YukiRena – New Life

Notes: This story is inspired by wafflekyun‘s post


Black and Gekikara, known as 2 of 4 queens of Rappapa. When they already graduated from Majijo, is their life still same as before? Do fight is still become their biggest desire when they’re start to step on adult life?


I entered a small cafe near the supermarket where I worked. I saw an empty table and then I sat on the chair without thinking too much.

Where is she? I sighed. Is she fight with some random yankee before she get here? Or maybe I walked too fast? I facepalmed. I think that I need to learn how to walk slower.

I started to read my ‘bible’ to kill some time.

*5 Minutes Later*


Someone opened the door harshly. I glanced the door. Seriously Geki, you don’t need to waste your awesome power just to open a small door. I rolled my eyes.

I raised my hand so she can notice me. Yes, she looked at me but in 2 seconds later she looked away to a table in the corner of the cafe. She smirked and started to giggle.

This is bad.

She approached 2 men who sat there.

“Get off your ass, I wanna sit here.” She put her hand on her neck and let it hung there.

“What the heck?!” A man hit the table and then he stood up. “Don’t you see that I’m the first who sit here?!”

“I said… I WANNA SIT HERE!!” Gekikara raised her voice.

“You son of a bitch!” Another man stood up and he lifted his fist.

I approached them quickly. I mean… really quickly since I have an awesome speed. I grabbed his fist. “Move or you’ll regret!” I glared at both of them.

They looked shocked because they didn’t notice where I came from, when I got there, and how I could got there in a blink of eye. “O-okay…”

Both of them left us and they chose another table.

“Geki, stop being reckless. You can’t pick a fight wherever and whenever you want.” I sighed.

“I’m sorry. I just want to sit here because it seems more quiet here. We can’t talk properly if we surrounded by others.” She smiled as she sat in front of me.

“Okay, you better hurry. My lunch break almost over.” I looked at the clock that hanging on the wall.

She avoided my eyes. “Ummm… Hmmm…. *cough* Ehhmmm…” She seemed hesitant and nervous.

“Come on, Geki. You act strangely.” I rolled my eyes.

She put both of her hands on the table and then she looked at my eyes. From her gaze, I knew that she wanted to say something serious.

“Let’s live together.”

I gasped. I was really shocked. I rarely showing my overreaction to other people, but those words make wanna eat a ton of salt. “W-what?! You know… this is not a proper time to joking with me, I need to go back to work soon.”

She seemed a little bit disappointed by my answer. “Do I look like joking to you?” She looked at the ceiling.“I’ve waiting for 2 years to say it again to you.”


I visited Geki in the hospital, she stabbed by one of Yabakune’s student.

I told her that I can kill the one who stabbed her at that time but she prevented me. She said that we can’t took someone’s life just because we hate them.

I smiled. She has changed.

After we did some chit chat, suddenly the topic turned into another topic that made me felt so awful.

“So, that’s why you refused me? You had a boyfriend before and both of you already had a baby?” She seemed sad. “I understand, sorry. I’m sure that you have a happy family.” She gave me a bitter smile.

I sighed and then I looked away. “He left me when I was still pregnant.”

She surprised. “Then why your refused me?”

I tighten my grip onto her blanket. “Although my baby is came from an ‘accident’ between me and him, but… I’ve betrayed you, I can’t be with you.”

She caressed my cheek. “Your baby isn’t an accident, he’s a gift.”

I started to cry and then she wiped my tears. “Wait for me.”

I frowned. “Hm?”

“I can’t graduate this year and I can’t keep my promise to Yuko senpai. But, you can trust my promise now… one day, I will come back to you and ask you a same question like I’ve ever asked you 2 months ago.”

Let’s live together, will you? That question repeated in my head.


“You just graduated a half year ago, Geki. Is it okay for you?” I looked out the window. “I have a child. We’ll disturbing your life.”

She took out a small box and then she put it on the table. She stood up. “I’m going first, see you later.” She walked out.

I saw her crossing the street and then walked away without looked at me again.

I opened the box that she gave to me. A key? I found a letter too.

This is my apartment address.
That’s not a big place, but I’ve worked hard these months so I can rent it.
I love you.

I chuckled as my tears rolling on my cheeks. That brat, she changed too much. How can she bad on her study but she’s expert in love?

=================== 2 Years Later ===================

No!! She didn’t change at all! I groaned as I saw so many crumbs on the floor. It even leave her trail!! I followed the crumbs and it ended in our bedroom.

Geki has the tendency to make our house dirty because she often left so many crumbs on the floor after eating her favourite biscuits or crackers.

I saw her played with our child. They laughed together when she tickled his stomach. “Geki, can you just sit on one spot when you eat your crackers? I already swept the floor over 20 times today!”

She simply shrugged it off. “You moving fast. I thought it’s not a big deal for you. You can clean the house in one go.” She grinned.

I smacked my head. “Yes, I can clean it faster but I still have many things to do. I need to do the laundry and cook the meal for us. Although I have this kind of speed ability, but I can tired too.”

She put our child on the bed and then she gave him a toy to play. “Okay!! I will cook for us! It doesn’t matter for me.” She walked to the kitchen.


“Black, look! I made you a soup.”

“I won’t eat that.”

“Why? I only put 10 spoons of tabasco this time.”



“G-Geki!!” I grabbed Geki’s hand before she succeeded to turn on the stove. “Let’s just buy our dinner.”

Even though I’m not really good in cooking, but…. she was terribly bad!! And she often put too much pepper and chili sauce, it made me and our child couldn’t eat it and end up with bought our meal outside.

That’s why I never let her to do the cooking even if I can’t do it sometimes. We usually will order some food or buy a take out to feed our growling stomach.

“Okay.” She entered our bedroom and then she carried our child on her shoulders. “Let’s fly outside, boy!! We’ll buy our dinner. Fffooooommm…” Geki imitated the sound of plane as she ran outside.

I chuckled.

At the early days of our relationship, when we started to live together, I didn’t trust Geki that much (since I knew how Gekikara was at Majijo) to take care of our child but as time goes on I found out that leaving our kid into her hands doesn’t seem like a bad thing.

Sometimes when I was too busy with my job, Gekikara will offered herself to watch the little one at home. Unexpected, we had no problem with taking care of my boy.

*Few Days Later*

I pressed the bell. I heard Geki ran towards the door and then she opened it for me.

“Welcome back. Why do you come late? I even arrived 2 hours ago from my work.” She pouted and then she dragged me inside. “It can’t be good for a girl to walk outside in the middle of the night.”

“Geki.. It’s still 10PM.”

Yeah… she mad at me if she came home earlier than me. She always says that a ‘wife’ should come home first.

I often laughed by myself if she said it, I mean… why she want to be a ‘husband’ so badly? We both girls. Even though it become a must to choose who’s the wife and who’s the husband, I can’t let her become a ‘husband’ so easily because she didn’t have any responsibility at all.

“Sorry, I took overtime in supermarket because we need some extra cash to buy some new clothes for our boy, he grow up too fast!” I giggled.

Well… I thought that it was funny until I saw her face. I guess… I bring a wrong topic.

She walked away and then she threw her body onto the couch. “You know.. you can simply tell me if you need something.” She pouted. “I can work harder.”

I sighed. Geez! A ‘husband’ syndrome again?! 

I sat beside her. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feeling.” I held her face and made her looked at me. “You already worked too hard for me and for my kid, I can’t let myself to increase your burden because of a tiny case like that.” I pecked her lips. “I love you.”

She blushed. “W-well.. O-okay… I think I become too sensitive.” She hugged me.

I smirked. I think I found a new way to calm her.

I tried to use it everytime she started too worry about me or when she was angry at me because of some random cases, and it works!

I thought that trick will succeed in any cases, but I guess I was wrong. Buying her some spicy crackers is a must or else Geki will be in a mad at me for a whole week and go punch some random yankee on the street

“Where’s my crackers? I opened the the refrigerator but I didn’t find it.”

I gasped. I stood up quickly and I held her hands. I looked terribly felt regret. “I forgot to buy it. I forgot to checked our refrigerator this morning, I thought there were some packs left. I promise that I will go home earlier tomorrow and give you some big packs.”

I wanna kiss her but she stepped back. She seemed really mad. “You can sleep first, I wanna take a walk outside.”

She went out and then she slammed the door. I sighed.


*On The Weekend*

We sat on the couch in our living room after our kid already slept an hour ago. He was too tired because he played hide and seek with us inside our house. We often spent our holiday played with our kid at home because I rarely get a time off.

Living room was our favorite place to be together since we love to sat on the comfy couch while reading a book or watching some movies.

I sat calmly beside her and listened her while she told me some funny story. Geki often dominates our conversation or activity since I prefers to just sat and be quiet all the time.

But it didn’t mean that I never spoke at all. Sometimes I will make some comments on her story and giggled when Geki act like a completely idiot.

After an hour she talked (and never stops) some random stories, she turned on the TV and I started to read my book again.

When the channel showing an American Rock MV, she stopped changed the channel and then she started humming. I didn’t have an amazing IQ like our friend, Nezumi… I can’t concentrate if there’re too many sound that I heard, so I decided to stopped reading for a while and listened Geki’s voice.

I didn’t really mind it since I loves Geki’s voice while humming various rock songs. I even influenced by her… sometimes when we were having a bath, I often asked her the name of the song.. and then I will listening to it secretly.

Finally… Geki finished humming and I could continue to read again. She decided to turn off the TV because there’s no interesting channel for her anymore.

“You look so beautiful while reading.”

I surprised and then I looked at her. I didn’t realize that she kept staring at me since a few minutes ago. “Don’t fooling around. You make me lost my concentrate again, Geki.” I said it as I felt my cheeks blushed.

“I’m serious! I feel like I can stare at you for a whole day.” She grinned.

I chuckled. I never understand why the scene of ‘I’m reading a book’ was so interesting for her, but deep down I found it kinda cute. “Quit staring me.” I grabbed my cup and drank my hot tea.

“Let’s go on honeymoon in 2 or 3 years later. How about… going abroad?”

I spitted out my tea. “That’s too random! You made me choked. Can you stop making me lost my concentrate? I wanna read my book.”

She laughed. “Okay. I’m sorry.” She stood up. “Well… I will sleep first.” She kissed my forehead. “Don’t sleep too late.”

I nodded and then I saw her entered our bedroom. I sighed.

Honeymoon was never been an option for us since we were too busy punching some yankee in our youth days. And now, we working hard so we will be able to pay some bills and fulfill our needs. But probably… the thought of going honeymoon never leave Geki’s mind and still be one of her future desire. 

We always wondered if us could ever go into other countries such as America or England. Geki often watch a travelling programs in TV and it always excite her and makes her even more curious about how the other side of the world look like in her own eyes.

I chuckled quietly because I never expected that the bloody-scary-creepy girl could have a romantic thought like that.


We rarely had a big quarrel, but there was a time when I got really irritated at her and I couldn’t tolerate it.

“Are you fighting again?” I crossed my arms

I never likes it when she came how so late with bruises and bloods, it’s indicating the fight that she just got into.

“We’re adults now and there are a lot of important things to worry about rather than just fighting with some yankee like we used to do in our glory days. We’re not kids anymore! Wake up, Rena!”

Both of us knew that if I already at my limit, I would started calling Geki by her real name.

Geki remained silent, she couldn’t do much about it and just let me alone for quite some time.

*A Week Later*

It’s been a week since we fought over her childish attitude. I planned to didn’t talk to her for more longer so she can realize and reflect her mistake.

But…. I couldn’t hold it when I saw her went home drenched. “You seems forgot to bring your umbrella.“ I wiped her wet hair with a towel as she entered the door.

She shocked. “D-didn’t you still mad at me?”

“Not anymore. Well…. say thanks to the rain.”

She put her hands around my waist. “I’m really sorry about what happened. Somehow… I missed to entered some battle fields. You know… I love fighting.”

“You can fight with me if you want it so badly.” I replied sarcastically.

She sighed. “I promise that I won’t do it again. I love you and I really missed you.”

“I’m sorry too. I’m being too strict towards you, but I just didn’t want something bad happen to you again. Didn’t you remember how sad I was when I saw you arrested by the police? Didn’t you remember how panic I was when I saw you in the hospital?? You almost died because of someone’s knife!” My eyes teary when those scenes flashing in my head.

She approached my face and then she pressed her lips against mine. “I’m sorry… I hate to see you sad.” She captured my lips again as her hands entered my shirt.

“G-geki…” I was surprised. Honestly, we didn’t do ‘it’ for quite long time because we were too busy with our own work.

She nibbled my ears and it caused me let out a soft moans. “You can call me Rena tonight. Is our boy already slept?” She whispered it.

I nodded.

Well… let’s enjoy our night.“ She smirked.


We have a blanket around us, we drank some hot chocolate together while cuddling in the couch since it was a cold night. We definitely became very reluctant to do other thing if we already reached our ultimate comfort.

I leaned my head on her shoulder as she wrapped her hand around my waist. “Rena, do you remember when the first time we met?”

She chuckled. “How can I forget, Yuki?”


It was a nice summer day for young Kashiwagi Yuki until some bastards flirt with her in the way home from school.

Those boys were rude and it was became an enough reason for Yuki to start punching their face. She wasn’t a yankee at that time but she knew how to fight already, thanks to her karate lessons.

Unfortunately, those boys were too much for Yuki to handle.

“I’ll be happy to assist you.”

A certain tall person suddenly came in the middle of Yuki’s fight, offered her hands to help the cornered young girl who immediately nodded to such an offer.

“Good. Oh, and the name is Rena by the way. Matsui Rena.”

It only took seconds for them to finish the remaining boys, had their uniform covered in blood and parted ways but somehow they knew that they will definitely meet again somewhere.


I smiled. “If it wasn’t because of those pervert boys, I will never met you.”

She caressed my cheeks. “Yeah.. I even entered Majijo because of you. And ummmm…. I didn’t tell it to you before but… after that day, I came to their school and I crush them until their bodies completely covered by blood.”

“What?!” I lifted my head and looked at her eyes. “You already became a yankee in a such young age?!”

She pecked my lips. “Please don’t yell at me again tonight.”

I shrugged and then I put my head to her shoulder again.

“Hey,” she picked a story book from the table, “please read it for me.”

I saw the title. “Little Red Riding Hood?!” Geki seemed to have a huge interest into these kind of stories especially the one that have a wolf character on it.

She grinned.

I smacked her head. “Still childish at all.” I grabbed the book from her hand.

She lie down on the couch, she put her head on my thigh. I caressed her head while I read it for her.

I finished reading it. She already slept on my lap. “Good night, Rena. I love you. You’re a perfect lover for me.” I closed my eyes.

Thanks God, you gave me this girl as my partner.

===================== THE END =====================

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