HUNT (1/10)




= J =

The girl sat on a chair inside her room; she was wearing the white-tight t-shirt, the loose army-patterned long pants, and a pair of black army boots. She took a random black hair-tie from the drawer and then she tied her hair. She turned her head as she heard someone knocked the door. She kept glaring at the door until it opened slowly.

The guy in the black suit walked into the room without hesitation. “There’s a message for you, J.” He took a phone from his pocket and then he put it onto the small table near the door. “50% of the money has been transferred into your account.” After he said it, he stepped out from the room and closed the door again.

The girl smirked. “New job, huh?” She bent down a little to reach something inside both of her boots… she took a knife from each boots. The twin black knives were intentionally tucked inside her boots. She calmly took out the knives from its cases and put them onto the table. “It’s time for sharpening you both… we’ll have a boring job as usual.”

*At Midnight*

The girl who was being called as J by the black suit guy… took the twin knives that had been sharpened from the table and then she tucked it back into her boots. She wore the shoulder gun holster and then she covered the guns by wearing a dark green hooded coat outside the white t-shirt.

J walked toward the door and then she took the phone from the table near the door. She long-pressed ‘1’ button on the phone and then she put the phone near her ear.

2 AM, xxx hotel room 101, Sato H-

J stopped the recording voice when it was about to tell the victim’s name. She had never wanted to know the victim’s name because somehow… she felt it as a heavy burden. “I don’t need the damn name.” She put the phone inside her pocket. After that she opened the door and then she walked toward the parking lot to take her motorcycle.

In 25 minutes, she arrived in front of the hotel that mentioned by the recording voice. She took off her helmet and read the hotel name to make sure she was on the right place. “I’m always in love with cheap hotel because I don’t have to worry about CCTV at all.” She smirked.

After she parked her motorcycle inside the building beside the target’s hotel, she walked calmly toward the small hotel. As soon as she arrived at the lobby, she found three men in the black suit looked at her.

One of the men walked toward J. “I’m sorry miss, but the entire hotel has been booked by my boss. You better get out now.”

J turned her head and then she looked straight to the man’s eyes. “Fuck you.” She took one of her gun from the gun holster in an incredible speed and then pulled the trigger. *BANG!* She shot the man’s neck. The man died in a few seconds.

The other men gasped when they saw their comrade collapsed onto the floor with blood. One of the men took out his gun, but J was in advantageous side because she already had the gun in her grip. J shot the man on her head even before he pointed the gun at J.

J quickly turned her head toward the last man, but the man quickly hid behind the pillar. “Wanna play hide and seek, huh?” She uttered it while smirking. She pointed her gun at the pillar and then she shot the pillar. She kept shooting the pillar and it caused the guy couldn’t come out to attack her. She kept walking closer to the pillar while firing, but then her gun stopped firing.

The man smirked when he knew that J ran out of bullet. “Got you little girl!” He came out from his hiding place while pointing his gun. But then he shocked as J already stood right in front of him.

“Gotcha, dude.” J punched the man’s wrist and then she heard the sound of cracking bone.

The man screamed in pain while holding his broken wrist. “Arrgghh!!” The gun fell from his hand. After that he got a knee kick on his stomach. “Ugh!”

“Stupid.” J took out another gun and then she shot the man right on his forehead. *BANG!* “Do you think I only have one gun?” She kicked the dead man’s head before she went upstairs. 101. She read the number on the door. She put the gun back into her gun holster and then she kicked the door strongly.

The door opened and revealed two naked people on the bed. The middle-aged man pushed the girl from his top while taking a gun from under the pillow. The girl fell to the ground and then she screamed as the middle-aged man started to fire J.

J swiftly avoided the bullets by tilting her body several times. When J realized the man pointed his gun at her stomach, she quickly bent down while grabbing the knife from her boots using her left hand and then she threw it right to the man’s right arm.

“Arrrgghhh!!” The gun fell from the man’s hand as he felt a great pain from his arm.

When the man was trying to pull out the knife from his arm, J smirked as she knew that there was a chance for her to do the counterattack. Her right hand took another knife from her boots and then she jumped onto the bed with her left hand grabbed the man’s neck and pushed it hard onto the bed. The man was about to punch J but then he stopped when he realized that there was a knife that already placed on his neck and it was ready to cut his neck.

J smirked as she succeeded in pinning down the naked middle-aged man. “Good decision, sir.”

“W-what do you want? M-money? How m-much do you want?” The man stuttered as he was holding back the pain on his arm and also felt the smell of his death was getting closer. “M-my bodyguards on the downstairs can give it to you right now.”

“Oh, do you mean those stupid men? I already sent them to the hell about 4 minutes ago. You can ask them to give me the money from the hell.”

The man gasped. “W-what?!”

J could see the horror on the man’s face and she seemed enjoyed it. “Well… this is seem to be your last minutes of your life.”

“You! Son of a bitch- ARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!” The man suddenly screamed as he felt J was pushing the knife on his arm deeper.

J laughed while using her left hand to push the knife deeper and made the wound worse. “You know, I hate when people throwing some bad words at me. At first, I want to make your death quick, but unfortunately you make me angry.” She pressed the knife deeper into his arm and her other hand sliced the skin on his neck a little. “Look, your neck is bleeding too.” She laughed sarcastically while the man under her uncontrollably screaming in pain.

“W-who s-sent y-you?”

“I don’t know.” Finally, J ended his life by stabbing his neck twice. She pulled out both of the twin knives from the man’s body after she saw the man’s eyes turned into white. “It seems you’re dead already.” She jumped off the bed.

J walked toward the door while holding both of her knives, but then she stopped as she heard someone’s cry. She quickly turned her head and she saw the naked girl sobbed on the floor. “Tsk-tsk-tsk… so pity. Why aren’t you running away when I forgot that you’re in here? What’s your name? I’m Matsui Jurina… people usually call me as J.”

The girl’s body was trembling so hard when she saw J walked toward her. The girl was too shock, it made her couldn’t run or even scream. “D-don’t kill m-me….” She said it instead of answering Jurina’s question.

Jurina squatted in front of the girl. “Usually… I also kill all witnesses, but…” She captured the girl’s lips and she kissed the girl gently. The girl was too afraid to avoid the sudden kiss. “… I’ll make it quick.” She whispered it against the girl’s lips.

The girl gasped and her eyes widened with shock. Those were the last things that she did in the world because Jurina already pointed the gun at the girl’s head while kissing. *BANG!* The girl died in seconds.

Jurina took the phone and then she long-pressed ‘2’ button. “Done.”


Jurina placed her bag on the floor and then she threw her body onto the bed without took off her shoes. She lay down on the bed while facing the ceilings. New place again.

Jurina get a recording voice on the phone – killing the target – confirm her job by phone – getting paid – move to other place… it was the circle in Jurina’s life.

Jurina opened the drawer beside the bed and then she found an envelope and a key. She took the envelope and then she opened it. So… this will be my next ‘home’ after I kill the next target. She looked at the address that written on the paper inside the envelope.

Jurina was about to sleep while holding the envelope, but then she realized that she had to do something. She woke up and then she walked toward her bag. She put the key and the envelope into her bag, after that she took the phone that she used for her last job. She walked toward the fireplace in the room and then she lit the fire. After the fire was big enough, she threw the phone into the fireplace and let it get burned.

It was another ‘ritual’ in Jurina’s life. Every ‘house’ that given by her boss always had a fireplace in it to burn the phone or any other evidences. ‘All witnesses have to be killed and all evidences have to be destroyed.’ She remembered vividly what her boss said to her.

“Akh!” Suddenly Jurina felt the sharp pain on her knee when she was about to get up. Shit!

========================= **** =========================

= The Doctor =

“Excuse me, doc.”

“Yes?” The doctor lifted her head and looked at the nurse that stood in front of her. The doctor had the straight-long-black hair, her skin looked too pale compared to normal people, and she had the light-brown eyes. She was indeed a beautiful doctor.

“We have a bit problem on the receptionist desk, could you please help us?” The nurse sighed.

The doctor tilted her head and she also frowned. It was too weird for her. She let go off the pen from her hand. “Did you’ve just… asked a doctor to help receptionist’s job?”

“Well uhh… I’m so sorry for bothering you.” The nurse looked at the ground. “There is someone who persistent want to buy the high dose painkiller. We’ve already told her that we couldn’t sell it casually but she started to get mad and hit the table.”

“You should call the security guard instead of me.” The doctor looked a bit annoyed.

“W-we already called the security, but…” The nurse took a deep breath. “She could easily defeat them all.”

“What?!” The doctor looked at the clock. 1.45 AM. We usually don’t have many security guards at this hour. “Call the police.”

“I want to, but…” The nurse sighed. “She looks in pain and I feel pity for her, doc. Besides, if we call the police, other patients and their families will be panicked.”

“So, what do you want me to do to someone like that?!”

“S-sorry, but you are our department head so you’ll have the full right to shoo her away or to call the police.” The nurse kept looking down. “Besides…” She looked unsure about what she said next. “… you are the owner’s best friend, doc.”

The doctor sighed. She was understood what the nurse wanted to say… calling the police was not an easy thing to do. There are lots of things that had to be considered first before calling the police… outsiders would think that their hospital had the bad security system, have many issues, and many other things that would give negative impact to their business and her best friend wouldn’t be pleased in hearing something like that. The nurses didn’t want to carry that kind of heavy responsible. “Okay.” She walked toward the door while the nurse following her went out from the office room. She walked quickly to receptionist desk, as she got closer… she could hear the ruckus. “Hey! Excuse me!” She yelled at the girl right before the girl grabbed the receptionist’s collar.

The girl turned around, it was Jurina. “Who the hell are you again?! Why do I have to face dozen people just to cure the damn pain on my knee?!! Fucking hospital!!” She groaned.

“I’m Matsui Rena, a doctor. I’m one of the head of departments in this hospital.”

“So, you are the boss.” Jurina pointed her index finger at Rena’s face. “Now, give me the damn painkiller and I will pay as much as you want!” She had lots of money… from killing people.

Rena seemed surprised as someone was boldly pointed the finger at her face. “What’s your name, miss?” She had to keep calming down.


“Huh?” Rena frowned. “I need your full name, miss.”

“What the fuck!!” Jurina lost her patience. “I’m here to get the painkiller, not to introduce myself!!!”

“Listen to my words carefully.” Rena said it firmly. “We won’t sell something like that to random people, especially to a harsh girl who don’t have a clear identity like you. Now, please get out from my hospital because we have to clean all mess that you’ve created! We will call the police if you keep persistent!”

Jurina was flinched a bit as she heard the ‘police’ word.  She preferred to choose to die in pain rather than dealing with the police because her boss wouldn’t like it. “Fine.” She turned her body and then she walked really slowly toward the door. She hissed in pain every time her right knee had to prop her body. “Doctor doesn’t have too many differences with murderer, the only difference is… the murderer kills people in a bad way but the doctor kills people in a ‘GOOD’ way.” She said it out loud.

Rena was clenched her teeth, but then… she surprised as she saw Jurina fell onto the ground because of the knee couldn’t prop Jurina’s body well. “Bring her to my office. I want to check her condition.” After she said it, she walked first toward her office room.

Everyone there were taken aback by the doctor’s order, but no one dare to argue with the head of department, especially a best friend of the hospital’s owner. The nurse quickly took a wheelchair for Jurina and then helped Jurina to sit there.

Jurina was surprised as well, but she didn’t say anything. She let the nurse took her to the certain room that mentioned by Rena before. When the nurse was about to help her went up to the hospital bed, she refused it. “I can do it by myself.”

“You can go now.” Rena gave an order to the nurse. “Make sure that you guys clean up the mess that created by this harsh girl.” She glared at Jurina.

“Y-yes, doc.” The nurse went out.

“Why did you change your mind?” Jurina asked it after the nurse left them.

Rena wore her glasses and her lab coat. “Because I want you to take your words again… the doctor is not same with the murderer.” She walked toward Jurina who already lie on the bed.

Jurina raised her eyebrow. She was about to argue but then… “Arrrggghh!!! Fuck!” She screamed as the doctor pressed her knee. “Doctor is the killer!!” She said as she felt a deep pain.

“Pfft.” Rena snorted. “You could defeat our 5 security guards but you cry just because I touch your knee?” She said it sarcastically.

Jurina looked annoyed by the doctor’s words.

“I have to do the roentgen for your knee, so I can identify what’s wrong with your knee.”

“No, I don’t want to.” Jurina simply answered it. It was too dangerous for her to have a medical history in hospital because someday it could be the way for police to find her.

Rena rolled her eyes. “How can I cure your wound if I can’t see what happen with your knee?”

“…” Jurina remained silent for a while. “I don’t ask you to cure me.”

“Urgh! GOD!!” Rena groaned. “If you didn’t want someone cure you, then why you come to the hospital?!” She almost lost her patience. “You make a great fuss in my hospital because you don’t wanna be cured?! Do you know how stupid it sounds?”


“Since when you feel the pain on your right knee?”

“S-since…. I was 12.” Jurina couldn’t really remember what happened to her before that day… the day when she woke up in pain on her right knee.

Rena could see the sudden change in Jurina’s expression. She looks sad and… terrified. “So, I guess you already felt the pain for more than 10 years…” She didn’t know Jurina’s age, but just by looking… she guessed that Jurina’s range age was 20-25 years. “… Have you go to the hospital before?”

Jurina shook her head. “Not even once… this is the first time.”

Rena was shocked. “What?! Then why do you decide to go in the night like this? Is it because you can’t endure the pain anymore?”

“Yes.” Jurina looked away. “I run out of my painkiller pills and I haven’t prepared ice to compress my knee. This hospital is the nearest ‘health facility’ from my home.”

Rena sighed. “You don’t want to get x-ray for your knee… and my answer is also still the same as before… we can’t sell the painkiller to random people, especially the kind of pills that you showed to the nurse before. The high dose medicines like that are too dangerous to be traded freely.” She took off her glasses. “So, what do you want me to do?”

Jurina looked at Rena. “Just give one painkiller pill for tonight… you can choose the dose, it doesn’t matter.”

Rena narrowed her eyes. What’s wrong with this girl?! She stared at Jurina’s eyes for a few seconds. “Fine.” She walked toward her phone desk and then she talked to the nurse to prepare one pill for Jurina.

In a few minutes later, the nurse came with the water and the pill. Jurina took it from the nurse’s hand and then she ate the pill. Rena just watched Jurina from her chair. As for Jurina, she had to wait several minutes until the pill gave her the effect.

Rena rested her back onto her chair while looking at Jurina who already strong enough to wake up by herself. “Be sure to go to the cashier.”

Jurina stood on her own legs, she still could feel the pain but she could endure it. “Of course, I will pay everything.” She walked toward the door. “Thanks and I promise that I won’t come back to your hospital again.” She grabbed the knob and then she opened the door. But before she stepped out, she looked at Rena again. “Believe me… I can get that kind of painkiller pills easily by tomorrow. Your hospital is just overly damn strict.” She said it sarcastically and then she closed the door.

“I hate her.” Rena hit her work desk.


“Rena, are you okay?” The raven-haired girl was panting so hard, her skin looked so white, and she also had a unique nose shape but it looked perfectly fit with her gorgeous face. “I quickly went here from my home right after I heard what have just happened here.” She closed the door.

Rena was a bit shocked as there was someone who opened her office door harshly and made a chaos. “As you see… I’m fine, Yukirin.” She saw the girl slowly walked toward the chair in front of her while breathing heavily. “It’s still dawn. You better go home and go to sleep again. Take a rest.”

“I’m worried about you, Rena!” The girl who called as Yukirin glared at Rena. “Why didn’t you just call the police?! I can’t understand why did you even checked her wound and gave the medicine to a damn girl like that!!!”

“Wow. It seems the news is quite fast until it arrived to your ears. It was just happened 20 minutes ago.” Rena put both of her hands on the table and then she narrowed her eyes. “Did you… ask someone to spy me?”

“N-no!” Yukirin shook her head. “Of course my employees will tell me what happens in my company, right? I’m Kashiwagi Yuki, the owner! Of course I will know everything.”

Rena rolled her eyes. “Go home and sleep, Yuki. I have much work to do.” She wore her glasses. “Everything is okay. If I called the police, our hospital reputation could be ruined.”

Yuki hit the table. “Your safety is more important than the reputation!!!”

“…” Rena looked at her overprotective friend. “Really? I’m sure that if it was one of our nurses who called the police without asked me to handle it first… that nurse will be fired by you today.”

“I won’t-”

“I’ve knew you for years, Yukirin.” Rena cut Yukirin’s words. “Now please, go home. The owner of this hospital needs some sleep, right?”

Yukirin kept persistent. “I won’t go home.” She smirked. “I can sleep here.”

Rena’s eyes widened. “Wait what?! You can’t sleep in my office!!”

“Of course I can. YOUR office room is part of MY building.” Yukirin grinned. “I can sleep in that hospital bed.” She pointed at the bed where Jurina laid before.

“Stop showing off your riches to me.” Rena facepalmed. I hate this girl too… I can’t believe that I hate 2 girls in an hour.

=================== To Be Continued ===================

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