HUNT (Prologue)




“Who is this?” Jurina took the photo from the table. She frowned while looking at the picture with full of curiosity.

“Kashiwagi Yuki.” The man answered Jurina. His eyes were so dark and cold. He stared at Jurina in a serious way.

Jurina put the photo onto the table again. “What should I do to her?” She asked it to the man who sat in front of her even though she already knew the answer. She just wanted to make sure.

“Kill her.”

========================= **** =========================

When Jurina was about to gulp the beer, there was a beautiful girl who approached and sat in front of her. It was impossible for her to ignore the super gorgeous girl like that. “Wanna drink?” She offered a can of beer to the girl.

“No.” The girl answered it while keeping her eyes glued on Jurina.

Jurina laughed. “If you didn’t intend to drink, then why someone like you go to the small and illegal bar like this?” She put the can on the table. “Looking for someone?” She smirked.


“Do you need a help to find-”

“No.” The girl cut Jurina’s words. She rested her back on the chair without took off her eyes from Jurina. “I found her already.” She smiled.

Jurina saw a smile, but somehow she could feel an evil behind the innocent smile. “What’s your purpose?” The friendly aura between them before… suddenly changed into the thick and tense atmosphere.

The girl snorted and then she took something from her handbag… a gun. She calmly put it onto the table with the mouth of the gun facing at Jurina. “Answer it by yourself.”

Jurina glanced at the girl’s neck, there was a silver necklace. She narrowed her eyes. The pendant of the necklace formed the twentieth letter of the alphabet in cursive letters, T. “Shit!“ She quickly stood up and then she kicked the table, it made the gun fell from the girl’s hand. She succeed in making the round table flipped, but she failed to take the gun from the floor because the beautiful girl already pointed the gun at her using another gun.

“Looking for something?” The girl smirked as she realized that she was in an advantageous position. “Stop moving…” The girl said it firmly to Jurina. “… or I will blow up you head.”

“Tch! Son of a bitch.” Jurina put both of her hands behind her head and stood up slowly. “You win.” She shrugged. “Now pull the trigger and shoot me… Mayu.”

Everyone in the bar slowly stepped back and walked out from the bar. They were too afraid to interfere the girls.

========================= **** =========================

“How many times I do have to tell you to not enter my workplace without my permission???!!!” Rena was surprised as she saw there was a girl who slept on the table and used the lab coats as the pillow.

The other girl almost fell from the table because she was shocked by the sudden shout. “Jesus! You’re scaring me, Rena!” The girl woke up slowly while yawning. “Sorry. I just fell asleep while waiting you.”

Rena rolled her eyes. “Fall asleep? Do you think I’m stupid? You INTENTIONALLY bulldoze everything on that table!” She pointed at the lab equipments that had been moved away to another table. “You make this place looks so messy and also contaminated by your germs.”

“Oh come on, Rena-chan. I’m not THAT dirty! I showered before I went here.” The girl walked toward Rena and then she hugged the girl. “See? My body smells nice, right?” She place her chin on the thinner and paler girl’s shoulder.

Rena could smell the sweet scent from the other girl entered her nose. The nice scent that could make her flew away. “Wait!” She pushed the raven-haired girl away before she lulled by the fragrance even more. “How could you enter this lab? I’ve just changed the password 3 days ago!”

The girl giggled. “Did you forget who the owner of this hospital?” She grinned. “I can enter any room that I want in this place. You know… I have the default password.”

“Ugh! Showing off about your wealth again, Yukirin?” Rena walked toward the table where Yukirin slept, she wanted to clean up the mess that created by Yukirin. “By the way, I wonder how you can get the money so easily like that. We have the same age but your money is not in joking amount.”

Yukirin’s bright expression suddenly turned into a serious expression. She crossed her arms while staring at Rena’s back. She knew that since a long time ago Rena had been curious about her job. I can’t tell her. In a moment later, she decided to put Rena’s words as a joke. “Wow… are you jealous at me?” She giggled while walking toward Rena.

“There’s no way I will jealous at stubborn girl like you. HEY DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING!!” Rena raised her voice all of a sudden when she saw Yukirin was about to touch lab glassware.

Yukirin pouted. “I just want to help you~”

“Hell no! Based on my experience, everything that touched by you will be fall and broken in 5 seconds.” Rena cleaned the table using the cloth that had been dampened with alcohol. She flinched as she heard the sound of broken glass.

*CRASH!* Yukirin just smiled like an idiot when Rena glared at her.

“SEE??!!!” Rena pointed at the shattered glass on the floor. “You moron!”

“Buahahhaha.” Yukirin couldn’t hold back her laugh as she saw Rena’s angry face. “Your ears become insanely red every time you’re angry at me. Hahahaha.”

Rena facepalmed. Somebody… anybody… please help me to shoo her from this place. She sighed.

========================= **** =========================



Yuki gasped as she heard the familiar voice. She turned her head and then she saw Rena stood near the door. “R-rena-chan…” Her heartbeat was beating very fast. “W-what are y-you doing here??”

“D-did you’ve j-just… killed her??” Rena stuttered as she saw the horror scene in front of her eyes. She saw Yukirin was holding the gun and there were blood stains on Yukirin’s clothes.

“Why are you here, Rena? You was supposed to be go home some hours ag-”

“DID YOU’VE JUST KILLED HER???!!!” Rena felt her knees became weak, she could feel her body was chills in horror, and her breath became heavier. “I… I feel like I don’t know you anymore….” She stepped back slowly.

“Rena… look-”

“Don’t come here!!!!!” Rena shouted as she saw Yukirin was about to walk toward her while holding the gun. She was terrified. “If you take one more step, I will yell out loud.”

Yukirin stopped. “Rena… calm down. Please. I promise I will explain everything to you.”

“ANSWER ME!” Rena clenched her fist. “Did you’ve just shot her?!”


Rena gasped. “I will call the police!!!” She was about to run away, but……

“If you take one more step, I will kill you… Rena.” Yukirin pointed her gun at Rena.

Rena stunned. She looked at Yukirin’s eyes… somehow, her eyes looked like a blood thirsty eyes… cold… scary… and sharp. In a moment later, she felt her tears rolled down on her cheeks.

========================= **** =========================

The two pointed their gun at each other. Their bodies were full of blood and their faces were also swollen caused by previous fights.

“You die or I die.”

===================== END OF TRAILER =====================

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