SayaJuri – Our Dreams


What if our ambition make us forget about our truly dreams?

Would the competitiveness make 2 lovers become parted?

Our Dreams


Sayaka stood up on the outdoor terrace of her flat. She sighed a lot… over and over again. She looked down at the Japan’s night traffic from her 14th floor flat. Jurina… She let out a sigh again.


Jurina stood up while clenching her fist. “It’s easy for you to say that because you had already got what’s you want!!” She yelled at Sayaka.

Sayaka stepped closer toward Jurina. “Jurina… it’s not what I mean-”

“Don’t come here again!!” Jurina pointed her finger at Sayaka.

Sayaka stopped. “O-okay… okay… I won’t touch you, but please calm down.”

“That’s not what I mean.” Jurina looked away. “I mean… don’t come to see me again… EVER AGAIN!”

Sayaka flinched as she heard those words came out from her beloved girl’s lips. “Is it means… you want to…” She bit her own lips before she said it… said the words that she was afraid the most. “…break up with me?”


Sayaka rubbed her forehead. Damn it, Jurina! Slowly… the tears appeared from her eyes and then it rolled down on her cheeks. She closed her eyes and let her sadness out of her hearts.

=============================== **** ===============================

Jurina sat near the window. She sat on a chair while holding her legs near to her chest and she rested her chin onto her knee. I’m doomed. I will never win against her… and I also… lost her.

*FLASHBACK – 6 years ago*

No one had ever expecting that two ikemen in their high school could become a couple. A cool and charismatic senpai could be defeated by a cute little puppy yet a wild tomboy kohai.

It all started when Jurina sneaked out from a boring history class and went to the rooftop to get her extra time for napping. When she opened the rooftop door, she could hear the melodious voice and the guitar sound came from outside. She stepped out and then she looked around to look for the owner of the beautiful voice. She found the girl who was singing… it was Sayaka.

Sayaka stopped as she heard footsteps came from her back side. She quickly turned her head to see who it was. The moment she saw Jurina stood there… her heart was immediately beating fast. She saw how beautiful Jurina with her black-silky hair that covered some part of the cute face because of the strong wind. “H-hi.” She smiled while her heart was pounding loudly. “Are you sneaking out from your class too?”

Jurina showed her wide grin, revealing her teeth. “Yes! History class becomes so boring lately.”

Sayaka let out a soft giggle because of the younger’s bold answer. “Same here.”

Jurina walked toward Sayaka and then she sat beside her senpai. “Your voice is not a joke, senpai. Wow!”

“Ah, you hear it.” Sayaka looked at her guitar again because she couldn’t control her heartbeat if she kept looking at the younger’s cute smile.

“Please sing more~”

“U-uh?” Sayaka turned her head toward Jurina and then she saw the cute puppy showed the super cute pleading eyes at her. It was the moment when she realized that Jurina won her heart already. “Okay.” She knew that it was happened too fast, so she wanted to hide it until the day she would really sure about her feelings. What song do you like?”

Jurina looked so excited and then she enjoyed Sayaka’s voice after she uttered a title of her favorite song. Beautiful… She closed her eyes while enjoying the wind and the song.

====================== **** ======================

Some months had passed and entire school already knew that the two famous girls became best friends. They often saw the two spent their free time together, like… playing basketball together, having lunch in the cafeteria together, joking around, or walking home together.

“Oi, Sayaka-chan.” Jurina patted Sayaka’s shoulder gently.

Sayaka flinched. “Y-yeah?”

“Daydreaming, huh?” Jurina laughed. “I said that… we have to cancel our plan to go karaoke together because Rena-chan asked me out this Saturday.”

“Oh. Is she the 3rd year student who gave you a chocolate last time?”

“Yeah.” Jurina simply nodded while her hands were busy taking off her jacket.

Sayaka sat and watched Jurina began to dance, following the beats of the hip-hop song. “You’re quite popular among our senpai, huh? Such a flirty freshman.”

“You sound like a lonely sophomore student.” Jurina grinned while kept showing her energetic dance.

Sayaka rested her back onto the wall without taking off her eyes from Jurina. “I’d better alone rather than being called as a kissing monster.” She started to mock Jurina.

“Uh-huh.” Jurina shook her head. “Not now, Sayaka-chan. Don’t pick a fight while I’m dancing, it’ll ruin my concentration.”

Sayaka shrugged and then she didn’t say anything again. She just sat and glued her eyes on Jurina, enjoying all Jurina’s dance moves. Her heart almost burst out when she saw Jurina began to do the sexy dance moves. I always defeated by this. Jurina’s sexy moves in a full of sweat body… it sent shivers up her spine. Damn it! She took a bottle and then she drank all water in it.

“Hey! You drink my water!” Jurina put her hands on her slender waist. “I’m tired because I’m dancing for almost an hour, but you spent all my water even though you just sit there all the time?!” She glared at Sayaka.

Sayaka rolled her eyes. “Do you love dance THAT much?”

“Yes. I love dance more than everything in this world!”

Sayaka stood up while holding the empty bottle. She walked toward Jurina and then she gave a quick kiss on Jurina’s lips. “But I love you more than singing.”

“…” Jurina dumbfounded.

“What? You have a heart attack because of a kiss, kissing monster? How ironic it is.” Sayaka laughed. “I will re-fill the water for you.” She walked out from the empty classroom.

Jurina touched her lips while watching Sayaka’s back figure. She began to panic when Sayaka stepped out from the classroom. “Wait-wait-wait!” She felt her cheeks became hotter than before, not because she was tired but because of Sayaka’s words. As far as I know, my love for dance is in the same level with her love for sing… she put all of her strong determination in to it. But… if she said that she love me more than singing, it means… She gasped.

“What are you thinking, baka?”

Jurina flinched as Sayaka showed up from nowhere. Her heartbeat was in incredible speed.

“Here your water.” Sayaka threw the bottle toward Jurina and Jurina managed to catch it. “I have to go home first. See you on Monday.” She took her bag from the floor. “Have a nice date tomorrow, Jurina.” She smiled and then she walked out. Indeed it was a fake smile from her lips. She felt so jealous, nervous, and uneasy every time she remembered that Jurina was going to go on date with someone else. Ahh! I’m going to be crazy! She smacked her head.

====================== **** ======================

“Oh, Jurina?!” Sayaka was surprised as she saw Jurina stood in front of her house at night. “What are you doing here?” She saw Jurina was panting. “Are you running from someone?” She looked around but she didn’t see anyone chase after Jurina. “Where’s Rena? Didn’t you have a date with h-” She stopped bombarding Jurina with dozens questions because her lips already sealed by Jurina’s lips. She was taken aback.

Jurina slowly pulled back her lips and looked at Sayaka’s dumbfounded face. “I love you too.” She smiled.

Sayaka’s shocked face slowly changed out into a cheeky grin. “So… you love me more than dance?”

Jurina felt irritated as she saw Sayaka let out a tease smile. “Tch. I won’t say twice! I only say that kind of words one time in my life!!”

Sayaka couldn’t hold herself but to tease Jurina again. “Wow! So you just say ‘I love you’ one time in your life at someone and that person was me???” She laughed. “Well… I’m so lucky.”

“Ah…. t-that’s not what I mean.” Jurina hate the fact that Sayaka could easily defeated her using her own words.

“Wow… what should I do then? I feel so honored. I think you really like me.” Sayaka showed a wide grin.

Shit. Jurina clenched her teeth. “You’re a weird girl… really weird.”

Sayaka suddenly pulled Jurina into her arms as she already satisfied in teasing Jurina. “I love you. Thank you for coming because since yesterday my brain almost damaged because I was always thinking about your date with Rena.”

Jurina hugged back her senpai. “Are you jealous?”

Sayaka nodded. “I’m jealous and afraid… but not anymore since you’re here now.” She stroked Jurina’s head gently.


Jurina cried when those sweet memories came to her mind again. She remembered how she made a mistake because she didn’t notice Sayaka’s feelings at first. Did I… make a mistake again? She was referring to a moment when she broke up with Sayaka a week ago.

=============================== **** ===============================

Sayaka couldn’t concentrate at anything she did that time because her mind was full of Jurina. What should I do? She’s so stubborn! I was always under her selfishness and I couldn’t do much about it. I’ve done everything to fulfill our dreams… I’m working my butt off to fulfill my promise with her, but why…

*FLASHBACK – 5 years ago*

It was the last day Sayaka as a high school student. Jurina and Sayaka sat together in the park behind their school.

“Tomorrow is your graduation day, huh?” Jurina reached Sayaka’s hand and then their fingers were intertwined together.

Sayaka nodded. “It’s like everything was happened in a blink of eye.” She looked at Jurina’s sad face. “Hey, don’t be sad about it.” She cupped Jurina’s cheek. “Next year you will surely get your graduation ceremony as well.” She smiled. “I won’t leave this town, so yeah… we still can meet whenever you want.”

Jurina sighed. “What do you want to do after you graduate?”

Sayaka looked at the blue sky. “Umm… I wonder what I should do.”

“When I graduate I think I will go to some agencies and do some auditions… I want to be a great dancer and a singer.” Jurina grinned.

“Oh!” Sayaka looked at Jurina with full of enthusiasm. “Then… I will become a singer too!”

Jurina widened her eyes as she seemed became very excited. “Yeah! We can make our albums together and sing our love song together!”

Sayaka kissed Jurina’s forehead. She couldn’t hold herself to not give a kiss to a cute face like that. “We’ll do it together?”

“Yeah, together!” Without a second thought, she captured her girlfriend’s lips. “I promise…”

“Thank you for giving me a dream… a dream where we can walk together in our path.” Sayaka gave Jurina a warm smile. “You have to graduate next year, okay?” She grinned after she saw Jurina’s firmly nod.


“Sayaka, let’s begin our filming again.”

Sayaka woke up from her own memory. She turned her head at the director and gave him a nod. “Hai!” She was in the middle of the making of her PV. Lately, she was so busy because her schedules was always full every day. At the hard time like that, she really needed Jurina’s support but… Jurina already left her, so… she was all alone.

=============================== **** ===============================

“I’ve decided to resign from this agency today.” Jurina bowed at the CEO. “Thank you for helping me in these past 4 years.”

The CEO looked at Jurina. “You’re really going to give up?”


“….” The CEO rested his back onto the chair. “You’ll regret it, Matsui-san.”

“I don’t care anymore.” Jurina simply uttered the answer. “I don’t have a reason to keep stay here.” She stopped bowing at then she turned around. I’m wasting my 4 years in this place and gaining nothing. She walked slowly toward the door after refused the CEO’s offer to stay. Everything has changed since then… since Sayaka won the new comer award of solo singer last year. Nothing is the same.


After Jurina graduated from high school, she went to Sayaka’s agency and took an audition. She was passed the audition in one try and then she became a trainee. At that time, Sayaka was still a trainee too.

Usually, they went to the different classes because Sayaka entered the agency first. But one day, there was a day when kohai and senpai were studied in a same dance class.

As soon as Sayaka passed the door, she saw all kohai were sat on the floor. She felt so happy when her eyes met with Jurina’s. “Hi, babe.” She smiled at Jurina.

“Hi. I miss you.” Jurina grinned. “Even though we’ve just met this morning. Hahaha.”

Sayaka chuckled. “I miss you too.” She patted Jurina’s head gently. “You feel excited, aren’t you? Dance is your favorite after all.”

Jurina nodded. Just like she was expected before that her girlfriend could understand her the most.

“Do you know her?” One of Jurina’s friends walked toward her after Sayaka went to the senpai’s row.

“Yeah, why?” Jurina frowned.

“I heard from my friend, she was really popular here. Her talent is not a joke.”

Jurina was proud at her lover after she heard that. “Yeah, I know.”

“But I heard that she rejected the debut offer that came to her a few weeks ago.”

Jurina’s eyes widened as she didn’t know that one. “Why?”

Jurina’s friend rolled her eyes. “Are you sure that you know her? It became big news here, I wonder you didn’t know. She rejected the offer because she said that she wanted to wait her girlfriend entering this agency too. She wants to get a debut together with her girlfriend.”

At first, Jurina was happy because Sayaka still remembered the promise that they made together. But then…

“I wonder what in her girlfriend’s head. Why did she prevent Yamamoto-san to get her debut?! In here, to get a debut date is really hard but Yamamoto-san has to refuse it because of her selfish girlfriend.”

Jurina clenched her fist. It was like there was a lightning struck her head. She really wanted to argue with her friend but she resisted it because her friend didn’t know the fact that she was actually the girlfriend that they’ve just talked about.

====================== **** ======================

A few weeks later, the kohai and the senpai were studied in the same dance class again. For some reason, Jurina didn’t tell anything to Sayaka regarding the talk with her friend before.

At that day, each trainee would dance one by one in front of the class and they were free to choose the song. After that, they would be divided into some groups to try the group dance.

Jurina looked straight to the front as she heard that her girlfriend was being called by the sensei. She looked at Sayaka who walked slowly but sure to the front of the class. The moment music played, she felt as if she didn’t know her girlfriend anymore. S-she’s so…. great. She didn’t know before that Sayaka could dance like that.

Sayaka’s moves were perfectly synchronized with the beats of the song. She was strong yet so sexy at the same time. Her expressions were also perfect in describing the song and the dance moves. Her body moved along really well with the rhythm of the music. Her beautiful face also made everything became more perfect. After the music was finished, everybody in the class gave applause to her. She bowed at them while smiling.

“You’re so great Yamamoto-an. Too bad… you refused your debut last time.”

Sayaka flinched as she heard what the sensei said to her. She quickly looked at Jurina, but unfortunately her girlfriend was looked at another direction. I hope she won’t hear that.

Jurina looked down onto the floor to avoid Sayaka’s eyes. Of course she heard what the sensei said and it made her, somehow, felt guilty and angry. She clenched her fist for some reason. I… I’ve never know that she can dance THAT good. It’s like she’s a natural dancer. I never see her dancing back then. When we’re in high school, I’m the only one who always practiced every day. She didn’t want Sayaka passes her dance level.

====================== **** ======================

A year had passed and that time… they were in the same vocal class. Jurina knew since the very beginning that Sayaka was an awesome singer. She already knew that Sayaka had a unique voice and able to catch the high notes. Sayaka also knew how to play the guitar and it became a really great value for Sayaka. I can’t defeat her with my voice… she’s too great.

Since that moment, without Jurina realized it… her support for Sayaka has turned into a lie. She became totally competitive with Sayaka, especially in the dance class.

“Oh, there you are! I’ve searched you everywhere. Let’s go home.” Sayaka stepped into the dance training room.

Jurina ignored her girlfriend and kept dancing until she almost ran out of breath.

“Hey, honey… take a break.” Sayaka saw Jurina was panting on the floor. “You shouldn’t force your body too hard.”

Jurina remained silent.

“I’m hungry, Jurina. Let’s go home. You also look tired already.” When Sayaka was about to caress Jurina’s head, she was shocked because her girlfriend suddenly tilted her head to avoid her hand. “Jurina?”

“I heard that you get another offer today.” Jurina looked away. “It will be great if you just receive it.”

“No. Of course I will refuse it. We’ve promised that we will make an album together!” Sayaka touched Jurina’s cheeks and made Jurina looked at her again. “I love you more than singing, remember?”

Jurina showed a fake smile. “Even if we have a different debut time… doesn’t mean that we can’t make an album together, right? We will make it someday. If you refuse it again, I will be mad at you.”

“Are you sure?” Sayaka frowned. “You know… I don’t mind if I have to wait-”

“I don’t mind. Just take that chance.” Jurina cut Sayaka’s words.

Sayaka sighed. “Okay. I love you.” She kissed Jurina’s cheek.

“I love you too.” Jurina tried to hold back her tears. She already practiced every single day, so her agency could let her have a debut time as soon as possible. But unfortunately, no matter how hard her tried, she felt that she couldn’t catch up Sayaka’s level. Her girlfriend already refused the debut 3 times because of her, and it really made her felt so suck. I don’t want to be her burden anymore. She makes me look like a bad girlfriend in front of everyone.

====================== **** ======================

3 years had passed but Jurina still didn’t get her debut. She didn’t have the right to complain at the company since all of her trainings fees were free. She hardly to believe that she was still lacking in something and it made her agency didn’t let her to reach her dream… not yet.

Jurina sat on the couch while reading a magazine. She saw her girlfriend’s photo there. She caressed Sayaka’s photo a little. She becomes more and more awesome lately, a super celebrity… a top singer. Now, we lived in the very different worlds, all that binds us together is only an old dream and love…

It was almost a month since the last time Jurina met Sayaka because Sayaka’s schedules became so tight after she won an awesome award last year. She often met Sayaka in the middle of the night when Sayaka sacrificed her own bedtime just to meet her girlfriend, to meet Jurina.

“I’m baaaaccckkkk!!!!” Sayaka opened the door with a grin on her face. “Oh my God, Jurina… I missed you all month!” She walked fast toward her girlfriend and then she gave a deep kiss to Jurina.

“Same here.” Jurina said it after their lips parted. “Are you tired?”

“No. I’m so excited because I’m finally have a time to meet you.” Sayaka hugged her girlfriend tightly.

“Really?” Jurina smiled after she saw a nod from Sayaka. After that, her hand sneaked onto Sayaka’s neck and pulled Sayaka into a deep kiss again. She felt that Sayaka’s hands were also grabbing her waist tightly.

*On the Next Morning*

Sayaka let out a sigh, showing her frustration. “I have to go in 2 hours, but I still miss you.”

Jurina looked at the small garden through the window. Our worlds are just too different now.

“Hey, how’s the dance trainer? Is she still as fierce as 3 years ago?” Sayaka giggled. “I missed her. Do you have a class today?”

Jurina stared at the floor. “Actually… I won’t be entering any class.”

Sayaka was taken aback. “Huh?” She tilted her head.

“…I’m never going to enter again.”

Sayaka placed the bowl that full of soup onto the table. “What?! What’s going on?”

“Nothing happened. It just… it’s time for me to stop.” Jurina sighed. I’m going to give up on our old dreams, little by little. “I’m 22 now, so… it’s time for me to try enter the university or maybe looking for a job. I’m a bit too late to enter my real life. Hehe.” She let out an awkward giggle.

Sayaka clenched her fist. She punched the table and then she stood up. “But we promised that we will make our albums together!!! We promised that we will sing our love song together!!!” She felt her blood was boiling up.

Jurina laughed. “You still remember it? Hahaha. Oh, about that. We only talked it once and it was our old dreams, so yeah…”

Sayaka couldn’t believe what Jurina said. “Listen, Jurina. You don’t have to worry, we’re still young. Let’s keep working towards it, okay? It’s okay to take the slow steps, but sure-”

“Stop it!” Jurina raised her voice. “You know… it gets on my nerves. It just sounds like you’re looking down on me with pity.”


Jurina stood up while clenching her fist and then she slowly walked toward her bedroom. She held the door knob and then she opened the door. “It’s easy for you to say that because you had already got what’s you want!!” She yelled at Sayaka.

Sayaka stepped closer toward Jurina. “Jurina… it’s not what I mean-”

“Don’t come here again!!” Jurina pointed her finger at Sayaka.

Sayaka stopped. “O-okay… okay… I won’t touch you, but please calm down.”

“That’s not what I mean.” Jurina looked away. “I mean… don’t come to see me again… EVER AGAIN!”

Sayaka flinched as she heard those words came out from her beloved girl’s lips. “Is it means… you want to…” She bit her own lips before she said it… said the words that she was afraid the most. “…break up with me?”

“Don’t come here anymore.” Jurina entered the bedroom and then she locked the door.

“J-jurina!!!” Sayaka ran toward the door. She knocked the door over and over again, but there was still no answer came from her beloved.

*2 hours later*

“Jurina… I’m leaving now….” Sayaka was holding her bag. She waited in front of the door, hoping that Jurina would prevent her to go. “…..” There was no answer. She sighed. “Okay, I’m going now… I love you.”

On the other hand, Jurina lay down on her bed. She gripped the pillow tightly… she was crying… sobbing hard.


“When Sayaka rejected my offers 3 times, I called her. I talked to her.”

Jurina stopped as the CEO was talking again.

“I was confused because that was the first time for me to see a trainee rejected the debut offer. When I asked her what the reason was, she said… she’s been working hard all this time to fulfill the promise that she made with you, wasn’t she? She practiced and until this time… she’s still working hard to achieve your dreams and you’re just going to run away like this?”

Jurina stunned. Her tears rolled down on her beautiful cheeks. I love you more than singing, Jurina. The words came to her head again. She chooses this path because of me… because of our dreams… our promise. How can I- She burst out… she cried out loud. After some minutes, she turned around and faced the CEO. “Sensei… I… won’t give up.” I can’t give up on our dreams.

The CEO smiled when he heard it from the crying girl.

=============================== **** ===============================

*2 Months Later*

“Jurina… congratulation!!!!”

Jurina got a lot of hug from her friends. “Thank you so much.” Her eyes were teary. “I’m so happy!” She was relieved because her hard work for over 4 years didn’t become useless at all.


Jurina and all trainees were surprised because the door was being opened harshly.

“S-sayaka….” Jurina couldn’t believe at what she had just seen. “I-is that you????”

“Yeah… it’s me. I’m rushing out go here after I got a news that you get your debut date.” Sayaka grinned.

Jurina walked toward Sayaka. She hugged Sayaka tightly. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” She cried out loud. “I miss you so much.”

Sayaka smiled and then she hugged back. “It’s okay… It’s okay.” She caressed Jurina’s hair intended to make Jurina calmed down. “I know that you won’t give up. You will never give up on us.”

Jurina buried her face onto Sayaka’s shoulder. “Let’s walk on this path together… again.”

All trainees were confused at first but then they gasped as they realized that Sayaka’s girlfriend was actually Jurina. They felt bad as they always badmouthing Sayaka’s girlfriend, and actually it was Jurina. They were surprised, felt sorry, and felt ashamed.

*2 Years Later*

There was a DVD that placed with a care inside the beautiful white frame. ‘Jurina & Sayaka Collaboration Single’ it was what written on the DVD.

Jurina looked at the frame with a smile on her face, and her smile became wider as she felt that there were two hands sneaked on her waist from back.

“Do you like it that much?” Sayaka kissed Jurina’s shoulder and rested her chin on it. She back-hugged Jurina.

“Yep, I love it so much. The song that you write for us is really beautiful.” Jurina stroked Sayaka’s hair before she turned around. “I love you.” She said it while staring at Sayaka’s eyes.

“I love you too, Jurina.” Sayaka kissed Jurina gently yet full of passion.

The dream that we reached together… I’m going to carve all of it on my heart with eternal love. Jurina smiled while letting her lips was assaulted by her beloved one.

============================ THE END ============================

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