Voice [Sequel Mayuki]


This is the prologue for the sequel of VOICES.

Rena and Mayu were Shinigami (grim reaper) that has been lived for thousands years.
They can read each other’s mind, read human’s mind, transform into a human form, move really fast, fly, shouldn’t be known by human, shouldn’t be seen by human, and don’t have love.

But one day, Rena was breaking the rules… she got a punishment because she’s falling in love with human (Jurina), she has to living in hell for 300 years (there’s a time difference between human world and their world… 1 year in human world = 150 years in their world). But in the end, God ordered Rena to not doing her job as a Shinigami anymore because she has love… she’s become an Angel now.

Mayu is still a Shinigami and she is Rena’s eternal enemy/rival. But then… it’s all change after Mayu falling in love with Yuki. She asked Rena to help her to get Yuki.

VOICES - Mayuki

on progress

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