MaYuki – Rain (Special Yuki POV)

[Special] Yuki POV


Yeah… I know this fanfic already finished.
But, some of my friends curious about Yuki P.O.V.
I hope you enjoy this too even though you already know the ending. 🙂



I love being a florist. Like the painter with their painting, like the singer with their song, like the writer with their story… I can freely express my feelings or other people feelings by the flowers too. My grandma taught this to me.

Since I moved here, I lived alone. My parents died when I’m still a kid. I used to live with my grandma, but she’s already passed away 2 years ago. It’s made me so frustrated back then.

Now, here I am… alone.

====================== **** =======================

Good morning, world!

I opened the door and I look up to the sky. Ahh… such a nice day.

I carried some of my flowers from inside my house and put them outside, I prepared all things that needed. After all things organized well, I changed ‘CLOSED’ sign on my door became an ‘OPEN’ sign.

One by one people came to my shop, ordering some bouquet for someone they loved. Sometimes… I’m so envious to them because they had someone who care them.

I sighed. Someday, I wish that I’ll have someone too. I wanna have someone who can be a place to express my feelings… Someone that I love.

9PM?!Time was running faster today. I closed my shop. After that I took a shower, had a dinner, then I went to sleep. Yeahh… I know, such a boring life! I admit it.

I turned off the lights and went to sleep peacefully.

But it’s not as peacefully as I thought. Someone keep screaming in front of my door!! I gasped.

I woke up. I open the curtain, Is it really raining outside? But this morning the weather seems nice enough.

“KYAAAAAA!!!” I heard a same voice screaming again.

I gasped again. What the hell are they doing in front of someone’s house?!! I’m so annoyed.

I walk to my door and open it. I’m about to shoo them, but… I only found 1 person standing there. A girl?! What happened to her?? This late of night?? She must be kidding me.

I grabbed her hand and dragged her inside my house. Very noisy!! If she keep screaming like that, I’m sure that my other neighbors will throw something to her.

“Why are you keep screaming out there?? I thought someone is kidnapped or something. You woke me up.” I raised my voice, so she’ll realized that she really bothering me.

“So-sorry… I’m afraid of lightning. Ca… can I wait here until the rain stopped? I promise, I will leave soon if it stopped.” She’s begging to me.

It doesn’t make sense for me.

I laughed, “You’re afraid of lightning but you’re not afraid of a stranger who force you to entering her place?”

That’s true, right?

I want to teasing her one more time but I saw her silhouette, she’s shivering. Ohh… she really afraid of lightning. I feel pity for her.

I turned on the lights, ”Okay then.. I will accompany you.” I smiled so she can calm down.

I saw her clothes are wet. She walked in the rain? Did she think that it is a bollywood movie?! Without too much thinking, I give my clothes to her. I let her use my bathroom. Am I become too kind to a stranger?

While waiting her, I made a cup of tea for her. Okay, I’m insanely become too kind right now. I put it on a table and then I turned on the TV.

After some minutes she went out from my bathroom. I asked her to sat beside me. If I didn’t say it.. I bet that she’ll standing there until tomorrow comes.

“My name is Watanabe Mayu.” She introduced herself. Well.. at least we already know each other’s name. She’s not categorized as a stranger anymore.

Actually.. It feels weird to have someone else in my house… but what can I do? It’s too late to take her home.

I always laugh everytime she opened her mouth. I mean…. why this girl is so clumsy and easily got nervous?? It’s not fit with her appearance. Most of pretty girls are always confident and easy to get along.

And then… something surprised me.

She said, “Well.. I will come here often.“

I gasped. She suddenly look away and avoid my eyes. I chuckled. This girl is really funny.

But deep in my heart, I feel relieved there’s someone said that to me. it’s been a while since my home was visited by someone (my customer doesn’t count here).

“I’m glad to hear that.” That’s all that I could say to her. I’m not really expecting too much, maybe she said that just to showing her gratitude.

When I’m arguing with my thoughts, she suddenly stand up, “Thank you so much, but I need to go home now.“

Urgh. What’s wrong with this girl?? She woke me up in the middle of the night and then she wanna go home, right now?!Such a weird girl.

I tried to persuade her to stay. But I’m not did this for any spesific reason. You know… if something happen to her in the midway, I will called by the police too.

I let her sleep in my room.

Okay, I’m really sleepy now. I went in to my bedroom. She’s already slept. I look at her face closer. She’s cute… I keep staring her.


Damn! It’s really make me shocked. I don’t know, but I feel that God is watching me now. I rolled my eyes. God, seriously! No reason beside this!


I sighed. Can You please stop that scary thunder?? I look at her again. I just feel that….. it’s the first time for me to have someone to be protected, although this’s only a tiny case.

It’s kinda awkward to share my bed with her, so I decided to sleep on the couch.

========================== **** ==========================

I can feel that someone staring me. Because I usually lived alone, I became more sensitive about someone presenceI opened my eyes. I saw her went in to my room again. Ahh… she’s a stranger girl from last night.

I wanna sleep again, she’s covering my body with a blanket. Well…  I think that she’s actually a nice girl.

I opened my eyes. I shocked because she keep staring me. Is there something wrong with my face?? I confused.

After she’s realized that I’m already awake, she really shocked. She started to panick. I mean… REALLY panicked.

She asked my permission to use my bathroom. I nodded, “Sure.”

She walks and close the door quickly.

A funny girl. I can’t hold my laugh anymore. She staring at me like what I did last night.

I’m not sleepy anymore. It’s a little bit early, but I keep opened my shop.

After she finished her shower, she said that she wanna go home. I try to stopped her, but she seems in hurry. Oh, maybe she has something to do. I sighed.

She opened the door, but she stopped. “I’m looking for flowers.“

It’s like.. I won a jackpot! I grinned.

========================= **** ========================

This is become more fun than I thought before.

After that day, she keep coming here to ask me the same questions everyday about her bouquet. What kind of flowers that I use.. which one that I choose as the dominant color.. what color of the package.. what the meaning of this, this, this, and this flower to the receiver.. bla-bla-bla-bla.

But actually, I never get bored to answer those questions. I keep explain it to her over and over again.

I’m really glad to see her everyday, even though she only care about her bouquet… but, I don’t care.. It’s okay as long as I can talk with my new friend.

From that day, my life is not as boring as usual.

The way she smile.. the way she call me.. the way she laugh.. the way she talk.. the way she look at me.. the way she glance at me secretly.. The way she shy.. The way she nervous if I around her. I love them all. She light up my life.

Suddenly, a question pop up in my head. If her bouquet already done, will she keep come here and talk to me? Or she can easily forget about me?

I feel uneasy about that question.

But one day..

“Yukirin.” She called me comfortably, I’m happy because she’s not that clumsy anymore, not like when the first time we met.

“Hm?” I simply answer her.

“I love your smile….”

I’m totally surprised!! All of my anxiety slowly dissapeared.

She’s not going to leave me.

I walk towards her. I peck her cheek. “Did you only love my smile?”

Wow, Am I just seducing her??!! I didn’t know what am I thinking now, maybe this is because I’m too happy.

“No. I love your voice and your laugh too.”

I can saw her face blushed. I’m flattered.

My face become more closer to hers. “That’s all?”

“Yes.” She looked away.

I hold her face and make her looking at me again, because I want to make sure that all things that she said was true. I look into her eyes, I’m more curious about my next question. “Are you sure? You came here everyday just because of those things?”

“Yes, of course, What else?”

That answer… disappoint me. That’s not what I want to hear. I approached her face, more closer now.

She pushed me, “Stay away from me!”

I’m surprised. Sh-she angry at me. I grabbed her hand quickly because she’s going to leave me. I say sorry.

I’m really sorry about this, what have I done?!

“I’m sorry, I need to go home now. You better finish my bouquet on time.” Then she closed my door without looking me.

Sh-she really leave me.
Why am I so stupid to did something like that??!
But…. but I thought that we have a same feeling.

Wait… what feeling?
I shouldn’t did something like that to my friend.

I realized something. I gasped. This isn’t a love, right?

========================== **** ==========================

2 days?!It’s been 2 days, but she still didn’t come to meet me? I’m totally frustrated.

I must find a way to talk with her. I walked back and forth, tried hard to find an idea. After some minutes, Ahh… I found one!

“I never did this to my customer before, but I think that I can send her a sample of her bouquet. It’ll be very necessary for her to give me a feedback.”

I keep talking to myself. “When she come here and give a feedback about that, I’ll use that time to apologize to her too.”

I’ll make this perfect. If this bouquet pretty enough, probably.. It’ll become more easier for her to forgive me. I’ll ask someone to bring this sample to her house tomorrow . I hope she’ll like it.

========================= **** =========================

I keep standing in front of my door, waiting for her. I keep thinking about what would I say to her… I should apologizing to her properly.

“Ohayou gozaimasu. I’m Tomoki. Are you Kashiwagi-san?” I heard a men’s voice.

He woke me up from my daydreaming, “Ohayou. Yes, it’s me. Nice to meet you. What can I do for you?” As usual, I always showed my best smile to my customer. I let him went in to the shop.

She lifted his hand and showing me something.“I want to say something about this bouquet. Can I?”

Is she really didn’t wanna talk to me? So, she sent this men to meet me? I’m really sad about this.

That men maybe noticed that I show him a sad face. “Ano, Kashiwagi-san.. I’m not here to scold you. This bouquet is so beautiful, but… I think this isn’t really fit with our event.”

I’m confused. “I’m sorry?”

He smiled at me, “Ahh… as I thought before, my fiancee seems didn’t tell you about this well.. so misconception happened.”

Fiancee?! Did I misheard something?? My heart beats faster. “Okay, please kindly tell me now. So, I can re-make this.” I give him a forced smile.

“Our wedding party using the ‘White’ as the concept, her dress is also dominated by wh-” he suddenly turned away,“Honey?” And then he went out for a while.

We-wedding?!! No way… It can’t be…. She’s lied to me, why?! Fu*king sh*t!! 

My tears feels like wanna burst out, but I must hold it more longer. I saw that men went in to my shop again with his fiancee… I saw Mayuyu there. They’re standing in front of me.

My heart was in great pain and wanna explode, but I keep trying to act naturally.

I glanced Mayuyu, she looks extremely surprised too. Although I’m really mad at her right now, I’m still wanna protect her in this insane situation. Fu*king silly love!

“I asked a courier to bring a sample bouquet for you. I need your approval first because I think this is for your important event.” I look into her eyes. My head keep repeating Why? Why?!

I give them my fake smile. ”But it seems your fiance give me a quick feedback. So, I think that I can fix it on time.”

I’m bowing to them just to avoid Mayuyu’s eyes. If I keep watching them, I’m afraid that my anger will blow up. “Sorry for my mistake, Tomoki-san and Watanabe-san. I promise that I will make it very beautiful.”

Before they went out, her fiance gave me their wedding invitation card. I saw the date. End of this month?! It feels like I wanna kill myself now.

Why I love her?! I can’t believe it.. I’m falling in love with someone like that.

Mayuyu didn’t say anything. They just went out and leave me alone.

I cried.. finally, I can let my tears fell down.  It’s hard to hold my tears in a situation like this. My heart is like torn into the pieces.

Why she did this to me?!

========================= *** ======================

“Yukirin, look. I’m so sorry…”

“You lied to me.” I can’t hide my sadness and my anger in my voice. I almost crying again.

“I know.. I know.. that’s why I came back. We’re friends, right?”

“Friend?? We only know each other about 3 weeks, but you already lied about your big day. You almost make me ruin something big.”

“But, nothing happened. Tomo-tan didn’t angry or anything. We still can fix it.”

“Yeah… thanks to your FIANCE!”

I hate it! I’m hurt everytime she talked about that men.

“Yukirin……” She’s going to hug me but I refuse it.

This problem can’t be easily resolved by a hug. I need a fu*king explanation! I don’t need her to calm me down. I steps back.“So, what’s the reason?”

“Reason of what?”

“The reason about.. WHY DID YOU COME HERE EVERYDAY?!!”

Why she’s still act like an innocent?! I almost lost my patience.

“Because I wanna be your friend, Yukirin.”

“Friend?! And you lying to me just because you wanna be my friend? It doesn’t make sense for me.”

“Yukirin… I know that you’re so angry to me. I can accept it. I will come here again, tomorrow. I hope we can talk without yelling to each other like this.” She opened the door.

She wanna leave me again.. I can’t let her leave me like before.. I’m afraid that she won’t comeback anymore.. I’m afraid to lose her forever. I shed my tears“That’s it?”

“Hm?” She look at me.

“You act like this to me because of those stupid things?” I can’t lose her this time. I’m sure that she has a same feeling with me. That strange feeling.

“Act like what?”

“Act like you love me….” I look deep into her eyes. Finally… I said it. I hope that it can make her stay with me, at least for tonight.

She sighed, “Yukirin, it’s impossible. You already saw my fiance, you already know about my wedding. I knew him long before I met you.”

I don’t care about that! Don’t say his name in front of me again! I walk closer to her, “You didn’t love him….” I tried to convince her.

“I love him. If I do not, I already refused him since a long time ago.”

That was true… but not anymore. I closed the door. I can’t let any intruder bothering us this time. I hold her cheek. ”Then, I will change my statement before… You didn’t love him…. anymore.” I kissed her.

I can feel her body trembling. She tried to push me away, but I hold her tightly. I won’t let her broke our kiss… our first kiss.

She still didn’t react to this. I kiss her more harder, more passionate, and more seductive. Please kiss me back. Please say that you love me.

After a few minutes I struggled with her, finally… I can feel her lips move. I’m so happy.. this is really happening.

I broke the kiss to talk with her, but actually.. it’s because I need some air too. I kissed her too intense, so I think that I forgot to catch a breath. “See? You just didn’t realize it yet, didn’t realize about your feeling for me.” I smiled.

I will make her heart locked. I wanna make her heart just opened for me. “Give me a week and I’ll help you to dig it more. I love you, Mayuyu.” I kiss her again. I turned off the lights. Tonight.. I wanna make her feel my love.

I’m whispering to her, “Please stay with me tonight.

I will make her be mine… she’s only mine.

======================= NEXT DAY =======================

I saw a familiar car parked beside my shop. That’s Mayuyu. “Hi.” I waved my hand. “you came.” I’m too excited because she visited me again.

She rolled her eyes. “After what you did to me last night, of course I come here.”

I chuckled. Yeah… I know that I’m quite aggresive last night. But I can’t hold myself, the atmosphere pushed me to do that.

“Even though I didn’t do it. I’m sure that you’ll come here too.” I grinned.

I closed my shop earlier because I wanna ask her out. It’s not like a date as a lover or something.. this’s just like going out with my friend, have fun together.

“Let me guess. Hmm….. you wanna ask me out, right?” She smiled.

Oh my God, she’s so cute! I can’t hold myself to not kiss her lips, “Yes. Wanna go out with me? Or you have something to do?”

“Well… I’m free tonight. Le-let’s go then..” she coughs.

I pinch her cheeks, “You’re so cute when you shy like that. *cough* Last night, your moan…. was very cute too.” I teased her.

She’s about to slap my arm but I can avoid it perfectly, “Wait a minute okay? I wanna change my clothes first.” I went in and changing my clothes quickly.

After I went out from my room, I saw her looked to the ground. Her expression looks sad. It makes me realized that I did something wrong. I… I tried to steal someone’s fiancee.

I sighed. I walks toward her and then I patted her shoulder, “Mayuyu”. She turned back.

I really wanna hug her, but this guilt stopped me. So, I just hold her cheeks. “Mayuyu… I’m so sorry.”

What should I do? Is it right to steal someone’s fiancee?

Even though I love her so much, but… their wedding ceremony has been set. I will make her get a big trouble. I will make Mayu, her fiance, their families, and their friendssad.

========================== **** =========================

I didn’t realize that Mayuyu came to my shop because she used a different car. “Mayu?! Why do you come here in this early?“

And then.. something surprised me more. She came with her fiance. Urgh! This scene again… I hate it.What are they doing in here? Do they wanna show me their lovey dovey?! 

“Can she stay with you for 2 or 3 days. Maybe you can calm her down. I’m not really good in girl stuff like this.” He scratch his head.

What?! Even though you didn’t ask her, Mayuyu can stay here whenever she wants.

After her fiance went away, “Mayuyu, are you really nervous about the wedding? Or this is only your trick?“ Because somehow.. it’s really pissed me off. Why did she have to bring him along?!

“I’m not tricking anyone!! I’m just…. afraid.” Her tears come out.

I sighed. So, it’s all about this again.. same problem.

“Shh… please don’t cry. You’ll never hurt me. Sorry to make you hesitate about your wedding. I can stop and go away if I make you sad like this.”

“NO!! Don’t go anywhere!! Stay with me.. I can’t lose you.”

I’m sad because everything that I’ve done end up with hurting her like this. But in the same time.. I’m still relieved because she said it. I can’t lose you too.. but I can’t forgive myself if I’m the reason that make you stressed out like this.

I closed my shop. I wanna stand beside her and lend my shoulder for her when she sad like this.

I look around. Where’s she? I opened my bedroom’s door. Ah, she’s here. I thought before that she’ll do something bad.

I lay down beside her. She hugged me, she didn’t let me go even for a second. I hugged her back, try to calm her.

But it’s useless…. She’s still sobbed.

Ugh.. I can’t believe that a girl can keep crying for hours. She’s amazing. I rolled my eyes.

After some hours, she finally fall asleep in my hug. I wipe her tears from her cheeks slowly, because I’m afraid to wake her up. She still hugged me tightly, so I just let her like that.

I’m sorry to make you like this, Mayuyu. You’re right, we met in a wrong time.. and maybe it’s wrong for us too…. to be together. Kurosaki-san is your destiny.

Besides that… until this time, she never said that she love me back although I said it over and over again to her.

I forced my feelings to her. She didn’t love me as her lover, she loved me only as a friend.

I closed my eyes.


I felt Mayuyu release her hands from my body. Ughh.. thankfully that she’s awake. I’m so tired to lay in a same position for hours.

I opened my eyes. She’s staring me sleeping like when the first time we met.

“Waaaaa!!” She shocked. She slapped my face, but not too hard. “Can you stop shocking me like that?! My heart almost fell out. Open your eyes slowly!!”

I chuckled. Ahh… this girl is my everything. “Mayuyu.”


“I love you.”

She smiled, “Thank you.”

I sighed. And again… my confession always become useless. I give up. 

=========================== **** ========================

I open my cupboard and looking for something. “Urgh!! Where’s the candles?!! I remember that I save it in here.”

I watched a news this morning, they announce that tonight the lights will be turned off. But how stupid I am, I just remember it now when it’s already dark outside. It’s maybe too late for me to buy it.

So, I tried to remember where’s the candles that I save in a long time ago, maybe for years.

“It’s okay. I will buy it.”

I looked at Mayuyu. “Are you okay? It’s already dark.” I’m worried about her.

“Don’t worry. I will come back soon.” She went out and closed the door.

I sighed. I hope the rain didn’t fall until she get back. Yes, she’s okay with the rain, but when it comes to the rain.. lightning will always be there too. That’s the problem now. 

And there it is.. my intuition is right. Rain comes.

I pick up my umbrella and my raincoat, I locked my door quickly. I must go faster, Mayuyu will hysteric out there. I stopped. But.. I don’t know where she is. This is bad. 

I keep running and look around, but I still can’t find her. I think she will be around here. I’m drenched, but I don’t care.

I saw a girl sit in the middle of the rain from afar, I can hear her scream everytime the lightning struck. It’s Mayu. Why she keep sit there?! She’ll sick! 

I run towards her. “I told you to not went out. Why you didn’t hear me?!“

Mayuyu look at me. Oh, she’s crying. She must be so afraid here, alone.  help her to stand up, I gave her my raincoat and my umbrella, and then I hug her. We walks home.

“Mayuyu, change your clothes. Hurry up.”

No answer.

“Mayuyu, are you okay??” I sighed, “Don’t tell me that you’re afraid of the dark too.”

Still no answer. I sighed. Yes, she’s afraid of the dark too.

I hugged her before she scream like last time. “Why are you afraid of everything?! Duh!”

She hugged me back. “So-sorry. Please don’t leave me alone here.”

“Mayuyu.. it’s okay. I’m right here. Don’t be afraid, I will protect you. Now, I will looking for a new clothes for you.” I release her to grab any clothes from my cupboard.

“NO!!! Don’t leave me!” She’s crying.

I do not have time to take more clothes for me. Ahhh.. forget it.

I hugged her again. “Shh.. shhh… I’m here.“ She keep sobbing.

I hold her cheek. “Calm down, Mayuyu. I will not leave you alone… because I love you, I love you so much. You must trust me.”

I gave her a clothes. “Now, change your clothes. Or you will catch a cold. Don’t worry, I can’t see you. You can changing your clothes comfortably.”

After a few minutes, she grabbed my hand again.

“See? Nothing happened.” I patted her head.

Now… I have someone to protect.

She wanna hug me again, “Don’t. My clothes still wet.”

“You’re not changing your clothes?!”

I laughed. “How can I change this if you keep screaming like that. Don’t worry about me. You can sleep here and I will always hold you until the lights turned on again.”

It’s nice for having someone to protect, I feel needed by someone that I love.


“Yes, Mayuyu. Are you already sleepy?”

She may be tired and sleepy after through this all.

No answer. “Mayuyu?“

“I’m not sleepy yet, but I already love you.”

I surprised. My heartbeats became uncontrollably. I can’t believe about what she just say. Sh-she loves me??

Before I can thinking again, She grabbed my arms and pulled my body closer to hers. And then… she kissed me.

Is this really happening?! Am I dreaming?? When did I fell asleep??

She sat on my thigh, she put her arms around my neck.

Th-this is real.. I can feel her sweet lips clearly, I can feel her warm breath wipe my face, I can feel her hands hugging me, I can feel her heartbeats.

Without thinking too much anymore, I kissed her back. We both kissing passionately.

She’s starting to kiss my neck. She’s whispering to me, “You need to changing your clothes too, so you won’t catch a cold.“ She lifted my shirt.

Wow.. she’s being aggresive tonight. It’s the first time for me to see this side of her. Is my dream really comes true??

I won’t thinking anything tonight.. I will just… enjoy our night.

======================= NEXT DAY =======================

“Mayuyu, I told you that I will make you realize your feeling for me. But I didn’t tell you that I wanna ruin your wedding.”

That’s right. I’m really thankful for her love. But if we keep doing this… we will hurting many people. It’s very unwise to do that.

I try to give her a solution, “We still can meet after your wedding. We still can meet and having fun together without hurting anyone.”

“I seems forget to tell you that after our marriage, we will lived in London.”

I’m totally shocked. “Are you kidding me?!”

No way!! No-no-no-no… Th-this isn’t what I thought. Why this is become more complicated?! Sh*t!!

I sat on the couch. I cried hard. Wh-what I’m gonna do now?

Mayuyu look at me and say.. “I already know who’s my choice. Now, it’s your turn to choose. Let’s face it together and tell Tomo-tan about our relationship… or you let me go, then I’m going to marry him, after that… we will never be together again. Choose it wisely.”

I confused. I’m hesitate about my next step. I’m thinking so hard in some minutes. This is my choice… “Let’s end this. I’m sure that our love can find another way for us, a better way.”

Yes.. that’s my answer. Maybe that answer can make me regret forever, but I must take a responsibility for what I did. 

I shouldn’t fall in love with her.

If she was honest about the bouquet last month, this complicated things wouldn’t happened.

Mayuyu is really mad at me. “You’re a coward, Yukirin! You didn’t know how much I hurt because of this. I’m ready to give up everything, but you refuse me.“

I saw her went out.

Yes, Mayu… I’m a coward. I threw up everything that I saw. I’m really angry to myself.

I heard my door opened. I tried to calm down, “Sorry, this shop closed for a week. Didn’t you read CLOSED sign that hanging on my door?”

I don’t care who is it, if she/he is one of my customer.. they must be shock because of my harsh words.

“You did a right thing, Kashiwagi-san.”

I gasped. I turned my head. I saw him went away. Ku-kurosaki-san?? Sh*t!! “AAAaaaakkkkhhh!!!” I’m crying so bad.

He.. he knows… He heard it all. I will never be able to see Mayuyu again.

====================== Wedding Day =====================

At first, I thought that I won’t come here.. But I decided to came because I wanna see Mayuyu’s face… maybe for the last time.

I saw a priest walk in. It’s end.. in some minutes, she will belongs to Kurosaki-san. I’m so sad to think about it. I looked down and cried softly.

“Me and Watanabe-san agreed to cancel our wedding.” I heard Kurosaki-san talked, I lifted my head. What?! What the hell is happening here?!

I saw Kurosaki-san grabbed Mayu’s hand, and then they run outside. I’m totally shocked and confused. I’m really ruining their wedding… I’m a troublemaker.

========================== **** ==========================

After her marriage was canceled. I’m really feel guilty about that. I didn’t dare to see their face anymore.

Maybe Mayuyu was right, I’m a coward.

I tried to burying my love for her, but… it’s become more bigger! I’m really missed her.

I never asked myself about why Mayuyu didn’t come here.. Of course she’s really mad at me.. I dumped her and then her wedding canceled.

“Excuse me.”

“Yes, can I help yo-” I can’t closed my mouth. “Kurosaki-san??!” I stand up quickly and bowing him.

He bowing me too. “How are you?” He smiled.

Why he came here? Did he wanna scolding me? I’m ready to receive that. “I’m fine.”

I didn’t have a guts to say ‘how are you’ to him. These past months must be hard for him. “Wh-why are you here?” I bit my lips.

“I heard from Mayu that you never talk to her anymore. What happen?”

I looked down. Silent.

“You don’t need to feel guilty about what happened that time. I’m her friend now and I want her to be happy.”

I lifted my head, “Yo-you didn’t come here to scold me? angry at me?”

He laughed, “No, I’m not. But I’ll angry at you if you keep hiding here and if you didn’t come to her place today.”


“I want her to be happy. I love her. But unfortunately.. she loves you more than she loves me. I’m quite sad about it, back then. But now, it’s time for us to looking our future together. Don’t look back again.”

I’m surprised.

“See you around.” He waves her hand and then he went out from my shop.

He is really a good men. Thank you. I smiled.

Tonight… I will meet Mayuyu. I will tell her about what I feel. It’s maybe will hard for her to forgive me.. to trust me again. But I’ll try.. I’ll try to get her love again.. I don’t care how long it takes.

I walk to my door and I changed ‘OPEN’ sign became ‘CLOSED’

I love you, Mayuyu.


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