SaeYuki – Regret (1/3)




A beautiful lady stepped outside from her red car. After she completely stood outside her car, she closed the door and then she started to wear her sunglasses.

She took off her hair ties; her raven hair fell on her back beautifully. She left her car and then she walked inside the campus gracefully.

The scene of the flawless girl entered their campus made many college students stopped their activities for a while just to staring her.

“Who is she?” Sae threw a peanut up to the air and then she caught it with her mouth. She chewed it.

“New chick in this college.” A male who sat beside her seemed completely paralyzed as he looked at the girl. “She entered the fashion design class.”

Sae calmly drank her carbonated drink. “So, she’s my kouhai.”

“God!! She even can use herself as the model. Both of you can work together, you can use her as your model.”

Sae stood up. “I’m not interest. I have my own model.” She left her friend who still sat on the basketball field. She walked through the corridor and then she entered a classroom. As soon as she passed the door, all girls in that room turned head and stared at her, some of them winked at her. Seriously, I need some breaks from this popularity. She thought it by herself while looking for an empty seat in the back row, her favorite spot.

Right after she placed her butt on the chair, a figure entered the classroom. It was the new chick. Mostly of the boys in that room started to whistle. The girl didn’t bother to smile at them; she just sat in the front seat without looked around. She didn’t greet or bowed at anyone.

Sae smirked. A hot girl who has a cold heart… it’s quite rare.

========================== **** ==========================

2 weeks had passed, Sae noticed that she often met the new chick because they seemingly had the same class in most of their courses. So… her name is Kashiwagi Yuki. Sae thought it after the lecturer called Yuki’s name for answering a question. Yuki managed to answer it correctly and… perfectly, actually. She’s smart.

Sae’s thought was interrupted by the lecturer; her name was called as well. The lecturer threw a question to her; the question seemed difficult because the students in the class began to whisper at each other that they didn’t know the answer. She smiled and then she tried to answer it. Bravo! She got it. Well… I didn’t want to mention it but… I have a bright brain too. She leaned her back to the chair while showing her smile that full of contentment.

The corner of Sae’s eyes noticed that Yuki looked at her, but not in a friendly way… not even close to it. I think… she don’t like having a strong rival. She wants to stand on the top by herself, huh? She replied Yuki’s deathly glare with a smile… a mock smile. Sae chuckled when she saw Yuki turned her head to the whiteboard while showing her annoyance. She’s full of hatred. Shall I keep teasing her like that?

After a month, Sae didn’t know why but she found it interesting to observing Yuki when they were in the same class. She tried to guess what kind of person Yuki was. She’s a popular type girl but she seems don’t care about it, just like me. She’s never smile at anyone, not even at the lecturers. She’s absolutely a gloomy girl and her heart is made by the stone. I’m a bit different with her, I’m popular but I keep trying to nice toward people even though I don’t really like it.

One day, Sae met Yuki on the parking lot. They almost arrived in the same time and Yuki’s car parked next to her car. She got out of her car and then she looked at the other girl who had just locked the car door. She let Yuki walked first and it made her could easily observing Yuki’s clothes from behind. She’s fashionable… not surprise she want to be a designer. I wonder how good she is in making ske-

Yuki turned around. “Stop following me like a stalker!”

Sae was taken aback. Am I being too obvious? She shrugged. “I’m not following you, -” she wanted to add ‘bitch’ in the end, but (thankfully) she canceled it “- Kashiwagi-san. We’re in the same class, remember?” She scoffed.

They would be in the same class on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

“I don’t remember.” Yuki replied Sae sarcastically. “I even didn’t know who you are.” She turned her body and then stepped forward again.

Sae walked as well since they had a same class. She laughed behind Yuki’s back. “Well… It surprising me a bit that you act like you didn’t know me at all. I always remember that you glared at me every time I got my spotlight in our classes.”

Yuki suddenly stopped her step and turned back. It made Sae had to take one step back because Sae almost bumped with her. “Listen, STRANGER.” She rolled her eyes. “I don’t have any memory about you, so… you better get out of my way.”

“Listen, STRANGER.” Sae imitated Yuki. “As far as I know, this is a public place. And umm…” She felt her arm was grabbed by a random girl who walked beside her. She kept looking at Yuki while her fingers already entwined with a random girl’s fingers. ”You’re not my type. I have no reason to stalk you, besides that… you have no fun to being stalked.” She smirked and started to walk with a random girl while her arm wrapped on the random girl’s waist. She left Yuki alone.

Yuki looked at Sae in a disbelief way. “Shit.”

========================== **** ==========================

Such an unpleasant first impression happened between Sae and Yuki. Since the day on the parking lot, Yuki began to aware of Sae’s presence more. Yuki always show her black aura every time she made an eye contact with Sae.

On the other hand, Sae looked really calm and decided to just teasing Yuki from afar. How? She began to ‘steal’ some of Yuki’s chances to show off in their classes. Sae always answered the questions from the lecturers when she had a feeling that the lecturers were about to call Yuki’s name. This is really fun. She giggled by herself every time she saw Yuki’s pissed off expression.

Another month had been passed, the rivalry between Sae and Yuki became increasingly crazy. Every students that entered the design fashion class must be noticed how strict their ‘competition’ and it was really interesting to be seen since both of them were popular. Yuki was popular among the boys, however… Sae was popular among the girls as well.

Yuki glared at Sae when Sae ‘stole’ the questions… again. I hate Miyazawa Sae! She walked out from the class when the class finished. You maybe could do that to me in the theory classes, but I will crush you in the practicum classes later! She went to the cafeteria to buy some cold drinks to relax her mind.

A random boy came and stood in front of Yuki. “Can I sit he-”

Before the random boy could finish his words, Yuki already glared at the boy. Her demon glare automatically cast away every boy that wanted to talk with her. My girlfriend is much better than a bunch of stupid boys.

========================== **** ==========================

Got some new pals already?

Yuki threw her body onto her bed and then she put her phone to her ear again. ”No, I don’t need any friend here.”

Why??? You’ll be so lonely there!“ Another girl who talked on the phone sounded disagreed with Yuki.

“What I want to do is finishing my study quickly, so I can go back to Paris with you. All I need is you, only you….. Mayu.”

Mayu chuckled through the phone. “You make me flattered, Yuki.

“It’s not funny, Mayuyu. How could you always laugh and smile when my parents forced me to study far away from you?!”

Mayu sighed. “Try to smile, Yuki. Don’t take everything with a frown. I love you and I know that you love me too. I don’t care how far we are, as long as I know we will be together in the end.

Yuki showed a slight smile on her face. Her girlfriend really knew how to make her calmed down. “Mayu, if you’re here, right now, I really want to hug you. I miss you so much.”

I miss you too. Ah!” Mayu sounded found a brilliant idea. “We have to learn something since we’re far away and can’t touch each other now.

Yuki frowned. “What is it?”

Flying kiss~

“Ehh??!!!” Yuki utterly shocked. “That was so embarrassing!  I guess you know me very well!” She was too shy to show her affection in that way. Afterward, she could hear the other girl whined through the phone.

Come on, Yukirin. Come on. Come on~ Do it like this… Ummuaahh!” Mayu made a sound of flying kiss.

“Yuck!” Yuki felt she wanted to puke when she imagined she did the overly cute thing like that. I want to see Mayu do that in front of me… she must be really cute.

Mayu laughed. “Try to learn it, so you can do it when we make a video call later.”

“What??!! You begin to kill me softly, Mayuyu.” Yuki giggled.

========================== **** ==========================

The fifth month Yuki in that college was a really bad day for her. I guess I’m in the hell right now. She glanced at Sae who sat beside her. The luck is never on my side.

There was a practicum class which they were given a project to design a blue-themed dress. The lecturer said that it was a group project and the group was sorted by their grades. Since Sae and Yuki were the smartest students in that class, they ended up being together in a team.

Yuki sighed. 5 minutes ago, before the group was being decided, I planned to kick Miyazawa’s ass by defeating Miyazawa’s team. But why??!! Why it’s end up like this?! Tch! Yuki rolled her eyes when she saw Sae’s malicious grin across her lips.

“Hi, teammate!” Sae raised her hand to do a high-five with Yuki, but Yuki turned her face away.

 “For your information, I’m not happy with this.” Yuki crossed her arms.

“Me neither.”

Yuki’s eyes grew bigger. What?! This moron really knows how to make my day even worse. I have to ask Mayu’s advice about this!! Or I will end up with punching Miyazawa’s face and ruin this project.

===================== TO BE CONTINUED ====================

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