JuriAnnin – Limitless

Warning: 17,6K words


How it feels to fall in love with a player? Do you really think that you can change her? Do you have enough confidence to say that she only loves you? How much pain that you have to face?

How it feels to fall in love for the first time? How it feels when you think that you lost a girl even though there are many girls around you? How much time that you need to make sure that she’s the only one?



= 1. Annin =

A girl entered a small café.  She looked so beautiful and graceful with her long-black-silky hair.  The flawless girl looked around to look for an empty table.

“Please?” There was a waitress who smiled at the girl. The waitress seemed wanted to lead the girl to the empty table.

The girl simply nodded her head with a slight smile on her lips. She followed the waitress and then she sat after the waitress pulled a chair for her. “The same as always.” She uttered it to the waitress.

The waitress nodded as a sign that she was understood her customer’s order. She wrote ‘a cup of lemon tea’ and ‘2 slices of strawberry cake’ on her notes, and then she walked away.

The girl looked toward the window and looked outside with an empty gaze. She used one of her hands to prop her chin and then she let out a soft sigh.

Have you ever had a relationship with a player? Well… I have… and it was so painful.

She closed her eyes and brought back her memories.


Annin gripped her umbrella tightly. Ugh! The rain is heavier than I thought. She walked faster toward the bus stop. If I knew that the rain would be so heavy like this, I wouldn’t go home for some hours and stayed in the library instead. She used both of her hands to hold the umbrella because the wind was so strong as well.

In a few minutes later, Annin finally arrived at the bus stop. I hope I won’t be sick tonight. She sighed while wiping her wet face and her wet hair. I forgot to bring my raincoat.

Annin looked around to see if there was an empty seat or not. She smiled as a sign of relieved because her eyes found an empty spot, and then she quickly walked toward it before someone else took the spot. She sat there while waiting the bus.

In 5 minutes later, Annin saw the bus was coming from afar and then she quickly stood up. Unintentionally, her wet umbrella hit someone who was also stood up to get into the bus. “I’m sorry.” She bowed her head a little and when she lifted her head again, she saw that person grinned at her.

“Don’t worry. I’ve been wet since the beginning. I didn’t bring an umbrella.” The girl let Annin stood in front of her, so Annin could enter the bus first.

Annin smiled back at the girl and then she turned her head because the bus already stopped in front of her. She stepped into the bus carefully. She looked around, tried to find an empty seat, but there was no empty seat anymore. So, she just stood inside the crowded bus.

“You’re Iriyama Anna-san, right?”

Annin looked at the girl who stood beside her. “Oh, you know my name. Are we from the same year?” She asked it because she saw the other girl was also wearing the same high school uniform with her.

The girl shrugged. “No. I’m your kohai. I’m a first year student.”

“Wow. I don’t expect a first year student would recognize me outside the school. You guys had just entered school in a few weeks ago.”

The girl snorted. “Of course I’ll recognize you… all of us will, since you’re our president.” And then the girl bowed her head at Annin. “See you later, Iriyama-san.” The girl walked toward the door after the bus stopped and then the girl stepped out from the bus. After she was completely stood on the ground, she smiled at Annin through the window while waving her hands at Annin.

Annin smiled back at the girl and after that, she could see the girl was running in the middle of the rain.


Annin opened the envelope that was given to her before. “… and the MVP for the Basketball Competition this year is… Matsui Jurina!!!”

Everyone was clapping their hands, cheering, and calling Jurina’s name over and over again.

Annin was definitely surprised when she saw the girl who stepped onto the stage. “You are… the first year student who forgot to bring an umbrella some days ago!”

Jurina grinned at Annin. “Sorry for not introducing myself properly when we met before, Iriyama-san.” She bowed at Annin.

Annin smiled at Jurina. “You don’t have to say sorry for something like that, Matsui-san.” She took the trophy from the table and then she gave it to Jurina. “Here your trophy. Congratulations.”

They both shook hands and smiled at each other.


Annin tilted her head. “Do you… probably… need some help?” She looked at the girl who scratched her head over and over again. “I’ve been watching you, maybe, since 10 minutes ago but you just holding your pen, sighing, groaning, and scratching your head without write anything there.” She pointed at the book in front of the girl.

Jurina looked at Annin who sat across her table in the library. “Oh! Iriyama-san.” She quickly stood up and bowed 90 degrees at Annin. She was a bit surprised because she didn’t see Annin sat there before. “Sorry for bothering you. I will move to another table.” She quickly grabbed her stuff from the table and she was ready to move.

“H-hey!” Annin lifted her hand as sign for Jurina to stop moving. “I didn’t ask you to move. I asked you if you need some help or not, Matsui-san.”

“Ah.” Jurina scratched her forehead. “I… I guess, yeah… I need a help.”

Annin smiled. “Come here and sit with me.” She saw Jurina hesitantly moved to her table. “So… what is it?” She talked after Jurina sat in front of her.

“I fell asleep in Math class and unfortunately my teacher saw it. Then… he gave me this hard task for me.” Jurina pointed at the book in front of her. “If I do not give the right answer for this task today… he said that I will surely get ‘D’ for Math and he won’t let me entering his class for 2 weeks.”

Annin frowned. “Really? You get 2 punishments for a single mistake?!”

Jurina looked down. “Actually… I also forgot to bring my Math book today. I borrow this book from my classmate.”

Annin rolled her eyes. “Let me see your task.” She took the book from Jurina’s hand and then she read it carefully. “Well… I think I can help you.”

A huge smile appeared on Jurina’s face. “Really?! Please-please-please help me, Miss President.” She folded her hands.

Annin chuckled. “Okay. Count yourself as a lucky because I love Math.”

“Yes!” Jurina punched the air and then she quickly moved her chair closer to Annin so Annin could teach her comfortably. “Please teach me, Iriyama-san. I will listen to you really well, so you don’t have to repeat it twice. I promise.” She made a cross sign on her chest.

Annin laughed again and then she began to explain how to solve the task.

“Okay. I got it.” Jurina nodded. “I will try to do it. Please help me to check my answer later, okay?”

Annin smiled at Jurina. She saw Jurina did the task beside her. Somehow, Jurina’s serious face made her heartbeat became a bit faster. She’s cute. She used one of her hands to prop her chin without took off her eyes from Jurina. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath when a sweet scent entered her nose. She smells so nice.


“Iriyama-san! Iriyama-san!” Jurina ran toward Annin.

Annin stopped and then she turned her head. “Matsui?” She was surprised when she saw the other girl looked panting beside her. “What is it?”

Jurina touched her knees while trying to control her breath. “I want to-”

“Where’s your jacket or umbrella?!” Annin yelled at Jurina when she realized that Jurina’s body was drenched.

“I forgot it again.” Jurina grinned.

“Tch.” Annin quickly shared her umbrella with Jurina. “You seems always forgetting many things.”

“You will get wet.” Jurina slowly pushed the umbrella. “You don’t have to share your umbrella since I’ve been wet since the beginning.” She smiled at Annin.

“Don’t be stubborn, Matsui.” Annin grabbed Jurina’s hand and then she pulled Jurina closer. “Let’s walk together to the bus stop.” She firmly said it.

“Okay, senpai.” Jurina didn’t have enough courage to refuse Annin’s order. “Let me hold the umbrella.” She took the umbrella from Annin’s grip and then they walked together.

“So… what do you want to say?” Annin asked it while walking.

“Umm… I want to ask you out. Do you have any plan tomorrow, Iriyama-san?”

Annin was so shocked. She reflexively gave Jurina a scary gaze. What the f-

“No-no-no!! Don’t get me wrong, Miss President.” Jurina quickly shook her head. “I just want to treat you something. You’ve helped me with my Math, so I just want to show my grateful to you. Well… it’s okay if you want to refuse my offer.”

Annin frowned. She narrowed her eyes at Jurina. “Fine.” She finally agreed after she looked at Jurina’s innocent eyes. It’s look like she doesn’t have other purpose. “Just an hour. I have to prepare my speech for the science competition in our school.”

Jurina nodded. “One hour is enough.” She stopped as they already arrived at the bus stop. “But I have a basketball competition tomorrow morning. Can we go at noon?”

Annin wiped her wet hands. “I don’t remember that our school has another basketball competition this semester.”

“This is not our school competition.” Jurina returned the umbrella to Annin. “I kind of participate in basketball club outside our school. The final will be held tomorrow.”

“Oh, really?! Cool.” Annin’s eyes widened. “You seem love basketball so much.”

“I am.” She grinned at Annin. “So… can you go with me after that? For lunch?”

“Hmm…. The competition sounds interesting because I’ve never see you play before. Just tell me where the competition will be held. I will come to see you play and then we can go after that.”

Jurina looked at Annin in disbelief way. “Wow!!! You wanna come and see me play?!”

Annin shrugged. “Well… if you’re not feeling comfortable with my presence, I won’t-”

“No!” Jurina cut Annin’s words. “Just… come.”

“Nice.” Annin smiled at Jurina.

“Sorry for being inappropriate but… can I get your mail address? So it will be easier for us to meet tomorrow.” She gave her phone to Annin.

“Oh, right.” Annin took Jurina’s phone and then she saved her mail address there. “Done.” She gave it back to Jurina.

“Great.” Jurina pointed her finger at the bus that had just come. “Ah, your bus is coming. I will mail the address to you tonight. See you later, Iriyama-san.” She bowed at Annin and then she ran toward the school again.

“Wait!! You didn’t ride this bus?! Our houses are in the same direction, right?” Annin frowned.

Jurina stopped and then she turned around. “Yes, but I left my umbrella in the class because I was too hurried in catching you up! My mom will kill me if I don’t bring it back!!” She laughed and then she ran again in the middle of the rain.

Annin shook her head while looking at Jurina. “Tch. That kid! She knows that she will participate in the competition tomorrow, yet… she still running in the middle of rain. She surely will get sick tomorrow.” She turned her head toward the bus and then she stepped into it.


Annin received an email from Jurina. She opened the email while drinking her hot chocolate milk.

From: Matsui Jurina

\(^▽^)/ Good Morning, Iriyama-san!
This is your ticket. I bought it online yesterday, right away after you said that you wanted to come to see me.
I’m too afraid that you won’t be able to enter because I heard that it was almost sold out. (* >ω<)
The game will be started in 2 hours.
Please come and enjoy the game, senpai. (o^^)o

Annin opened the attachment file. She almost choked after she read the ticket. What?! Section 1?! What’s wrong with that kid?? I’m not even having a plan to watch it from the front row!

Annin read the address and then she exhaled as a sign of relief because the place wasn’t too far from her home. She quickly drank her milk and then she rushed into the bathroom. She took a bath as fast as she could because she felt that it wouldn’t appropriate if she came late after Jurina gave her a Section 1 ticket.

In the next hour, she was ready to go. She thought that she would be late if she rode a bus, so she rode the taxi instead.

Annin couldn’t stop staring at her watch until the taxi driver stopped his car in front of the basketball venue. She was shocked after she stepped out from the taxi. Sugoi!! She saw a huge crowd in front of her eyes. Well… I’ve never know that basketball is THAT popular. She also saw the huge banner that contained the name of two teams. She had no idea what Jurina’s team name.

Annin entered the venue and then she saw a yellow flag that says ‘Section 101-105’. She walked toward the long queue. By looking at the crowd, without she realized it… she felt so excited about the game. It seemed her adrenaline had been increased only by looking at the crowd around her.

Annin looked at her ticket again to make sure that the seat numbers was right. After she was sure that the numbers was right, she sat on the chair. Wow. The view from here is really good.

“I’m glad you come!”

Annin was shocked because there was a player that talked to her all of a sudden. Of course it was Jurina. “Of course I come because you give me the ticket in advance!” She raised her voice so Jurina could hear her voice from afar.

Jurina smiled and then she jumped over the board that dividing the basketball court and the seating area. She sat at the empty seat beside Annin. “I will feel so guilty if my senpai have to take a long queue just to buy a ticket and watch my game.” She laughed.

“W-what are doing here? The game will start soon.” Annin pushed Jurina a little.

Jurina giggled. “Don’t worry. We still have 10 minutes before the game starts.”

Annin frowned. “As far as I know, the athlete have to do the warm-up first. Why don’t you do that?”

Jurina shrugged. “No need to do that. My body already feels warm just by looking at you.” She looked at the beautiful girl beside her. “It’s not only warm anymore… it’s even feels burning now.” She gave a warm smile to her senpai.

*BADUMP!* Annin stunned for a moment, but after that grabbed Jurina’s hair and pulled it strongly.

“Aw! Aww!! It’s hurt!” Jurina tried to escape from Annin’s grip.

“Stop trolling me and go back there!” She pointed at the basketball court.

“Okay-okay. I’m sorry.” Jurina rubbed her head after Annin let her hair go. “I’m just joking. My team already did the warm-up few minutes ago. Don’t you see that my body is sweating already?” She pointed at her wet arms.

“Ah.” Annin finally noticed that Jurina’s body already sweating so much and she also felt that her hand was wet as well because she grabbed Jurina’s hair. I think… I have to go to the toilet to wash my hands. She sighed and when she was about to stand up…

“Wait!” It looked like Jurina could read Annin’s mind. “Wait a minute.” She ran toward one of her teammate to ask something.  After she got what she wanted, she walked back to Annin direction. “These are the clean towel and the sanitizer to clean your hand. I’m sorry to make it dirty.”

Annin took the things from Jurina’s hand. “You don’t have to say sorry.” She heard the coach called Jurina’s name. “Looks like the game will start.” She smiled at Jurina.

“Yeah. Don’t go in the middle of the game, okay? I know that you don’t really like basketball, but I promise that this game won’t make you bored.” Jurina turned around and walked toward the basketball court. In a few seconds later, she turned back at Annin direction again. “Don’t you even dare to go to the toilet! I’ll keep my eye on you all the time!!” After she said it, she jumped over the board and entered the basketball court.

Annin chuckled. “How cute.” She wiped her hands using the small towel and then she washed her hand using the sanitizer.

In a few minutes later, the game started. Annin saw that all players entered the court, including Jurina. Right after the referee blew the whistle, all players ran to their own positions. Annin couldn’t take her eyes off of Jurina. She looks cool. She was amazed when she looked how fast Jurina sprinted while dribbling the ball, how Jurina gave a command to her own teammates, how Jurina did the lay-up, how Jurina shoot the ball from the 3 points area, how Jurina wiped her own sweat, how Jurina was jumping around and hugged her teammates because they won the game, and especially about how Jurina always took a little glance at her every 5 minutes to make sure that she wouldn’t go in the middle of the game.

Annin saw Jurina punched the air while smiling so brightly. Jurina was also waving her hand at Annin without let go off her big grin from her face. Annin gave 2 thumbs-up for Jurina as a return. Without Annin realized it… her heart began to beat crazily and her face felt heated up. No way.


“Excuse me.”

The girl flinched as she heard the waitress voice. “O-oh. Just put it on the table.” She said it after she saw the waitress brought her order.

The waitress put the cup and the plate neatly on the table, after that she bowed her head a little and then she walked away.

The beautiful girl took a sip of the lemon tea. She looked at the ceiling as if she wanted to bring back her memory again.

If I knew that it would be the day when I’m falling in love with her… I probably would choose to not go.
If I knew that it would be the beginning of my miseries… I would stay away from her.


After the day when Annin watched Jurina played basketball for the first time, the senpai and the kohai became closer than before.

“What are you doing?”

“Me?” Annin pointed at her own face. “I wanna watch you play, can’t I?” She sat on the grass because Jurina prefer the outdoor game than playing inside the gymnasium.

“Of course you can!” Jurina put the basketball on the ground and then she sat beside Annin. “Don’t you have a class?”

“I have, but lucky me… the teacher is not coming today.” Annin grinned.

Jurina laughed. “I thought you weren’t interested in sport.”

“I was, but after I saw you play… I become so excited about basketball. I can’t help it.”

“Are you trying to flatter me?” Jurina lifted her hand and then she playfully stroked Annin’s hair. “If you wanna watch our game, at least wear you jacket. Your head feels hot because of the sun and it also bad for your skin.”

Annin shrugged. “I left my jacket in my class and I’m too lazy to take it.”

Jurina took something from her bag and then she handed it to Annin. “Wear this.”

Annin looked at the hoodie in Jurina’s hand. “Don’t worry, I’m fine. You don’t have to-”

“I won’t accept ‘no’ from you, senpai.” Jurina placed her hoodie on Annin’s lap. “Promise me to wear that.” She stood up after she got a slight nod from Annin. “I have to play now because my friends are waiting for me.” She pointed at a bunch of boys on the basketball court. “Wait me for the lunch, okay? Let’s go to the cafeteria together.”

“Okay.” Annin looked at Jurina who walked away toward the basketball court. I wonder what’s her charm… she even can make me couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She touched her chest. Lately, I can’t control my heartbeat when I’m around her… especially when she touch me like before. She touched her hair and caressed it a little.

“Anna, WATCH OUT!!!”

Annin gasped as she looked that the ball was heading so fast toward her face. Thanks for her amazing brain that told her to tilt her head as soon as possible. She could perfectly dodge the ball.

Jurina ran toward Annin. “Are you okay?”

“Of course.” Annin grinned. “I’m perfectly fine. Well… thanks to your warning and my quick reflex.”

Jurina rolled her eyes. “Be careful, okay? Don’t daydreaming here! The ball could break your nose, Iriyama-san.” She was very irritated because of Annin’s negligence. “Okay, you better go back to your class, Iriya-”

“Anna.” Annin cut Jurina’s words.

“Hm?” Jurina frowned.

“You called me ‘Anna’ before.”

“Don’t change the subject! You!!- ahh… yeah.” Jurina scratched her head. “I’m sorry for my impoliteness, but I was just… too panicked. Calling you by ‘An-na’ is faster than ‘I-ri-ya-ma’, I have to warn you as fast as I can. So yeah… I reflexively called you like that. I’m sorry.” She bowed her head.

“Don’t worry… I like it.”

“Eh?!” Jurina lifted her head. “But-”

“About our age gap? Fuck with that.” Annin smiled. “You can comfortably call me by my first name, if you want it. We’re friends!”

Jurina wanted to say something, but her friends already called her name to continue their game again. “Let’s just talk about it later, okay?” She patted Annin’s head gently. “Don’t daydreaming again! Or your nose will surely break this time.” After she said it, she ran toward her friends… with a slight smirk on her face. Anna.



“Hm?” Jurina simply answered it without looked at Annin’s face, because she was busy with her shoelaces.

“Can I ask you something?” Annin was fidgeting her fingers.

Jurina stood immediately after she has done with her shoes. “Sure you can.” She smiled at Annin. “What is it?” She frowned as she saw Annin looked so nervous.

“I… uhh… I heard from someone that you have a girlfriend, and… she was so jealous because you are too close with me.” Annin looked at Jurina’s eyes. “Why do you never tell me about your girlfriend?”

“Girlfriend?! Pfft!” Jurina snorted. “Who said that? I don’t have any.”

“Really?” Annin narrowed her eyes.

Jurina laughed. “Why were you so nervous when you asked me about it? Why are you so curious about it?” She walked closer toward Annin and then she approached Annin’s face. “Do you like me, Anna?” She whispered it softly.

*THUMP!* Annin felt like there was a thunder strike her head. “Baka!” She smacked Jurina’s head. “Of course not!” She rolled her eyes. “I just didn’t want there is a silly couple quarrel because of me.” She turned round, pretending to look for something just because she wanted to avoid Jurina’s eyes.

“So… it means… if I have a girlfriend, you will take some distance with me?”

Annin shrugged. “Sort of.”

Jurina clenched her teeth and then she grabbed Annin’s wrist, forcing her to turn round.

“Aw!” Annin looked surprised by Jurina’s harsh action. She tried to escape from Jurina’s grip because it was too strong and painful. “It’s hurt.”

“Look at me, Anna.” Jurina kept gripping Annin’s wrist. “You can’t go away from me even if I have a girlfriend, please. You’re my best friend and no one can make us apart.”

“W-what?” Annin looked at Jurina’s serious face.

In a few seconds later, Jurina flinched and then she released Annin’s wrist. “I’m sorry. I think there’s something wrong with my head.” She laughed while grabbing her bag. “I’m going home first, okay?” She walked toward the door. “And uhh… I don’t have girlfriend, so… just tell me honestly if you love me someday, because I will surely accept your feeling.” She said it in a teasing way, after that… she gave a wink to Annin and then she stepped out from the classroom.

Annin heard Jurina laughed really hard while walking away from the classroom. That kid… Urgh!


“Nnngh… J-Jurina.” A girl let out a soft moan inside the empty classroom.

Why did you tell her about us?” Jurina flooded the girl’s neck with kisses, licks, and bites. “Don’t you remember that our relationship should become a secret between us?” Her lips move upward, kissing the girl’s jaw. “Why did you tell her?

“I… I’m… nghh… s-sorry.” The girl looked difficult to talk since she also tried to hold her moan. “I’m j-jealous.”

Jurina felt that the girl’s nails were digging her back through her uniform. She bit the girl’s below lip, making the girl’s lips parted. “Let’s break up.” She whispered it against the girl’s lips.

The girl gasped. “W-what?! Why?”

Jurina shrugged. “The answer is simple… you didn’t do as I say… to keep our relationship as a little secret between us.”

“Why should I keep it secret? Are you ashamed of me?” The girl’s tears almost fell.

Jurina cupped the girl’s cheek. “Of course that’s not the reason. Why should I ashamed of you? You’re a beautiful girl.”

“Then why?”

“Because I don’t love you and I don’t want my other girlfriends know about us.” Jurina smirked. “Sorry.”

The girl clenched her teeth, and in a few seconds later… she raised her hand and slapped Jurina’s cheek. “So the rumor is right. You’re a damn player!”

Jurina hold her red cheek. “Yes, it’s true. I wonder why the girls keep coming to me even though they know about me. Well… Honestly, I just love their body… that’s all.” She licked her lips and then she smirked. “Your body is hot… I couldn’t get enough of it. If only you didn’t break our promise, I can enjoy your body a bit longer. What a pity.”

“Screw you, Jurina!” The girl gave another slap to Jurina and then she buttoned her upper uniform. “Fuck you.” She grabbed her jacket and then she left Jurina alone in the empty classroom.

“Shit!” Jurina hold both of her cheeks. “Why did she give me two slaps? Tch.” She walked out from the room and then she walked toward her own classroom.

Actually, there was another girl left in the classroom, hiding behind the tables and chairs. She stood up slowly because her legs had cramp after squatting in the corner of the room for almost 20 minutes. I… I can’t believe this… she’s so… scary.


“Hey. Anna! Anna!!”

Annin heard Jurina yelled her name from afar, but she kept walking away. When she saw Jurina ran toward her in an incredible speed, she wanted to run as well but unfortunately she was weak in sport and Jurina could catch her up in seconds.

“Hey.” Jurina grabbed Annin’s hand. “Wait.” She held it tightly so Annin couldn’t run again. “I want to talk with you. Let’s go home together.”

“I can’t.” Annin tried to escape, but as always, she always failed because Jurina was too strong for her. “My mom will pick me up today… she will arrive in a few minutes.”

“Then I will stay with you until your mom come.” Jurina kept persistent.

Annin stop struggling, and then she sighed. “Okay. What do you want?” She looked at Jurina’s eyes. She didn’t know why, but she felt that Jurina’s gaze was piercing her soul.

After seeing Annin stopped, Jurina let go of Annin’s hand. She tried to control her breath before she spoke because she was a bit tired of running. “In these 2 weeks, you always avoiding me… what happen? Did I make a mistake without me realizing it?”

Annin felt her cheeks became hot as she remembering the scene that happened in front of her eyes 2 weeks ago. “N-no… no! Nothing happened.”

“Are you sure, Anna?” Jurina cupped Annin’s cheek. “Please forgive me if I did something wrong to you.”

Annin couldn’t think straight anymore. Every time Jurina touched her, she felt that her world became upside down. “I… Uhh…” She stuttered. In the middle of her nervousness, she was surprised by the horn. Thanks God! Her mom’s car stopped in front of them. “Sorry, I have to go. Goodbye.” When she was about to run toward the car, she felt her wrist was grabbed by Jurina again.

“See you later, Iriyama Anna-san.” Jurina slowly let go of Annin’s hand. She bowed her head at Annin and Annin’s mom before she walked toward the bus stop by herself.

Annin sighed. I forgot that Jurina didn’t like if I said ‘goodbye’ to her. When we’re going to walk in separate way, she always forces me to say ‘see you’ rather than ‘bye’. She looked at Jurina’s back figure for a moment and after that, she entered the car.


Like seriously… I can’t tell the truth to Jurina! What if she thinks that I’m a pervert after I said that I was secretly watching an inappropriate scene?! Ugh! Why did they have to do ‘it’ in my class?? Annin ignored the papers that scattered on her desk. She sighed and then she rested her forehead onto the desk. I’m afraid that… Jurina want to be my friend only because she wants… my body.

Without Annin realized it, her eyes became teary. What if she wants to get closer to me just because she wants to do something terrible that she usually did to the other girls? I… I… She lifted her head all of a sudden and then she quickly wiped her tears. What the heck?! Why am I crying because of her? She’s not my girlfriend or something! We’re just friends!!

Annin collected all papers that scattered on her desk. I have to prepare my speech for tomorrow! Geez! She began to read those papers again.

*next day*

“Iriyama-san, now it’s your turn.” The teacher patted Annin’s shoulder.

Annin nodded. Yes… I have to give a speech in every school events, that’s one of president’s responsibilities. Today is the last day of the academic year, of course I have to open my mouth and speak in front of all students. Next semester I will become a senior year student and Jurina become the sophomore student as well. She gasped as she mentioned Jurina’s name inside her head. W-wait… Jurina is definitely sits among these students too!

“Iriyama-san?” The teacher tapped Annin’s shoulder again. “You can go onto the stage now.”

“O-okay.” Annin took a really deep breath and then she walked onto the stage. She had been doing speech for dozen times, but that was the first time she felt so uneasy and nervous. As soon as she arrived on the stage, her eyes met with Jurina’s eyes. Shit! Why do I can easily found her in the middle of this huge amount of students?! Ugh.

Annin shook her head a little to wipe away her nervousness and then she began her speech while avoiding Jurina’s gaze. In some minutes later, she was successfully finished her speech and the students clapped their hands for Annin. Finally… it’s over. She exhaled as a sign of relieved because she could finish her speech well, even though she was under ‘pressure’.

In a few minutes later, Annin felt her phone was vibrating. She took her phone and read a new mail.

From: Matsui Jurina

Is this really what you want? Not talking to each other? Okay, I get it.

Annin realized that Jurina began to get irritated because of the situation between them. She really wanted to replay the email and tell Jurina that she really missed Jurina, but… I can’t fall into her sweet trap. I don’t wanna end like the other girls who have been played by Jurina.

Annin decided to ignore the mail.


“Mom!!! The bell is ringing!!” Annin closed her ears with both of her hands. “Mom?” She woke up as she didn’t hear any answer. She rubbed her eyes and then she looked around. Ahh… I fell asleep on the couch. She grabbed the remote and then she turned off the TV, after that… she lazily stood up and walked toward the door while yawning.

“Wait a minute!” Annin yelled as she felt irritated because the person outside her house kept pressing the bell. She scratched her head before she unlocked the door. She slowly opened the door with her eyes closed. “Yes?”

“Annin… umm…”

Annin flinched as she heard the familiar voice. She opened her eyes and she was really shocked to death when she saw Jurina was standing in front of her. Damn! She really wanted to disappear immediately as she realized how messy her hair and how ugly her morning face, especially when she had just wake up like that. “Wh-what are you doing in here?! In the early morning like this!” She looked panicked.

“Ehhh…. actually… it’s not morning anymore.” Jurina looked at her watch. “1 PM, so… afternoon?”

WHAT?! Annin turned her head and looked at the clock that hanging on the wall. SHIT! It’s really 1 PM! Of course mom and dad already left for work! She rubbed her forehead. Tch. Now she will assume me as a sleepyhead girl.

“Can I come in?”

Annin really wanted to say ‘no’, but another part of her wanted Jurina to stay. “Yes, come in.” She didn’t want to abandon her feelings that she was actually missed Jurina. They didn’t meet for weeks because it was still in holiday season.

“Thank you.” Jurina slowly entered the house and then she sat on the couch.

Annin closed the door after Jurina was completely entered her house. “Wait a minute, okay?” She went to the bathroom after she got a slight nod from Jurina. She was shocked as she saw her reflection on the mirror. JESUS CHRIST!! I’m so messy and ugly!! She quickly washed her face, brushed her teeth, and then she combed her long-silky hair.

Jurina stood up as soon as she saw Annin came out from the bathroom. “You don’t have to worry about your looks in front of me. You’re still beautiful, Anna.” She said it as if she could read Annin’s mind.

Annin felt her breath stopped for a few seconds because she was surprised. For a second, she felt flattered because of Jurina’s compliment, but then she realized something. Ah, maybe Jurina said it to other girls as well. Well… she has a good experience in flattering girls, right? She ignored Jurina’s compliment and then she crossed her arms. “What are you doing here and how do you know my house?” She was sure that her tone clearly showed an annoyance and it was succeed in making Jurina felt guilty.

“I get your address from your classmate and I’m here to say sorry for a mistake that I even didn’t know. I really want to meet you and I can’t wait until our school holiday ended. W-well… I can go now if you feel uncomfortable with my presence.”

Annin looked at Jurina’s eyes. She could see how desperate and sad Jurina was, but some part of her kept telling her that it was only a fake statement… not sincere from Jurina’s heart. “I don’t trust you.” She was sure that she said it with a small voice, but unfortunately Jurina still could hear it because the house was very quiet.

“What?” Jurina frowned. “It’s almost been 2 months, Anna. Can you just tell me about the fucking thing that makes you decide to take a distance with me?!”

Annin remained silent.

“Please? I beg you.” Jurina walked slowly toward Annin. “I’m tired of missing you, Anna.”

Annin took a step back. “Liar.” She said it with a sharp tone. “Other girls maybe would easily eat your words… but not me.”

Jurina was taken aback. “Wait… what?” She frowned but in a few moments later, she was understood what actually happened. “Is this about the rumor? Do you believe that I’m a player? Do you think that I want to be your friend just because I want to play with your heart?”

Annin nodded. “Precisely.” She really wanted to tell Jurina everything that she saw inside the classroom few weeks ago, but she restrained herself.

Jurina sighed. “You may don’t believe me now, but… you’re different from all of them.”

Annin snorted. “I don’t get it. What makes me different? Is it because I’m the school president?” She said it sarcastically.

“No. It’s because I love you, Anna.” Jurina said it while looking straight into Annin’s beautiful eyes.

Annin’s hands fell from her chest and she couldn’t close her mouth. She was really shocked because of Jurina’s sudden ‘attack’. “What?! I won’t eat that, Jurina.”

Jurina clenched her fist. She quickly grabbed Annin’s hand before Annin could run away again, and then she pulled Annin into her strong arms. She hugged Annin tightly.

“Let-go-of-me!” Annin tried really hard to escape from Jurina’s arms, but as expected, she couldn’t move even a bit.

“Please stop struggling, Anna.” Jurina rested her chin on Annin’s shoulder, and then she closed her eyes. “I won’t hurt you.”

Finally, Annin was defeated by Jurina’s tender and sweet voice. She also closed her eyes as she smelled Jurina’s sweet fragrance that succeeded made her mind went blank in instant. Her heart began to beat crazily. W-Wait….

“I know that you don’t believe me now, but I will try my best to make you trust me.” Jurina brushed her fingers along Annin’s silky hair. “I love you.” She tightened her grip on Annin’s waist. “I will keep saying it until you believe me.” She planted a quick kiss on Annin’s cheek and then she let go of Annin’s body. “Please give me a chance, Anna” She cupped Annin’s cheek. “Do you want to try to be mine? Will you give me a chance to make you believe in me? I want to be the only source of your happiness.”

Annin stunned. She couldn’t say anything and she even forgot how to breathe for a few seconds. She wasn’t sure why, but Jurina had been completely stole her mind. She looked deep into Jurina’s innocent eyes. Does she… really love me? What should I do? A part of herself still try to shoo Jurina away, but sadly… another part of her really want Jurina to become hers, only hers. She felt so relax when Jurina began to caress her cheek gently. “Yes. Let’s try together, Jurina.” A beautiful smile slowly appeared from her lips.

Jurina also gave Annin a warm smile. “Thank you. I love you, Anna.” She pulled Annin into her arms again.

Annin didn’t hug Jurina back because she was still not fully sure about her decision. Maybe I can change her. I will try to change her. I want her to become mine, only mine.


If I knew that she would be the source of my pain, I would choose to say ‘no’.

The tears was slowly coming down from her eyes… then rolled down on her cheeks. She didn’t take off her eyes from the window and not even bothered to wipe her tears. She was also completely ignoring the lemon tea and the strawberry cake in front of her because she knew that those things wouldn’t make her felt better. It was the worst decision that I’ve ever made in my whole life. Trying to change a player? Bullshit!


No need to wait more than 3 days until the news about JuriAnnin couple spreading into the whole school. Some of them said that they were a perfect couple since Annin was a high school president and Jurina was a cool-handsome-charming basketball player. But some of them also threw a negative comment due to Jurina’s figure as a player; they said that Annin was just one of many Jurina’s victims.

Honestly, Annin was a bit irritated because she was considered as Jurina’s victim. But she couldn’t do much because she knew from the beginning that it was one of many risks that she should take when she agreed to start the relationship with Jurina. She didn’t know yet that she was really a victim or not, the only thing that she could do was… trust her girlfriend.

“Hi, babe.”

Annin raised her head to look at her girlfriend. “Hi.” She looked at the ground again after she gave a short answer to Jurina.

Jurina put her hand on Annin’s chin and then she made Annin looked at her. “Is there something wrong? You look upset about something.”

Annin looked at Jurina’s eyes. I have to believe her… at least I have to TRY to believe her. She smiled at Jurina. “Nothing. I’m just over thinking about my future. Well… you know, I’m a senior year student now and I have to decide which college that I should enter next year.”

“Ohh…” Jurina pulled Annin into her hug and rubbed Annin’s back to comfort her. “Relax, Anna. You’re a smart girl… I’m sure that you will be able to enter any university in this world.”

Annin giggled. “Thank you.” She wrapped her hands on Jurina’s waist and enjoyed Jurina’s warm body. “Oh, right!” She pulled back the hug. “I have to buy a cake. Today is my mom’s birthday.”

“Oh, really? Let me accompany you then.” Jurina cupped Annin’s cheek and caressed the cheek a little.

“Okay.” Annin smiled at Jurina before turned around to close her locker. “Come on.” She took Jurina’s hand and pulled Jurina along with her. I don’t believe that she is a player. Umm… even if she was a player, she wouldn’t be able to go on date with other girls in this school again… why? She looked around her while walking with Jurina. There were a lot of students looked at them in disbelief way. Because the whole students already knew about our relationship and Jurina seem didn’t feel bothered at all to show our lovey-dovey in front of many people.


Annin looked at the girl who was sleeping beside her. She brushed of the hair that covered Jurina’s face with her fingers and put it behind Jurina’s ear. Her sleeping face looks so cute and so peaceful. She gave a quick kiss on Jurina’s lips because she couldn’t hold back herself to not tasting those sweet lips. I love you.

Annin stared Jurina’s face while smiling for some minutes, but then she snapped. Oh right, I have to study for my SAT. She woke up from the comfortable bed slowly and then she walked toward her desk. She sat and then she turned on her reading lights. After that, she took her English book. Study… She sighed.

Her hobby is studying, but every time she was with Jurina… she became too lazy to read. All she wanted to do was staring Jurina’s face, talking with Jurina, holding Jurina’s smooth hands, hugging Jurina, kissing Jurina’s lips and being pampered by Jurina.

She said that she wanted to stay overnight in my home to help me calming my nerves in facing my SAT tomorrow, but actually… she’s making me tired and fell asleep. Hell yeah, I’m a bit relaxed now… but still… Annin’s cheeks suddenly got redder when she remembered what had just happened in some hours ago. Ugh! Focus, Annin… focus! She slapped her own face in order to make her forgetting THAT thing.

Our first anniversary will be come in a few weeks and I’m very happy because Jurina never made any big mistake. The thing that I afraid the most… didn’t happen. I’ve never heard Jurina dating someone else beside me. Annin smiled. She has changed. Annin opened her English book and started to give attention to it.


“Anna…. Anna….. hey, babe. Wake up.” Jurina shook her girlfriend’s body.

“Ngh…” Annin lifted her head while rubbing her eyes. “What is it Jurina?”

“You fall asleep. Hurry up. You have to go to do your SAT!” Jurina tried to make Annin gained her full consciousness.

Annin’s eyes grew wider. “Oh shit! I haven’t read anything!!!!!!” She began to panic. “I’ll maybe fail this time!”

“Hey-hey-hey.” Jurina hold Annin’s shoulders. “You’re gonna be okay. I’m sure you can.” She kissed Annin’s forehead. “Now go to take a bath.”

Annin hugged her girlfriend. “I’m so thankful that you’re here with me.” After that, she stood up. “Wish me luck.” She gave a warm kiss to Jurina before she went to the bathroom.


“Happy first anniversary!!!” Jurina brought a cake. “And congratulation for your SAT!!!” She grinned. “You’re going to Tokyo! How cool is that!” She put the delicious cake on the table.

Annin gasped. She didn’t expect that Jurina would give her a big cake. She thought before that they would just go to the park, watching a movie on theater, and having a dinner together. “Thank you! I love you.” She couldn’t say anything again because she was about to cry, so she kissed Jurina instead. She gave all passion into it. “I love you so much, dear.” She whispered it against Jurina’s lips.

I love you too.” Jurina answered it while sneaking her hand onto Annin’s neck.

When the kiss was about to become hotter and wilder, they heard someone coughed awkwardly. They both snapped and quickly restrained themselves. They forgot that they were inside the café. Both of them giggled when they realized their silliness and then they sat back on the chair.

“Come on… blow the candle!” Jurina clapped her hands with full of excitement.

“If I’m the only one who blow the candle, it’s look like my birthday. Let’s just blow it together.”

Jurina reached Annin’s hands on the table. “As you wish, princess.”

Annin blushed because Jurina called her as a princess. After, looking at each other eyes for a few second… they blew the candle.

Jurina looked at Annin’s face; she frowned because her girlfriend’s mood changed drastically. “What happen? Am I disappointing you?” She pouted. “I know that I should buy a bigger cake since you really love strawberry cake.”

“No, it’s not that!” Annin quickly shook her head. “I feel bad because I’ll leave you next week. I’m regret because I didn’t pick the university here instead of in Tokyo.” She expected that Jurina would show a sad expression, but no… Jurina was smiling at her.

“It’s okay.” Jurina tightened her grip on Annin’s hands. “It’s for our future and I’m happy for you. I know that Tokyo is better for you and that’s why I didn’t prevent you to go.”

“O-our f-future??”

“Yes!” Jurina grinned. “Don’t you want to be with me in the future? Together… forever…”

Annin was surprised by Jurina’s answer. “Of course I want it, silly.” She couldn’t hold back her tears, happy tears. “I love you.”

“I love you too, babe. Now, let’s eat this cake.” Jurina pointed at the strawberry cake. “So, we can go home quickly and do whatever we want.” She winked at Annin while showing her mischievous smile.

“Mou! You make my cheek blushed many times tonight.”

Jurina chuckled when she saw Annin’s blushing face.


“Annin!!! Your friend is coming!”

Annin heard her mother’s voice. “Oh, okay! I will go down in a moment.” She frowned. Who’s coming? I’ve just get a call from Jurina that she can’t help me packing my stuff because she has a basketball competition. She went downstairs to see her ‘friend’.

“Good morning, Iriyama-san.”

Annin was really shocked when she saw her ‘friend’. “Y-you are…”

The girl bowed at Annin. “I’m Abiru Riho… I’m in the same year with Jurina… and I’m also…” She stopped bowing and gave a smirk to Annin. “… Jurina’s ex-girlfriend.”

WHAT THE F- Annin wanted to yell at the girl, but then she remembered that her parent were in home. “What are you doing here? I don’t remember that I EVER invite you over.” She tried to use her poker face and keep calming down.

“Wow-wow… calm down, senpai.” Riho sat on the couch without Annin asked her to do so. “I’m here to congratulate you since I know that you will go out of this town in 2 days.”

Annin walked toward Riho and stood in front of her and crossed her arms. “Cut the crap. Just tell me what you want.” She took a deep breath before she continued. “Do you want to tell me that you’re going to steal Jurina while I’m in Tokyo?!”

“Pfft!” Riho snorted. “Steal her? I’m not interest to do it, on the other hand… I really hate her.” She laughed sarcastically. “I have no idea why did you want to have a relationship with her after you saw what happened to me a year ago.”


“I saw you hiding behind the table when Jurina and I have a little private time in your empty class. I didn’t know why you could end up in the class because as far as I know, all of your classmates were in the laboratory for Biology class.”

Annin gasped. Sh-she saw me??!! The hot scene between Jurina and Riho played in her mind and it made her really pissed off. “She has changed! You just envy at me because I’m the one who change her, not you, right?!” She didn’t sure about what she said, but she didn’t want to lose in front of her kohai.

“Change? Wow.” Riho clapped her hands. “Congratulation then!” She laughed.

Riho’s sarcastic laugh made her pissed even more. “Now please go out from my house because I have to pack my stuffs. I don’t have time for a piece of shit like this!” She pointed at the door.

“Okay.” Riho stood up and then she took something from her bag. “This is for you.” She put it on the table. “And don’t open it until I go out from your house, in case you want to punch me later.” She chuckled.

Annin saw the brown envelope on the table. She didn’t know why but… she had a bad feeling about it.

Riho walked toward the door and then she opened the door. “You’re cute, senpai… and I don’t want a super cute girl like you will end up like me.” She stepped out and the she closed the door.

Annin took the envelope and then she ran into her room. She was hesitating to open the envelope, but she couldn’t hold back her curiosity. She opened the envelope slowly… her eyes widened in shock after she took out something from the envelope. So… that’s why she didn’t sad when she knew that I’ll go to Tokyo.

Annin took out all stuff from the envelope because she was looking for something. That brat. She found what she was looking for… Riho’s phone number. Without a second thought, she dialed the number.

Moshi moshi.

“This is me.”

Wow, senpai! Such a quick call!” Riho laughed through the phone. “You want to slap me, right? Too bad, I’m not around your house anymore.”

“You leave your phone number inside this damn envelope, what for?”

Well… I want to prove it to you that I’m not lying.

“I need your favor… please do something like this for me again… for a year.”

Riho snorted. “Pfft. I don’t want to. I have a feeling that you believe me already, so my job is done. Besides, I gain nothing if I’m doing it for you anyway.

Annin felt that Riho wanted her to say something. “What do you want?” Yes, that’s a question that Riho wanted to hear. She was sure because she heard Riho laughed.

“I want you, senpai… for one night.”

Annin eyes widened, she didn’t expect that Riho would be went this far. “I’m not a slut! Watch your mouth, Abiru Riho-san!”

I’m not considering you as a slut. Like I said before that you’re super cute. I’m just curious why Jurina want to be with you for a long time like this, usually she will throw the girls away in some weeks. Is that because you’re good in bed or what?

“…….” Annin remained silent. I wonder about it too.


“Be careful, babe.” Jurina kissed Annin’s lips. “Don’t miss me too much because I’ll be there on the next weekend.”

Annin smiled. Let’s see if I’ll miss her or not. People may think that I’m crazy because I didn’t tell her about what Riho did to me. Yes, I don’t want to break up with her… maybe because I still have faith in her. I still believe that someday she will change…. God, I love her so much. “Be healthy and be good on your study, so next year you can come with me to Tokyo.” She ruffled Jurina’s hair.

“Of course.” Jurina cupped Annin cheek. “I love you.”

She loves me? I’m not sure about it. Annin didn’t want to become too obvious, so she just said what she usually says. “I love you too.” She took a really deep breath. “Don’t be flirty with other girls, okay?!” She pointed her finger at Jurina’s face.

Jurina was surprised, but then she took it as a joke… she laughed. “Okay, dear. Now, go inside. Your train will be departed soon.”

Annin nodded and then she stepped into the train after she gave a quick kiss on Jurina’s lips. “I love you, don’t you EVER forget about it.” She whispered it to Jurina’s ear.


*5 Year Later*

Annin sat on the couch near the window while watching the first snow falls and holding a cup of hot chocolate in her hands. 5 years. She sighed.
Jurina and I are still dating, well… in case you’re curious so I mention it about it first. I’m working as an accounting in one of the biggest magazine in Tokyo. On the other hand, Jurina is still a senior year student. We lived in the same apartment now.
About Riho… I’ve never heard about her again after our ‘contract’ was over some years ago. I know that she’s a bit annoying, but I hate to admit it that she helped me so much.
And about the other things… still same. Jurina didn’t change at all, same as always.

“What are you thinking?”

Annin felt that someone was hugging her from behind. “You.”

“You’re thinking about me? Glad to hear that.” Jurina tightened her hug on Annin shoulders and then she rested her chin on the top of Annin’s head. “I love you.”

Annin looked at the night sky through the window. “Let’s break up, Jurina.”

Jurina was taken aback. “What?!” She quickly sat beside her girlfriend and then she took the hot chocolate from Annin’s hands. After she put the cup on the table, she pulled Annin into her hug. “Lately, you always mentioning about break up. You don’t love me anymore?” She put Annin’s head on her chest and then she caressed her hair gently.

Annin closed her eyes, enjoying every touch that Jurina did to her. “I’m still in love with you.”

Jurina frowned. “So, what’s the reason?”

“I saw you with a girl in xxx restaurant this afternoon.” Annin could hear Jurina’s heartbeat increased rapidly. “I have lunch with my co-workers today in the same restaurant. I saw both of you… holding hands.”

“W-what? D-don’t be misunderstood.” Jurina stuttered. “She’s only my college friend. I hold her hand because I want to make her comfortable, she’s broken heart.” She tightened her hug. “Please believe me. I didn’t tell you because I’m afraid you’ll jealous for no reason.”

Annin clutched her own shirt. “Okay, I believe you. I’m sorry.” For no reason, huh? Yes, I trust you countless times for no reason, I forgive you many times for no reason, I love you for no reason, and I also can’t broke up with you for no reason. “Ah, I have to wash my face. I want to sleep.”

Jurina let go of her arms. “Okay.”

Annin walked toward the bathroom and locked the door. She washed her face with warm water… but there was a different kind of waters that rolling down on her cheeks. Am I crazy??!!! She couldn’t hold back the tears anymore. I’ve done many things to make her stay with me!!! I give her my time, my love, my heart, my body, and my everything to her but-  she was about to burst out, but she tried hard to not make any sound. Why do I still can’t let her go from my life??!!! What’s the meaning of love if my heart always hurt like this?! It’s not the first or second or even third time I saw her with another girl… this has happened dozens of times! But why my heart still believes her??!!! Why do I still can’t fall in love with someone else?! Fuck!

“Anna, are you okay?” Jurina knocked the bathroom door.

“Yeah… I’m okay.” Annin wiped her tears and washed her face faster before Jurina being suspicious at her. “Do you want to go to the bathroom?” She said it after she opened the door.

Jurina shook her head. “I just too miss you.” She pouted. “You’ve been so busy with your work lately.”

Annin looked at Jurina’s face. Oh God, why did You make her so cute like this?! Every time I’m mad at her, I can’t resist this cute face! She always wins over me. She smiled at Jurina. “I love you too.” She walked closer toward Jurina and in a few second later, their lips clashed and dancing together. She poured everything into that kiss… her frustration, her passion, her madness, her despair, her love, and her pain.

Jurina’s sneaked her hands to inside Annin’s shirt and her experienced hands caressed Annin’s bare waist gently. She slowly moved her hands upward and made the shirt lifted; revealing Annin’s milky skin more. “I want you.” She said it in the middle of kissing.

Annin parted her lips from Jurina’s and then she lifted her hands, so Jurina could help her to take off her shirt. She did the same thing to Jurina. “Take me, Jurina. Take everything from me… I love you.” She put her hands around Jurina’s neck and kissed Jurina again. She let out a soft moan when Jurina’s hand caressed her back before unclasping her bra.

Jurina began to assault her girlfriend’s body. Her touches, her kisses, and even her bites made Annin’s moan became uncontrollably. She could make Annin screaming her name over and over again. She could make Annin pleaded for more. Every single friction between their bodies was able to make both of them forgot everything for some moments.

God, please help me to find a way to end this misery. Annin closed her eyes and enjoying the temporary pleasure that Jurina gave to her.


Ugh! So noisy! Annin closed her face with a pillow. “Jurina, can you turn off the TV?? I’m really sleepy!” She wanted to reach Jurina, but she found nothing… only found a pillow beside her. She opened her eyes slowly and then she sat while rubbing her eyes. “Jurina?” She turned on the bedroom light. There was only her in the room. She tried to sharpen her hearing because the voice still echoed from somewhere. She woke up slowly from the bed and walked toward the door.

The moment she opened the door, she could hear the voice clearly and it made her goose bumps. Her body was trembling when she walking toward the voice. Her knees became extremely weak just by hearing that kind of voice, but she used all of her might to look at it by her own eyes. The horror came to her when she saw clearly what happened on the kitchen.

“Ngghhhh~ J-jurina—- harder…. fuck me more~ ahh ah! ah! ahh…!!”

“JURINA!!! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?!!!” Annin couldn’t hold back the tears… the tears flowing like the rain.

The girl who lay below Jurina was flinched. She quickly grabbed her clothes that spread around the floor and covered her body. “I-I’m sorry. I didn’t know that Jurina have a roommate.” She pushed Jurina away.

Jurina turned her head at Annin. “Oh, Anna!” She smiled like a idiot. “Come here~ Join us~ It’ll be fun.” She grinned and then she let out the sound of hiccup.

“Sh-she’s drunk. I’ve just met her in the bar in a few hours ago. She’s dead drunk and then she randomly talks about her address, so I take her home. But when we arrived here, she began to touch m-”

“STOP IT!!!” Annin yelled at the girl. The tears were still flowing down on her cheeks. She walked fast into her room and then she took out something from the cupboard. She walked back to the kitchen and then she threw it in front of the girl. “Bring her to wherever you want!!! Do it somewhere else!!! Hotel, your damn house, or somewhere!! When she gain her conscious tomorrow, don’t tell anything about me to her! Don’t say to her that I saw this fucking dirty scene!! That’s your money!!! Go!!!!!!”

“Y-yes….” The girl took the money, wear back her clothes, and then she hardly helped the drunken Jurina to walk after she put on the clothes on.

Annin went back to the bedroom and slammed the door. “AAAARRRGGGHHH!!!” She screamed out loud. “FUCK!!” She threw the pillow, the bolsters, the blankets, and the bed sheet onto the floor. The room messed up just in a few seconds. “What should I do?!” She was sobbing so hard.

*next day*

Before Jurina went home from somewhere, she quickly packed her stuffs and wrote a note for Jurina.

Jurina, suddenly… I missed my mom. I’ll go back here in a week. No need to worry about me.

Of course that was a lie, Annin missed her mom but that was not the main reason why she went away. She didn’t want Jurina looked at her swelling and red eyes because she has been crying all night. She also didn’t know how to face Jurina when they meet later. She was afraid that she would do something stupid when she saw Jurina… like screaming, punch her, kick her, slap her, or something.

So… this is how it feels to deeply in love with player. Annin was laughing…. while crying.


When Annin opened the door, she was surprised because Jurina looked at her from the couch. “Hi.” She walked straight into the bedroom.

“Who is he?” Jurina followed Annin into the bedroom. “I see him take you home almost every day.”

Annin sighed. “She’s my cousin’s friend and also my manager in my new company. I met him when I went home months ago. Didn’t I tell you before? ” She sighed again. Yes, it’s been some months after THAT accident happened.

“Anna, it’s almost our seventh anniversary… but THAT guy is the first fucking man who takes you home. You allow him to take you home almost EVERYDAY?!”

“Jurina… I’m tired. Can we talk about it tomorrow since tomorrow is the weekend?” Annin wanted to change her clothes, but she was so surprised when Jurina suddenly grabbed her hand and made her turned around.


Annin hissed in pain. “Nothing to do with him. You know that I love you, so don’t worry about him. I’m being nice to him only because he is my cousin’s friend.”

“I’m not allowing you to talk with him anymore!” Jurina tightened her grip.

“Ouch! You hurt me.” Annin harshly escaped her hand from Jurina’s grip. “I HAVE TO talk with him because he is my BOSS.” She rolled her eyes when she saw Jurina’s angry eyes. “Why? Do you think me and him are a great couple?”

Jurina clenched her fist. “It’s not funny.” She turned around and then she walked toward the door. When she open the door, she said “FINE! Do whatever you want!” After she said it, she slammed the door.

Annin rubbed her forehead. I’m deeply in love with her… but living with her forever is a big NO for me. I can’t let myself live in misery anymore, especially after THAT accident months ago. I will be with her as long as I can but I think… not forever. She changed her clothes and then she threw her body onto the bed.


“Let’s break up.”

Annin crossed her arms. She said it in our seventh anniversary day… it’s also the first time in our seven years relationship she said that she want to break up with me. “Can I get the reason?”

Jurina sat on the couch. “I told you to not talk with that guy anymore, but you keep allowing her to take you home. Do you know how hurt I am to see that thing?! You’ve been so cold toward me since months ago. I don’t know whether you bored at me or you didn’t love me anymore…. But I just want you to know that I still love you like the first time I fell in love with you in high school.”

Annin saw that Jurina was about to cry, she wanted to say that she didn’t want to break up and say that she still loves her as well but… NO! I can’t lose to my own heart right now!! I’m about to free! This fucking so-called love makes me live in pain for years!  She took a deep breath and then she opened her mouth. “Okay… let’s break up. Let’s end this.” She saw Jurina flinched a bit, but she tried to ignore it. “I will move out tomorrow.”

Jurina looked away. “Thank you for these past seven years.”

Annin didn’t say anything, she just walked into the bedroom. Of course she has to thank me for these seven years, but me? I don’t think that I’ve ever feel happy again after our first anniversary.


The girl flinched as she heard her phone was ringing in her handbag. She took out her phone and then she found a new message from the person she hates the most… yet also the person she loves the most.

From: Matsui Jurina

Please, Anna. Please.
Just… please… give me one more chance before it’s too late.

The tears rolled down on her cheeks again, but this time the tears wouldn’t be able to stop right away… it was falling so hard, like the rain. She wiped her tears before she typed the answer for Jurina.

To: Matsui Jurina

It’s already too late.

After she sent the reply, she turned off her phone.


= 2. Jurina =

Jurina had been parked her motorcycle in front of a house since 2 hours ago. Argh! I may look like a creepy stalker right now, so embarrassing! She tried to call the number that she always calls recently, but she couldn’t reach it this time. Urgh! Why does she often turn off her phone in the most crucial days like this?! Fuck!

Jurina walked back and forth in front of the gate. Okay, I will wait her. No matter what happen, I have to get her back. She scratched her head. I don’t want to lose her. Why am I so stupid anyway?! Why did I ask her to break up with me in the first place?

She sat on top of her motorcycle because she felt her legs began to cramp again after an hour walking back and forth. Nobody ever believes me every time I say that I really love her.

The first time I met her was under the shelter bus near our school. I recognized her immediately because she was the president in our school, especially because she’s an extremely gorgeous girl. Her black-long hair, her calm and mature side, her warm smile, and her voice when she talked to me for the first time in the bus made me feel mesmerized. I’m a player, but at that time… I didn’t want to add her as one of my collections since she was my senior, too dangerous.

But that wasn’t last long. I want to get her after she helped me with my math task in the library… good girl is always easy to get because I will easily have tons of reasons to talk with them. As I expected, she was too easy… she always want to watch me play basketball even though she didn’t like sports, that was a really good sign.

Not like my other girlfriends at that time who act overly cute and try to be sexy when they were with me, Annin was quite unique… her calm side made me didn’t want to push her too much. We slowly get to know each other better and became best friend. She was a really good friend and it even made me wonder to continue the ‘game’ or not, I just… want her to be my friend because she was a really nice and smart girl.

But one day… she took some distance from me all of a sudden and I didn’t know why. It made me so frustrated and felt lonely because be with her already became my habit. I thought she would come back to me in days, but no, she didn’t talk to me for weeks and it made me wonder. After I got her address from one of my girlfriends (she was Anna’s classmate), I rushed to her house. I almost laughed really hard after I saw her sleepy face and her messy hair in the afternoon… so cute. I tried to not laugh in front of her, but when she went to the bathroom… I laughed really hard (trying hard to not let out any sound).

I persuaded her to tell me the reason why she acted weird toward me at that time… and as I expected before, she felt uncomfortable around me because she heard the rumor that I’m a player. My experiences say that if girls already suspicious to me, they won’t believe at whatever I say. I didn’t want to lose her and the only way that came to my mind was telling her that I love her… even though I wasn’t. I said ‘I love you’ words countless times, but that was the first time I felt guilty when I lied to a girl. It works… she didn’t run away from me again after I said those magic words.

“What are you doing in front of my house?!”

Jurina was startled. “A-anna…” She quickly got down from her motorcycle. “I want to talk with you but you turn off your phone.”

Annin sighed. “There’s no need to talk because my answer is still same and will never going to change.”

“Anna, please… I lo-” She walked closer to Annin but then she stopped as she saw another figure came from Annin’s back.

“Oh, Matsui Jurina-san! It’s nice to meet you again!” A man approached Jurina and reached her hand.

“Kimura-san.” Jurina said his name in monotone way because her mood drastically went bad. She felt being forced to shake the hand. He is a damn guy who always took her home at that time… the fucking guy who made our relationship ended… the shit guy who will take Anna away from me.

“How are you, Jur-” Kimura wanted to say something but Jurina cut his words.

“I need to talk with her… just two of us.” Jurina said it firmly and sharp enough to make the guy stepped back.

“Jurina!” Annin looked irritated.

But then Kimura smiled. “It’s okay, darling. I’m about to go anyway, my friends already waiting for me.” He kissed Annin’s cheek. “See you later.”

“Are you sure to go so soon?” Annin wasn’t sure until she got a slight nod from him. “Okay, be careful.”

Honestly, those simple sweet things make Jurina wanted to puke. Yuck!

Annin let out a soft sigh after she saw Kimura drove the car away. She turned her head toward Jurina. “Why do you always make a mess?” She walked toward the gate and then she unlocked the gate. “Come in.” She wanted to shoo Jurina away but she was sure that Jurina would never go until Jurina talked with her.

Jurina followed Annin entered the house. “It’s not too late to stop now. If you stop, I’ll give you anything you want.” She said it after Annin closed the door.

“Didn’t you read my message before? It’s already TOO late.” Annin sat on the couch and stared at Jurina who gazed at her.

“Oh God…” Jurina looked annoyed. “I didn’t come here and wait in front of your house for hours just to hear those FUCKING words from your lips, Anna!!”

“THEN WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?!!! You want me say that I love you and comeback you? HUH??!! That’s never going to be happened!” Annin stood up because Jurina raised her voice and yell at her.

“Why…….” Jurina’s eyes began to teary.

Every time she saw Jurina cried, she always wanted to calm her down and said to her that everything was going to be okay… but unfortunately she couldn’t do that. “Because you said that you will always be my side…. Liar!!!” She clenched her fist.

“WHAT?! YOU are the one who dumped me by dating that fucking guy! You leave me! You are the liar here!!”

“Oh, really? I’m the liar?!” Annin lost her patience. She rushed into her bedroom and then she took an envelope from the drawer, after that she threw all the things inside the big envelope onto Jurina’s chest. “Now tell me who the liar is.”

Jurina was taken aback as a bunch of photos were slapped onto her body. She looked at the photos on the floor. “W-wait… h-how did y-you g-”

“Abiru Riho. Aren’t you familiar with that name?” Annin said it sarcastically.

Jurina kneeled on the floor and then she took some photos. It was her… with girls who ever dating with her. Every picture was showing her doing lovey-dovey with a girl and there were dozens of photos that spread on the floor. That bitch! Ugh shit!! She let go of those photos from her hands and then she stood up… she almost lost her hope. “Listen Anna… that girl is just trying to mess with me because she hates me!”

“May I know why she hates you?” Annin crossed her hands. “Are you trying to deny that you are not a fucking player again?!”

“…” Jurina remained silent.

“Listen Jurina… there are lots of things that I know about you, but I keep it save inside my heart because I didn’t want to hurt you and I wanted to trust you. Now… I’m going to reveal everything and I’m not going to hold back again.” Annin sat on the couch again.

Jurina just stood there like a stone while looking at the ground.

“The first time I knew that you’re a player was when you were with Riho in my class… doing some pervert things in front of my eyes. YES! I was there.” Annin said it because Jurina wanted to open her mouth. “That’s the reason why I took the distance from you.”

Jurina couldn’t believe it. She was shock to death.

Annin snorted when she saw Jurina terrified face. “Don’t get too shocked, Jurina. That’s only the beginning.” She continued the story about when Riho came to her place bringing some photos, about when she asked help from Riho for ‘spying’ Jurina while she began to study in Tokyo, and when they were lived together in Tokyo… lots of her college friend said to her that they often saw Jurina ‘walks’ with many different girls.

Jurina’s knees got weaker and made her slowly sat on the cold floor, she couldn’t hold back her tears, her body was trembled, and she closed her mouth with her palm. She was… too shocked… too sad… felt ashamed.

“You were dating with many girls during our 7 years!!! Do you know how suffered I was?! I tried to keep trusting you even though I didn’t know that you love me or not… even though I didn’t know that you would stop playing with my heart someday or not! You’re a terrible person, Jurina!” Annin burst out. “I love you but I really fucking hate you!!”

Jurina looked at Annin in disbelief way, she didn’t expect that Annin would know her terrible things. She tried to hide her bad habit for years and she always thought that she succeeded in hiding everything from Annin, but no… she made Annin lived in misery for 7 years. “Let me explain-”

“I don’t need any explanation!! I already gave you countless chances during our 7 years to you… what do you want for me again? You want me to go back to you until I’m dying in pain? Sorry, NO!” Annin glared at Jurina. “Do you know why I easily agreed to break up with you? Have you wondered about it?”

Jurina didn’t say anything.

“I’m not sure how many times you SLEEP with other girls, but there was one night when you came back to our apartment in a drunken state… with a girl that you just met at the bar. I saw you…” Annin took a deep breath because she knew that bringing that topic could make her sad again. “… I saw both of you having an intimate time in our kitchen. I gave her a lot of money so she could bring you to somewhere and do THAT in other place. On the next day I wrote a note that I missed my mom and went home for a week.” She laughed, but actually the pain already stabbed her heart. “Every time you hurt me… I was always become the one who apologized because I felt guilty for making you feel bad, but you? You angry at me just because a random guy was taking me home everyday even though I didn’t love him.”

So… that’s why- SHIT!! Jurina grabbed her own hair while crying on the floor. It’s done… I can’t have her again. NEVER again.

“Now you know.” Annin said it sarcastically. “Do you still have a thought that I’ll come back to you?”

“No.” Jurina stood up after she wiped her tears. “I’ll leave now.” She walked slowly toward the door, the moment she grabbed the knob… she stopped for a moment. “I’m afraid that Kimura is going to make you happier than I do.”

“Are you sure that you ever made me happy?”

Jurina looked at the knob. “No.” Her tears were falling again. “Well… I guess this is a goodbye for us. Congratulation for your wedding… ” She bit her below lips and felt her body was shaking. “It will be held on next week… right? Thanks for the invitation card but I may not come, I have to go back to Tokyo… I pray for your happiness. I love you.” She opened the door and then she walked away… leaving her precious memories behind.

Yes, she’s getting married.

At first I didn’t have any plan to ask her to comeback with me because I was afraid that she would reject me, well… we already broke up for a year. But when Annin and Kimura wedding invitation card came to my apartment 2 weeks ago, without thinking too much… I rushed went back to here again and started to plead at her to not leave me. I knew that it was so late but at least I still had a little hope in my heart.

But after hearing the truth from her lips and after I knew that I made her suffering too much back then, the tiny hope that I always hold in my hand… suddenly slipped from my grip. Well… at least I’ve tried.


* 3 years later *

Do you know why do I love being a player? Because I thought that I wouldn’t lack of love. They will love me and do everything for me even when I’m doing nothing. I wouldn’t feel lonely because girls were always around me every time I need them. I thought that love from one girl wouldn’t enough to fulfill my desire of love, no matter how big her love is. I’m very lucky because I’m good looking, and it makes girls always crazy in love with me.

Jurina was looking at the crowd under the night sky Tokyo from her flat window. She wanted to see more, so she walked out to her terrace while holding a cup of coffee. She sat on a bench after she turned on the light. Her flat was on 15th floor, so obviously she could see many beautiful scenes from her luxury flat. She took a really deep breath while closing her eyes. Love can change everything and I guess it’s true.

I realized that Annin’s love is enough for me, only her love. After took several deep breaths, she opened her eyes and took a sip of her hot coffee. There’s no day passed without missing her… Iriyama Anna. Shecrossed her legs and drank her coffee again. I never meet her since 3 years ago and my agency told me to change my phone number for my safety. Oh right, I haven’t tell you that in these past 2 years I became a model. She chuckled by herself.

Why? I’m not sure why but there was one night when I went home by train… at that time one of the agency people came to me after she saw me. I swear that at that night I only wear a blue jeans, pink shirt, a glasses, and without put a make-up at all. He gave me the agency address and asked me to come whenever I had free time. I came in a week and without a long process, I got a manager after I signed the contract. After that, my life has changed… but I love it. I love being cool, cute, pretty, and glamour in front of many people. Well… since I’m not a shy girl, it’s not too hard to enter the modeling world.

My agency told me that I got many offers to do movies and dramas, but I rejected it all because I don’t want to be too busy and focus only in one thing make me can easily dig my ability. I mostly spent my free time alone in my flat, but sometimes I will go skiing or hiking too.

Jurina startled as she heard her phone ringing. She got a mail from her manager. ‘Sleep well because you have an interview on xxx magazine tomorrow at 9AM and after that you’ll do the photo shoot for their cover ’. She sighed. This magazine again?! They always dig their guests’ private story! Ugh.

* Next Day *

Interviewer:  I remember that last year, when you got an award, I asked you this question. I want to ask it again because I wonder the answer is still same or not.
Jurina: Really? Go on and feel free to ask it. Wow, suddenly I become nervous. *laugh*
Interviewer: Are you in a relationship with someone?
Jurina:Oh, this question? Honestly, somehow I expect this topic would come out again. *laugh*
Interviewer: Well… last time you said ‘no’, right? That’s why I wonder about it. You’re beautiful and I’m sure that many people come to you and confess their feelings.
Jurina: My answer is still same… no, I’m not. I don’t have any relationship with someone since 4 years ago. I also haven’t had a thought to find a love.
Interviewer: 4 years?! I’m surprised, Matsui-san. Can I know the reason?
Jurina: Reason? Hmm… after my first love dumped me, I didn’t have any interest to find a new love.
Interviewer: Why? Do you still love that person?
Jurina: Always. She’s a mature and warm girl, she’s so beautiful and have a long-black hair, and she’s smart. Oh God, I think I revealing too much because I’m too comfortable sit in this couch! *laugh*
Interviewer: Wow, sugoi. I’m sure that your first love will shocked if she read this interview later. She could fall in love with you again, especially after she looks how success you’re as a model.
Jurina: I’m not sure about it.
Interviewer: Why?
Jurina: Because 3 years ago, she was married with a really good man. You won’t believe me if I say that I was a player back then, a really bad player, and that was why she left me.
Interviewer: Okay, I’m surprised because this is a new info. You often said on other TVs, radio programs, and magazines that you ever have a 7 years relation and ended up with break-up, but this is the first time you say the reason. Is it okay to keep publishing this part?
Jurina: Of course it’s okay, since I want her to know it as well. I stopped being player because I’m deeply in love with her… no one can replace her. I don’t want her to comeback with me again since she already has a husband, but I just want her to believe that I really love her. Back then… I always say ‘I love you’ to many girls, so she didn’t believe it when I said it to her. I hope after prove it for about 4 years… she will believe me. That’s it.
Interviewer: Such a beautiful and sad story, I hope both of you can be happy in some way. I want to ask many things about this, but sorry… we have to move to the next question-

Jurina stretched her arms. “Finally my schedule is over for today.” She took a bottle and drank the water. This magazine will be released in 2 weeks, I wonder how Anna’s reaction if she read it. I often mentioning about her in public, I wonder if all of them have reached her or not.


* 4 months later *

Jurina suddenly stopped the car when she saw something on the park. Her heartbeat rapidly increased the speed when she was parking her car. She was heading to a studio for photo shoot, but she didn’t care at all even though she was almost late to go there. She stepped out from her car and ran to the certain spot after she locked her car. Thankfully… she’s still there. She walked slowly toward a woman who was carrying a kid; she guessed that his age was 2-3. “A-anna… i-is that y-you??” She stuttered.

The woman lifted her head and then she was shocked. “Jurina?! Oh God.” She smiled at Jurina. She stood up after she put down the kid. “How are you? I always see you on TV, so I guess you’re oka-” She stopped when Jurina hugged her tightly.

“I miss you. Are you still angry at me?” Jurina’s tears rolled down on her cheeks.

Annin smiled, but she didn’t hug back. “I’m not angry at you anymore. I’m too old for fighting with someone again.” She rested her chin on Jurina’s shoulder. “I miss you too.”

Jurina let go of her arms. “Thanks.” She smiled so brightly, that was the first time since she felt alive again. “Is he your kid?”

Annin nodded. “How about you? You should get married as well so you will have a child too, Jurina.” She chuckled.

Jurina shook her head. “Women are not obligated to have children and I-” She wanted to talk but her phone was ringing, a call from her manager. Shit! She put the phone back into her pocket. “Sorry, I have to go.” She took out her business card and then she gave it to Annin. “Give me a call… only if you want.” After that, she turned her head to Annin’s kid. “Hey, kiddo!” She ruffled his hair. “Sorry… I don’t bring any gift for you, but I promise if we meet again later, I will give you a big one.”

The kid smiled at Jurina. “Yeay!” He looked happy. “I will get a big present from beautiful aunty.”

Jurina giggled. She looked at Annin again. “I don’t know this is a goodbye or a ‘see you later’, but I just want to say that I’m happy to meet you.” She approached Annin’s face and gave a quick kiss on the blushing cheek. “Send my greetings to Kimura-san.” She waved her hands and then she ran toward her car… without stop smiling.


For over a month Jurina waited a call or a message from Annin, but nothing was coming to her phone except her work stuff. Every time her phone was ringing, she quickly ran to take it and always left a pout after she saw that it wasn’t from Annin.

But there was a night when Jurina slept early because she was too tired, her phone was ringing. She was lazily stretched her hand over the small table beside the bed. “Manager-san, I’m sleepy. You can mail my schedule instead of calling me at this hour.” She was about to hang up the phone but-

Happy 28th birthday, Jurina.

Jurina was shocked and her eyes opened in instant. “Anna?” She still remembered Annin’s voice vividly although it has been years. She quickly woke up and turned on the light. She took a little glance at the clock. 00:01:58… wow.

Anna didn’t hear any voice through her phone, so she wanted to hang up the call. “Ah, sorry for making you awake. I just want to congratulate you, well uhh…. bye.

“W-wait! Wait!!” Jurina prevented Annin to end the call. “Don’t. I still want to talk with you.” She tried to control her crazy heartbeat. “Thank you. I’m glad that you still remember my birthday.”

I always remember it, Jurina. I just…….

“It’s okay.” Jurina talked after a long silence. “I’m still glad you finally call me. Umm… where are you? Are you in your parent’s house?”

No, I lived in Tokyo since a year ago.

“Really?!” Jurina wanted to jump from her terrace because she was too happy. She’s here?! Cool. “Where’s Kimura? Is he sleeping right now?”

Why do you asking it?

“Because I want to kidnap you tonight. Give me your address and let’s celebrate my birthday.”

Huh?” Annin sounded surprised.

Jurina laughed. “I’m just joking. Of course I won’t be able to kidnap you from your own husband. Just tell me later if you have a free time, I will pick you up. You can bring them with you.” She didn’t hear any answer from Annin and she thought that Annin got confused about something. “You can bring your husband and your kid with you if you want, since maybe if it’s just the two of us… it would be awkward.” She let out giggle, but then she frowned when she still didn’t hear any answer from her beloved girl. “Anna?”

Jurina… Kimura is already dead in the car accident a year ago. That’s why I moved to Tokyo, so I could get a better job as a single parent for my kid.

Jurina gasped. “Oh God!” She closed her mouth with her hand. “I’m so sorry to hear that.”

It’s okay.

Jurina heard Annin’s trembled voice and she felt bad for making Annin’s sad. “Give me your address… Let’s talk.”

We can talk on the phone.

“I see… you may think that I’m still a sneaky girl who will take advantage of you when you’re hurting and alone like this. Believe me that I just want to become a friend who can wrap you up in my arms to comfort you, nothing else.” Jurina tried to make Annin realized that she wasn’t the same old Jurina.

I’m sorry, I can’t. Maybe later, Jurina.

Jurina couldn’t hide her disappointment, but she could understand Annin’s decision to stay away from her. “It’s okay… you need time to receive me back as your friend.” She didn’t lie about it… she only wants to protect Annin as a friend until Annin found a new love again. She knew that being a single parent is hard because her own mother raised her without her father too. She didn’t want the girl that she love the most have a hardship alone in raising a kid.

They talked for few minutes later, but they had to stop when Annin’s kid was suddenly awake because he had a bad dream that made him cried out loud.


For about 2 months they only talked on the phone because Annin always rejected Jurina’s offer to meet. At first, Jurina eagerly wanted to prove that she has changed by asking Annin to meet her… but lately she realized that she didn’t want to push Annin too hard. Let it flow. It was what Jurina thinking.

Jurina changed her ringtone and she gave a special ringtone for Annin, so she would know immediately if Annin called or messaged her. Every night she always waits for Annin’s call because usually Annin would call her at 10PM, but Annin didn’t call her every night though… maybe just once or twice a week. Jurina wanted to call Annin everyday but she resisted her desire… she was afraid that Annin would feel uncomfortable if she do that.

Jurina ran from the bathroom to grab her phone because she heard the special ringtone. “Hi.”

Wow, you’re fast. Every time I call you, you always pick it up in 2 seconds.

Jurina heard Annin’s chuckled and she was so happy to hear that. “It’s because I always bring the phone with me. You know… work stuff can’t wait.” She lied about it since she didn’t want to act so obvious.

I see…” Annin paused for a moment. “How’s your work? I saw you on TV this morning and you looked so gorgeous.

Jurina stunned. Sh-she watched me on TV!!! “My work is okay. How about you? Who’s take care of your kid when you’re in work?” She couldn’t stop grinning because Annin gave her a compliment.

I always bring Taichi with me since my office didn’t prevent it. Fortunately, he is a good kid so my co-worker didn’t complain at all.

“Oh, his name is Taichi. Cute.” Jurina smiled.

Their conversation kept going until an hour, after that they decided to end their conversation because Jurina had a work on the early morning. Every time Annin called her, she could sleep easily after hearing Annin’s voice. She couldn’t stop smiling until she fell asleep.


On the 4th month of their ‘phone relationship’, she got an emergency call from Annin.

J-jurina… help me.

Jurina began to panic. “What happen?!”

Taichi have a fever and his body temperature is very high……” Annin cried. “I don’t know what to do… his body trembled so much, but he didn’t cry. He just…. lay on the bed and his eyes closed.

“Wait there! I will come.” Jurina ended the call and then she rushed out from her flat. She ran as fast as she could to reach her car. But when she sat in her car, she paused. Wait… I even didn’t know her address, stupid! She smacked her forehead. She wanted to laugh but it wasn’t the right moment to laugh at her silliness. “Give me your address.” She said it firmly to Annin through the phone. “Hurry up!” She knew that Annin still doubted her, but it wasn’t a good time to think about their bad relationship in the past.

Annin sighed, but then she told it to Jurina.

After Jurina got the full address, she quickly called the doctor to immediately come to Annin’s house. It was in the middle of the night, but because it’s Matsui Jurina… she could get a good doctor immediately. After that, she drove toward Annin’s house.

When she arrived at Annin’s house, she quickly looked at Taichi’s condition. She touched the forehead and the neck. “Have you checked his temperature?” She asked it to Annin without took off her eyes from the kid.

Annin nodded. “About… 40°C”

“What?!” Jurina was taken aback. “It’s too high.” She saw Annin’s terrified face. “Don’t worry, because the doctor will come in minutes.”

And what Jurina said was true; the doctor came to check Taichi condition. The doctor quickly checked Taichi’s heartbeat, temperature, etc. “The fever is so high. I will give him some medicine to make his temperature down tonight, but if his temperature still same or even higher… please bring her to my hospital tomorrow to do the blood test. Okay?”

Jurina nodded. “Thank you, doctor.”

Before the doctor went out he gave some advises. “Please make him drink warm water as much as he can and don’t cover all of his body with blanket…. because even though he feels cold outside, but actually… inside his body is hot.”

Jurina nodded again.

“Thank you so much, Jurina.” Annin spoke after the doctor went from her house.

“Pfft!” Jurina snorted. “You should thank the doctor, not me.” She yawned. “Do you have coffee?”

“Y-yes… I will make it for you.” When Annin was about to go to the kitchen, Jurina grabbed her hand.

“No, I will make it by myself and I will keep my eye on Takkun tonight.” Jurina walked to the kitchen. “I know that you have to go work tomorrow, just go to sleep. I have a day off tomorrow, so I will bring him to the hospital tomorrow.” She left Annin standing by herself in the living room.

Thank you, Jurina.” Annin uttered it softly while smiling. After that, she went inside her bedroom and entrusted her kid in Jurina’s hand.

After Jurina made her coffee, she went to Taichi’s bedroom and sat beside his bed. She put the hot cup on the table and then she caressed his forehead gently. “You’re cute… like your mom.” She gave a warm smile to the sleeping kid. “Get well soon, kid. I promise I will give you a big present.” She kissed the kid’s forehead and then she took her phone. She played a game there to kill time. Annin is still beautiful as I remember… I love her so badly.

* next day *

Oh shit! I fell asleep. Jurina rubbed her eyes. She stood up and then she touched Taichi’s forehead. Thanks God, he gets better this morning. Ah, I have to make his breakfast. Did Anna already go for work?

Jurina stepped out from Taichi’s bedroom and then she walked toward kitchen. She saw a yellow note that glued on the refrigerator door. She read it. ‘Thank you for taking care of Taichi. J I already made the porridge for Taichi and I also make the toast for you. See you later, Jurina.

Jurina smiled when she read the note. After that, she took the porridge from the bowl beside the stove and brought it to Taichi bedroom. She slowly woke Taichi up and fed him.

“Oh, beautiful Aunty… you’re here~” Taichi seemed confused. “Where’s mom?”

“Your mom is working and I’m in charge in taking care of you today.” Jurina grinned like a kid.

“A-are we going to the h-hospital?” Taichi looked afraid.

Ah, kids hate being injected by the doctor. “If you do everything as I say, I won’t take you to the hospital.”

“I will do anything!” Taichi quickly answered it.

“Good boy.” Jurina ruffled the kid’s hair. “Now, finish your breakfast, drink your water and medicine, and go back to sleep. If you get better soon, I will give you a big present.” She smiled.

“Roger!” Taichi said it out loud.

Jurina chuckled when she saw a cute kid in front of her.

In an hour later, Taichi already go back to sleep. She turned off the light and then she walked toward the dining table to get her toast. “Ahh… I’m hungry.” She ate the toast while watching the TV. Just like years ago, the toast made by Annin is always delicious. Ahh… I missed this.


“Jurina… Jurina.”

Jurina felt someone touched her arms. She opened her eyes slowly. “Oh, Anna. You’re home.”

“Yes. How’s Taichi?”

Jurina woke up from the couch. “He is okay. He’s sleeping right now. I didn’t bring him to the hospital because his temperature has been gone down since this morning.” She yawned while glancing at the clock. “I think I have to go home now.” She scratched her head.

“Let’s have dinner first. I will cook something for you before you go.”

Jurina shrugged. “Up to you.” After she said it, she saw Annin went to the kitchen. She followed Annin to the kitchen. “Is there anything that I can help?”

Annin shook her head. “Don’t worry… I can do it by myself.”

“Okay.” Jurina crossed her arms and rested her back on the wall. She was just standing there and watching Annin’s back figure. Just by watching Annin already made her heartbeat went crazily. I think I want to… ugh! Being in the same house with someone that we love is surely hard to not thinking about IT! Come on Jurina… calm down!!

“If you keep staring at me like that, I can’t focus on this.” Annin said it without looking at Jurina.

“Then leave it. I won’t die even though I don’t eat anything in one night.” Jurina’s eyes were still glued on Annin. “I will die if you prevent me to not looking at you. I miss you so much.”

Annin sighed. “Not now, Jurina. Don’t start that topic again.”

“Do you love Kimura-san? You always sad every time you mentioning about his death.”

Annin turned off the stove and then she turned her body. “If you want to talk about something like this… you better go home now.” She glared at Jurina.

Jurina didn’t care about Annin’s words, she kept going. “This afternoon, I saw your bookshelf and I found many things about me there. You bought all magazines and newspapers that have me in it. Why don’t you just tell me that you miss me as well? Why don’t you just be honest with me?”

“This is why I never let you to come here… because you will know immediately that I still love you.” Annin bit her lips, trying hard to not cry. “Every time I remember about Kimura’s death make me feel regret because even until his last breath… I can’t love him.” Her voice cracked.

W-wait… I don’t expect her to say that she love me. I thought that she only missed me, not loving me. Jurina were shocked. “If you didn’t love him so why did you marry him?! Don’t you know that you hurt both of us???”

“I’m sorry….” Annin couldn’t hold back her tears anymore. “I’m so sorry…. I’m too angry back then… too desperate… too disappointed at you.”

“I’m sorry.” Jurina quickly reached Annin’s hand and pulled Annin into her arms. She rubbed Annin’s back and stroke Annin’s hair gently to calm her down. “Sshhh… don’t cry. It’s okay. It’s okay.” She patted Annin’s head while her other arm keep hugging Annin’s body tightly. “I love you too. I still love you.”

Annin wrapped her arms on Jurina’s waist and she buried her face on Jurina’s neck. “I know… you always say it everywhere. That’s why I can’t stop loving you since I know that you also never stop to love me. I feel bad for Kimura because of that.”

Jurina smiled when she heard it from Annin’s lips. “So, you believe in me? Can you trust me again to love you like this again? To hug you like this again? To keep you safe in my arm again? To wipe your tears again?”

“I believe you now.” Annin hugged Jurina tightly.

“Ohh… thanks Annin.” Jurina felt so relieved. The words that she wanted to hear for 5 years finally came out from Annin’s lips. “I will never do any stupid thing again… EVER again.” She captured Annin’s lips. She kissed Annin passionately. I miss her… I love her…

After some minutes with kissing, Annin felt that Jurina’s delicate hands was about to sneak inside her blouse. She stopped Jurina’s hands. “Taichi is in the bedroom… he can come out anytime.” She whispered it against Jurina’s lips.

“We can do it in your room then. I won’t forget to lock the door.” Jurina whispered back and it succeed in making Annin’s face got redder instantly.

Annin was surprised by Jurina’s seducing whisper. “P-pervert!!” She pushed Jurina slowly from her body.

Jurina gave a mischievous smirk. “That’s right.”

Annin smacked Jurina’s head. “STUPID!”

“Yes, I am.” Jurina simply answered it and her lips began to assault Annin’s neck.

She pushed Jurina again. “I HATE YOU!” Annin raised her voice as Jurina began to tease her.

Jurina crossed her arms while smiling. “Then should we break up… again?”

Annin was taken aback. “I don’t want that… we’ve just back together for 20 minutes.” She looked at the ground and hides her blushing face.

Too cute. Jurina chuckled. “Me too, so… let’s make up.” She wrapped her arms on Annin’s slender waist again. “I love you. I will take care of you and Takkun.” She said it firmly while looking straight to Annin’s eyes.

“I love you too. Thank you for everything.” This time… Annin was the one who kissed Jurina. She slowly pushed Jurina toward her bedroom and then she locked the door. Their kisses grew hotter, wilder and more passionate. Their lips couldn’t stop smiling on that night.

============================== THE END ==============================

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