HUNT (2/10)




= Free Time =

It had been 2 weeks but Jurina still didn’t get any ‘job’. Usually… after she moved to the next location, she would get a new job at least in a week. But she knew already that her new target will be around her location, because based on her experienced for years… her boss had never asked her to move into a new place without any reason behind it.

Oh shit, I’m bored. Jurina lifted her foot onto the table in front of her while watching the TV. Why don’t they just give me the damn new phone as usual?! She took a little glance at the clock… 07.23 PM. I can’t let myself die in boredom. She turned off the TV and then she went to her room to change her clothes.

In some minutes later, Jurina stepped out from her room after she finished. Her appearance was totally different from her usual outfit; she wore a casual light blue denim jumpsuit with a white sleeveless shirt inside, and then her clothes were paired with white sneakers. She looked at the mirror. I think it’s better to let my hair untie. When she was about to open the door, she stopped. Wait. Should I bring my gun or maybe at least a knife? She decided to go in and took her twin knives. Just in case… She put the knives inside her socks.

Jurina decided to just ride the public transport because if she use a car or a motorcycle that has been prepared by her boss, it could be dangerous if someone unintentionally remember the plate number or something. “Stop here.”

The taxi driver slowly stopped his car in front of a restaurant. “Thank you” He said it after Jurina paid the taxi.

Jurina looked around as if she wanted to make sure that the restaurant was safe for her. After that, she entered the restaurant and then she chose the corner table. She called the waitress to ask for menu list. When she was reading the list… “Ouch!” She felt someone’s handbag hit back of her head. She clenched her fist and then she turned her head. “Hey! You hit my head, idiot!!”

The girl who was about to leave quickly turned her head and then she apologized. “Oh, sorry. I’m so sor- HEY!!” The girl stopped apologizing after she saw Jurina’s face. “You’re ‘the painkiller girl’, how dare you call me as an IDIOT after I helped you last time!!” She put her hands on her hips while glaring at Jurina.

Jurina narrowed her eyes, trying to remember the other girl. She massaged her forehead when she remembered the other girl. “Urgh! You’re the bossy doctor from the damn strict hospital.” She lifted up her head to see Rena who stood in front of her. “You make me lose my appetite. What’s your name again, doc? Rena… the head of department, right?” She said it sarcastically.

“Don’t call me by my first name! You’re very disrespectful.”

Jurina rolled her eyes. “Do you have double personalities or what? You act so wild outside your damn hospital.”

“Pfft.” Rena looked at Jurina from head to toe. She remembered that the last time in the hospital… Jurina just wore a kind of man sleeveless t-shirt and a short ripped jeans. “Say it to yourself.” She pointed at Jurina’s clothes. “Trying so hard to be a cute girl, huh?” She was mocking Jurina.

SHIT! Jurina was suddenly regretting her stupid decision to wear some girly outfits. She wore it because she didn’t want to get too much attention from people around her, so she acted like a normal young girl. Oh man… I’m really happy if my next target is her. I’ll gladly to rip her mouth. She was trying really hard to not take out the knife from her socks. She hit the table strongly and it caused all people looked at her. She stood up and gave Rena an evil glare. “You better pray to your God to not let us meet again.” She said it right in front of Rena’s face.

Rena’s heartbeat went crazy because somehow… Jurina made her scared to death.

After threw a demon glare at Rena, Jurina walked out from the restaurant. “Stop looking at me or I will take your eyeballs out of your fucking eyes!!!” She yelled at the people there.

All of them quickly turned around; without they realized it, same as Rena… they were being afraid of the scary aura that came from Jurina.

Rena stunned while watching Jurina walked out from the restaurant. She has really bad temper. She sighed.

Jurina finally stood outside the restaurant. She looked at the building across the street. I see… that’s why I meet her again. The building that she saw was the hospital where Rena worked. She cursed her careless action. I should have been more careful before going somewhere. It’s too dangerous for me if someone could recognize me like that again. She walked away from the restaurant.

It was her first time for being recognized by someone around her ‘house’. She usually isolated herself until the new job came to her and then she would move to another place right after her target was dead. Unfortunately, she became too bored after ‘doing nothing’ for 2 weeks in her new house.

========================= **** =========================

= Next Target =

It had been 3 days since Jurina accidentally met Rena in the restaurant.

Where are they?! Am I being fired or something? Jurina threw the TV remote onto the table.

Jurina was so frustrated because she couldn’t contact her boss at all. ‘For our safety, you are not allowed to contact me or meet me directly.’ It was what her boss said to her, so for years… it was only one-way communication. Her boss always used a new number every time her boss had to inform her some important news.

Jurina flinched as she heard someone was knocking her door. Finally I will have something to do. She smirked. She walked toward the door and then she opened the door slowly with a knife on her hand, just in case it was someone who was not expected. She was relaxed after she saw a guy in a black suit in front of her door was holding a phone.

“He said that you have to hear it immediately.”

Jurina frowned but she just did what the guy said. She long-pressed ‘1’ button on the phone and then she put the phone near her ear.

I want to meet you tonight. Just follow the man in front of you.” The voice recording was ended.

WHAT?! Jurina was a bit surprised. He asks me to meet him after years?? She looked at the guy in front of her. “What happen? Why he doesn’t give me a job as usual?”

“I don’t know.” The guy simply answered it. “He only ordered me to say ‘you don’t have to pack your stuff… not yet.’ to you, J.”

“Okay.” Jurina locked her house and then she followed the guy. He asked me to not pack my stuff… it means my target is here. Jurina smirked. How I hope it’s that damn doctor. She was remembered how she was being humiliated by Rena last time.

Jurina sat inside the car for about an hour and she didn’t have any idea where she was heading to, because the windows were black in color… she couldn’t see anything outside. “Geez. I feel my butt is getting cramp.”

“Don’t worry, J. We’re already here.” The guy said it while slowly stopping the car in front of an old factory.

Jurina looked around. It’s really dark here. She saw the guy stepped out from the car, so she did the same. She followed the guy carefully because she barely could see anything. At first, she thought that she would go upstairs and her boss was in one of the rooms in that factory, but no… she went downstairs after the guy opened a kind of hidden door for her. After she went downstairs, the guy opened another door by scanning his fingerprint and entering some codes. The moment the door opened Jurina saw the lights came from inside it.

“Right there.” The guy was pointed the room on the corner.

Jurina walked toward the room. She knocked the door and then the small screen on the door turned on. She saw a familiar man’s face on the screen.

Oh. You’re here, J. Come in.” He pressed a button under his work desk and then the door opened, revealing Jurina’s boss. “It’s been a long time.” He said it with an expressionless face.

“I don’t know that after years, you build our headquarters in the underground place like this.” Jurina sat in front of the man. She looked at her boss that she even didn’t know the full name; they only use an initial letter to call each other. “You look a bit older, Y.”

“And you’re also growing up really well. I can’t believe that the little kid that I’ve been raised since 11 years ago… has been changed into a gorgeous girl this.” He pointed at Jurina.

“Cut the crap and just give me the job.” Jurina yawned. “I’m totally bored in these 2 weeks.”

“You must be wondered why I invite you to come here after years.”

“Yes, and it’s totally wasting my time because you can just do it as usual… by phone.” Jurina rolled her eyes.

The boss stared at Jurina. “I want to do it like that, but not this time because your target is a bit different from before. You’re one of my favorite underlings, so I can’t let my best man just die without any warning.”

Jurina seemed annoyed. “Don’t underestimate me!” She hit the table.

The boss snorted. “Your bad temper is still haven’t change at all.” He took something from his drawer and then he put it on the table.

“Who is this?” Jurina took the photo from the table. She frowned while looking at the picture with full of curiosity. Too bad… this is not the bossy doctor’s picture.

“Kashiwagi Yuki.” The boss answered Jurina. His eyes were so dark and cold. He stared at Jurina in a serious way.

Jurina put the photo onto the table again. “What should I do to her?” She asked it to the man who sat in front of her even though she already knew the answer. She just wanted to make sure.

“Kill her.”

Jurina laughed really hard. “You ask me to come here only to give me an order to kill a girl? I can’t believe it.”

“Don’t laugh.” He said it firmly. “Before you come here, I already sent 5 men to kill her but… they never come back.” He rested his back onto the chair. “Well… I can assume that they’re dead.”

Jurina looked at the photo once again. Kashiwagi Yuki.

“I will give you all information that I have about her.” He pointed at the photo. “I get it from the men that have been killed by her before. This time will be different… I will allow you to contact me anytime and I also will give anything that you want for succeeding this mission. I will give you the best weapons that we have tonight.”

Jurina narrowed her eyes. “Why are you so eagerly to kill her?”

“Because there’s someone out there who will pay us in a huge amount of money if we can kill her… the digits were not in joking amount. If you succeed in killing this girl, you will get the well worth amount as well.”

Jurina crossed her arms. Is she THAT precious? She wanted to ask it to her boss but she knew that it was useless since she was sure that her boss also didn’t know anything about the reason. Their organization was only running assassins job without care about the reason. As long as their clients could pay them in a great amount of money, their organization would do anything to kill the client’s target. “This is so interesting.” She smirked.


Jurina put the USB flash drive into the drawer. The hell! He wants me to read all files inside this USB flash drive?! And he even gave me some new weapons! Oh, come on! I already killed more than 100 people in my life, so what’s so hard about killing a girl? She took out the photo from her pocket and then she stared at it for a few seconds. She looks weak anyway……. oh well yeah, she’s cute. It’s too bad… I have to blow up a cute girl. She shrugged and then she put the photo beside the flash disk. She closed the drawer and then she went to the kitchen to cook something.

* Next Morning *

Jurina didn’t want to waste her time… on the next morning after she was being called by her boss… she went to her new target’s house. She didn’t want to attack, but she just wanted to know the situation around Yuki’s house. I wonder why 5 assassins could die in this mission. Did she have a lot of elite bodyguards or something?

Jurina put the earphones onto her ears and then she squatted. “Listen… you have to cooperate with me, okay?” She talked to a cute dog in front of her and then the dog licked her face while wagging its tail. Yuck! She wiped her face, showing her annoyed face. “If you’re well-behaved today, I won’t put you back to the damn street.” She pointed at the dog face and then she patted its head.

The night when Jurina came back from the headquarters, she found the abandoned dog slept on the street near her house. She brought it home as she found an idea with the dog… not because she felt pity for the dog.

Jurina stood and then she began to jog around Yuki’s house with the dog, a fluffy white Samoyed dog. She glanced at the big and tall walls beside her while jogging. At first she couldn’t see the situation of the house because the wall was blocking her view, but then… she could see it clearly. Her footsteps slowed down when she passed the gate so she could observe the house longer. The house was white in color and it also had a garden in front of it. Wait… where’s the security guards? She frowned as she didn’t saw single person inside the gate.

“H-hey!!!!” Jurina yelled as the dog chain slipped from her hand. “Urgh! Fuck!” She stomped her foot strongly onto the ground when she saw the dog ran toward Yuki’s house. “No-no-no!!! You can’t get in th-…” She facepalmed as the small dog had succeed passed through the sidelines of the gate and then the dog jumped happily around the garden.

Jurina sighed as she saw the dog was playing on the top of the grass in the garden. “Stupid dog.” She felt more irritated when the dog began to bark out loud. Okay, I think I’ll just leave THAT useless dog in there before someone come and see me. She wanted to go as soon as possible because she didn’t bring her gun or he knife, so it was too dangerous for her if she has to fight with Yuki’s bodyguards. But when she was about to take a step…

“Kyaa~ you’re so cute!!!”

Jurina turned her head toward the house. She saw a beautiful girl squatted beside the fluffy dog while waving her hands at the dog. She narrowed her eyes so she could watch the girl better. The girl wore the sky blue pajama and a pair of white sandals. She focused her eyes on the girl’s face and then she flinched a bit.  She is…

“Hey, is this your dog?” Yuki stood up while pointing at the dog.

Jurina stunned. S-shit! I didn’t prepare myself to interact with my target today!! She just gave Yuki a slight nod.

Yuki walked toward Jurina who standing outside the gate and then she opened the gate without knowing how dangerous Jurina was. “He’s a cute dog.” She smiled at Jurina.

Jurina just gave an awkward smile to Yuki. “I found it on the street last night. You can have it if you want.” She shrugged. Should I kill her right now? Just like in photo… she looks weak. She debated with herself. Wait… I should not act reckless and causing me falls into the dangerous situation.

“No-no-no!” Yuki shook her head. “I’m afraid of dog.”

Jurina raised her eyebrows. “You just said that he was cute.”

“Well, I admit that the dogs are cute, but yeah… somehow, I’m afraid of them. I can’t touch them.” Yuki grinned.

“Sorry, but…. that’s weird.” Jurina couldn’t understand why Yuki called the dog was cute but actually afraid of it.

Yuki laughed. “Yeah, my best friend often said it to me.” She turned her head toward the dog that was still playing on her garden and then showed a pout on her lips. “Who’s the stupid master who dumped you onto the street??” After she said it, she looked at Jurina again. “I’m sure you’re a nice girl. Not much people who willingly adopt a dog from the street.”

Jurina didn’t say anything. You can see how nice I am when I shoot your head.

“Oh, please come in and take your dog.” Yuki opened the gate wider. “You want to continue jogging, right?” She pointed at Jurina’s training suit.

Jurina was taken aback; she was forgotten that she was supposed to act like she was jogging around there. “Y-yeah.” She bowed her head a little and then she entered the gate. She took a little glance at the house and looked around without turned her head. Am I mistaken or this girl really didn’t have any guard around her!!!?? She took the dog chain and then she dragged the dog out of the house before Yuki became suspicious at her. “Excuse us. Sorry for bothering you.” She said it to Yuki when she had already stood outside the gate.

“Don’t worry. I’m happy to meet you and your super cute dog.” Yuki smiled. “See you.” She waved her hand before locked the gate again.

Jurina felt a kind of big thud on her heart when she saw Yuki’s smile. Shit! This could make my job harder. She looks better in person rather than in photo. She bowed her head a little at Yuki before she walked away. We surely will meet again. She smirked.

========================= **** =========================

= Someone from the Past =

Jurina entered a bar. It was so crowded and noisy, it made her felt uncomfortable. She looked around and saw that all tables were full, so she walked toward a table near her. “I want to sit here.” She glared at 4 men who sat there.

One of the men hit the table and then he stood up. “Are you fucking blind?! We’re sitting here, stupid!!”

Usually, Jurina would get mad in an instant when there was someone who said some harsh words at her… but it seemed she was not in the mood to fight anyone that night. “Look.” She opened her jacket a little and showed a gun on her waist. “I don’t want to make a fuss here, but if you insist…” She was about to take the gun, but…

“W-wait.”  All of them quickly stood up. “J-just sit here. We’re about to go anyway.” They let Jurina sat there.

Jurina called out the waitress to ask some cans of beer. After three cans of beer arrived on her table, she took one of them and opened it. Should I go to that house again tonight? Maybe the guards didn’t show up in at noon because she didn’t want to make the neighbors suspicious… maybe she’s only tightening the security at night. She still had no idea why 5 assassins could dead when they hunted Yuki.

When Jurina was about to gulp the beer, there was a beautiful girl who approached and sat in front of her. It was impossible for her to ignore the super gorgeous girl like that. “Wanna drink?” She offered a can of beer to the girl.

“No.” The girl answered it while keeping her eyes glued on Jurina.

Jurina laughed. “If you didn’t intend to drink, then why someone like you go to the small and illegal bar like this?” She put the can on the table. “Looking for someone?” She smirked.


“Do you need a help to find-”

“No.” The girl cut Jurina’s words. She rested her back on the chair without took off her eyes from Jurina. “I found her already.” She smiled.

Jurina saw a smile, but somehow she could feel an evil behind the innocent smile. “What’s your purpose?” The friendly aura between them before… suddenly changed into the thick and tense atmosphere.

The girl snorted and then she took something from her handbag… a gun. She calmly put it onto the table with the mouth of the gun facing at Jurina. “Answer it by yourself.”

Jurina glanced at the girl’s neck, there was a silver necklace. She narrowed her eyes. The pendant of the necklace formed the twentieth letter of the alphabet in cursive letters, T. “Shit!“ She quickly stood up and then she kicked the table, it made the gun fell from the girl’s hand. She succeeded in making the round table flipped, but she failed to take the gun from the floor because the beautiful girl already pointed the gun at her using another gun.

“Looking for something?” The girl smirked as she realized that she was in an advantageous position. “Stop moving…” The girl said it firmly to Jurina. “… or I will blow up you head.”

“Tch! Son of a bitch.” Jurina put both of her hands behind her head and stood up slowly. “You win.” She shrugged. “Now pull the trigger and shoot me… Mayu.”

Everyone in the bar slowly stepped back and walked out from the bar. They were too afraid to interfere with the girls.

Mayu showed an evil smile. “I don’t expecting you to recognize me.”

“Your face is totally different, but… your old necklace is still there.” Jurina showed a mocking smirk. “Well… it seems your plastic surgery have a good result for you since you looks so MUCH BETTER than the last time. I think I can fall for you now.” She let out the sarcastic laugh.

Mayu clenched her teeth. *BANG!* She shot Jurina’s right arm.

“Ugh!” Jurina held her arm to press the blood. She closed her eyes while holding back the pain.

Mayu smiled as she looked the pain in Jurina’s face. “Try to laugh again and this time the bullet absolutely will not missing the target… your head.”

Jurina grimaced in pain. “You’ve changed.” The blood was rolling down from her arm onto the floor.

“YOU ARE THE ONE WHO CHANGE ME, MATSUI JURINA!!!” Mayu yelled out loud. “HOW DARE YOU… KILL MY PARENTS IN FRONT OF MY EYES!!!” Her tears rolled down on her cheeks. Her eyes that full of hatred glared at Jurina.

“Listen, Mayu-”

*BANG!* This time, Mayu shot Jurina’s right leg. “YOU MAKE ME LIVING LIKE IN HELL FOR A YEAR!” She cried. “I even need to change my own face and faked my death because the people from your side kept looking for me!!”

Jurina knelt on the floor because her legs barely could support her body. “H-how di-did you f-find m-me…?” She stuttered as the pain had been taking over her body.

Mayu snorted while keeping the gun facing at Jurina. “You even forget about this town. Did you forget that this is my hometown?? Of course my underlings will recognize you because I’ve been hunting you for 2 years already.” She wiped her tears because she didn’t want to look like a weak girl in front of her enemy. “My father’s men are working for me now. I’m not a weak girl like you used to know, Jurina.”

“But you’re still a lonely girl that I used to know.” Jurina said it while looking deep into Mayu’s eyes.

“SHUT UP!!” Mayu clenched her teeth. “Keep silent or I will shoot you again!”

“Then shoot me!! End my life now!!” Jurina shouted. “If it will be able to relieve your pain… DO IT!”

“If you say so…” Mayu was ready to pull the trigger.

Jurina slowly saw the world became yellow… her vision was blurred… slowly all became black. *BRAAK!* She fell onto the floor while the blood kept flowing from her body.

=================== To Be Continued ===================

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