who can see us. I stopped on the top of a building. I look around. Human became so smarter lately, they can create anything that they need. I’ve been life for over a thousand years (based on human calendar), so I know how hard they develop this place.


There’s a sound of car accident. I fly down quickly. I landed right beside the crushed car. There are 3 people in it. I take my list again to make sure that I’m not taking the wrong person.

Jurina Matsui (Female – 4 years old) and Kenta Matsui (Male – 32 years old).. I leave a woman and then I take a men, he just obey me. I hold his hand and help him to take off his body.

After he completely die, I hold a child.

That man said, “Please don’t take my daughter. She must life, her journey still long enough.”

I look at him, “This is God’s order. I must obey it.” I really wanna smile and speak softly, but I’m not designed to do it. So, my words became so cold and scary.

I look back to this little girl. I want to take her soul slowly so she won’t feel any pain. But before I do that, she’s awake!! She look straight to my eyes.

I feel hypnotized, It’s the first time for me to see a human didn’t afraid of me. She raise her little hand and touch my face. Wh-What is this?! I can’t move. That little girl give me a big smile.

She look at her father, “Otosan…” She said it in a very cute way.

That man answered her, “Don’t worry Jurina. You must be happy with mom.”

It’s not like my plan. Wh-Why?!

I release her hand, “Go. Life long.” I grab her father body and I fly away. That men said to me, “Thanks. I always believe that shinigami is not evil.”

When I go back to our kingdom. I keep thinking about that little girl. No one of us realize that I leave 1 soul on earth. From now on, I won’t look human eyes again when I take their life. It’s to avoid this thing happened again.

I keep watching her. When I have my job on the earth, I go early so I can watch her from closer. She grow up very well. But after a year, I became so over protective to her.

I don’t know it’ll turned like this. If shinigami failed to bring someone soul, the death will follows them until they died.

I always come when she sleep and whispering some warning. I have a power to know the future. Without I realize it, I’m abusing my powers.

After 10 years, God knows what I’ve done. He’s really angry.

“Why you didn’t take her life?”

“But.. she grow up well. She became a really good person. How can you tell me to take her life?”

“Are you doubt my decision? I do that to create a balance in their world! They’re my creature, no one love them as much as I do!!”


“Why don’t you obey me?!” A big voice came from nothing.

“I am sorry. My fault.” I knelt.

“Are you falling in love with that girl?!”


“You will get your punishment.”

Then.. that big voice gone.

“Forgive me.”

A demon grab my hand and drag me, “You will dropped to the hell for 300 years.”

I gasped. “How long it will be in the human world?”

“2 years.” He laughed.

Jurina, please be save. God, please don’t ordering other shinigami to take her life…. I-I will do it by myself.


It’s been 2 years. I got my freedom. The first thing that I do is flying to her house. I looking for her, I see her sleeping. Ohh.. thankfully you’re okay. I want to cry and smile, but I can’t do that. God, thanks.

I got another punishment, I can’t do Shinigami job for 75 years.. it’s mean 6 month in human world. So, I use my ‘free time’ to observe her. I transformed myself became a human, I’m not fully became a human.. I just change my appereance seems like them.

I entered her school and I even have a same class with her. I know everything, so school stuff is too easy for me.

When the first time she talked to me, my lips became so stiff. I always answer her in a bad way.

One night, I came to her house and whisper to her. “Jurina… Jurina… I’m back.”

I try to say it as nice as I can, but she still afraid of me. It’s hurtful.

After that, I learn to talk nicely and smile. One day.. I saw her walking into her home, I whispering her to do so. I call her name, “Jurina!! I wanna walk with you.” I smile.She smile at me back!! I did it!!

I always laugh when I read her mind. She’s so funny. I know she have an interest to me.

Yeahh.. It’s seems ridiculous. A Shinigami learn how to smile?! Silly.

After that our relationship become more and more better.

But one day, there’s a strange thing. Suddenly, I can’t read her mind anymore. It’s make me so worried.

I know something will happen in Churi’s place if I and Jurina go there. I kept resist her to not going, but she’s too stubborn. I gave up.

This is really happened. I meet Zen, we talked using our language.

“Zen. So, you’re a root of all problem here. You’re ‘Mayuyu’ in her memory? I know that’s was fake. I know her since she still a child.” She’s Zen and she’s really bad Shinigami.

“You are the problem! Why do you talk with a human?! I will tell this to God, so it’ll my job to take that girl’s life.” She laughed.

“Are you stupid or what? God must be know this. He didn’t angry at me maybe because God has another plan to Jurina’s life.”

She became so angry, she transformed to Shinigami form. I want to change too. I want to fight with her, but I saw Jurina stalking us. I can’t do that.

I saw Zen grab Jurina’s neck and then she about to throw her in to that cliff. “Show yourself in front of her. Let’s see.. She still love you or not!” She laugh.

I can’t do that. I’m afraid if Jurina will hate me. I already tried hard for hundreds years to became her friend. I can’t ruin it in a few second just because I wanna fight with Zen.

“If you don’t wanna say the truth, then… I will kill her.”

After that, I saw Jurina falling. She almost hit the ground. I don’t care if she turn out to hate me. I don’t wanna look she died.

I transform myself into my original form and I fly quickly to catch her. I look into her eyes, she’s totally frightened. Jurina.. I’m sorry to see me like this.

I put her back in to the villa. I move very fast so nobody will see us.

“Rena… No. Shino, finally.. you show yourself!!!” Mayu flying inside and laugh.

“Shut up, Zen!! I’ll fight with you later.”

Now, I can read her mind again. She already realized that I’m the voice. I’m that scary voice. “I’m sorry Jurina………………”

I saw Zen already disappear, She must be going to God to report about this. I know that I will get a punishment again, maybe this time is forever. If Shinigami seen by a human, there’re only 2 choice: that Shinigami will be destroyed or that human will be die.

I can’t let myself to give that suffer to her. I will give up myself.

I hear Jurina’s mind, “Please.. Don’t leave me.

Before I go, I erase all human memory about me. Goodbye Jurina. I love you. We will meet again in another life.

================= TO BE CONTINUED =================

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