Voice [Sequel Mayuki] – Prologue

VOICES - Mayuki




“Where is Jurina??” Rena was flying around and asked any soul that she met. But no one knew where Jurina was. She searched Jurina from above. Even on earth, Matsui Jurina’s name didn’t exist. She’s…. gone?

“I know where she is.”

“Where is she, Mayu? If you put her in dangerous again, I swear I will destroy you!!”

“She’s okay. But, I won’t tell you until you help me.”

“You asked for a help?! Mayu, I think you’re lost your mind. Don’t joke with me.”

“I’m not joking!!! I need your help!! Come with me.”

Rena followed Mayu. They were flying down to the earth. They landed on a school yard. So, she’s not joking.

“Why we’re here, Mayu?”

“How did you feel when the first time you saw Jurina?”

Rena almost laughed when Mayu asked her about that. “I feel like being hypnotized. I’m not a human, but I can feel a happy feeling for the first time. And then……”

“You think she will be the only one. You didn’t care about our rules; you even want to spend your whole life in the hell because of her.”

Mayu’s answer made Rena wanted to fall into the hell for the second time. “How can you know that?”

Mayu was remained silent and she walked into that school. Rena didn’t have any choice except followed Mayu. They entered a class, and then they stopped in front of a student. Rena tried to read her nametag, “Kashiwagi Yuki.”

“I feel it too. I feel all of the things that you said before.” Mayu looked away.

“NO WAY!” Rena laughed hard, she couldn’t hold it anymore. “You love her?? HAAHAAHHA…. You have a great taste, my friend.”

Mayu hit Rena’s head, “We’re not friend. Don’t tell anyone!”

“Easy boy… easy. I will help you. So, where is Jurina?”


“Mayu!! What the hell are you doing?! Just go down there and change your form into a human!!!”

Mayu glared at Rena. “Hey Angel! Don’t yell at me! Just take care of your fucking baby!”

Rena looked at Mayu in disbelief way. “Hey Shinigami, that ‘fucking baby’ is my girlfriend! The baby is the reincarnation of Jurina! Just wait until Jurina grow up again… she will become more beautiful than that fucking girl who makes you so sensitive like this!”

“Yeah… your girlfriend is a BABY. You’re such a dangerous pedophile.”

Rena rolled her eyes. “None of us who aren’t pedophile, Mayu. We have been lived for thousands years! And they’re human… they even barely can survive more than 100 years.”

“Hey… both of you are so cute together.” A soul saw them with a smile. “I always imagine the friendship between Angel and Shinigami… so beautiful.”

Rena and Mayu quickly threw a scary gaze to the soul. “We are not friends!” Both of them said it in the same time.

The soul was a bit surprised. “O-okay… okay.” But then… the soul flew away while laughing. “Such a lovely friendship.”

Rena turned her head toward Mayu. “I can’t believe that everyone here told us that we’re friends. I’m just helping you to get your romance.”

Mayu groaned. “You make it sound like I’m a pathetic Shinigami who asking help from an Angel.”

“But that’s quite true, right?” Rena smirked.

Mayu groaned in frustration again. “Oh, this stuff makes me sick!”

“Listen to me carefully, Mayu. You ask for my help, that’s why I’m here for you. You HAVE TO do whatever I said to you, okay?!” Rena put both of her hands on Mayu’s shoulders. “Go down there and get her before other humans makes her falling in love. All you do in these past years is just sitting here and watched her from afar… that’s so useless, Mayu! She can’t see you! She doesn’t even know that you exist in this world!”

Mayu looked down. “I… I’m afraid.”

Rena frowned. “Afraid of what? Are you afraid because you know that you’ll get a punishment like me if you get busted by your leader? Living in hell for hundreds years?”

Mayu brushed off Rena’s hands from her shoulders. “You’ve just become an Angel in some years but you seems already forgot about how it feels being a Shinigami.” She threw a death gaze at Rena and the flames suddenly appeared from both of her palms. “Shinigami are never afraid of something like that! I’m not THAT weak!”

“Then why?!” Rena looked so impatient in facing the stubborn Shinigami.

“I’m afraid that she will suffer like Jurina.” The flames from Mayu’s palms were disappeared. “We know the rules, Rena. Shinigami shouldn’t be seen by human… there are only 2 choices if that girl know the real me… she must die or I had to be destroyed.”

Rena couldn’t say anything again because the things that Mayu said were true. She has been experienced it by herself… at that time… Jurina died. “Everything will be fine, Mayu. Just… entrust our fate to our God.” After she said it, she flew away to the heaven and let Mayu stood alone on the edge of their kingdom.

After she saw Rena left her, she sat again and searched the girl… the girl who made her felt love for the first time. She used her supernatural eyes to read all names of people on the earth… the name was written on the top of human’s head. Oh, there she is… Kashiwagi Yuki.

= on the other hand =

“Kashiwagi-san, come on! Hurry up! We’re late.”

“O-oh… okay.” Yuki ran toward her friend. She followed her friend who already ran toward the biology class. When she was about to enter the classroom, she stopped and took a little glance to the sky. Nice weather… beautiful sky… I wonder how earth looks from up there. She smiled and then she stepped into the classroom.

Without Yuki knew about it, there was someone who answered her question.

The earth look so beautiful from up here… and it even look more amazing because you’re there. Mayu began to flap her wings and then she went down to the earth. She flew to the earth not to meet the girl, but to do her duty… taking human’s life.


= Months Later =

An Angel and a Shinigami flapped their wings together as they flew down onto the earth. They slide very quickly from the sky. If human could see their movement, maybe they would think that they were a comet. They landed at the empty old house because there was no human there.

“Okay… here we go.” Mayu closed her eyes. In a few seconds later, her appearance has been changed. She opened her eyes again. “How do I look?”

Rena tilted her head. She almost couldn’t stop staring at Mayu because Mayu looked so cute and beautiful in her human form. Hold on, Rena… you can’t say to your eternal rival that she is cute!!! “Well uhh… if we comparing this with your Shinigami form, I guess this one is better.” She said it in a cold way.

Mayu rolled her eyes. “Just tell it honestly to me that I’m cute.” She smirked.

SHIT! Rena forgot that they could read each other’s mind. “Where’s your twintails?” She remembered that back then… when Mayu incited Jurina, she appeared as a cute girl with twintails in front of Jurina.

Mayu shook her head. “I won’t use twintails anymore… it makes me looks so childish. This one is better… beautiful, amazing, mature, and smart.” She just let her silky long black hair swayed beautifully on her back.

Rena shrugged. “Whatever.” She closed her eyes and then she changed herself into a human form as well. “Let’s go.”

“Wait what?!” Mayu was surprised. “I told you to accompany me, but you don’t have to change. I can see you even if you are not in you human form.”

“Maybe you’ll have a kind of ‘jetlag’. I have to make sure that you’re act like human. Don’t walk too fast and don’t mistakenly spread your wings when you want to run, you have to control your power because we even can easily destroy a building in a blink of eye, you-”

“Okay-okay!” Mayu closed her ears. “Too much talking.”

“I’m here to teach you! If they know your identity… game over. You can’t see that girl anymore.”

Mayu sighed.

“The most important thing…” Rena walked closer to Mayu. “Try to learn how to smile.” She showed her biggest grin. “Human’s feeling is so sensitive… if you don’t smile, they will think that you don’t like them.”

Mayu began to open her mouth slowly. She wanted to make a smile on her face, but she couldn’t do it. My face feels so stiff!

“Yeah, I know.” Rena read Mayu’s mind. “That’s how I feel back then. Shinigami don’t have any expression… they looks so cold all the time. Later, try to do it in front of the mirror. For now…” She smirked at Mayu. “… let’s go to school.”

Mayu startled as Rena mentioned about school because it means… she would meet Kashiwagi Yuki. I- I will see her closer… for the first time.

“Follow me.” Rena began to run. She ran really fast, like the winds. “Don’t use your wings!” She yelled it as she heard Mayu’s mind that she was going to fly.

Mayu groaned. “Fine!” She ran toward Rena, but she couldn’t run as fast as Rena because she had never run or walk before… she always used her wings to move to everywhere. I have to learn how to use my feet!

“That’s correct!” Rena talked to Mayu while running across the empty street.

“Stop reading my mind all the time!” Mayu showed her frustration.

They stopped running when they was about to reach the school. Rena asked one of the students there about Yuki’s class.

“Come on! We have to go there.” Rena grabbed Mayu’s hand and pulled her.

“Wait…” Mayu stopped. “You don’t make a plan to make us study in the same class with her… right?”

Rena grinned. “Of course we have to ‘study’ in the same class with her! I did it too when I want to get closer with Jurina back then.”

Oh man. Mayu felt so nervous. She smacked Rena’s back when she saw Rena laughed at her. Don’t tease me!

* In a few minutes later *

The teacher stood in front of the class. “Today, we have 2 new students.” He gave a signal to Mayu and Rena.

Rena smiled and she entered the class without a doubt, but on the other hand, Mayu stunned behind the door… she even tried to hide.

Rena glared at Mayu. Come here, Mayu! Do not act like a coward.

Mayu clenched her fist. I’m not a coward! She stepped into the class. I will kill you as soon as we go back to our kingdom.

Rena shrugged as a sign that she didn’t care about Mayu’s threat. She looked at the students in front of her and then she showed her sweet smile to them. “Good morning. My name is Rena… Matsui Rena. It’s nice to meet you and please take care of me.” It’s nice to have the same family name with Jurina. She bowed at them.

“I’m Mayu.” Mayu closed her eyes for a moment while thinking a nice family name. “Watanabe Mayu.”

Rena rubbed her forehead. Smile at them, Mayu! Bow your head!

First, I can’t smile. Second, I don’t want to bow my head at human. Mayu looked at Rena in a cold way.

That’s really rude. They won’t like you.

I don’t care. Mayu also looked at the teacher in a cold way. “Where do I have to sit?”

The teacher looked so shocked by Mayu’s rude attitude, but somehow, he couldn’t get angry at her. He pointed his index finger at the empty chair in the last row. “You can sit there, Watanabe-san.”

Mayu walked there without being bothered by her surroundings. Everybody in the class looked at her in disbelief way. “What?!” She glared at them and it made them turn their heads back to the front.

Rena coughed and intentionally made the sound. “I’m sorry, sir. Where should I sit?” She kept smiling at the teacher.

The teacher smiled back and then he pointed his finger at the chair beside Mayu.

Rena bowed at the teacher again before she walked toward the chair. She tried to be friendly to her classmates. Right after she sat on the chair, she glared at Mayu. Like seriously, you will ruin everything! You already made such a bad first impression for Kashiwagi Yuki.

Mayu looked at the girl who sat 2 rows in front of her and surprisingly… the girl looked at her too. Somehow, she felt so lost in the girl’s gaze and she felt the happiness attacked her heart. But in a moment later, everything was changed after she read the girl’s mind.

Yuki glared at Mayu. She’s a really-really rude girl and she looks so arrogant. Where does she come from?! After that, she looked at Rena with a smile on her face. That girl, Matsui Rena, seems so nice. I guess we can be friend in the future.

Mayu clenched her fist. Don’t you ever dare to steal her from me, Rena!

Rena rolled her eyes. Of course I won’t! Jurina is more than enough for me. You better behave yourself before she hates you more than that.

Tch. Mayu looked at Yuki again. She was so irritated because Yuki looked at Rena in a sweet way.

================== END OF PROLOGUE ==================

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