Wanted! (5/10)




= WMatsui : 3rd Meeting =

Rena woke up from that bench. It sounds not far from here. She tried to looking for that voice.

She turned her head to her left because she heard that voice came from there. She stood up and walked slowly. Rena saw someone’s foot seen behind a tree. Ah, maybe that people is the one who singing.

Rena walked closer, she saw that person from behind. That person just sat on the ground. She didn’t know exactly about the reason why she want to see that person closer.

Maybe she’s a little bit envy to that person because that person can play it really well. Even though she already tried to learn to play her guitar in these past weeks, she still can’t do it properly.

She feels annoyed to herself because usually she can learn everything within 2 days. But now, when it comes to music… she can’t do anything. So frustrating!

The more closer she walked to that person, that voice became more and more beautiful to be heard too.

After she close enough to that person, she stopped. A girl? How can a girl playing a guitar that well? Rena closed her eyes. She’s totally hypnotized by that voice and by that song. Now, she can hear it, clearly. She smiled.

It feels like she never really smile like this since a long ago. I never know before, that music can bring this kind of happy and peaceful feeling to me.

But suddenly… that peace gone. Her phone ringing, she gasped. She wanna pick her phone before that person can realize her presence. YUKO?! WHY THAT BRAT ALWAYS BOTHERING ME IN A WRONG TIME!!

Rena quickly rejected the call. But it’s too late…. that person stopped playing her guitar, she stood up and turned her head. That person shocked, but then she smiled.

Rena dumbfounded. NO…. WAY. HELL-to-the-NO! Rena wanna run away as soon as she can, but that person grabbed her hand first.

“I’ve told you before…. there will be a third meeting for us.” She grinned. “Now… Can I know your name?”

“No. Now, let me go.” Rena tried to release her hand.

Jurina glared at Rena, “but you’ve promised me.” She pouted.

Rena raised her right eyebrow. “I never promised anything to a stranger.”

Jurina sighed and then she release Rena’s hand. “Okay. I’m sure there will be our 4th meeting anyway.” She grinned. “You can tell your name later.”

Rena surprised because that girl easily release her, she thought there will be another fight between them.

Rena saw that girl turned and sat again on a same spot. Rena turned her body to the opposite side, she wanna go away. But… she heard Jurina singing again. Somehow…. that beautiful voice resist her to go away.

Rena sighed. What happened with my head?! She turned back. She walked closer to Jurina and sat beside her. Jurina didn’t bother her presence, she keep busy with her guitar.


Jurina stopped playing. “huh?”

“My name is Rena.”

Jurina smiled. “Thank you, Rena-chan.”

“No need to thank you. Keep playing it, I need to calm my mind ”

“This?” Jurina lifted her guitar.

Rena nodded. She took a lollipop from her pocket, she unwrapping it. She layed her body on the ground, she closed her eyes. “Continue what yo did before. I won’t bothering you, let’s just say I’m not here.” She ate her lollipop.

Jurina smiled. She gazed a girl who laying in front of her. Raven hair… white skin… beautiful face…. her nose… those lips…. She’s so gorgeous.

Rena put her hands bellow her head, she use her hands to become her pillow. It makes her shirt lifted. Jurina can saw Rena’s perfect waist, she saw a piercing in Rena’s belly button. I didn’t want to say this but…. she’s sexy too.

Jurina turned her head, she looked back to her guitar. Before she singing again, she said… “But you’re here, with me… let’s be friend.”

Rena opened her eyes, she surprised with those warm words. But she can’t said anything again, because Jurina already singing again. She didn’t want to bothering her.

Rena closed her eyes again and enjoy the song. She’s not really sure about… she’s enjoying the song or… enjoying Jurina’s voice. Both of it are so beautiful. Those peacefully feelings came back to her again.

After some minutes, without she realized it… she fell asleep.

Jurina stopped. She put her guitar. Did she fell asleep? She chuckled. She keep staring Rena.

*2 hours later*

Rena opened her eyes. She surprised because the park already too quiet. She looked at her watch. “10 PM?! What the hell that I’m doing here?”

She woke up. She saw a jacket fell from her body to the ground. Rena frowned. “Jurina’s?” She quickly pick that jacket and clean it. Is she already went home?? Why she leave me alone?! She can wake me up instead of covered me with her jacket. Did she wanna act like a hero? Urgh!

“Yes, it’s mine.”

Rena shocked. She turned her head.

“Oh, you already woke up. It’s really cold out here, I can’t believe you can slept that comfortable. It even made me didn’t want to wake a Snow White.” She giggled. “Here.”

Rena saw Jurina offered a cup. She took it from Jurina’s hand.

“I bought a hot chocolate for you. Just in case you feel cold.” She smiled.

“I thought you already went home and leave me here. I’m just thinking about to kill you later, on our 4th meeting.” Rena said it in cold way.

Jurina laughed. “Can you stop trying to kill me?? I’m not that bad.” Jurina walked closer to Rena. She whispered. “Hmm… you know….. rather than trying to kill me, maybe ‘thank you’ is more proper this time.

Rena stepped back. “Don’t get too close to me.” She glared at Jurina.

Jurina shrugged, “okay.” She smirked. “I didn’t know that you can easily embarrassed like this, I mean…. your poker face is so cold all the time. Kinda scary.”

“I’m not shy!”

“Really?” Jurina took her phone from her pocket. “I hope you don’t shy after you see this picture.”

Jurina showed her a picture from Jurina’s phone. Rena shocked. “You!!! Bastard!” Rena blushed. She tried to catch Jurina’s phone but Jurina’s reaction was too fast. “Delete it!”

“See? You easily embarrassed.” Jurina laughed. She gave her phone to Rena. “Here, you can delete it by yourself… you won’t trust me if I’m the one who do it.”

Rena grabbed it. She saw that picture again. Now.. she can saw it more clearly. She saw herself fell asleep, her mouth opened widely with a lollipop still in it. Her face looks so idiot in that picture.

Jurina giggled. “I’m sorry. Your face was so funny, I can’t hold myself to not tease you.”

“I will delete it. Don’t ever try to do something like this again or-”

“Or you will kill me? I know.” She smiled.

What happened to her brain?! Rena sighed. She looked at Jurina’s phone again and she deleted her picture.


Rena lifted her head. “What?!”

“After you delete it, you can add you phone number in it too…. If you don’t mind.” Jurina looked away.

Huh? Rena surprised.

“Ahh… forget it.” Jurina pointed a grey car.“That’s my car, you can gave my phone back there. I’m going first.” She walked away and leave Rena.

Jurina opened her car and get in. She smacked her head. “What I’m just saying?! Asked her phone number?! Stupid.”

Jurina hit her head to the steering wheel over and over again.

She heard someone knocked her window, she opened it. Rena.

“What are you doing?” Rena looks confused.

“Nothing. I’m just feel dizzy.” She gave Rena an awkward smile.

“So… your dizzy will gone if you hit your head? Well… next time if you feel dizzy again, you can call me to hit you. I’m glad to hit it REALLY hard.” Rena laughed.

She laughed?! Jurina shocked. A laugh that she saw is not a ‘tease laugh’… it’s Rena’s ‘real laugh’.

“Here, your phone.”

Jurina took it from Rena. “Thank you.”

“See you around.” Rena turned back and then she walked to her own car.

Jurina opened her phone contact quickly. She type ‘rena’, but no result appeared. She sighed. “I know… She won’t gave her number to a stranger easily, I would do the same.”

Jurina started her engine. She’s about to drive, but her phone ringing. She got a message.


Guitar girl,
I know that you’re very dumb to find it. Σ(゚∀´(┗┐ヽ(・∀・ )ノ
So, this is my number.


Jurina saw Rena’s contact name. “Lollipop girl?!” Jurina laughed out loud.


Thank you, Rena-chan. O(≧∇≦)O


Jurina smiled. She continue driving.

====================== 3 Days Later ======================


To: Lollipop Girl

Ahayou Rena-chan. ヽ(^Д^)ノ


From: Lollipop Girl

What do you want?


To: Lollipop Girl

Why you’re so cold towards me all the time? (#+_+)


From: Lollipop Girl

Well… I don’t have any reason to be nice towards you.
Give me 1 good reason.


To: Lollipop Girl

I’ll give some very nice reasons Rena-chan. ←~(o `▽´ )oΨ
If you keep trying to kill me, I will print these pictures and hanging it on every door that I saw.



From: Lollipop Girl

Whaaattt??!!! But I’ve delete it before!!!!!!


To: Lollipop Girl

Oops… I took more than 1 picture.
I think you forgot to delete the other.
That’s not my fault after all. ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I took a video too. 


From: Lollipop Girl

Fine!! I’ll be nice to you. Geez!


To: Lollipop Girl

Good girl. (¬‿¬)
Rena-chan, let’s go to amusement park this weekend.


From: Lollipop Girl

Huft… what can I say?
You seems won’t accept ‘NO’ though.


“Jurina….. Jurina…. Jurina!!”

Jurina lift up her head. “What is it, Mayu?” She smiled.

“Jurina, It’s been 10 times I called you. You smiling by yourself like a crazy.”

Jurina looked at her phone again. Yeahh… I think I’m crazy. She smirked.

========================== **** ==========================

= AtsuMina : First Heartbeat =


Takamina sat in front of her computer, she’s making some reports. But her concentration get a little disturbance. She glanced at 2 girl who sat across her table.

“Hey… both of you.” Takamina pointed at Mayu and Yuki. “Are you both already dating?“ She looked at them in suspicious way.

Jurina seems didn’t care about that ‘lovey dovey’ thing, Jurina’s eyes still focus to read a file of abduction case.

Mayu surprised because of Takamina’s sudden statement. She sliding her stool quickly and go away from Yuki’s desk. Mayu back to her own desk. “N-no!”

“Really? Because I always saw your face blushed like red pepper while you talk with Yuki.” Takamina smirked.

Mayu’s eyes opened widely. She shook her head furiously. “N-no!! It’s not like that.” She’s start panicked.

Jurina put that file onto her desk. “Oh, and also…. the most tangible evidence…” She pointed at a clock. “4.47PM… These past weeks, you always skipped to watch your favorite anime. You never leaving this office before Yuki leave too.”

Mayu blushed so badly. “T-that’s not like that!! I’m just got bored about that anime! besides… I still can download it anytime!” She said it in incredible speed, she’s really panicked.

Yuki laughed. “No need to panic, Mayuyu. You’re so cute when you’re like that.” She stood and walked slowly to Mayu desk. She put her hand on Mayu’s shoulder. “Yes, we are officially dating now.”

Both of Takamina and Jurina shocked. Their mouth and eyes opened widely.

Mayu startled too. “Si-since when? I… I think we never talked about this before.”

Yuki smiled. She kissed Mayu’s forehead, “since now.” And then… Yuki kissed Mayu’s lips.

Jurina closed the curtain quickly before other staff can see them.

Takamina gasped. She stood up and quickly forced them to separate that kiss. “Wow! Whow… Don’t forget, we’re still in the office right now. No Sexual Harrasment!!”

Mayu and Yuki stopped and then they laughed together.

Mayu looked at Takamina, “gomenasai.” She grinned. Afterwards, She turned her head back to Yuki. She whispered. “Thank you. I love you.

Yuki just gave Mayu her smile without saying anything again.


That scene keep repeated in Takamina’s head. How can Mayu can get Yuki easily?! Maybe not too easy, I didn’t know. But…. at least it easier than my case.


“Th-that’s not a joke… I… I li-like y-you.” Takamina avoid Acchan’s eyes.

“Are you trying to tease me again? I won’t fall for it.”

“Is it not clear enough for you? I said…. it’s not a joke!”

Acchan stood up, she grabbed a glass of water from a table. Without any warning, she spilling it to Takamina’s head. “I think you’re still sleeping. Wake up! It’s not in your dream.”

Takamina is very angry about that action. Her head and her clothes became wet. “You don’t need to do that!”

Acchan put that glass back to the table. “I need to do that because you need to wake up from your daydreaming. Did you want me to be your girlfriend in that short time?! I even didn’t know you, and worse… I even hate you.”

Takamina sighed, “I like you… but it doesn’t mean I want you to became my lover. I mean… let’s be friend! That’s not a love confession or something!”

“Tsk.” Acchan opened the door again. “I think I’ll just go home, you seems angry at me.”

“Yes! Definitely yes!!”


Takamina took her phone. She dial someone.

Moshi moshi.

“Maeda, it’s me… Takamina.”

I know. You forced me to added your name into my contact list, remember?

Takamina didn’t answer Acchan’s question. “I’m so sorry about what happened last week.”

No worries. It’s my fault too. Sorry for my cruel action. Let’s have dinner together.. my treat. It’s for my apology.

Takamina surprised. “Dd-ddi-dinner? Really?! Am I misheard something?”

Acchan laughed. “No, you’re not, baka! 7 PM… I’ll pick you up at 7 PM. You’d better don’t late or I will cancel it.

“T-tonight?” Takamina feels extremely nervous.

Yup. See you later.” Acchan ended the call.

Am I dreaming? Takamina slapped her own face. It’s hurt! Oh my God… I’m not dreaming!!!!

======================== 8 PM ========================

“What makes you so long?!” Acchan asked Takamina when she opened the door.

Takamina get in to Acchan’s car. “I’m sorry. Lucky me because you didn’t leave me.”

“Yeah… I’m about to leave you, but after I thinking about it again….. I thought you won’t make me wait  just because a simply reason.” Acchan start to drive.

“You’re right, I have some troubles with my work. Thank you for waiting me.”

“No problem… so stop saying ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’.”

Takamina smiled. “Okay.”

Long silence after that.

The situation in that car became more awkward, so Takamina thought she must say something. “C-can I turn on the radio?”


Takamina turn it on and raise the volume. The channel played a love song.. that’s very romantic and slow song. Both of them became extremely awkward than before.

Takamina wanna change the channel quickly, she pressed a random button. But suddenly the sound became extremely loud.

Acchan shocked, she braked her car quickly before she hit an old woman who crossing the street. “Hey!! What are you doing?? You almost make me hit someone!” She turn off the radio.

“Ss-sso-sorry.. I thought it’s a button to change the channel.” She panicked too.

“Can you read it before you press it? It’s a button to turn on another speaker in my car!”

“Hontou ni gomenasai. Please don’t cancel our dinner.” She pleaded and then she folded her hands. “Pleaseee.”

Acchan sighed. “Okay.” She continue driving again.

They stopped in a restaurant. Acchan parked her car. They went in.

Takamina dumbfounded. “Are you always eat in a place like this???” She looked around that luxurious place.

“Not really.” Acchan give Takamina a simple answer.

A waitress came and asked them to choose a table. Acchan pointed a table at the corner, the waitress nodded. They followed the waitress.

After they sat, the waitress smiled and gave them a menu list. Takamina’s eyes opened widely. She’s panicked.

Takamina slowly kick Acchan’s feet. She whispered. “I don’t know what the hell all of this meal. Their name looks weird for me.

Acchan rolled her eyes, “Just tell the waitress anything you want.”

Takamina looked at the waitress, she smiled. “Takoyaki, please.”

Acchan smacked her head. She looked at the waitress, that waitress looks confused. “Sorry, can you please leave us alone? We will call you if we already decide the meal.” Acchan said it in English.

The waitress nodded and leave them.

Acchan sighed. “Even if you totally have no idea about the menu, at least you read the cover. It’s French Restaurant, baka.”

“But, I really didn’t know what is this!” She looks desperate. “I’m so sorry.. for that shame.”

Acchan shrugged. “It’s okay.”

Takamina gave Acchan a smirk. “Let’s go, I have a better place.” She stood up and then she grabbed Acchan’s hand.

“B-but.. hey!” Acchan didn’t have a choice, she just followed Takamina. “My car.”

“Just leave it here, it’s not too far from here. Let’s just walking.” Takamina smiled.

“Okay. Now you can let go of my hand.”

“Ah, yeah. okay, you’re right.” She release Acchan’s hand.

Awkward moment…. again.

“We’re here.” Takamina pointed a place.

“This?! This is more like a slum rather than a restaurant.”

“Don’t worry, you will have a different sight from behind this place.”

Acchan followed Takamina carefully. Acchan frowned. She’s right, this place isn’t like what I imagined. It’s clean and no drunk people. She relieved.

“Tadaaa… this is my favorite place!”

Acchan dumbfounded. “Th-this… this is beautiful.” Acchan saw the dark river, the lights make it became so beautiful.

Takamina chuckled. “I know. I always came here when I need a place to relaxed my mind, feel the wind and saw the river… so relaxed. It’s an outdoor dining restaurant.”

Acchan looks excited, she run onto 1 table, “Come on. I wanna sit there. I think we can get the best view from there.”

Takamina smiled. She relieved because she can make Maeda enjoy their time together. “Let’s order something.”

Acchan nodded. “Umm… Thank you… to bring me here.“

“I’ve told you that I’m more better than your first impression.” She grinned and then she called a waitress.

*2 hours later*

“Hey Maeda, stop taking the pictures. Let’s go home, you can come back to this place anytime..”

Acchan grinned. “Okay. But….” She grabbed Takamina’s hand. “Before we go home, let’s take a picture together!!” Acchan looks excited.

Takamina surprised, she blushed. “W-well… y-ye-yeahh… o-okk-okay.”

Acchan asked help to a waitress to do it. After take some pictures, they decided to go home.

“Bakamina…. I’ve told you to bring my car here, now… thanks to you, we must walk back to that French Restaurant.” Acchan rolled her eyes.

“Bakamina?! Hey, you can’t change my name like that!”

Acchan giggled. She’s not a bad person as I thought before. Altough she’s baka sometimes, but… she’s nice. It’s been a long time since I have a friend outside my team.

Acchan looked at Takamina who walked beside her. “Umm… Bakamina.”

“Stop calling me Bak-”

“Let’s be friends..” Acchan smiled.

Takamina looks confused. “I don’t understand.”

Acchan frowned. “I know you’re a baka girl… but I think my words are clear enough… Let’s-be-friends.”

“I know the meaning of that and I’m not stupid.” She rolled her eyes.

Takamina explained. “I mean…. I don’t understand about… Usually, you’re so cold, gloomy, and harsh to me… you even said that you hate me.
But today, you became extremely nice towards me. If you do that to show your guilty, well… I accept your apology.
You can stop act like today. I still wanna be your friends even if you act like the first time we met.” She smiled.

I thought she’ll hate me after what I did to her last week. She smiled. “I didn’t do it to get your forgiveness. I change because you’ve changed before. Usually, you always made me angry by doing something stupid to me.
But today…. you didn’t show me that. You act like a nice girl too.“

“Hey, I’m really a nice girl… it’s not just acting!”

Acchan giggled. “Well.. I’m a good girl too.” She grinned.

“So, sometimes… first impression is not always right.”

Acchan nodded.

They continue walking. They knew that they almost arrive, because they can saw the restaurant’s roof. But…

“Hey!! Both of you, give your money to us!!”

They shocked because suddenly… they surrounded by 5 man.

“Come on… We won’t hurt you if you give it to us nicely!!” A men laughed.

Acchan whispered. “Baka!! I’ve told you to bring my car!!!

Don’t worry… everything is still under control.” Takamina dragged Acchan to stand behind her, she didn’t want Acchan get hurt. I must protect her.

Acchan took her money from her wallet and she took her phone too. “Let’s just give our stuff, I’m afraid that they will hurt us.

Acchan wanna threw it to them, but Takamina held her hand. She looked at those man. “Hey, I’m police!!! Don’t mess up with me or tomorrow… you’ll dragged to the prison. I’ll forgive you once if you didn’t bothering us tonight.”

Acchan gasped.

Those man startled too. But, there’s a men.. “Liar!! Don’t try to trick us, show your badge!!!”

Takamina wanna took it from her pockets, but she didn’t find it. Sh*t!! I leave my badge and my gun in my office!! F*ck! “I’m forgot to bring it.“

Those man laughed. “See? She’s lying!! Give your money now, or we promise to kill you without any pain.” A men smirked.

Acchan relieved because she thought that Takamina just saying that to threaten those man. “Just give it!!” Acchan still hiding behind Takamina.

Takamina shook her head.“Never.” I’ll lose my pride as a sergeant if I surrender to these villains. I must protect Maeda too. Takamina walked slowly, she stopped until Acchan can touch the wall. “I’ll protect you, stay close to me. Keep hiding behind me.”

Wait… wait… “Don’t do it, Takamina! Just give what they want!!”

They laughed. “Hey… fake police, you better hear your friend or…..” They took some baseball bat, “we will use this.” He smirked.

Takamina saw an iron stick on the ground, she took it. “I will give you this!” Takamina hit a men with that iron stick. The fight started.

Acchan looks worried because the situation became uncontrolled. Takamina got hit several times, but Takamina still tried to protect her from some hit and ended with hurting Takamina herself. Wh-what should I do? 

Actually… Acchan didn’t afraid of them, she knew that she can easily defeat them. She’s just didn’t want Takamina knew too much about her.

“Maeda, run!! Call the police!”

“I can’t leave you alone!!” Acchan panicked.

Takamina got hit on her arm, she groaned in pain. “Go!! Now!! I can’t hold them to lo-“

A hit ended in Takamina’s head, it’s a strong hit. Takamina fainted. Those man keep hitting Takamina’s body even if she’s already fainted.

“Stop!!!” Acchan yell at them. “If you don’t go right now, I guarantee that all of you can’t see a sun tomorrow!!” Acchan is so angry.

Those man laughed. “Just die with your friend!!” A men tried to hit Acchan’s stomach, she hold that men’s hand before he can hit her. She kick his ‘main part’. That men groaned.

The other man shocked, they want to attack Acchan. But Acchan suddenly took out her gun and pointed it to a men’s forehead. “Go, or I’ll blow up you and your useless brain.” That men looks afraid.

Another men laughed. “Don’t play with us!! It’s a fake gun…. you’ll end like your ‘fake police’ friend!!” He wanna kick Acchan.

Acchan got very angry because those man didn’t hear her warning. She took another gun from her pocket with another hand and finally…. she shot his left leg with that gun. No one can hear the sound because Maeda Team always using the silencer for their guns.

He groaned in pain, his leg bleeding.

Acchan glared at a men who still standing in front of her, “Do you still want to fight me and then you’ll die or…. you can go and bring your friend get out of my way!!” She put her gun into that men mouth, she’s ready to pulled the trigger.

That men lifted his hands, he looks surrender. They carried their friend who still bleeding and then they run away.

Acchan put her guns back to her handbag. She held Takamina’s body. “Baka!! You didn’t need to do that, I can protect myself. I’ve told you to give it to them… you didn’t listen me.” She shed her tears.

Acchan looked at Takamina’s face and Takamina’s hands… all swollen. Her foot was bleeding but her injury didn’t looks too serious. Acchan carried her and brought her into Acchan’s car.

*Thump…Thump..Thump.Thump-Thump-Thump-Thump* Acchan felt her heart beating so fast because of Takamina…. for the first time. She smiled, a bitter smile.

================== TO BE CONTINUED =================

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