MaYuki – Rain (2/3)

Fanart by clubhappy-san



I get in to my car. Actually… I don’t wanna meet that florist girl anymore, because somehow… she’s confusing me.

I drive my car for some minutes, then I park my car.

I just sit inside my car and watching her from afar. I saw Yukirin talking to her customers. Yukirin always show her smile to everyone who come to her shop. She’s so friendly to everyone.

I sighed. I go out from my car and lock it.

Yes.. I said that I didn’t want to meet her. But…. she’s like a magnet for me. I’m curious about her life. A strong-brave-kind-pretty girl who lived alone. I don’t know why, but I wanna be her friend.. so she doesn’t feel lonely anymore.

“Ohayou, Kashiwagi-san.” I touch her shoulder.

She turned back, “Oh, ohayou Watanabe-san. Wow… I’m glad you to see you again. Well.. you must be curious about your bouquet, right? I know it, so that’s why you come here everyday.” She smile at me.

Not really.. I more curious about you. But yeah….. I nodded.

“Geez, Watanabe. It’s just 3 days ago you asked me to make it. You said that you’ll pick it for next month event.”

She’s right. I just met her 3 days ago and after that I came here everyday. “Maybe I’m just too excited about the bouquet. Sorry, if I bothering you.” I bow to her.

Both of her hands hold my shoulders. She look at my eyes. “No. No. Like I said… I’m glad to see you again.” She show me her beautiful smile.

Both of us staring each other, until one of her customer calling her. “Kashiwagi-san, can you please make a bouquet for me? I wanna to give it to my friend, she’s in the hospital right now.” That woman looks sad.

Yukirin hugged her. “Don’t worry. Your friend will get well soon, Shinoda-san.”

Then Yukirin walk around to find some nice flowers, I think. After she got what she need, she cut it and wrap it nicely. After some minutes, “Here, Shinoda-san. I hope this will make her feeling better.”







That woman smiled, “You’re a great florist and a nice girl too. Your parents must be proud of you.” After that woman pay for that bouquet, she went out from Yukirin’s shop.

“Kashiwagi-san, that one is really pretty!! You’re so cool.” I can’t close my mouth, she’s too awesome for me.

She grinned. “Of course I am. Now, you can trust my ability right? I will make a lovely one for your sister too.”

Darn! Bouquet for birthday?! I will get trouble because of this. Should I just order it again from another shop? What a pity. All bouquet that made by her.. are so pretty!! Should I just tell her about my wedding before it’ll become too late? I’m sure she can make it on time. 

“Ano….. Kashiwagi-san….”

“Yes?” She closing her shop.

“What are you doing? Is this not too early to close your shop?” I’m confused.

“Let’s go out, Watanabe-san.” She grinned. “It’s been a long time since I went out with a friend. Let’s have a dinner together.”

Ahh.. maybe I can talk about it later. “Okay, but I’ll go if you call me Mayuyu. You said before we’re friends, right?” I smiled.

She grabbed my hands. “Let’s go, Mayuyu.” She smiled and then we walk outside together.

That’s a best smile that I’ve ever seen. I love her smile. “Yukirin!! You walking so fast. Are you already too hungry?” I laughed. It’s nice to have a new friend.

====================== **** ====================

I knocked the door. “Yukirin!!” I keep knocking, but still no answer. Huft.. maybe she already slept.

But when I wanna went away, the door opened. “Ohh… finally, you come. I’m waiting you for dinner. Sorry, I just finished bathing. Come in.”

I turned back. I saw her standing in front of me. She wear a short pants and a white shirt. She holding a towel, She put it on her head, then use it to dry her hair. She walk in and I follow her to get in. I saw her back and her wet hair from behind. She looks so….. sexy.

It’s been 2 weeks since I knew her. In this 2 weeks, I always come to her place… We meet everyday. Of course she confused and ask me about the reason why I always came to her place… I use a ‘bouquet flowers’ as my alibi. Silly! I chuckled.

She looked at me, “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing.” I grinned. “Yukirin, sorry to make you wait. My boss keep asking me to do some work.. tomorrow we have a meeting with our client.”

Yeah.. that’s right. Although I keep busy to preparing my wedding, sometimes… office stuff make me stressed out too.

“It’s okay, Mayuyu. I’m glad you still come here tonight.” She smiled.

That smile…. that smile is my reason to meet her. Her smile like a magic for me. It makes me feel relax and happy.

When I hear her laugh, I feel that all my problems gone. Her sweet voice can make me forgetting my fatigue in whole day.

I didn’t know what’s in my head now.



“I love your smile….” She looks surprised.

She walk closer to me. She peck my cheek. “You only love my smile?”

I’m blushed. “No. I love your voice and your laugh too.”

Her face become more closer to mine. “That’s all?”

I can feel my heart beating faster. “Yes.” I look away.

She holding my face and make me look at her again. “Are you sure? You came here everyday just because of those things?”

“Yes, of course, What else?” Okay, I’m so nervous now. This’s the first time for me to see her face this close. I can feel her warm breath, I can feel her addictive scent, I can see her seductive lips more closer.

What am I doing?! What is this?! My wedding will be held in the end of this month!! I push her away, “Stay away from me!” I turned and walk to the door.

“Mayuyu, hey.” She grabbed my hand. “I’m sorry, I’m just-”

I forced her to release my hand, “I’m sorry, I need to go home now. You better finish my bouquet on time.” Then I close the door without looking her face.

Did.. did she’s just made me hesitant about Tomo-tan?! About my wedding??!!

======================= **** ======================

“Honey.. what happened to you? Are you tired?” My fiance stroke my hair.

I hold his hand. “No. I’m just… really nervous about this.”

He smiled. “Don’t be. Everything will be okay, I promise.” He hugged me. “You don’t need to think about the preparation anymore. You already did a great job. I will do the rest.”

“Thanks. I love you.” I kissed him.

“I love you too. Now, go home and take a rest.” He smile at me.

I nodded and then I went away.

3 days ago, I had a quarrel with Yukirin. I never have a chance to meet her and say sorry. She’s innocent, I didn’t tell her the truth. Tomorrow, I will come to her place and tell about everything. I hope she’ll understand. About the bouquet…. I will order it from another florist.

I drove my car and went home.

===================== **** ====================

I parked my car. I walk closer to her shop.

Okay, relax Mayuyu. Everything will be fine. Yukirin will understand you. I slap myself. I’ll never do something like this again!

I stopped in front of her door. How…. how if Yukirin don’t wanna see me again? How if… we can’t be friends anymore?

I turned away. It’s better to keep this secret for a little longer. I’m too afraid to lose her now. I will come back tomorrow and I’ll just say sorry to her without any explanation.

When I about to went away, someone call me from inside the shop. “Honey?”

What is he doing here?! I act like I didn’t hear it. I just keep walking.

But he open the door and grabbed my hand. “Hey.. I told you that I’ll do the rest, honey. You don’t need to come here.” He smiled.

“Ho-how do you know about this shop?”

He dragged me went in to Yukirin’s shop. Both of us standing in front of her. I didn’t have a guts to see her face.

“Last night I came to your house to make sure that you’re okay. Then I saw this on the table in your living room.” He pointed to the table in front of me.








I saw the bouquet on the table. “Th-this…..”

“I asked a courier to bring a sample bouquet for you. I need your approval first because I think this is for your important event.” Yukirin look at me, the way she look at me.. It’s…… different than usual.

She smile at Tomo-tan.“But it seems your fiance give me a quick feedback. So, I think that I can fix it on time.”

Tomo-tan smile back, “Thanks you’re a great florist. I love this bouquet.” He hold my waist, “but I think my fiance forget to tell you that it should be white as the dominant.“

He smile at me, I just give him an awkward smile.

Yukirin bowing to us, “Sorry for my mistake, Tomoki-san and Watanabe-san. I promise that I will make it very beautiful.”

“I trust you, Kashiwagi-san.” He take a card from his bag. “This is our wedding invitation. You can come, we hope you’ll come and celebrate it with us.”

I glance Yukirin. She read that card. “Thank you so much. I will come.”

Even though Tomo-tan didn’t realize it, I can see something in her eyes.. sadness, hurt, disappointment, and angry. It makes me realize something……

“Honey, let’s go. We have a rehearsal this evening.” We turned and went out from that shop.

She loves me.

===================== **** ====================

“Yukirin, look. I’m so sorry…” I came to her house again.

“You lied to me.”

“I know.. I know.. that’s why I came back. We’re friends, right?”

“Friend?? We only know each other about 3 weeks, but you already lied about your big day. You almost make me ruin something big.”

“But, nothing happened. Tomo-tan didn’t angry or anything. We still can fix it.”

“Yeah… thanks to your FIANCE!” Yukirin look at me, she’s very angry.

“Yukirin……” I walk closer, but she step back. I sighed.

“So, what’s the reason?” She folded her hands.

“Reason of what?”

“The reason about.. WHY DID YOU COME HERE EVERYDAY?!!”

“Because I wanna be your friend, Yukirin.”

“Friend?! And you lying to me just because you wanna be my friend? It’s didn’t make sense for me”

I froze. I didn’t have another way to calm her. She has a right to angry at me. I almost screw everything… my wedding, her work, and our friendship.

“Yukirin… I know that you’re so angry to me. I can accept it. I will come here again, tomorrow. I hope we can talk without yelling to each other like this.” I turned. I open the door and about to leave.

“That’s it?”

“Hm?” I looked back. I saw Yukirin crying. I’m feel guilty to hurt her.

“You act like this to me because of those stupid things?”

“Act like what?” I’m confused.

“Act like you love me….” She look deep into my eyes. She’s so sad.

I sighed, “Yukirin, it’s impossible. You already saw my fiance, you already know about my wedding. I knew him long before I met you.”

She walk closer to me, “You didn’t love him….”

“I love him. If I do not, I already refused him since a long time ago.”

She stand right in front of me right now. She close the door behind me. She hold my cheek. I felt paralyzed… hypnotized by her beauty. “Then, I will change my statement before…“

I can feel her breath wipe my lips. She keep staring my eyes. “You didn’t love him…. anymore.” Then she kissed me.

I try to refuse her and push her, but she hold me tightly and keep kissing me.

What is this?! I never felt like this before. No… I’ve been felt this when I’m with Tomo-tan. But… This’s more seductive, more addictive, more passionate, more comfortable, and more happier. I lost my defense, I kiss her back.

She broke the kiss. “See? You just didn’t realize it yet, didn’t realize about your feeling to me.” She smiled.

“Give me a week and I’ll help you to dig it more. I love you, Mayuyu.” She kiss me again. Our kiss become more and more passionately. She turn off the lights.

I’m not sure yet. But if all things that she said are true… It will become a huge trouble. I’m in a pinch.

================= TO BE CONTINUED =================

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