SayaMilky – Look at Me!


There are many people out there who hardly express their feelings to someone that they love. But Milky’s case is quite different; she can easily express her feeling toward people. She’s expert in ‘fishing’ people. That’s why everybody always takes all the things that she said as a joke.

How if… she really meets someone that she love and then she want to confess her true feeling? How can she express her feeling properly when the only person that she really love always takes it as a joke?

Look at Me

“Sayanee… daisuki!” Milky grinned at the girl who was still sitting on the chair in the classroom. “The way you always take care of me and protecting me… I love you for that.” She took a deep breath. “Please go out with me!”

Sayanee frowned and then she tilted her head. “Yes-Yes, of course I love you too.”

Milky looked at Sayanee in disbelief way, she couldn’t believe that she would get a light answer and a quick reply for something serious like that. “Wha-”

“Are you in a good mood today?” Sayanee stood up and then she put her books into her bag. “You always say something like that to me when you’re happy.” She shrugged. “Are you going to go home with me or not? But I have to go to the convenience store first.”

“Eh?” Milky stunned. “Wait a sec-”

Sayanee walked toward the door. “Seriously Milky, you don’t have to flatter me like that every time you want something from me. If you just want me to help you doing your homework again, I’m happy to do it.”

“B-but I’m se-”

“Hurry up.” Sayanee grabbed Milky’s hand and pulled her along toward the door.

Milky let herself was dragged by Sayanee. She looked at Sayanee’s back figure while trying to follow the other girl who gripped her wrist tightly. She sighed. I will never be able to touch her heart.


“Hey Miyuki-san”

Milky turned her head and then she saw three girls were approaching her. “Hm?” She smiled brightly at them.

One of the girls took something from her bag. “Here. I’ll let you borrow my laptop for your next class. Don’t forget your promise that you’re going to treat me tomorrow.” She placed the white laptop on Milky’s desk.

Milky stood up. “Thank you so much.” She held the girl’s hands gently. “You’re my savior today…. I love you from the bottom of my heart. I really do.” Her eyes were sparkling when she said it and she also rubbed the girl’s hands gently.

“E-eh?” The girl’s cheeks became redder and hotter. The classroom became so quiet and full of awkwardness after they heard what Milky said.

“There is it! It’s Milky’s special ability!” The other girl giggled. “Her ‘fishing’ skill is so amazing.”

“Seductress!” The third girl was laughing as well.

Milky was confused. “What?” She looked at them alternately.

Sayanee who watched them from the corner of the class, suddenly laughed so hard. “You say things too lightly, Milky.” She stood up and then she walked toward Milky. “Thank Goodness you’re a girl, if you were a boy… I’m sure that many girls’ hearts will be broken.”

Milky clenched her fist. “But I only say ‘go out with me’ to you, Sayanee…” She tried to say it as cute as she could.

“………..” Everybody facepalmed and sighed. Some of them were giggled.

Sayanee laughed again. “Enough with this ‘fishing’ thingy, okay?” She patted Milky’s shoulder. “I want to go to cafeteria, I’m hungry.” She walked away while waving her hand. “See you in the next class. Don’t flirt with them again.”

Milky looked at Sayanee’s back and let out a soft sigh.


Milky threw her body onto the bed with a book in her hand. She read the title of the book that she bought on the book store yesterday. “Best Confessions of Love.” She opened the book and read it seriously.

You can confess your love in various romantic situation, such as:
~ While looking at the night sky and the stars
~ While holding hands
~ During moment of silence
~ Only two of you on the roof or empty classroom
~…. etc.


Milky nodded. “Oh, great! I’ll try one of them.” She turned another page and continued reading.

Best romantic words, EVER:
~ “You make me so happy”
~ “You’re so cute”
~ “You’re so much fun”
~ “I want to be with you”
~ “Please go out with me”
~ “I want to hold you. I want to kiss you” …………………………….


Milky gasped as she read the last sentence.W-wait… what?!!! K-kiss?! She felt her cheeks became hotter while imagining the scene.  She was imagining Sayanee’s red-tempting-sexy lips clashed with her lips… dancing with her lips. Stupid! What I’m thinking?! She smacked her own head.

Milky didn’t want to continue her dirty thought, so she turned off the light and then she used the book to cover her face. I’ve said those sweet words to her over and over again, but… why every word that I say seems so difficult in reaching her heart? Why can’t I get it right? No matter how much I say it, it isn’t enough!


Two girls walked together under the night sky of Osaka. Both of them were wearing the scarf on their necks. It seemed the weather was still cold since it was the third week of January… pretty cold.

Milky glanced at the girl who walking with her, Sayanee. She glanced at Sayanee’s face and Sayanee’s hand alternately. Grab her hand. Grab her hand. Grab her hand. Grab her hand. Grab her hand…. She braced herself to slide her hand, trying to entwine their fingers together.

Sayanee flinched as she felt that someone touching her hand. She quickly raised her hand in order to avoid the skinship. “Eww! What’s this all of a sudden?!” She looked at Milky’s surprised face. “What? Are you cold?”

Suddenly, Milky’s expression became gloomy. She looked away and then she put her hand back into her pocket. “Nothing.” She walked faster and intended to leave the other girl behind. But then, she felt that her wrist was grabbed by someone, the moment after that… her body was pulled and then something warm touched her cold cheek.

“You’re cold.” It was Sayanee who placed a pack of ‘hand warmer’ to Milky’s cheek using her right hand while her other hand kept holding Miyuki’s wrist.

Milky’s heartbeat became uncontrolled as she saw Sayanee looked straight into her eyes. W-wait… what the book says? She tried hard to remember one quote from the book. “S-sayanee… the stars are pretty, aren’t they?”

Sayanee frowned. She let go of Milky’s cheek and wrist, she looked at the sky. “Where are they? You can see the stars right now?” She travelled her sight around the sky, but she found nothing… only the dark sky. “I wonder if my sight is been getting worse.”

SHIT! Milky facepalmed after she looked at the night sky. There’s no fucking star here! I’m FAILED.

“Well… I can’t see the stars, but…. the city lights are pretty, aren’t they?” Sayanee smiled. “Just like on the Christmas Day.”

Milky stunned, she was admiring Sayanee’s warm smile. Warmth… my cheeks felt so warm in the middle of this freezing weather. And the city lights, which I hadn’t even noticed before, are suddenly dazzling. It’s because… I’m in love with Sayanee.

“What’s up?” Sayanee frowned as she saw Milky’s weird expression.

Milky grabbed both of Sayanee’s hands. “Sayanee! I LOVE YOU!!!!” She was squeezing the other girl’s hands.

Sayanee just gave a laugh as the answer. “Hahahhaha. I’ve heard that one before.” She released her hands from Milky’s grip and then she ruffled Milky’s hair. “I’ve told you to not say something like that too lightly. People might be misunderstood.”

Milky tried really hard to hold her tears as she felt so desperate.  I want to convey this feeling so badly!
I just want… some kind of reaction.
The reaction that will give me a little sign… my words have been reached her heart.


“Let’s go home together.” Sayanee dragged Milky out from the class.

Milky just sighed and let herself was being dragged by Sayanee. We’ve became friends since years ago, but she always dragging without care. She just walked in silence beside Sayanee, they were heading to subway station.

But even before they passed the school gate, a long-black haired girl stopped them. “E-excuse me…” She stuttered. “I… I am a second year student…!” She bowed her head at them.

Milky tilted her head. Who’s this beautiful girl?

“Y-yamamoto S-sayaka senpai….” The girl continued her words while looking shyly at Sayanee. “I… I see you every morning in the subway and also… I’ve been watching you playing the guitar every day.” She blushed. “I’ve always thought that you’re cool and nice.” She took something from her bag.

Sayanee looked at her kohai, anticipating what the kohai girl would say to her next.

“Here!” The girl handed a pink letter to Sayanee’s hand. “If it isn’t a bother, please read this!”

Milky gasped. She quickly turned her head to Sayanee and then her knee became weak after she saw Sayanee’s blushed cheeks. Fuck! She quickly grabbed the letter from Sayanee’s hand and then she threw it back to the kohai’s hand. “It’s a bother!!!!”

“Eh?!” Both of Sayanee and the kohai were shocked.

“We don’t want it!!!” Milky grabbed Sayane’s hand and then she dragged Sayanee went toward the gate. “Now, we have to get the subway on time, so please excuse us!!!”

Milky kept dragging Sayanee walked away from the strange girl. “WHAT WAS UP WITH THAT GIRL?! Popping out of nowhere like that! Fuck!”

Sayanee gasped. She stopped and the she escaped her hand from Milky’s strong grip. “What’s wrong with you?!”

“What’s wrong with you, Sayanee?!” Milky clenched her fist. “Getting all red like that just because a girl giving you a stupid letter!! How ridiculous!”

Sayanee’s anger was boiling up because of humiliating words that came from her best friend’s lips. “So what?! Huh? Of course I’d get a little flustered! NOBODY’s ever confessed to me before! I’m not like you who can easily ‘fishing’ everyone! Flirting with everyone! Many girls confessed their love to you! But me? NOBODY!!”

“I refused all of them!!!” Milky felt so frustrated. “I confess to you all the time!!!! Look at me!”

Sayanee was taken aback. “Huh?”

Milky looked at the ground, avoiding Sayanee’s eyes. “I say it all the time, that… I’m in love with you, Sayanee. Aren’t I constantly saying it?”

“What?” Sayanee rolled her eyes. “It’s ridiculous. This is not the right time to joke with me.”

“SEE?!” Milky raised her voice. “Look at this! How many times do I have to say it before you believe me? I keep repeating ‘I love you’ words for 3 years but it always bouncing back!!”

“W-wait… wait…” Sayanee rubbed her forehead. “Wait a second… eh? Huh?” The memories of Milky confessed her love… popped up in her head rapidly. Sh-she said that she love me for hundreds times… no…. maybe for thousands times. She placed both of her hands on her own waist while trying to understand what was happen to them. “D-don’t tell me every time you said that you were absolutely and totally… serious?”

“What did you think?!”

Sayanee flinched as she saw Milky’s reddened cheeks and seriousness in her eyes. She couldn’t say anything again. She was too shocked. Right after that, she saw the tears rolled down on Milky’s cheeks.

“If I… wrote you a letter as well… would you believe me then?” Milky was sobbing. “No matter what I do, you won’t believe me… When will you look at me as a girl? Not as a flirty girl who always ‘fishing’ people?” She walked closer toward Sayanee and then she rested her face on Sayanee’s neck. “Tell me… what am I supposed to do?” She wrapped her arms on Sayanee’s waist. “I hate you, Sayanee. You jerk.” She was still sobbing. “No matter how many times it takes, I’ll keep saying it until the day it reaches you and beyond.”

On the other hand, Sayanee still stunned. Her cheeks… blushed.

Sayanee’s cheeks blushed without Milky knowing it.


“WAIT WHAT?!” Milky hit the table. “You said that Valentine’s Day was going to be just you and me! How did it turn into 5 people?!”

Sayanee chewed her gum while playing games on her smartphone. “It’s fine.” She rolled her eyes without looking at Milky.

“It’s not fine! Ugh!”

“Ano….” The voice came from Milky’s back. “It’s quite rude, you know? You treat us like a virus or something terrible.” The girl looked so down.

“Ah. I’m sorry. It’s not what I mean.” Milky looked at the 3 girls who stood in front of her. “But Valentine’s Day is a special day! It’s a day you’re supposed to spend alone with the girl you love! It’s not like I don’t enjoy playing with you guys.” She folded her hand, hoping that her friends would understand.

“BUAHAHAHHAHA!!” The 3 girls laughed really hard. “Looks like someone loves you, Sayaka-san.” They teased Sayanee. “Don’t you have an answer for her, Sayaka-san?” They kept laughing.

Milky turned her head at Sayanee’s direction. “I love you, Sayanee! It’s totally sincere!” She gasped as she saw Sayanee’s cheeks changed its color. “E-eh? EH?”

Sayanee looked at Milky in a awkward way because she felt her cheeks became hotter and redder. She forgot the game in her hands and the gum in her mouth. She felt so… weird. Her phone fell from her grip.

The 3 girls kept laughing and they didn’t realize that Milky and Sayanee were staring at each other with their blushing cheeks.

T-that reaction……. It finally reached; my words have been reached her heart. She looks at me. Milky smiled at Sayanee. Finally.

“Okay… just the two of us.” Sayanee’s answer made the 3 girls stop laughing.

========================= THE END =========================

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