WMatsui – Voices (4/4)




Jurina P.O.V

Where did she go? I asked my teacher and my friends, but they said they didn’t know about it. I have no clue, I don’t know where’s her house. Mayuyu never came back too. God, I really want to meet her.

I didn’t realize that I break through the traffic light. I want to walk back but it’s too late…. AAaakkkkhhh… This is so hurt. I feels like… burning.

But after a few seconds, that pain is gone. I feel someone wake me up. She hold my hand to help me get up. “Mayuyu?!”


“Where is Rena?” I want to hug her but.. a memory about how she grab my neck and throw me to the cliff come to my mind.

“You will met her soon. Let’s fly.” She flapping her wings.

“Mayu! I’m a human, not a bird.” I rolled my eyeballs.

“You’re not a human anymore.. I came here to bring your soul.”

Wh-what’s that mean? I look to the ground, I saw bloods through my foot. I’m about to look back but….

“Don’t look back!! You’ve died.”

I gasped. Wait.. I can’t feel the air. I can’t feel my heartbeat. I can’t breath!! I feel something arise at my back, “Wings?!! I have a wings?!”

“Calm down Jurina.. Now, flap your wings. Hurry up. I have more things to do!”

I tried to flap it, I fail for 3 times. After that.. I can fly normally,  It’s just like walking. “So, who are you? I mean.. both of you.”

“Shino and I are Shinigami. How can she become so stupid to falling in love with you?!” She groaned.

“Sh-She love me?? We have a same feeling??”

“Arrgghh.. I hate human! They always overreacting about every thing. She loved you since you’re 4 years old, she was supposed to take your father and your soul. But she let you alive. When you’re 15, she punished for 300 years in the hell because of that.”

“Th-three hundred years??!! Am I that old?”

“We have so much difference between our time.”

“So.. that’s the reason why that voice’s gone for 2 years back then. Rena love me for thousand years???!!!!”

Mayuyu grab my hand. “You’re so slow. We still far enough.”

She flying like a jet, so fast. I looked down. Earth became so small.

End of Jurina P.O.V


Rena P.O.V

For Jurina… it’s only 2 months since I’m gone, but for me…. I already wait for 25 years!! But God still didn’t do anything to me. How frustrating! I feel so guilty.

I standing on the edge of our kingdom, I looked down to the earth. Although there are huge amount of human there.. I know exactly where is Jurina.

Lately, I just sit here everyday to watch her. I saw her go to school. I saw how she’s sleeping in her class. I saw whether she walking or running. But I’m too far from earth, my eyes can not see her face. I really miss her, but I still remember how she looks like.

Keyra, Shinigami’s leader, took my power away. Now, I can not hear someone’s mind anymore.. I can not see a future anymore. Keyra became so angry when Zen told him about everything that I did. I’m not allowed to go to earth until God determine my punishment.

Yeahh… at least Jurina didn’t feel any suffer like me because her memory about me already erased . It’s OK if I’m the only one who suffered. I will fine if Jurina feel happy.

I wait for another 25 years, but God still didn’t call me. Is He already forget about me? He didn’t care about me anymore.. I’m not His child anymore.

This is crazy, but I decide to meet Him. I can’t life like this forever.

“Why do you come here?”

A big voice startled me. I never saw His face, I only can hear His voice. So it’s make all of this more scarier. “I know You didn’t care about me anymore. But, I can’t life forever with guilty. I already decided my punishment by myself.” I knelt.

“Destroyed or become a human.” Then.. I just silent. He knows everything, so I’m sure He already know this from long time ago, long before I said this.

“A human? So.. you can be with that girl.”

“No. Even if I want it, I can’t. This is a punishment for me, so… You can erase my memory. I will totally forget all of this place and….. forget that girl too. I will do everything for her.”

“Everything? Even if I decide to destroy you?”

I’m shocked, but.. “Yes, I will accept everything.”

Then……. I heard something. I fly to the edge of our kingdom quickly. I saw Jurina…….. dead. I knelt, “AAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKHHHH!!!!!” No-no-no… this is not real. It can’t be happened. I try to fly to the earth, but there’s a  transparent wall. I can’t passed it.

I see a water drops to my hand. Did I just crying? I can cry?! I touch my face.. It’s wet.

I fly back to talk with God. “Why?! WHY!!!!!!”

I see something appear in front of me. It’s so big.. no, it’s so huge. It’s very tall and white. God?

“Yes.. my child.” He smile at me. I can not do anything except knelt. Then He help me to stand up.

“Why? Why You did this to me? Did You really hate me? Then.. you can kill me and let Jurina alive.” I cried.

“Shino… I didn’t hate you. I love you. But my decision is absolute, you already know about this since you’re born. That girl must die. Do you believe in me?”


“I will give you more than you asked for.”

Then He disappeared. I feel my body become warm.. warmer… more warmer.. too warm.. hot…. This is too hot. Will I throwed to the hell forever?

I saw my body and wings become……. white?! I touch my face. Perfect! I’m not as scary as before. God, Is this means-

“You’re fired as Shinigami. That job didn’t match for you. You’re full of love… from now on, do your job as an Angel. Don’t make a mistake again.”

“Th-thank you.” Amazing.


I looked back. I don’t believe it, “Jurina?!”

I’m too confuse, “Do-do you remember me??”

She smile. “Of course! I wait you for months but you didn’t show up. Are you too shy to meet me?” She laugh.

Okay, I still don’t get it. “I-I’m not shy!!”

I saw a Shinigami behind Jurina. “Zen??!”

“Yes. I already told you that I’m the one who will take her life. You will never able to do it.” She smirked.

I really want to punch her face, but Jurina holding me. “It’s okay Rena. I’m fine. You can’t angry forever. Remember.. It’s God order.”

Her smile calm me. “Zen,what happened? I already wipe her memory away..”

“God. He didn’t let her memory erased. He knew that this girl really love you. I must go, I have another job.”

Zen flying away. “I’m sure that you’re suffered a lot there. I’m sorry, I can’t protect you.” I hugged her.

“I’m happy to see you again. You already protect me for almost 14 years. I know how long you take care of me. Mayu told me about how different human time with your time. I can’t believe there’s someone who love me that much.”

She release me. “Wow… you look different.”

“Yeah.. I’m an Angel now.” I grinned.

She laugh, “Cool. My girlfriend is an Angel. Shinigami is awesome too. Ahh.. I don’t care about your looks, as long as it’s you.”

“At least you didn’t afraid of me anymore.” I look down.

Jurina hold my face, “I’m not afraid of you. I just confuse. How can I’m not shocked when 2 Shinigami fighting in front of my face and one of them wanna kill me?!” She laugh again.

“I don’t believe you.” I change my body into ‘Shinigami form’. I think she joking with me because she didn’t want to see me feel sad. But… she’s true.

She smile at me, she touch my scary face. For a moment, my memory back to that time, the time when I saw her for the first time. Little Jurina didn’t change, she still not afraid of me.

I kiss her. I cried.

“Zen, you cry so often today.”

Jurina broke the kiss, “Dad????” She running to her dad.

That men hug his daughter. “Are you really here? Mom must be so sad.” Then he look at me, “Sorry about that day. I persuade you to save her, I know it’s wrong. But.. thank you for keeping my daughter safe until now.”

He grab my hand, “Let’s go to the heaven.”

Heaven?! I never go there before. Ahh yeah.. I’m forget that I’m an Angel now. I transform myself back to my ‘new look’. “Yes, Let’s go.” I hold Jurina’s hand.


“Where is Jurina??” I fly around and ask any soul that I meet. But no one know where is she. I search her from above. Even on earth, Matsui Jurina’s name didn’t exist. She’s…. gone?

“I know where is she.”

“Where is she, Zen? If you put her in dangerous again, I swear I will destroy you!!”

“She’s okay. But, I won’t tell you until you help me.”

“You asked for a help?! Zen, I think you’re lost your mind. Don’t joke with me.”

“I’m not joking!!! I need your help!! Come with me..”

I follow her. We flying down to the earth. We landed on a school yard. So, she’s not joking.

“Why we’re here, Zen?”

“How did you feel when the first time you saw Jurina?”

I almost laugh when she ask me about that. “I feels like being hypnotized. I’m not a human, but I can feel a happy feeling for the first time. And then……”

“You think she will be the only one. You didn’t care about our rules, you even want to spent your whole life in the hell because of her.”

Her answer make me want to falling to the hell for a second time. “How can you know that?“

She just silent and she walk into that school. I didn’t have any choice except following her. We entered a class, then we stop in front of 1 student. I try to read her nametag, “Kashiwagi Yuki.”

“I feel it too. I feel all of the things that you said before.” She look away.

NO WAY! I laugh hard, I can’t hold it anymore. “You love her?? HAAHAAHHA…. You have a great taste, my friend.”

She hit my head, “We’re not friend. Don’t tell anyone!”

“Easy boy.. easy. I will help you. So, where is Jurina.”

We flying around and then we landed in front of a house.

“Go inside and you’ll know. I go first.” She silent for a while, “Sorry and thank you, Shino.” After that, she fly away.

I entered that house. Everyone is sleep. I enter every room, but Jurina wasn’t there. Afterwards, I hear a baby crying.

I see a woman wake up and then she carry her baby. I look at it nearer. I smile, “So, Jurina.. after 896 years, you life again as this baby. I can’t wait to see you grow up, then I will make you fall in love with me again. I will make you love me in every your life.”

I feel relieved when I know she will not die too young like old-Jurina. See you, Jurina. I love you. I kiss her forehead, then that baby stop crying. You can feel my presence, huh?

I fly back to the heaven.

I will life for thousands years more, so I can meet you and falling in love with you over and over again. Our love will life forever.

End of Rena P.O.V

======================= THE END ========================

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