Wanted! (10/10)





  1. This chapter contains of smut scene.
  2. This chapter contains of a character’s death.
    If you’re not feel comfortable, I suggest you to skip the last scene of “Losing One” sub-chapter, and go re-read chap 8.2 for some lovely moments. :p

For the rest, please enjoy my last chapter. 🙂
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1. = Last Day =

Rena and Mayu sat facing each other with a chessboard on the table. The aura around them became so dark and full of the tension. Both of them were really competitive in doing the game.

“Rena-chan~ my love and my support are 100% for you. Ganbatte!!!” Jurina lifted her fist to support her girlfriend.

Yuki pushed Jurina strongly and it caused Jurina fell from the couch. “My cute and lovely girlfriend will totally win this round!!” She looked at Mayu… her eyes show her admiration towards Mayu.

Jurina touched her butt, “Itai!” She sat back on the couch, after that.. she used her feet to push Yuki. She grinned as she saw Yuki’s butt hit the floor.

Yuki groaned. “You! Such a little brat!” She stood up and then she pushed Jurina, she pinned her down on the couch.

When Yuki was about to strangle her, Jurina tickled Yuki’s waist. Yuki was surprised, afterwards… she started to laugh out loud as Jurina kept tickling her.

“My girlfriend’s brain is the best.” Jurina looked proud of it.

“SHUT UP!!!”

Jurina and Yuki turned their head, they saw their girlfriends glared at them.

“Why both of you never stop talking since an hour ago??!! So noisy.” Mayu pointed Jurina and Yuki alternately.

“Now get out!” Rena pointed at the door.

“Why?? I’m here to support you.” Jurina pouted. Yuki nodded agreeably.

Mayu sighed. “Okay, just keep quiet. Me and Rena need to finish this game.”

Yuki and Jurina closed their mouths with their hands. They nodded.

“Good.” Rena looked at Mayu. “It’s your turn.”

Mayu smirked. “You’ll lose.” She moved her rook. “Checkmate.”

Rena laughed evilly. “Not so easy, girl.” She moved her pawn to cover her king. “Your rook won’t die in peace if it die just because it ‘eat’ a little pawn.”

Mayu didn’t stop smirking. She moved her bishop to kick out the pawn. “How about this? Your king won’t die piecefully if it die only because it eating my bishop.”

Rena seemed irritated because of Mayu’s words. She was about to think another strategy but she heard something.

Yuki, are you sure that it’s Rena’s weakness?

Of course I’m sure.” Yuki pointed her diary. “Look, I’ve tried it many times and it always works.

Cool.” Jurina grinned when she looked at the diary. “What about Mayu? Do you already found it?

Of course I’ve found it, immediately at our first time.” Yuki looked so proud of herself. “Just look page thr-

“Yuki!!!” Mayu blushed crazily.

The red on Rena’s cheeks looked bad too. “How can both of you talking about it in front of us?!”

“What? We only whispered to each other. Both of us already quiet enough!” Jurina protested.

“Yes! But we still can hear it!” Mayu glared at Yuki.

“Okay-okay.” Yuki grabbed Jurina’s hand. “Let’s just leave them.”

Jurina shrugged and then she stood up. “Yeahh… your diary seems more interesting to be looked at rather than them. Let’s talk about this outside.” She followed Yuki.

“H-hey!!!” Mayu and Rena yelled but their lovers ignored them.

Mayu and Rena looked at each other awkwardly. But in a few seconds later they smirked. Their gaze said… Let’s destroy that fucking diary!



Takamina and Acchan sat on the bench. They sat in silence while looked at the moon and the stars from the backyards.

Takamina folded her legs and lifted it onto her chest, she hugged it. “Thank you.”

“What’s that for?”


“Everything? You thank me because I lied to you and kidnapping your members?!”

Takamina laughed. “From your expression when we met in the restaurant… I knew that you didn’t mean to lie to me. Anything that happened between us was just a coincidence.
And for kidnapping me and my members.. I think I should thank you for that. If you didn’t ask us to work together with your team, maybe both of us can’t sit like this… together. Love find its own way…. and maybe this is the way for us.”

Acchan sighed. “I never say that I love you or something. Don’t get so full of yourself.”

“But at least you didn’t ignore me because of a piece of flag and you were agreed to went out with me today.” Takamina sighed. “Even though when we came back, something happened to your team.” She looked at Acchan. “Ah, speaking of it… how’s your bruises? I guess… Yuko hit you too hard.”

“I’m okay.” Acchan touched the scar on her lips. “She’s right… I’m not a good leader. I’ve planned to give my leader position to Yuko. Maybe tomorrow is my last day as a leader.”
She stood up. “Ahh… it’s so cold out here. I’ll go first, good night.”

Takamina gasped. I don’t want this night over. She grabbed Acchan’s wrist quickly and then she pulled it. Acchan fell back to the bench. Takamina held her body and she wrapped her arms on it. “Please stay with me.” She tightened her hug. “Just a little while longer.” Please stay with me tonight.

Acchan surprised but then….. she smiled. “Okay.”

Takamina took off her jacket quickly and then she used it to wrap Acchan’s body. “Is this warm enough?”

Acchan hold Takamina’s hand and wrapped it around her shoulder. She leaned her head on Takamina’s shoulder and let Takamina hugged her. “If you stay close to me, it’ll be warm enough.”

Takamina was totally blushed. “O-okay.”



Kojima knocked the door.

“I’m not in the mood to talk with anybody!” A girl answered her from inside the room.

“It’s me. Please open the door, Yuko.” Kojima knocked it again. Not long after that, she heard the un-lock sound from the door.

“What are you doing here?” Yuko asked it in cold way.

“To accompany you. Now.. let me in.” Kojima stepped in.

Yuko used her feet to block the door. “I didn’t ask you to cheer me up. I’m fine. Totally fine. Are you here because Acchan said about my feeling for you? Don’t worry… she’s wrong.”

Kojima sighed. “Okay.” She turned away and walked away.

When Yuko was about to close the door, Kojima stopped without looked at Yuko. “Yuko…”

Yuko hold the door, she saw Kojima’s back. “Anything else?”

“After our mission succeed, I’ll leave this place. I’m not belong in here anymore. I- I just wanna spend my last night in here with you.”

“It’s not strange for me anymore, you always leave me. I’ve got used to it, So… I don’t care anymore.” Yuko closed the door.

Kojima walked again. She wiped her teary eyes. She didn’t love me anymore… I’m totally alone now.



Sae never listening my words.. she’s always stubborn and get angry easily. Yuki sighed. She opened the door and then she entered her bedroom. She saw Mayu laid on the bed.

Yuki smiled and then she laid her body beside Mayu.

Mayu leaned her head on Yuki’s chest. “Yuki…”

“Hm?” She played with Mayu’s beautiful raven hair. She stroked it gently.

“Will you leave me again?” Mayu tightened her grip onto Yuki’s shirt.

Yuki let go of Mayu’s hair. “Do you still haven’t believe me?“

Mayu put her hand around Yuki’s waist. “Y-you… slept with many girls so… I think that you’ll get bored at me soon and looking for another girl.” She tightened her hug as if she believes that Yuki will surely leave her.

Yuki sighed. She grabbed Mayu’s hand and lead it onto her left chest. “Do you feel it? My heartbeat always like this when I’m with you. You’re the only one who can make my heartbeat hammering.”

“Really?” Mayu closed her eyes, she enjoyed Yuki’s heartbeat. It’s really fast. I never know it before.

“Yup. It’s beating for you.” Yuki used her hand to lift Mayu’s chin. “I love you like crazy.”

Mayu looked at Yuki’s eyes… deeply. “I love you too.” She approached Yuki’s lips and then she pressed it with hers. She move her body so she can completely on Yuki’s top.

Mayu moved her hand and left Yuki’s left chest where she felt Yuki’s heartbeat a while ago… her hand went downwards. Her hand stopped as she found Yuki’s mound and then she massaged it slowly.

Yuki broke the kiss as she felt the pleasure running up her body. “A-ahh–aahhh—- M-mayu…”

Mayu lowered her kiss onto Yuki’s neck and went downwards to her collarbone. Her fingers started to fondle Yuki’s bosom that still covered by bra and shirt, but still… Mayu could felt something hardened behind it. “Yes?“ She whispered it in seduce way. ”We still wearing our clothes but you already aroused like this?

“Y-you nnghhh—nnh– never touch me like this b-before ssso –nhh— I’m a bit sshhh– ss-surprised.” Yuki’s moan started to uncontrollable because Mayu didn’t stop playing with her chest.

Mayu licked Yuki’s ear and then she nibbled it slowly. “Yes… you often still wearing your clothes.” She chuckled. “ It’s not fair. I wanna make you feel good too.”

Yuki felt Mayu’s warm breath swept her nape and it caused she even more turned on.

But suddenly… Mayu’s eyes expressed a worries, a fear, and a sadness. “You know… Umm… we don’t know what will happen to me or to us tomorrow. We still don’t know whether our mission will be succeed or not.
At least you already felt my love before something bad happen.”

Yuki looked so irritated about Mayu’s words. She flipped Mayu, she pinned Mayu down. “Nothing will happen to us!”

Mayu looked away. “As you aware yesterday, I’m not bright inside the battle field. I’m not really good in fighting or in using the gun and the knife. I’m not as strong as Sae and Rena.
I will easily become the enemy’s target. I- I’m afraid that I will-”

“Stop!!!” Yuki glared at Mayu. “I promise that I won’t let anyone easily touch you. I’ll always hold your hand and protect you.” Yuki kept looking at Mayu’s eyes. “Trust me, please.”

Mayu caressed Yuki’s cheeks with both of her hands. “I’m sorry that I’ll become your burden.” She pulled Yuki’s neck so she can hugged her comfortably. “I trust you…. always.”

Yuki grinned. “I’ll put many bombs into your pocket and your bag, so you can simply blow them up if you’re in danger.”

Mayu chuckled. “The police will notice us if we use the bomb. We can’t make too much sound.”

Yuki pouted. “Can we forget about it for a while and continue what we did before?”

“Of course.” Mayu pulled Yuki’s head closer, she approached Yuki’s face. She started to eat Yuki’s lips again.



“Rena-chaaan~ Renaaa-chan~” Jurina shook Rena’s body with her hands over and over again. She added more power to it when she realized that Rena completely ignoring her. “Rena.”

“Urgghh!!! Jurina, stop bothering me! I’m sleepy! I must saving my stamina and relaxing my brain for tomorrow! Just go to sleep!! Don’t forcing me to punch you!” Rena closed her face with her pillow.

Jurina seemed disappointed. “Tsk. Fine!!” She walked away and then took Rena’s guitar. She went outside from their bedroom.

Jurina opened the door and then she went to the terrace. She sat on a chair. She always angry at me! She always harsh and rude towards me!
I did everything so she can feel comfortable around me and then we can become closer…… but it’s useless.
I’ll stop it… I’m tired for being teased by Mayu and Takamina because I act like a child who completely idiot.
I’m going back to myself.

Jurina started to play a song. She tried to make her voice and the guitar’s sound as soft as she can, because she didn’t want to wake anybody.

When the song almost ended, Jurina heard someone’s steps.


It’s Rena. I think I’ll just back to the chorus until she go inside again.


Jurina kept playing the guitar and ignored Rena who still stood beside her. She kept singing and didn’t look at Rena even for a second.

“Are you mad at me, Jurina?”

Jurina still persistent to not paying attention to Rena.

“Can you stop repeating it and talk to me?!” Rena seemed lost her patience. She grabbed the guitar from Jurina’s hand.

Jurina stood up. “I wanna sleep, just like you said.” She walked away and leave Rena on the terrace.

Rena went inside to follow Jurina. She surprised because Jurina didn’t walk into her room… Jurina went to her own group bedroom.

Jurina opened the door. No one. She sighed. I’m sure that Takamina sleep in Maeda’s room and Mayu in Yuki’s room. Great! I’m alone.

“Jurina… just go back to our room. Don’t act like a spoiled child. You’re too childish!”

Jurina turned her body, she glared at Rena. “Let’s see how childish I am when I blow up your head and your friend’s head starting from next week.”

Rena was completely shocked. “J-jurina?” She looked at Jurina in disbelief way. “Wh-”

Before Rena could finish her words, Jurina already turned back. “See you tomorrow.” She stepped inside the room and locked the door.

Rena stunned. She shocked because Jurina never say something that would hurt her like what Jurina did just now. Rena knocked the door. “Jurina, let’s talk. If you keep sulking in your room, I can’t properly say sorry to you.”

Rena tried to persuade Jurina to open the door, but still no answer from Jurina. Rena gave up, she walked slowly into her own room.

Rena laid on the bed. She tried to sleep.
It was a bit hard for her to fall asleep because in past weeks she never slept alone. Rena already got used to Jurina who was always beside her.


*Sae and Sayaka*

Sae sneaked into Sayaka’s room. She poked Sayaka’s shoulder, “hey… let’s go outside.”

Sayaka surprised. She took off her blanket that covered her face. “What are you doing here?! No. Maeda will surely crush us if she know that we sneak out a day before we do our mission. We must take a rest!”

Sae rolled her eyes. “Geez, Sayaka! Stop being a good girl. Let’s have fun. Maybe only for 1 or 2 hours?”

Sayaka shook her head. “No.” She firmly refused it.

Sae shrugged. “Okay, I’ll go alone then.” She stepped outside Sayaka’s room. “But don’t looking for me if I don’t come back.” She closed the door.

Sayaka woke up and quickly grabbed her coat. She rushed out from her room. “H-hey. Wait me! Okay, I’ll go with you.” She made her voice soft so Acchan couldn’t hear them because Acchan’s room was beside her room.

Sae smirked. She turned back. “Nice.”

Sayaka wear har shoes quickly, “Where are we going?”



“Maybe just a couple of glasses. I need you to come with me, so I have someone who will carry me home if I’m drunk.” She grinned. “I know that your drink limit is much higher than me.”

“Who is that??” Acchan yell from her bedroom.

Their eyes widened.

“Meeoooww.” Sayaka imitated cat’s sound.

Sae smacked Sayaka’s head. “You make it become too obvious!!” She grabbed Sayaka’s hand. “Come on!” She dragged Sayaka to run away.

Acchan opened the door. “A cat?! I don’t remember that we have a cat.” She looked around. No one there.

Acchan took out her smartphone and watch something. She and Rena had the access to all CCTV in their house. “Sae and Sayaka??” She giggled. She texted them. ‘Well… have fun.’

Sayaka and Sae read the mail from Acchan. They laughed together.

Sae put one of her hand onto Sayaka’s shoulder. “She won’t kill us.”

========================== **** =========================

2. = Vengeance Day =

Takamina clapped her hands slowly to get attention from those girls. “Come on, guys. Gather around! We’re almost running out of time and we still need to do some preparation for tonight.”

Rena pulled out her lollipop from her mouth. “There must be something wrong with this.” She looked at Acchan. “You let her to lead our meeting and our mission??!!! You lost your mind.”

Jurina stood on the other side of the room. She leaned her body on the wall and then she crossed her arms. “How many times I need to told you guys? Don’t underestimate us.”

Rena was about to open her mouth again but Jurina slammed the glass onto the floor. The pity glass broken into some pieces. “Stop talking or you’ll end up like this glass.”

Acchan hugged Rena to calm her down. “Rena, relax. Please focus at our mission, we can’t let Makoto live in peace much longer. Trust me, Takamina is good enough… her members know Makoto’s strategy better than us. They deals with his criminal cases for years.”

On the other hand, Takamina and Mayu smirked. Because of Jurina’s words, they realized that these past weeks… their self-esteem as the police had been humiliated by a bunch of criminals.

“Acchan is right. Let’s finish our mission with Mariko’s murderer first to prove that Jurina is innocent, take our revenge to Makoto, and then catch the illegal pawn shop owner.
Then…. after that, we will settle all things between us.”

Yuki pulled Mayu into her hug. She whispered. “Mayu, please don’t smirk like that. I’m afraid. We haven’t talk about it… I didn’t know what’s your decision about….. you will keep hunting me to put me on the jail, or you will stay with me, or I’m the one who need to stay with you secretly, or do you have any other options?

Mayu sighed. “If you asking me now…. I’m still don’t know about it too. It’s too complicated. I’m afraid that I’ll choose a wrong option. I wanna be with you but…. how?! Duh! Why my brain can’t solve it?!

I love you and I never want to lose you. I’ll leave everything for you. I’ll give you….. everything.” Yuki tightened her hug.

Mayu smiled and gave Yuki a short kiss to calm her lover’s heart. “Don’t be too worry about it, let’s talk later.“

“Okay!!” Takamina raised her volume. “First of all-” She looked at Mayu. “-Mayu won’t come with us. She will stay here.”

“No way!!” Mayu released herself from Yuki. “I can do it!! Why do you always look down on me, Takamina?!”

Takamina sighed. “I’m not. Yuki was the one who asked us to not bring you.”

Mayu turned her head, she glared at Yuki. “I hate you.”

“Mayu… we need you to stay here and do the important job for us. All of us will be connected by GPS, we have a small camera on our shirts, and we can communicate each other by using earphones too.”
Yuki pointed at a laptop.
“You can see all that we see… you’ll hear what we hear out there. You’ll become the one who keep an eye on us and warn us if one of us in danger.”

“It’s totally a silly reason. You definitely insult my brain.” Mayu walked away. She entered her bedroom and slammed the door.

Takamina saw that Yuki wanna run after Mayu. “Leave her alone, Yuki. She’ll be fine.”

Yuki stopped and let out her sigh.

Takamina open up a big paper and put it on the table. “Like I show it to you last week, this is the map of his headquarters. He created his headquarters really well so that from the outside it just looks like an ordinary factory. It has 6 floors.
Yesterday, when me and Acchan went out, we met Akane. She’s a sergeant too, thankfully that she didn’t recognize Acchan’s face and comfortably tell us about Makoto.
She received an information from her agent that Makoto will have a meeting with his business partner in 1 of many rooms on 4th floor. I’m sure that the pawn shop owner will be there too. So, all of us will focusing our attack to that floor. If-”

“Wait a minute.” Jurina cut it off. “Churi?!”

Takamina nodded. “Why? Do you miss her?” She grinned.

Jurina rolled her eyes. “That’s not the point. Is she know that we will attack tonight? How if she come and ruining our plan? She’s too dangerous for us.”

“Don’t worry… your ex is not an ambitious person. She said that today is not a proper time for her team to capture him because they didn’t have enough evidence to arrest him.”

Rena surprised. Her ex girlfriend?! She looked at Jurina, deep in her heart she hope that Jurina will refute Takamina’s statement. But… Jurina didn’t say anything.

Acchan nodded. “Yes, she said it. So, our plan won’t threatened.” She looked at Jurina. “Umm… Jurina, the sergeant said that you-”

“What? I already became a fugitive? Yeahh.. I already knew it, thanks to all of you… I will lose my job soon.” She said it sarcastically. “But don’t worry… I’m here because of Mariko-sama, so no problem.”

Takamina nodded agreeably. “She’s right. So don’t ever think that my team is here because we afraid of you guys. We’re here because of our best friend… our ex-leader.”

Sae laughed. “I can’t wait until next week. In these past weeks we always fooling around like friends, but I’m sure that starting tomorrow… we will try to crush each other again. Am I right?”

Jurina and Takamina ignored Sae. Both of them looked at each other and discussed something, they looked very serious while talking.

Yuko nudged Yuki’s hand. She whispered. “Do you see something different with them today? Somehow, they startled me.

Yuki nodded. “I didn’t see their laugh or their smile since this morning. They looks so serious, their aura felt different from usual. Acchan is right, we shouldn’t underestimate them.

Suddenly, Jurina walked away and went upstairs.

Takamina knocked the table to get their attention. “Jurina is calling Mayu right now. Mayu ever went there once, a year ago. So, I think Mayu can help us to describe the situation in Makoto’s headquarter.
Listen, after this meeting.. we will spend 2 hours to preparing and checking our stuff. Please make sure that all our weapons and our devices works well.
After that, we have another 2 hours to take a rest before we go. We’ll go at 7 PM.”

Everyone seemed agree at Takamina’s statement. They nodded agreeably.

The meeting room’s door opened, Jurina and Mayu stepped inside.

Why they must holding hands?!” Yuki and Rena grumbled on the same time.

Sayaka chuckled. “Both of you seems has get along well.”

Yuki and Rena glared at each other. “No.”

Mayu started to describe and portraying the headquarters as detail as she remembered. She kept talking without looked at Yuki, not even once.

After the meeting was over, Rena and Yuki seemed really want to talk with their lovers. But Takamina Team still continued to discussing something serious. They didn’t wanna interupt Takamina Team.

*2 Hours Later*

“Mayu. I’m sorry.”

“Ah, Yuki. Done already?” She smiled. “Don’t worry, I know that you did it for me. You didn’t want something happen to me there.”

Yuki nodded. “I’m happy that you understand me. I don’t want you hurt.
And about the preparation… we already checked everything and we didn’t have any problem.”

“Well… then, you better take a rest.” Mayu was about to walk away, but Yuki grabbed her waist.

Yuki back-hugged Mayu. “Don’t leave me.” She pleaded.

Mayu turned back. “Do you want me to accompany you?” She caressed Yuki’s cheek.

Yuki nodded firmly. “I wanna sleep for a while…. in your hug.”

Mayu smiled, she lead Yuki onto the bed. They lay beside each other. Yuki hugged Mayu’s waist and buried her face on to Mayu’s neck. Mayu gave Yuki her warm embrace. She kissed Yuki’s forehead. “I won’t leave you.” Mayu uttered it as her hand stroked Yuki’s raven hair gently. “Please be careful tonight, okay?

Yuki nodded. “I’ll come back for you.”

*On The Other Hand*


Jurina seemed not bothered by Rena’s presence, she kept doing something with a laptop in front of her.

“Jurina! Can you stop it? I want to talk!!”

“You better take a rest. I’m busy right now. We can talk later.” She said it without looking at Rena.

Rena couldn’t believe that Jurina still mad at her. “Stop talking like that to me!”

Finally, Jurina looked at Rena. But her gaze wasn’t show a love, it showing an anger to Rena. “Why? Are you angry at me because I’m cold and harsh towards you?” She stood up. “You always like that to me! For months! And you angry at me just because I act like that for a day?! I have a heart too, Rena…. you can’t hurting it whenever you want.”

Rena frowned. “What’s wrong with you, Jurina? Why something that I did since we meet for the first time suddenly become so wrong in your eyes? If you didn’t like my attitude, you shouldn’t flirting with me at the first place!”

Jurina was taken aback, but she quickly answered to defend herself. “You’re right. I shouldn’t. How can a thief and a police can become a couples? I’m so stupid! Thank you for reminding me.“

Rena was surprised. She was totally shocked by Jurina’s words. She felt a deep pain in her heart. “Do you regret it? Do you regret for fell in love with me? Do you regret for become my girlfriend?” She shed her tears.

“Get over it, okay?! We already stood on the edge, it’s useless to talk something like this again. my team will leaving this place immediately after our mission finished.” Jurina took her laptop and went upstairs.

Rena clenched her fist. “It’ll be better if you just kill me now rather than say something like that to me, Jurina!! Didn’t you know how much my love for you?”

Jurina stopped when she already held the knob. “ You rarely show your love to me, so… I don’t know. And you even ignored me last night, it was our last night together.” Jurina stepped outside and then she closed the door.

Rena cried out loud. Why something simple that I did last night can became so complicated like this?! Is she decided to break up with me after our mission finished?

====================== 7.30 PM ======================

All of them use a black suit to camouflage them in the dark.

Mayu, can you hear us?” Takamina whispered at her earphone.

Yes.. I can hear you and your camera seems work properly too.” Mayu answered Takamina through the earphone. “All of you…. please be careful. We will have a barbecue party after our mission completed, so… be safe.

Takamina chuckled. She turned her head and gave a sign to all girls to enter the factory.

The members nodded.

Just like they discussed before, they split up to reach 4th floor from the different side so they can easier in finding the target place. Takamina, Jurina, Yuki, and Sae entered the factory from the east side.
On the other hand… Acchan, Rena, Sayaka, Kojiharu, and Yuko entered from west door.


*East Team*

Takamina count with her fingers. 5, 4, 3, 2, Go!

Sae kick the door strongly. After the door opened, she saw 4 men who held the gun looked at her. They seemed surprised. Sae squatted as the men started to fire their gun.

Yuki and Jurina stepped in and then they fired their gun at the men. In just a few seconds, the men already dead in their hands.

“Not bad.” Sae stood up again.

Takamina walked first, she lead her team from the front. She kept walking carefully. When she was about to turn to the left, she surprised because a man fired his gun at her. Takamina stepped back and hide behind the wall. She squatted and fired her gun from below. The bullet hit his leg and then Jurina did a ‘finishing touch’ by shot him on his head.

Sae, who walked behind 3 of them, saw 2 men pointed their gun at Yuki. She pushed Yuki quickly and it caused they missed their shots. Sae shot them on their chests by using both of her guns in her hands.

“Thanks.” Yuki uttered it softly.

Sae ignored Yuki and then she went upstairs first to follow Jurina and Takamina.

Yuki shot another man behind her before she went upstairs too.


*West Team*

Finally, they reached the 2nd floor.

The west team seemed got a lot of obstacles more than another team. On the 1st floor, they even need to deal with over 20 men.

“It seems their meeting room is on this side. They placed a lot of guards in this area.” Rena said it as she shot 2 men’s head.

Sayaka just ended her knee kick onto a man chin. “This is crazy. We need an extra member.”

Acchan nodded. “Mayu, is it possible?

Wait a minute, I will check another team.

All of them kept firing their gun. The situation became worst after they heard an alarm sound.

Rena took another gun, she held 2 guns in her hands. “Prepare yourself. They already noticed us, more guards will come to attack us.”

Kojima used her knife to stab a man. “Tell Mayu to hurry, Maeda!” She kick the man who already died on her knife.


*At Maeda Team Meeting Room*

Mayu watched her laptop. The east team seems have no a big problem if their number reduced.



Mayu heard a gunshot. “The west team looks troubled, send Yuki to Block 2B. They need a little hel-

*Sound of bomb exploded*

Mayu!! Are you okay? What is it?!” Takamina sounded panic.

I… I don’t know. It comes from upstairs. I will take a look.

Mayu!! Don’t! Keep on your place and lock the door!! Our meeting room is builded by a hard metal, they can’t easily enter it! Just lock the door!!” It’s Yuki’s voice.

Mayu didn’t hear it because she already put the earphone onto the table. She stood up and took a gun from the drawer.

Mayu!! M-mayu!!! Do you hear me?! Shit! Sergeant, I need to go. Mayu is in danger!

Mayu went upstairs without hear anything that Yuki said.


*West Team*

“Sergeant, I need to go. Mayu is in danger!” Yuki held Takamina’s shoulder.

Takamina nodded without a doubt. “You must save her.”

Yuki ran towards the exit door. She shot everyone who she saw in the midway. Finally… she succeeded stepped outside.

“Sae, help another team on Block 2B.” Takamina gave an order.

“Is it okay for you guys?” Sae seemed hesitant.

Jurina rolled her eyes. “Don’t tell me that you worrying us. Because it’s too sweet.”

“Tsk.” Sae seemed regret to uttered that question, it made her sounds stupid. “I’ll go.” She ran towards another path.

Takamina reload her gun. “We almost running out of our bullets.”

“No, you’re the only one who running out of the bullets.” Jurina show 5 packs on her pockets. “I never missed my targets.” She smirked.

Takamina giggled. “Okay. It’s only both of us here.”

Jurina slipped the knife in her sock and then she lifted her guns. “Let’s finish this soon. I started to get bored.”

Both of them rushed out onto the next floor and kill everyone who blocking their way.

========================= **** =========================

3. = Losing One =

Mayu…. Mayu…. Please be safe. Wait me. 

Yuki drove a stolen car as fast as she could. She never stop the car and ignored the traffic lights.

Why I became so stupid like this?! Leave her alone?! I forgot that Makoto already knew our headquarter from 7 men who betrayed us at our last robbery in the bank.

Yuki turned the car, the car turned sharply to the left and almost hit a truck. Thankfully the fortune still on her side.

In just 15 minutes (usually… she need 25-35 minutes to get there), Yuki already arrived at their house.

The house placed far away from the town so everything that happened in their headquarter never be heard or be seen by townspeople. Besides that, there’s no house around it.

Yuki saw a car parked in front of the house. Mayu.

She rushed into their house, she shocked because everything looked so messed up. She saw a lot of charred goods, flipped table, broken window, shattered glass, and flooded floor. She could saw the blood flowed with the water.

Her tears rolled down on her white cheeks. “M-Mayu!” She called her lover name. “Mayu!!!” She raised her voice because she didn’t hear any answer.


Yuki startled. She heard a gunshot from downstairs. She ran quickly to their meeting room. The door looked broken. She rushed in. “Mayu?”

She saw a man knelt in front of Mayu, the blood flowed from his head onto the floor. He fell.

She saw Mayu’s frightened face with a gun in her hand. She just shot the man’s head. “Yuki.” She called Yuki when she saw Yuki stood on the stairs.

Yuki ran towards Mayu and hugged her tightly. “Thanks God, you’re safe.” She cried out loud. “I thought I’ll lose you forever!!” She tightened her hug.

Mayu could feel Yuki’s body quivered. Mayu leaned her chin on Yuki’s shoulder and caressed Yuki’s back to calm her. “It’s okay… It’s okay. I’m fine.”

Yuki let go of her arms. She wiped Mayu’s bloody lips and then she saw many bruises on Mayu’s arms. “I let someone hurting you again. I’m so sorry!”

Mayu gave a short kiss on Yuki’s lips. “It’s okay. Calm yourself. Just look at me, I’m totally fine.” She smiled.

After Yuki saw Mayu’s sweet smile, she could calm down. “But… how? How can y-”

Mayu kissed Yuki’s lips again. “I’ve told you many times to not insulting my brain.” She grinned.


Mayu peeked from the door. She surprised because the house already messed up because of the bomb. 4 men. She closed the door slowly.

Thanks to Maeda Team, the door won’t easily noticed by other people because it has been camouflaged. It looked like an ordinary painting.

How can I beat them in one go? I’ll definitely lose if I need to fight 1 on 1 with them.

Mayu smirked as she got an idea. Mayu switched off many lamps that near to the stairs and then she cut the wires, she put the cut wires on the table. She turned on the electricity again.

She sneaked out from another door to the kitchen, she loosen the gas cap. She tied a gas knob with a small rope.

Unfortunately, she nudged a plate and it fell from the table. 2 of those men noticed her, she tried to ran away but a man succeeded catch her.

The man wanna fired his gun onto Mayu’s head but then he smelled something. He looked at a gas stove behind Mayu. “Gas?! You little kid!” He saw his friend pointed her gun at Mayu. “NO!”

Mayu succeed released her hand from the man and then she ran quickly to the door as she pulled the rope in her hand, it caused the gas knob rotated slowly. The gas stove turned on when she already reached the meeting room… she closed the door. She closed her ears.

*Gas exploded*

2 men… out.

She opened the door again and then she saw another man who stood beside the burned bodies. Mayu shot her gun, the bullet only hit his leg. The man grimaced in pain. She saw another chance so she shot him again.. on his chest.

1 more left.

Mayu looked around. Where is he? “Urrggghhh!!!” She knelt as she felt a deep pain on her back. A man hit her back with a stick.

“I can’t believe that a small girl like you kill my crew.” He spits.

Mayu stood up slowly and turned her body. “Of course I can, they’re too stupid for me. And I’m really sure that you’re like them too.” She smirked.

The man looked irritated, he slapped Mayu’s face strongly and it caused Mayu fell onto the floor again. She touched her lips. Blood.. Yuki will be upset if she look at me like this. She will blame herself again.

Mayu used the rest of her strenght to stand up again. “Are you a woman? That’s too weak.”

The man clenched her fist. “You really wanna die, huh?!” He hit Mayu’s face and then he kicked Mayu’s stomach.

Mayu fell for the third times.

The man kicked her head, then her head bumped to the table. Urgh! 

He took his gun from his pocket. “I give you 5 seconds to say goodbye to the world. 5, 4,…”

Mayu grabbed the cut wires “Arggghhh!!” She stood up and then she bumped her body onto that man, she used the wires to electrocute his hand.

“Akkkhh!!!” The man screamed as he felt the pain, his gun fell from his hand.

Mayu catched the gun before it reached the ground. The corner of her eye saw the man wants to take another gun from his pocket. Mayu pulled the trigger.

*BANG!* The bullet perfectly hit his head.

“Stupid! You can simply kill me rather than give me more time to blow up your head. 5 seconds is too much for me”

The door opened. Yuki?


Yuki hugged Mayu again. “I won’t leave you alone again. I didn’t want something bad happen again.” Her eyes looked at the laptop. “Mayu… my friends in danger.”

Mayu turned her head to the laptop. She saw Maeda Team cornered. “Let’s save our friends.” She took Yuki’s hand.

Yuki smiled when she heard Mayu said ‘our friends’.


*Maeda Team*

They succeed reached the 4th floor, but the guards kept coming from upstairs. They couldn’t enter the room where Makoto and his business partner did the meeting.

“Maeda, our amunition almost-”

“I know!! I’m not blind!” Acchan yelled at Kojiharu.

“What should we do?” Sae asked Acchan.

“Keep firing your gun and don’t waste any single bullet.” Acchan tried to hide her desperation. Where’s the police team and Yuki?!! Are they betraying us??!

In a few minutes later, it happened. They running out the amunition.

“We’ll die.” Rena shot her last bullet.

“Raise your hands or we will shoot your head!!!” A guard ordered them.

They saw over 20 guards pointed their guns at them. They didn’t have any choice except obeyed the guard.

The door slammed onto the wall because Takamina kicked it strongly. “No! I am the one who will shoot your heads!” She lifted both of her hands and then she started to fire her guns.

Jurina entered that place from another door. “Hi.” She smirked as she saw the guards shocked because she came from behind.

Both of them shot the guards from 2 different sides.

The guards looked confused about which side that they need to be attacked first. Their formation became messed up. Jurina and Takamina succeeded kill dozens guards in a few seconds.

They missed a guard who still standing there. Jurina took her knife from her sock and then she threw it to the guard. The knife perfectly stabbed his forehead.

Maeda Team couldn’t close their mouths, they even forgot to blinking. They gulped.

“H-how you-”

Mayu entered the mess place. “I told them to do so. Attack from 2 sides will confusing them.” She shrugged.

Rena hissed. She hardly accept that Mayu is the one who actually saved their life.

Yuki came with a backpack, she put it on the floor. “I think you running out of something.” She took out the contents of her bag. Guns.

All of them grabbed the guns.

“I know where is he.” Mayu pointed at a door on the corner.

“Are you sure?” Rena replied it sarcastically.

Jurina pull out her knife from the man’s forehead. “If you don’t trust her-” She wiped the blood with her shirt-sleeve.. she she put it back into the wrapper and then she slipped it into her sock again, “- you can go and find your own way.” She walked first… to the door that pointed by Mayu.

Takamina and Mayu followed Jurina.

Yuko nudged Yuki’s waist. “Hey, your girlfriend is really smart. How can she knew it?”

“She was attacked by Makoto’s underling, after she killed him.. she took the man’s cellphone and hacked the password. She read some messages that Makoto held the meeting in room 405.
And…. I didn’t want to mention it now but… our house is totally wrecked.”

“What?!” Sayaka shocked.

One by one Maeda Team followed the trio police.

Jurina really piss me off many times since last night. Rena followed them from behind.



Jurina kicked the door strongly and then she took out a bomb from her pocket. “Listen, guys. I’m really tired today so…. you better put down your gun and raise your hands. Or! I will throw this bomb to your mouth.”

Everyone in the room stunned as they saw a girl who ready to throw the bomb and other 9 girls who pointed their guns at them.

Takamina show them a police ID Card. “I’m a sergeant! Surrender yourself and be prepared to enter your home sweet home.” She smirked. “I mean… your jail.”

The rest of the member entered the room and tied them one by one.

Kojiharu locked her gaze to Mariko’s murderer. She clenched her fist and then she walked towards him. She put her gun on his head.

Jurina pointed her gun to Kojima. “Don’t kill him. He is the key that will prove that I’m innocent! If you kill him, I’ll kill you too!!”

“I don’t care!!! I want him died right now.” Kojima tears burst out.

Jurina was ready to pull the trigger as she saw Kojiharu ready to shoot him too.

Yuko want to lift her gun, but Rena pointed her gun at Jurina first. “Put your gun down, Jurina.“ Rena said it firmly.

Jurina was surprised, but she ignored Rena. Jurina kept pointing her gun at Kojiharu.

*BANG!* Kojiharu finally shot him.

Jurina clenched her teeth. She kicked Kojiharu’s back and it made Kojima knelt on the floor. Kojima closed her eyes as if she was ready to die. Then….


Everyone gasped.

Jurina’s gun fell, she hold her stomach. “R-rena….” The pain in her stomach doesn’t much compared with the pain in her heart. “You…” Her tears rolled down one her cheeks.

Mayu was totally shocked. “Jurina!!” She released the rope and then she walked towards Jurina.

Makoto realized a small chance as he felt that his hand haven’t fully tied by Mayu. He grabbed a gun from the floor.


Sayaka quickly kicked the gun from Makoto’s hand and then she shot his chest.

Makoto fell onto the floor. He smirked. “We’re even. The death paid by the death too.” His blood wetting the floor and after that… he died.

“W-who does he shoot at?!!” Maeda looked around, she was looking for someone who maybe get hurt.

Sayaka gulped, she pointed her finger at Mayu.

Everyone gasped.

Mayu touched her bloody chest. The bullet pierced her from her back. Makoto shot her back when she walked towards Jurina. Mayu knelt, she didn’t have an energy to keep standing.

“No!!!!” Yuki ran towards Mayu. She hugged Mayu. “M-mayu!! D-don’t leave me!!!” Yuki’s body quivered as she saw Mayu almost lost her consciousness. Her tears burst out. She was totally panicked.

Mayu’s breath getting more slower. “Y-yuki…. I’m sorry.

“No-no-no!!! Mayu!!! You promised me to stay with me!!! You’re lying!!! L-let’s go to the hospital!!!” She was about to carry Mayu, but Mayu shook her head.

It’s too late, you better saving Jurina.

Too late. Those words made Yuki even more desperate, sad, and afraid. “Don’t say like that. Both of you will survive!!”

Mayu gave a weak smile to Yuki. “Again… you insult my brain. I really know that I won’t arrive at the hospital on time.” She caressed Yuki’s cheek. “Ss-sorry…. I- I ruin…. everything…. I’m… r-ruining…. our dd-dreams…. I- I…. lov-

Yuki’s eyes widened as she felt Mayu’s hand fell from her cheek. She saw Mayu’s head fell backward. “M-Mayu…… Mayu. Mayu…. you know, it’s not the right time to joking with me…” She shake Mayu’s body. “W-wake up!! Wake up, Mayu!!!!! Fuck!!!! Fuck-fuck-fuck!!!”

Yuki put Mayu’s body on the floor. Her eyes became so red, her tears didn’t stop. “Aakkkkhhh!!!!!!” She punched the floor over and over again. She looked at Makoto’s body and then she shot it over and over again until the gun running out of the bullet..

She grabbed Sayaka’s gun and then she shot Makoto’s body again. Yuki slammed the gun onto the floor as she realized that the bullet already empty. She grabbed an iron stick and then she used it to crush Makoto’s head. “Arrggghhh!!!! Son of a bitch!!! She even didn’t have an enough time to say that she loves me!!” She kept hitting Makoto’s head.

Makoto business partners gulped as they saw Makoto’s body covered by blood, they were afraid that they will ended like Makoto. They’re afraid that Yuki would crush their head too.

Maeda grabbed Yuki’s waist from behind. “Yuki. Yuki, stop!! Stop!! He’s already dead, it’s useless… he can’t feel your pain. Yuki…. I’m so sorry…..”

Yuki stopped when she realized that Acchan was right. She let the iron stick fell from her hand. She grabbed Acchan’s gun from her pocket and then she pointed it to her own head. “You’re right. It’s better I follow her. She’s still here, I can feel her.”

Sayaka grabbed Yuki’s gun with her right hand and used her left hand to close Yuki’s mouth with a cloth that already contained by anesthetic.

Yuki struggled but then…. she fainted.

In a few seconds later, they heard the police car siren came closer to the factory.

“Who call the police??!!!” Rena yelled out loud.

Takamina glared at Rena. “Me!!! Why?!! Do you think I can handle this mess by myself???!!! One of my bestfriend is dying.” She pointed at Jurina who fainted with a clothes in her hand to stop the bleeding. “And my another bestfriend died!!!!” She pointed at Mayu. “What should I do then??? Huh?!!”

Maeda team were silent. They realized that it’s a great loss for Takamina.

Takamina carried Mayu’s body. “Go away and never come back. Jurina and I will surely kill you if we saw you guys again. Don’t you dare to come back!!”

Maeda looked sad when she heard Takamina’s words, but she didn’t wanna debate with Takamina in a hurtful time like this. “Guys, let’s go! Sayaka, please carry Yuki and bring her to our car.” Acchan went out from the room without looked at Takamina. As soon as she stepped out from the door… her tears burst out and it soaked her cheeks.

Rena walked closer to Jurina’s body that laid on the floor. She wanna gave Jurina a goodbye kiss on her forehead.

“Don’t touch her!!” Takamina gave a warning.

Rena stepped back. I’m sorry, Jurina. I did it for you…. if you kill Kojiharu, Yuko will surely kill you too. I… I can’t do anything, my brain didn’t find another way.
I hope one day….. you’ll understand me like you always did before. I’m sorry that we have to seperate even before we solve our problem.
One day…. I’ll come back to you. I don’t care if you really wanna kill me or you already found someone else in the future…… I love you.

=================== 3 Years Later ====================

4. = Come Back =


*The bell rang*

Takamina hissed. Who’s visit me at this late night?! I’m about to sleep!

She lazily walked towards the door. She peeked from a small hole on the door, but the girl who stood in front of her door facing the other side. Takamina only saw her back and her long hair.

She opened the door. “I’m sorry, I think you enter the wrong room. I didn’t have any friend who planned to visit me ton-”

Takamina’s eyes widened when the girl turned her head. A-acchan?! She looked really different.. she’s growing her hair. She almost hypnotized by Acchan’s beauty but… her soul back to her body. “What are you doing here? I’ll call the police.”

“I miss you.”

Before Takamina could even get the chance to respond, she felt Acchan’s lips crashing onto hers.

Takamina stepped back. “Don’t y-”

“I won’t go even if you pointed your gun at me.”

Takamina sighed. “Come in.” She let Acchan entered her apartment.

Acchan looked around. “Nothing changed. It still like the old times.”

Takamina closed the door. “I’m not good in decorating my place, so… nothing changed even since I moved here.”

Acchan nodded.

“What do you want?? It’s 1 AM, you know?!” Takamina pointed at a clock.

“I know… I’m just coming back from Thailand and right after I put my stuff in the hotel room, I rushed here.”

Takamina fluttered but again… she tried to hide it. “Why? You can come here in the afternoon so you won’t BOTHERING me like this.”

Acchan looked at Takamina, she looked at straight to her eyes. “Don’t push me away… Bakamina.”

“Huh?” Takamina’s memory back to the time when both of them fought over a piece of ice cream and ended up with hugging in front of the refrigerator. ‘Bakamina’, it’s been a long time since she heard that nickname.

“Do you already forgot it?” Acchan started to talk because Takamina didn’t say anything. “You said it to me, but you did it to me twice… in the factory and now.”

“Mayu’s death made me hate everything around me.” Takamina walked towards the kitchen. “I’ll make a tea for you, after that… you can leave my place.”

Acchan smiled. “Forget the tea, I didn’t need it.” She took a deep breath. “Do you still love me?”

Takamina stopped. “I don’t know.”

“Do you always miss me? In every single day in your life. Is these past 3 years feels so long? Do you wait me and keep thinking on me? Do you always wish me to come back?”

“You ask me too much. It’s really rude.”

Acchan’s eyes got teary. “Just please…. yes or no. After that, I’ll leave.”

“I don’t know.”

“Do you still hate me? Do you still wanna kill me? Do you still wanna put me into the jail?”

Takamina looked away. “No… I don’t.”

Acchan smiled. “Thank you. At least I get the answers for some of my questions.” She stood up. “Do you wanna ask me something before I leave?”

Takamina shook her head.

“Well…. then…. goodbye.” Acchan gave Takamina a short smile and then she walked towards the door.

“Did you ever love me?” Takamina asked it when Acchan opened the door.

Acchan turned her head. “You ask ‘Did I’?” She smiled. “I do… I always do. I fall in love with you since you hugged me on the kitchen.”

Takamina was surprised. “You easily talking about it now.”

“I can’t wait until many years again to say it to you.” Acchan stepped outside.

“Don’t go. Don’t leave me again. Don’t leave me even if I ask you to do so.” Takamina couldn’t hold her tears more longer.

Takamina walked towards Acchan and then she pulled Acchan back into her place, She closed the door behind her.
“I still love you. I missed you in every single day of my life. My 3 years was like I lived in the hell because you weren’t here. I always wait and thinking of you… every night. I always wish you’ll come back, I was almost crazy to the death just to wait ‘today’… the day when you knocked my door.” She pressed her lips onto other girl’s lips.

The short girl didn’t pulled back as she only deepened the kiss, savoring the taste of the girl’s saliva in her mouth. Takamina knew that Acchan wanted to do this.
After for so long, they finally reunite. Now, nothing mattered in the world. Just the their bodies close to each other as their tongues fight for dominance.

Takamina vowed to not let Acchan go away again.

But when she felt the other girl stopping their moment, she felt lost again. Until she was pushed back against the bed.

Acchan quickly climbed on top of the short girl, leaning closer into her ear as she whispers the four intoxicating words. “You are mine tonight.

Takamina smirked. “I’ll make sure that it will be happened.” And then their lips reunite again.

Acchan fiddled with the buttons on Takamina’s shirt, the lust inside her head shouting her to take the midget’s shirt off. She obeyed as she finished unbuttoning Takamina’s shirt, and took it off, throwing it aside.

The moment Acchan saw the exposed skin of Takamina herself, she couldn’t stop herself from quickly sucking onto the girl’s collarbone. Earning a moan from the midget herself.

“Nnnghh— Ac-acchan…” Takamina moaned, feeling her core beginning to get wetter and wetter.

“No need for words. Just enjoy…” Acchan said before continuing to lick the other girl’s body. Meanwhile, her hands had finally finished pulling Takamina’s pants off. Threw it aside as well.

Acchan was even more turned on when she noticed how dripping wet the short girl’s underwear were. She couldn’t wait to make her shout her name more than once. She took off the underwear, and without hesitation, pushed two fingers inside Takamina.

Takamina gasped, both of her hands dripping onto the bed sheets. “Akkhh—Ahhaahh–Mmmhh—— Nnngghhh!!“

Acchan continued to push her fingers inside and out with more speed and intensity, feeling the walls beginning to tightened as Takamina’s sex drive began to increase in a high rate.

“Moan my name…”

Takamina bit her lip as she felt herself nearing her climax. “Ac—-ngghh— acc…..han…ssshh.“

“More louder…” She pushing one more finger inside, she increased the speed, hearing the squishy sounds coming from Takamina’s core.

“AHHhhh—– Aaachh— ACCHAN!!!” The short girl tightened her grip onto her bed cover as she reached the climax.

Acchan smirked seductively as she began to lick the other girl’s juices and it caused Takamina blushed in embarassment.

“Don’t… d-don’t lick it in front of me…” Takamina said, still tired from the climax moments ago.

Acchan chuckled. She licked her fingers one more time, a small ‘pop’ was made. “Why? As a matter of fact, I like your taste. Sour, but sweet at the same time.“

Takamina blushed even harder than usual. “Just go to sleep, you looks tired. Tomorrow, I’ll give you some pay back.” She smirked.

Acchan climbed up and then she fell herself onto Takamina’s arm. “I’ll eagerly waiting it.” She wrapped her arm onto Takamina’s waist.

“Oh, by the way… how about your friends? Are they still alive?”

Acchan smacked Takamina’s head. “Of course they are.”

Takamina grinned. “Sorry.. I didn’t hear any robberies case about you guys anymore.”

“Am I misheard something or you really upset about it? You should be happy.”

Takamina sighed. “Honestly… I’m upset about it because it made me lost you. Well you guys seems more expert after work with us.”

Acchan giggled. “You’re wrong. We didn’t do it anymore. We’re become a good citizen now. Sayaka worked as a Karate teacher in a highschool, she lived with Sae who worked as a photographer. Yuko and Kojima lived together too, Kojima worked as a model.. that job forced them to live in Paris. Yuko worked as a cafe singer. About Yuki…..-”

“So… you lived alone for years?” Takamina cut it off because she had a feeling that a sad thing happened to Yuki.

“No…. I lived with Rena.”

Takamina caressed Acchan’s cheek. “Do you wanna lived with me?”

Acchan shed her tears. “Do you really mean it? We just meet again 3 hours ago.”

“I’m waiting for 3 years to say it.”

Acchan looked at Takamina. “Can you just….. do the pay back now?”



Jurina walked around the shopping mall. I need some new clothes for winter. I always catch a cold even though I wear 3 layers of shirts!

She stopped in front of a clothing store, she went in. She scratch her head. “Tsk. I should ask Churi to go with me. I didn’t have a good sense when it comes to clothes.”

“This.” Someone poked her shoulder. “This is looks suit on you.”

Jurina turned back. She stunned. “R-rena!!”

“Do you wanna talk?”

Jurina clenched her fist. “Yes! We have many things to talk about!!”

“Okay, but not here.” Rena stepped outside the store.

Jurina followed her patiently. Finally… they end up in a small restaurant. Jurina frowned. “You do it on purpose.”

“Yes, I am. I kinda missed this place.”

It’s a place when they ate their first lunch together after fought over a guitar.

“How are you?”

“Absolutely fine!” Jurina simply replied it.

Rena nodded. “I see….”

“How can you find me? I moved from my old apartment.” Jurina hit the table and it caused other customers stared at them.

“Well… it seems the table already turned. You became the one who love to make a fuss on the public area.” Rena smiled.

“Don’t change the subject!”

Rena sighed. She took her phone from her handbag. She did something with her phone and then she showed it to Jurina. “Here you are. Your new apartment.” She pointed at the blinking red dot on her screen.

Jurina was surprised. “You followed me?!”

“No, I didn’t mean to.” Rena slurped her hot chocolate. “Do you remember the clothes that we wear to attack Makoto?”

“No! The only thing that I remembered on that day is you shot me.”

Rena didn’t expect that the topic about it would appear that quick. “Oh, it seems that you really hate me so you bring that clothes to your new apartment instead of threw it away.”

“What’s your point?”

Rena rolled her eyes. “The GPS, Jurina. I implanted the GPS into our clothes. I almost forget about it until last year Acchan talked to me about it again.”

“You’re lying!! We did it 3 years ago!! It must be running out of power!”

Rena laughed. “Kid, you talk with a wrong person. I made the power from solar energy, not a battery. Well.. I guess that you hate me so much and then you washed the clothes regularly and drying it under the sun. Oh, it’s waterproof too.”

Jurina didn’t say anything again. She stared the table.


“You already know my new apartment..” she stood up. “You can come someday if you want and we will settle our problems. I need to go back to the office now.”

Rena seemed disappointed. “Are you still a police?”

“Yes. Takamina already resigned since 2 years ago, but I won’t leave my job that easy. I love being a police so I can arrest a villain like you.” Jurina left Rena alone in that restaurant.

*3 Days Later*

“Come in.”

Rena entered the place. “Wow. You’re a tidy person. I never noticed it.”

“Yes, you didn’t know anything about me.”

Rena sat on the couch. “Except the situation inside your house, I knew everything about you…. sergeant.”


“Yes, I’m a stalker… but I only stalk a girl.” Rena smiled.

Jurina sat on another couch. “You’ve changed.”

“Like what?”

“…..” Jurina gazed a girl in front of her. Physically, nothing changed with her. Still gorgeous and beautiful, pale, white, thin, and she even didn’t change her haircut. But… there’s one big difference. “You smile alot.”

“Don’t you like it?”


Rena looked at the window. “I learn to smile alot… I learn to not harsh towards people… I learn to not pissed off people… I learn how to show my love to the people that I loved.
From Mayu and Yuki I learn that…. everyone will leave. It’s just a matter of time. We won’t know when God will take someone that we loved, if it happened to me back then… I would regretting myself in every seconds because we’ll left each other without any lovely memories.
Back then, I always rude to you. I’m so sorry.”

Jurina could hear Rena’s voice quivering. Somehow.. she felt regret because left a sad memory to Rena in these past years.

Rena looked at Jurina again. Jurina could see the tears. “Jurina, look. I shot you because-”

“I knew about it. You didn’t want Yuko kill me.” Jurina walked towards Rena. She knelt on the floor and then she hold Rena’s hands. “I didn’t mean to make you sad like this, Rena-chan.”

Rena’s heartbeat hammering as she heard ‘Rena-chan’.

Jurina tightened her grip onto Rena’s hand. “I didn’t mean to forcing you to change. I was such a childish back then, I should accept whoever you’re. I’m forcing you to become someone who aren’t your true self. That’s my biggest mistake.”

Rena released one of her hand to caressed Jurina’s cheek. “I missed you so much.”

Jurina’s tears fell. “So, why don’t you just come back to me earlier? I missed you too… but I had no idea where I should search you. I keep working as a police so I can track you if someday you appear again. But I’m wrong… your team never show up again.
And it makes me feel hopeless.”

“I want come back as soon as I left, but…. I need to change myself first before it’ll become our problem again. It’ll be hard for me if I lose you again.”

“You don’t need to change yourself, Rena-chan. You can become whoever you want.” Jurina grabbed Rena’s hand on her cheek. “Would you be mine again?”

Rena kissed Jurina’s lips. “I’m always yours. You didn’t need to ask it.”

Jurina smiled and then she pulled Rena into her kiss. “I love you, Rena-chan.”

“I love you too, Jurina. I do really love you.” Rena said it and then she kissed Jurina again.

“It seems you’re not a tsundere girl anymore.” Jurina smiled while kissing.

Rena pulled Jurina’s body into her hug. “Being a tsundere girl is tiring, you know?”

They chuckled together before they did a passionate kiss. A kiss that will become a sign of their new life.



A nurse came to her room. “Yuki, you haven’t eat since yesterday.” She wanna feeding Yuki, but Yuki hit the plate.

“I don’t wanna eat anything!!! I want die!!” She glared at the nurse. Yuki grabbed a broken plate and wanna cut the artery in her wrist.

The nurse shocked. She tried to hold Yuki’s hand. “HEELLLLPPPP!!! She wanna kill herself again!!! Help!!!”

Other nurses rushed into Yuki’s room and hold her tightly. A nurse held a syringe.

Yuki struggled, she tried to ran away but she didn’t have an enough power. No!! I’m not crazy! Stop anesthetize me! Just let me die!

A doctor entered the room, he shocked as he saw 5 nurses tried to anesthetize a thin girl who looked so pale. “Hey, stop it!” The doctor grab the syringe and threw it onto the floor.

Yuki’s body started to feel weak. Shit! They succeed to give me an anesthetic again! I will kill all of you if I already conscious later.

Her sight started to blur and she almost couldn’t hear anything.

“Doctor, you’re new here. You have no idea about this patient. She always try to kill herself and sometimes she will try to kill us too!!” A nurse looked really angry.

The doctor seemed disagreed. “But you can’t always gave her an anesthetic!! You can kill her! It’s so barbaric!!”

Yuki saw they debated about her. She tried to narrowed her eyes. Mayu? M-Mayu!!! But… her voice sounds different! Her hair… why… so…….. short?

Yuki tried to call Mayu’s name but it seemed the anesthetic already influenced her body. Mayu……..

The doctor squatting in front of Yuki. He smiled. “Don’t worry. Just sleep. I promise that it wouldn’t happen to you anymore.”

Yuki’s eyes was about to closed because of anesthetic effect.

“Doctor Watanabe, your other patient is waiting for you.”

“Okay.” The doctor looked at Yuki again. “I’ll make you get out of this place soon.”


Yuki lost consciousness.

======================== THE END ========================

Special thanks to Shechi-san who translated this fanfic on idol48vn.

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