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Warning: This chapter contains of smut scene.

Thanks for Katekyohit who helped me so much with MaYuki scene in this chapter.

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= MaYuki : One Sided Pleasure =

After Yuki ended the call with Sae, she went out from her room again, she saw Mayuyu still standing in the kitchen. What should I do to her?

“Yuki, our meal is ready. Let’s have a lunch!” Mayuyu smiled.

Yuki walked to the kitchen, “Okay, but…..” She touch Mayu’s chin and lift it up. “Let’s finish what we’ve started before.” She looked at Mayu’s eyes.

I must make her fall hard to me. It’ll make my job easier. I must get her trust, so I will be able to dig more information. Yuki kissed Mayu on the lips.

Mayu surprised, she broke the kiss. “Yu-Yuki…. we-” Mayu can’t finished her words because Yuki ‘ate’ her lips again.

Their tongue played together. Yuki pushed Mayu slowly, she stopped when Mayu already leaning onto the wall. It caused the shorter girl to moan as the taller one snaked her icy fingers under her shirt to unhook her bra off.

“W-Wait…Not here…”

“If you wish.” Yuki carried her little girl up in her arms and caused Mayu to blush.

Mayu wrapped her arms around the older girl’s neck until they entered Yuki’s room…

In that dark room, Yuki placed the helpless cyborg onto the bed before they continued kissing and tangling their tongues again. She’s liking this. I have to make her like it even more…until it becomes addiction.


“I won’t wait anymore, neh?” She slowly unbuttoned the girl’s shirt, one by one, while their lips were still interact with each other… Tracing Mayu’s smooth pale skin with her icy fingers, it made the girl yelped.

However, Yuki ate her moan up as well and allowed her hand to explore every corner of the cyborg’s body. Revealing the shorter girl’s pink-laced bra, without further ado Yuki moved her head down to nibble the top of her girl’s bosom while the bra was still on.

“A-Aahhh…!” Mayu trembled while Yuki kept nibbling and sucking her breast. She wrapped har arms around the taller girl’s body and she hugged Yuki harder every time she felt the pleasure running up her body.

Slowly, Yuki pulled the bra strap of just one side down and revealing Mayu’s naked right bosom.

“Q-Quit staring…!”

“But it’s beautiful.” Yuki smirked before she dove her face in to suck and lick that hardened bud.

The moment her tongue made contact with Mayu’s flesh, the poor helpless cyborg yelped out with surprise and pleasure. That’s what Yuki wanted to hear. She wanted Mayu to love her, to be addicted to her…no matter what it takes.

She buried her fang onto that bosom while her hand finally unzipped Mayu’s skirt down. She tossed her skirt off from the bed and caressed that smooth perfect thigh.

She couldn’t help but to grin at the helpless cyborg below her while she massaged and teased Mayu at her wet groin.


“You’re soaked, I guess you really wanted it badly.”

“M-Mou…stop teasing me…”

Alright, I’ll take it serious now then.” She whispered seductively into Mayu’s ears and caused the younger one to blush madly. “I won’t hold back even you told me to stop.


“Good girl…I’ll give you a reward.” Yuki’s icy fingers removed the final undergarment that covered Mayu’s precious flower. Her finger slowly snaked in through the wet fold and moved into the entrance of ecstasy while she nibbled Mayu’s ears with enjoyment.


“You’re so tight…”


“Cry more, moan my name…clearly and loudly.” She bid onto Mayu’s nape while she shoved her finger harshly into Mayu’s core, making the cyborg’s eyes grew wide with surprise.

Mayu’s body trembled with the unusual sensation creeping onto her mind but Yuki didn’t allow her to even get used to that sharp pain.

Yuki moved her fingers out, and shoved it in again, making Mayu yelped helplessly. “A-Ahhh!! H-Haaa—aahhhh…!”

“Mayu, moan my name.”


“I can’t hear you.” Yuki kept on shoving her finger in mercilessly despite Mayu hugging onto her body tightly.

Even though the cyborg tried to utter her crush’s name, but Yuki kept plunging her finger in without allowing her to even get used to this pain pleasure feeling at all. “Y-Yu—Aahhhh! Yu…ki…!”

“I still can’t hear you.”

“Y-Yuki!!” Finally, a smile appeared across the taller girl’s face as she made the helpless cyborg moaned her name out loud.

Yuki slowed down and kissed Mayu on her forehead as a reward. “Good girl…do you like it?”


“Do you want me to continue?”


“What do you want me to do?” Yuki kept asking and obviously she could see Mayu blushing so badly.

Without further ado, she repeated the question against Mayu’s neck in a softer and seducing tone. “Tell me…what do you want?”

“I…I want you inside me…” Finally, the younger one was being honest to herself and to Yuki.

It made the raven-haired one smirked with contentment before she kissed Mayu on the lips quickly. “As you wish…princess.”

This time, Yuki pushed two fingers straight into the deepest part of Mayu’s core. It caused the girl to groaned and cry by the sharp sudden pain. She clutched onto the taller girl’s body tightly and her voice was even quivering. “G-Gaaaa—-Haaaahhh~! H-Haaaah…! Y-Yuki—Aaah~!”

“That’s it…let me hear more…I want to hear you moan my name.”

“Y-Yuki…Yuki…! Nnngh—Y-Yuki!” Mayu’s hip unconsciously moved to help increase the sensation of pleasure while Yuki shoved her fingers in and out mercilessly.

It was beyond her expectation. It seemed the cyborg girl enjoyed it much that she thought. It made her smile even more as her plan was slowly about to become true. After this moment, Mayu’s heart shall belong to her.

“Yu…ki…! Yuki…Yuki!”

Yuki smirked, and wanted to tease this helpless girl even more. She pulled out her finger and massaged that dripping core with her soaked fingers. She bite Mayu’s neck to intentionally leave a mark…the mark of ownership…

Yuki then suddenly stop with her fingers and turned to the panting girl underneath her. “I guess that’s enough for today…”

Mayu’s face frowned with shock and she grabbed onto Yuki tighter. “What’s a matter…? No…please don’t stop.”

“Are you sure?”


“What do you want me to do?”

Mayu blushed with that question but then she couldn’t help it. She had to say it out if she wanted Yuki to continue messing her even more. “I-I want it more…and harder…until I break.”

“Such daring request…I like it.” Yuki smiled before she carried Mayu to sit up in front of her.

Yuki ordered Mayu to hug around her neck and then before Mayu realized it again, its three fingers this time that plunge deep into her body from behind. Mayu head jerked up and moaned in such a lewd way even more.

Thank god she was holding onto Yuki or else she would’ve fell onto the bed with that sharp surprise. “Nnnn—gaaaah~! A-Aaah—Haaah~! Yuki…Yuki~!”

The taller girl kissed her ears and whispered softly. “Mayu, move your hips…ride on my fingers.

The younger didn’t reply and just obeyed what Yuki said. She tried to move her hip and it even made her voice shivered even more. She clutched onto Yuki tightly as ever while she felt only but pleasure running all over her body. “Y-Yuki…! Yuki…Yuki~”

“Mayu…” She called the younger girl’s name and kissed her lips and ate her moan. She kept pumping her fingers harder and rougher. Until she had reached her limits, Mayu clutched around Yuki’s neck tighter and had came for the first time. Her body was shivering with such an unusual feeling.

The older girl slowly pulled her finger’s out and it was completely coated with Mayu’s fluid. She licked and sucked it right in front of the blushing cyborg girl to tease her even more. “You’re so sweet…”

“M-Mou…stop teasing me.”

“But I love to, and you taste really good.” After she was done licking all the fluid from her fingers, she pulled Mayu in to kiss passionately.

The cyborg could taste that bitterness on Yuki’s tongue, but then… those lips were irresistible. She knew that taste was from her own fluid, but Yuki’s kiss was just melting her mind.

She wrapped around Yuki’s neck tightly to deepen the kiss… her whole body and heart had now belonged to the beautiful woman in front of her. “Yukirin…“


“I can’t believe that we’re doing this in the daylight.” Mayuyu blushed.

Yukirin giggled, “You seems very enjoy it. If you want it, we can do this anytime.”

That words made Mayu blush so badly. “Umm… I’m sorry, but I must go home. Today is my parents wedding anniversary, we have a little private party tonight.”

Yuki playing with Mayu’s hair. “So… what’s your gift for them?”

“Actually…….. nothing.” Mayu shrugged.

Yuki rolled her eyes. “Come on. Let’s shower together.” Yuki stand up and pulled Mayu’s hand.


“Hurry up! Let’s buy a present for them.” Yuki smiled and then she kissed Mayu’s forehead.

Mayu dumbfounded. Sh-she is so kind.

========================== **** ==========================

= SaeYuki : Jealousy =

*Sounds of The Bell*

Yuki opened the door, “Sae!!!” She jump happily into Sae’s hug.

“Wow wow. Easy my girl.” Sae smiled, she hugged Yukirin back and she ruffled Yuki’s hair. “Ahh…. it’s been a long time for me. I’m really missed you.”

Yuki bury her face into Sae’s hug, “I miss you too.” She let go of her arms. “Come in.“

Sae nodded. She walked in and closed the door. “Nice house.”

“Sae. Is Maeda know that you came here? I mean… it’s forbidden for us to walk together. It’s too dangerous.” Yukirin looks worried.

Sae gave her calm smile. “I can risked my life just to meet you. Didn’t you would do the same for me?”

“Yes, I will. But-”

“Okay, problem resolved. Let’s go out!” Sae grinned.

Yukirin giggled. She pinched Sae’s cheek. “Oh, how cute my sweet girlfriend.”

Sae took Yuki’s hand from her cheek, she kissed that hand. “Hurry up. I can’t wait to have a date with my beautiful princess.”

Yuki smiled. She stroke Sae’s cheek with another hand, “I love you.” After that, she entered her bedroom to changed her clothes.

Sae looked around Yuki’s apartment for a while. She frowned.


“Ah, you surprised me.” Sae feels that Yuki hugged her from behind. “Are you ready, honey?” Sae turned back and then she hugged Yuki too.

“Yes, let’s go.” Yuki grinned.

*At The Cinema*

“Is this kind of your habit? You always choose the distant seat for us.”

“Well… these are my favorite spot. I can look the screen comfortably from here.” Sae turned her head, “Besides that…. no one will see us if we wanna do something.” Sae whispered softly. She pecked Yuki’s cheek.

Yuki pinched Sae’s cheek, not in romantic way.. she pinched it really hard.

Aww!!! It’s hurt!!” Sae tried to not screaming.

Yuki giggled. “Not now. It’s still 20 minutes since the movie started, but you already tried to make me ignoring my favorite movie.”

Sae didn’t respond it, she turned her head back to the screen. After that, she remain silent for about half hour.

“Sae, what’s wrong?” Yuki realized that Sae didn’t say anything at all.

Sae didn’t answer it. Yuki used both of her hands to hold Sae’s face and make Sae turned her head. After she can saw Sae’s eyes, “Are you angry at me?”

“I missed you so much. For over 2 months…. I didn’t see your face.. didn’t hear your voice directly.. didn’t feel your warm breath.. didn’t touch your skin.. I didn’t feel your presence at all. I’m worrying about you in every second. But……” Sae shed her tears, “you refuse me just because of that darn movie.”

Yuki wiped Sae’s tears with her fingers. “I’m sorry.”

“Are you too tired yesterday?”

Yuki looks confused.

Sae turned her head to the screen again. “I saw 2 cups on your dinning table with different fingerprints, 2 dirty bowls in your sink, I think you cook for more than 1 portion meal, and I can smell another fragrant…. a woman perfume.
I know exactly your scent, and that’s not yours. That smell is quite strong, so I guess…. she’s in your place since morning or…. she’s even stay overnight.”

Yuki gasped with those detail explanation. I’m forget to tell her about Mayu!!

Sae is an amazing ‘observer’. She can analize her surrounding very well, no wonder why Acchan always ask Sae to go to their target’s place before they rob it.


“Sorry, I have to go back. Maeda waiting for me.” Sae wanna stand up but Yuki pulled her and make her body more closer to Yuki’s warm body.

Yuki hugged Sae tightly. “Don’t go. I missed you too. I miss you so badly. I love you. The woman that you mentioned before…. didn’t mean anything to me, but she’s very useful for us. I’m sorry because I’m forget to tell you about her.”

“You sleeping with her, right?” Sae tried to hold her tears.

Yuki gasped again, she let go of her arms. She look deeply into Sae’s eyes. “I love you, I really do love you. Trust me, I can’t live without you.”

“I never doubting you. I’m just…… jealous.” She looked away.

Yuki sighed, “Let’s go home.”

“I didn’t want to enter your place, my jealousy will boiled in there.” Sae pouted.

“How about your place?” Yuki smiled.

“I’d love to.” Sae smiled back.

*At Sae’s Apartment*

Sae opened the door . “Come in.”

Yuki entered the room. Sae’s room is a mirror of her personality. A boyish’s room with boyish things.

Sae entered the room as well, then she locked the door.

“So, what will we do now?” asked Yuki as she sat on the nearby couch. Somehow… she knew that Sae wants her so badly now.

“How’s working with Mayu, Yuki?” asked Sae as she went to get some towels for her and Yuki.

“W-working with Mayu?” There’s a long silence after that. “W-well, we’re doing good, actually.” She finally answered.

Sae came back with two towels in her hand. She walked closer to Yuki, and then she unbuttoned Yuki’s shirt.

“W-wait, I can do it myself.” Yuki answered as she unbuttoned her shirt. She unbuttoned her shirt, revealing her black undergarment.

Sae can’t handle herself now. She kissed Yuki’s neck roughly, making Yuki blushed.

“S-sae… Stop…” the blushing woman said. Sae, however, couldn’t control herself knowing that her woman was with another woman yesterday.

“Remember this, Yuki… You’re mine…” Sae said it as she took off her shirt and used it to tie up the blushing woman’s hands. She pushed Yuki onto the couch.

Yuki struggled to free herself. “S-sae, what’s wrong with you? I told you, right? Maeda-san asked me to do it!” Yuki said it, trying to explain.

“I’m jealous, Yuki… She can taste you and I’m not?” Sae then took off the girl’s pants. She kissed the nape of Yuki’s neck. A trail of kisses ran from the nape to her chest. Sae then removed the strap of Yuki’s sleeveless bra, and then threw it away.

She kissed Yuki passionately while her right hand played with Yuki’s left nipple and her left hand taking off Yuki’s last piece of clothing.

Yuki struggled to free herself as she moaned because Sae attacked her body. Even though Yuki is struggling to free herself, but deep inside her… she found herself enjoying it. Guilty pleasure indeed.

Sae wanna tease Yuki, She touching the skin outside Yuki’s core slowly, it caused a moan from Yuki’s lips. Sae stopped kissing her for a while then smirked. She knew what to do. She touched it more slowly.. it made Yuki crazy for more.

“S-sae… Why are you teasing me? Just get over with me already… mess my body more.” Yuki begged.

“Beg for it more, Yuki. Beg for it more.” Sae said as she continued teasing her more.

“P-please, I beg of you…”

“As your wish…” Sae smirked. She inserted three of her fingers into Yuki’s core.

Yuki trembled and moaned more as Sae inserted the fingers on her core. “S-sae… More… MORE!” Yuki commanded.

Sae kissed Yuki’s white porcelain skin. Without Sae realize it, Yuki is almost escaping her hands. Yuki’s hands completely free now. Her hands found themselves wrapped around Sae’s neck.

Sae surprised, smirked, and then licked Yukirin’s left mound.

Yuki moaned more and more, exciting the short-haired woman on top of her. Sae inserted it faster and faster.

Yuki is fully aroused now, she pushed Sae onto the floor. She took off Sae’s pants. “It’s not fair if only you get to move, Sae…” A blushing Yuki said it, she sat on Sae’s top.

“Fine. Give me your best shot.” Said a confident Sae.

Yuki slowly and blushingly kissed Sae’s neck, she inserted her right hand into Sae’s yellow underwear. “Don’t worry, Sae. I’ll only do these things to you…” she whispered to Sae’s right ear.

“Liar…” Sae blushingly said.

Yuki inserted her right hand’s fingers into Sae’s core. Sae keep moaned. This further turned Yuki on. “I can see that you’re jealous of Mayu.” She whispered.

Sae blushed. “I want you to know that you’re mine and I won’t let that girl take you away from me.” Sae didn’t let her ego take a rest, she turned the tables as she reversed their positions. Sae inserted her left hand’s fingers into Yuki’s core.

Yuki fought Sae’s ego by inserting her fingers faster. Their lips then clashed with each other, fighting for dominance.

Yuki moaned more as she felt that she was reaching her climax. Sae felt the same too. After a few series of french kisses, fingering each other and teasing each other, both came at the same time.

Sae kissed Yuki’s forehead and said, “I love you, Yuki…”

“I love you too, Sae…” Yuki replied.

========================== **** ==========================

= Maeda Team : Next Target = 

Yuko and Sayaka ruffled Sae’s hair.

“Uuuuu…. There’s someone who sparkling today!!” Yuko laughed out loud.

“Wait a minute, why do you looks so tired. Did something happened last night?” Sayaka grinned.

Yuko slapped Sayaka’s shoulder. “You didn’t need to ask about that. We already knew that ‘thing’ will be happened.”

Yuko and Sayaka chuckled together. Sae rolled her eyes, “stop teasing me. Urgh!”

“Guys!” Maeda calling her members. “We have a new job.”

Don’t tell about that to Maeda.” Sae whisper it to Sayaka and Yuko.

Yuko slapped Sae’s back really hard. “Relax buddy. we will keep it. Just… be careful.”

Sae wanna hit Yuko too, but Maeda already glared at them. 3 of them obediently came closer.

Maeda Team gathered around a table in the center of that room.

Acchan placed a big paper on that table. It’s looks like a map of a building. “This is our next target. Next month… we gonna bathed in money.” She smirked.

“ith-houkss-shhoo-huunnn….. mm-”

Everyone frowned, they looks confused.

“Take that damn lollipop out from your f*cking mouth before you start talking.” Sae glared at Rena.

Rena take it out from her mouth, “Don’t ever pick a fight with me!!” She pointed her finger to Sae’s face. “Or you gonna get a big trouble from me.”

“Stop fighting!!” Maeda yelled at both of them. She looked at Rena, “What do you want to say?”

“I said… it looks so fun. But, based on my calculation… It’ll be hard to strike that place in a short time. We will get caught before we can get out from that place.”

“Are you afraid?” Sae smirked.

Rena looked at Sae in angry way. “I’m not afraid… I’m just using my brain well to count any possibilities. I’m not like you who didn’t have a brain at all…. your black-hearted girlfriend slept with another girl but you still wanna sleep with her?! Stupid!!”

Sae looks very angry, she wanna punch Rena’s face… but Sayaka hold her tight.

Maeda walked closer to both of them, “What happened to both of you?! We are a team!! We’re friends, are you both already forgot about our past?? We cried and laughed together back then. We’re family!!”

“Okay, back to topic. What’s your plan about it, Maeda?” Yuko tried to avoid that sad memory come back to them.

Acchan take a deep breath. “Rena is right, we need additional crew. I already recruited 7 man who wanna help us, they will join us tomorrow.”

“Where did you find them? They’re maybe dangerous.” Yuko looks cautious.

“Don’t worry Yuko, I get them from Makoto.” Acchan smiled.

“Makoto?? Our childhood friend?” Yuko looks surprised.

“Yes. He’s a success drug dealer now. I meet him in a club last week. I asked him about where I can find some people to become my crew. But he offering his crew, I agreed. So, I bought them from Makoto.”

Yuko laughed. “That brat still nice to us, like old time. I kinda miss him.”

Acchan grinned. “We can meet him later.”

Rena walked away from that room, “Urgh. I hate nostalgic story, it makes me wanna puke.”

Rena get into her car and then she drive it. After some minutes, she stopped at a quiet park. She looked around. There’re still a few people there, but they busy with their own world. A nice place to calm my mind.

She parked her car and locked it. She found an empty bench near a fish pond. She laid her body on it, she looked the sky for a while. And then she closed her eyes.

A few minutes later she opened her eyes. She heard someone sang and playing a guitar too. She enjoyed that song, it can calmed her mind. Beautiful voice.

==================== TO BE CONTINUED ===================

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