Wanted! (1/10)


A story between the good side and the bad side, between the police and the thieves…. the story between enemies.

When the truth revealed, will they accept the reality that they lived in the different world? Love is blind, is it true?

A friendship story between friends and the betrayer. If your friend ever betrayed you, can you still give your trust to them?




Maeda Team =

Sae lie down on a beach chair. “Ahh…. This is so nice.” She put her sunglasses on.

Yuko take her surfboard, “Nice??! NO!!! This is AWESOME!! Wooohhoooo!!” She ran into the water and then she start to surfing.

Sae closed her ears. “Why are you so damn noisy all the time?!”

“Hahaha. Yuko is Yuko… oh come on, we love her cheerfulness.” A girl sat beside Sae. She made herself comfortable, and then she slurping her coconut ice.

“I used to love it, but not anymore!” Sae looked at that girl, “Hey, where do you get that, Sayaka?”

“This?” She pointed her ice. “Rena gave this to me.” She grinned.

“Urgh! I hate that girl.” She turned her head, and then she closed her eyes.

*Inside The Hotel*

Acchan sat on a chair and then she drank her juice comfortably. A few second later someone caught her attention. “Hey, Rena-chan!! Why are you swimming in this hotel pool?? I guess… It’s better to swim on the beach with the others.”

Rena went out from the pool. She took a towel to wipe her wet body. “I didn’t like it… too crowded.” She sat beside Acchan.

Acchan chuckled. “You didn’t like… the crowd or Sae-chan?”

Rena rolled her eyes, “Both.”

Acchan laughed.

“Your laugh is still sounds weird.” Rena said it without looked at Acchan.

She suddenly stopped her laugh. “Tsk.” She stand up, she poke Rena’s shoulder. “Let’s go back to our room. We need to talk about something. We go back tonight.”

Rena looked confused. “About what?”

She smirked, “About our work stuff?”

Rena grinned. “Okay, but I need to take a shower first.”


====================== *** =====================

Sae looked around. “Where’s she? I didn’t see her.” She pouted.

Yuko pinched Sae’s arm. “Aww….! There’s someone who missed her girlfriend. KAWAI..!!!”

Acchan touched Sae’s shoulder. “Don’t worry. She’s okay. She’s doing an important job for us. I’m sorry, but from now on… you’ll rarely see her. But she said that she will call you when she get a chance.”

Sae sighed.

“Guys.. don’t you get bored about our job?” Acchan started the meeting.

Everyone nodded.

“Yeah… I guess so. Too easy.”

Acchan smirked. “You get the main point, Sae. In these past 2 years, we always did it in the small scale… someone’s house. We need something new, something like a bigger challenge.”

“But… isn’t it too dangerous?” Sayaka frowned.

Acchan smiled. “Yes, it’s more dangerous. But.. I trust your individual ability.”
She looked at Rena, “She’s great in hacked the security system and manipulate the CCTV camera.”
She looked at Yuko, “You’re a very awesome ‘unlocker’! You can open any door or any safety box that you want.”
She looked at Sayaka, “You’re major in martial stuff, you defeated a big guy with 1 punch!! Awesome.”
She looked at Sae, “You-”

“She’s major in carried a lot of stuff at once. She’s strong, physical strength is needed here.” Rena smirked.

“You!!! F*ck!” Sae wanna grabbed Rena’s collar, but Acchan hold her.

“Relax, buddy.” And then Acchan looked at Rena. “This isn’t a right time to joking.”

Rena ate her lollipop. “Whatever.”

“When do we gonna do this?”

Acchan turned head to Yuko, “No need to hurry. We still need to prepare a lot of things.” Acchan pick up a paper from her pocket and show it to them, “Next month….. we gonna rob this place.”

==================== **** ===================

Takamina Team =

Mayu put a stack of file on a desk.

“Thank you, Mayu.” Jurina started to open a file.

“Eeee…. Jurina.”

“Yes?” She still read the file.

“We got a new leader to replace Shinoda-sama.”

“Oh, who’s that? Is she/he is one of our friends here?” Jurina sighed. Mariko is a great leader, why did she apply her retirement in the situation like this?

“Yes… ehhmm….” Mayuyu looks hesitate. “It’s….. Takamina.”

“What??!!!” She looked at Mayu. “Say it again.”

Mayu scratched her head. “Our new leader is Takahashi Minami.”

Jurina stand up and went out from her room. She walked into Takamina’s room.

Takamina grinned. “Ohh… Jurina!!” She looks excited. “You came here to congratulate me, right?” She hugged Jurina, “You’re so kind, my best friend.”

Mayu opened the door, “Hey, what are you doing?”

Takamina turned her head. She release Jurina, and then she hugged Mayu.

Mayu smiled and she hugged Takamina back. “Congratulation.”

Takamina nodded. “Thanks. 3 of us will be a great team!! Yeah!”

Jurina rolled her eyes. No, we’ll become the worst team.

Mayu gave Takamina her ‘pleading eyes’. “Takamina… can I go home now? I wanna go to the bookstore… buy some manga comics. Pleaseee….. I already finished my work.”

Takamina frowned. But in a few seconds later she smiled. “OK!! No problem.”

Jurina smacked her forehead. See?

========================= A Week Later ========================

= The First Meeting: AtsuMina =

Acchan locked her house and then she walked to a bus station. After some minutes, the bus that she waited for is coming. She went in. I wanna buy some new clothes. The bus stopped in front of a Shopping Mall, and then she went out from that bus.

Acchan want to enter that Mall, but suddenly she feels thirsty. I think I will buy a drink first. She turned left. She saw a coffee shop there. She smiled and walked into that place.

She bought a medium cup of Ice Chocolate and a piece of brownies. She looking for an empty table.

After she found it, she sat there. “Ahh… it’s very hot today.” She took her phone. There’s a new message from Yuko. She read it. “Acchan…. Please buy a cap for me, a black one. I’ll pay it later. Thank you. *CHU*” She smiled while she read it.

When she’s about to put her phone into her pocket……

She’s showered by iced coffee. She shocked. “YOU!!! Urgh!” Her clothes drenched.

“I.. I…. I’m sorry, my foot slipped.” That girl seems really sorry about that. She take some tissue and wiped Acchan’s shirt using that tissue.

That girl wipes it all. When that girl’s hand almost touches her chest, Acchan stopped it. “Enough.. enough.” If I have a gun now, I will shoot her head.

“I’m sorry… Let’s go with me. My apartment is near from here. You need to change your clothes.”

Acchan surprised because her hand grabbed by that girl. “Wa-wait. Stop!” She release her hand.

“Okay, wait here. I will buy a new shirt for you instead.” That girl ran into that Mall.

“Weird girl.” She sat again and tried to calm down.

After some minutes that girl came again. She gave a plastic to her. “Here.” She sat in front of Acchan.

“Thanks.” She grabbed that plastic. Acchan stood up and she went into coffee shop’s toilet. She changed her clothes there. I hope that I won’t see her face again.

But it’s not like Acchan thought before. When she went out from the toilet, that girl still sat on a same spot.

“Hi, I’m Takahashi. What’s your name?” She smiled.

“Maeda.” She answered it in a cold way. Now, you can go away!

“Nice to meet you, Maeda-san.”

It’s not nice for me. Acchan sighed. “Sorry, I need to go home. Goodbye.” She stand up and leave that girl.

I lost my excitement to shopping.


“Hey, Minami.” Jurina greeted her.

“Oh, hey. You guys, made me waiting for so long!”

“Ask her.” Jurina pointed her back.

Mayu show up from Jurina’s behind. “I’m sorry, we go to the bookstore first.” Mayu show her manga books.

Jurina’s phone ringing. She pick up her phone.

After the call ended, “Guys, we need to go back to the office now. We get a new teammate.”

“Great!” Takamina looks excited.

Jurina raised her eyebrows, yeahh… I hope she/he is not like both of you.

====================== **** ======================

New Girl =

All man in that police office whispering one to other. “She’s so pretty.” “Yes, so beautiful. Like a goddess!” “Ahh… she’s my ideal type.” “Her eyes.. her eyes like the stars for me.” “Perfect!” “Love at the first sight.

Jurina seems irritated, “Shh… Can you guys please shut up?!”

Mayu hold Jurina’s arm tightly, “Ju-Jurina… she’s so gorgeous.” Mayu’s eyes looks sparkling.

“Urgh! All of you like a bunch of silly police.” Jurina rolled her eyes.

“Good afternoon for all of you!” Takamina stood in front of them. “We have a new staff today, and it’s already decided that she’s belongs to my team since today.” Takamina looked at that girl, “Please kindly introduce your self.”

That girl nodded. “My name is Kashiwagi Yuki. Nice to meet you, please take care of me.” Yuki bowed to all people.

Takamina laughed hard, “No, you take care of us. I heard that you’re very smart. You often got a perfect score in your academy test. I didn’t surprise that you entered to my elite team quickly. I mean.. you just graduate a month ago from police academy!”

Everyone clapped their hands.

Jurina smiled. Great, at least I have 1 normal teammate here. I’m sure that she has a very bright brain. For a normal people, it needed at least 3 years experience to get here.

Takamina walked to the place where Jurina and Mayu stands, Yuki followed her.

“Kashiwagi-san. Both of them are our teammates. Here, Matsui Jurina and she’s Watanabe Mayu.”

“Hi.” Jurina shakes Yuki’s hand.

Mayu still stood up like a stone. Jurina nudged Mayu’s hand. “Hey, greet her!”

“H-Hhh-Hi… I’m Watashi… Ah, I mean…  I’m Watanabe Mayu. Ni-nice ttoo-tto meet you.”

Takamina and Jurina laughed together.

Yuki smiled at Mayu, “Hi. Nice to meet you too, Watanabe-san.”

Mayuyu blushed.

“Hey, I have an announcement. From tomorrow, we will work in a same space. All of us will be moved into 1 room, so it’ll be easier for us to communicate.”

“Great idea, leader.” Jurina did a high-five with Takamina.

======================= **** ======================

Acchan’s phone is ringing.  She read a new message. “Everything is going well.

She smirked, “Good job.”

======================= TO BE CONTINUED ======================

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