SaeYuki – What Should I Do? (4/4)



“You are not afraid to me?” She broke the kiss.

“No. How can I afraid to you?”

“I don’t wanna other students far away from you too because of me. I know you’re very popular here. I mean… you may heard this… that I kill my best fr-”

I cut her lips with mine. “You talk too much. If become your friend means I have to face a cruel world. I’m in. I love challenge.” I giggled.

“ I’m serious, Sae!”

“ I’m serious too. Why do you thinking too much about this? Look.. I’m okay.” She still silent. “OK. Can you tell me what happen? I don’t believe you’re like that.”

“That night. I see her kissing my boyfriend….” She shed her tears and I hug her to calm her down.

“Next day… I drag Mayuyu to the quiet place, so we can talk well.”

—————- FLASHBACK —————–

“Yukirin.. Where are we going to?”

Yuki release Mayu’s hand. “I wanna talk about something.”

Mayu seems nervous, “What’s about? Did we really need to talk this far from our friends?? I’m afraid! This is a jungle, Yukirin.”

“That’s not our topic!!” Yuki yell at Mayu. “Since when my boyfriend cheating?”

Mayu open her eyes widely, “How should I know? She’s your boyfriend, that’s not related to me.” Mayu avoid Yuki’s eyes.

“I saw you both last night. Behind our tent.”

Mayu gasp. “You must be dreaming Yukirin. That’s impossible. Now let’s go back to our tent.” Mayu hold Yuki’s hand but Yuki refuse it.

“I am not dreaming Watanabe Mayu!!! This is the 3rd time I see you both together!!” Yuki cried.

“I am so sorry Yukirin.” Mayu look to the ground. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.. but I love Takeda too. I love him even before you met him. But…. you get him first, so I’m sad. But now I-”

“How long we have been friend?!!!” Yuki hold Mayu’s arms and shake it. “Answer me!! How long??!!”

“10 years.”

“So why don’t you just tell me??!!” Yuki slap Mayu.

“I didn’t wanna hurt you…”

Yuki slap Mayu again. “Now look at me!! Am I not hurt??!!”

Mayu just silent.

“Our friendship is over…”


“I will give Takeda to you. I will erase my memories about you and him!!!”

“Yukirin.. It’s not like that….”

Mayu grab Yukirin shoulder, but Yukirin push her. Mayu lost her balance and…….

“KYAAAA!!!!!” Mayu screams.

Yuki turn her head. NO!! MAYUYU!!!

Mayu holding into something. Yukirin try to grabs her. “HEEELLLLPPP!!!!”

Yuki try to lift Mayu up, but their hand slip and Mayu fell in front of her eyes. Yuki see Mayu said ‘I LOVE YOU, YUKIRIN’ with her lips. Then…….



Yuki cry so hard. She scream. I try to calm her down again.

“It’s okay.. It’s okay Kashiwagi-san… I’m here. Your best friend up there will sad too if you close yourself and blame yourself like this. I believe she’s already forgive you.”

“No!! She’ll not forgive me. I kill her. How can you said that?! You even didn’t know her!!”

“You’re not a killer!! That was an accident! You didn’t mean to do that, right?!” I see her eyes.

“You said that she say ‘I LOVE YOU’ when she fell, right? It’s mean she really love you as her best friend and forgive all your mistake..” I hug her tight and I strokes her hair.

She hug me and cry on my chest. “Thank you. Sae-chan.”

“No problem. We’re friend, friend help each other.” I smile to her. “Now get up. It’s already dark. I will drive you home.”


“Miyazawa senpai!” I hear someone call me and run towards me. Ahh.. she’s Miyazaki, 1st year student. She’s cute.

“Yes, Miyazaki?” I smile to her.

“Are you busy senpai?”

“No. Why?”

“I wanna tell you something. Can we go to another place?”

I laugh. “No-no. I have a class after this break. Just tell me in here.” I look around. There are too many people here, maybe I can go to the library and talk comfortably.

“Miyazaki-san, Let’s go to the libr-”


This is bad. Really bad. Everybody in the 2nd floor staring both of us.

“Look Miyazawa-san. I…”

“Congratulation Sae!!! Yeaayyy.” Sayaka punch my back.

I see Yuko come too. This is a disaster. “Is this Miyazaki-san from 1B??”

“Yes, I am Oshima-san.” She looks confuse.

1B??!! NO!! That’s Kashiwagi class too.

“I …” I want to refuse her but…

“Sae-chan often talk about you to both of us. She said that you’re cute. I don’t believe that you really love each other.”

Yuko!! Yes, she’s cute. She always come to my class, she’s pretty, often bring a extra bento for me. But.. I’m not love her!!

“You’re lucky Sae.” Sayaka grin to me. “I can’t wait to see both of you dating.”

I see Miyazaki’s happy face. She’s too happy because Sayaka and Yuko. She’s so innocent, I can’t broke her heart soon and make her cry. It’s a bad thing.

Can I maybe accept her for some days? I can talk to her slowly about I actually only think her as a friend, then we can break-up with peace.

“Don’t just standing there Miyazawa-san. Give your answer!!” I do not know whose voice it is.

“I-I.. I accept you, Sakiko-chan.” I smile and then she hug me. I’m glad too see her smile. I hug her back.

How about Kashiwagi? I like her, but she seems didn’t has any interest for me. Be her friend is good enough for me.


It’s only need 1 day.. All of them already know about me and Miyazaki.

Yesterday, I looking for Kashiwagi in her ‘music room, but she’s not there. Maybe she’s busy with her study.

Why don’t I come to her class and talk a while about this?? I need her advice, this is really complicated.

I’m walking to her class. I see to the corner table. She’s there. I enter her class, she look at me, and I about to raise my hand to call her. But Miyazaki come to me first.

Sh*t. I am forget that Miyazaki have a same class with Kashiwagi.

“Sae-senpai? Are you looking for me?” She act really cute.

“Yes Sakiko-chan, I want to have a lunch with you.” I smile at her. Actually, I really want to hit my head to the wall.

I swear that I just saw Kashiwagi cry. I can’t come back to that class, because Miyazaki with me now. After school, I will ask about why she’s cry.

I am feeling uneasy. I want to school can over as soon as possible. Bell ringing. I run to her class, of course I avoid Miyazaki first. I don’t she Kashiwagi walk through and their class already empty.

I run to her ‘music room’, but she’s not there too.


Kashiwagi like a ghost lately, I can’t see her everywhere. I always come to her class before class started, break time, lunch time, and after school… she’s not there.

I’m waiting in front of her ‘music room’ but she seem didn’t come. It’s been 2 weeks, I can’t bear it anymore. I take my motorcycle.

About half hour later, I’m arrive at her house but her house is locked. I waiting in front of her house.

2 hours.. 3 hours.. 4 hours.. She isn’t come yet.

I’m hungry and I left my jacket in my class. Arrrgghhh! Is she stay away from me purposely?! Did I do someting wrong to her?

I sit on my motorcycle. It’s already become more darker, I look at my watch. 9PM. I still can wait her.

I see someone walk in the dark. Yuki. That’s Kashiwagi Yuki!

“Sae-chan? What are you doing here?”

“I’m waiting for you.” I sneeze. I feel really cold.

“Let’s go inside. You’re freezing!” She open the gate and the door quickly. She led me to her living room.

She give me a cup of hot tea, then she touch my feet. “Hey, what are you doing?!” I try to move it, but she hold it tightly.

She open my socks. She wrap a wet towel to my foot. Ah.. it’s warm.

“Thank you Kashiwagi-san.”

“How long you’ve been there?” She ask me calmly, so I think I can be honest about that. She seems won’t be angry.

“Wait a minute… About 6 or 7 hours?”

She hit my head. “What actually your smart brain used for?! How can you wait there for 6 hours without wearing a jacket or a scarf?!”

“Sorry.. can you angry to me later? Can you give a bread or some snack? I didn’t have any food since morning…” I pout.


I giggled. Her shock expression is really funny,

“You laugh?! I am angry to you not telling some jokes.”

“I know.. I know.. ”

“What’s about? Why are you come here?”

I answer her question, with a question. “ What’s about? Why you always stay away from me? I come here for that questions.”

“You can sleep here. You will not be able to drive home in this cold weather.” She walk away to her room.

“That’s not the answer of my question.”

“Your room is on the right, you can change your clothes there. Then sleep, we have class tomorrow.” She about to close her door.

“Are you jealous? Did you angry because I’m dating with Sakiko?”

“What are you talking about?” She open her door again.

“Just answer me.”

“No. Why should I jealous to her? I just don’t wanna be your burden because you’ll spent more time with me.”

“That’s sounds like a jealous.”

“What?!” She yell at me.

“Even if I have a girlfriend, it will not interfere our time together. I always have time for you.”

She didn’t say anything.

“Do you like me?” I ask her.

She didn’t say anything again.

“I take that as ‘No’. Thanks for your tea, I’ll go home. Goodbye.” I wear my shoes and walk to the door.

“Goodbye? You always said ‘See you.’ words.”

I open the door.

“No. I do not like you.”

I about to close the door.

“Why are you still silent!! I said I don’t like you.” She yell at me again.

I finally open my mouth, “ I didn’t talk to you only about 5 minutes and you already angry like this. You didn’t talk to me for 3 month, remember?”

“So, you blame it to my face now? You wanna said that it’s my fault?”

“No. I want to show you how much I love you, Kashiwagi-san. It’s okay to me to just being your friend.”

She shock. She show that funny expression again, but this time I can’t laugh.

“But how about Miyaza-”

I kiss her. Not a friend kiss like we did in ‘music room’ back then. It’s a passionate kiss. She kiss me back. I smile while I kiss her.

“I ask you once again. Do you like me?”

“No.. I don’t like you.” I step back, but she hold me. “I don’t just like you.. I love you, Sae-chan.” She hug me.

I smile. “So… we’re dating now?”

“No. You still have Miyazaki.”

“I can have 2 girlfriend you know.. It’s easy.” I wink.

“I don’t want to.” She pout.

“I am kidding, I already break up with her last week. I told her about my feeling for you. I get a slap. But she accept my decision.” I giggled.

She peck my lips, “Yes, we’re dating now.” She smile.

I love that smile. I own that smile now.

“Well…. tonight will be our long-long night ever. Promise me to not sleeping in a class tomorrow, Kashiwagi-san.” I grinned.

She punch my arm. “You can call me Yukirin.”

She kiss me again. And I feel hand go to all over my body.

================ END =============

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