Wanted! (6.1/10)


PART 6.1


Mo-chan…. Thank you very much for your hard work. :bow:
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= AtsuMina =

Takamina opened her eyes, “Urgh… itai…” She grimaced as she felt the pain in all over her body.

“Don’t move! Just take a rest.” Acchan answered her from somewhere.

She was surprised when she heard Acchan’s voice, she looked around. This is my apartment… why she’s here? She frowned and tried to remember what happened to her.

Takamina gasped. She woke up. “Hey Maeda… are you okay?! What happened?? Let’s go to the hospital!! Sorry… I feel bad because I can’t protect you!! Are you hurt?! Are y-” She touched her head, “Akkhhh… my head…”

Acchan walked into Takamina’s bedroom. “See? Who’s going to ‘die’ in pain right now? I’m perfectly okay.” She smiled.

Acchan held Takamina’s shoulders and then she pushed her slowly onto the bed . “Lay your body, I’ll take care of your wounds.” She compressed Takamina’s swollen body and faced it with a warm towel. After that… she bandaging Takamina’s wounds.

Takamina can’t blink.  Am I dreaming? Why I always dreaming lately? But this pain feels real.. I’m not dreaming. She smiled. “How can you survived last night? and……” She observed Acchan, “without a single wound?”

Acchan giggled. “Simple… I screamed and then some people came to help me.”

Takamina was confused. I thought…. there was nobody else in that street. It happened at midnight and in a small alley. How ca-

Acchan pecked Takamina’s cheek. “Thank you…. thank you for protecting me. I really hope it will never happen again to us.” She sighed.

Takamina grinned. “Well… Umm…. I hope it’ll happen again, so I can get your kiss again.” She winked.

“BAKA!!” Acchan took a pillow and slapped Takamina’s face with that pillow.


Acchan laughed. “You better sleep, I will wake you when your breakfast is ready.” She walked out and closed the door. She leaned her body on the door. I hope that kiss can distract her from thinking about last night again… I can’t tell her that I used a gun! She rolled her eyes and then she walked back to the kitchen.

*Acchan’s phone ringing*

She opened a message… Yuki.

From : Yuki

I already got her. What’s next?

She smirked. As usual… Yuki always do her job really well and always faster than I thought.

To : Yuki

Good job, Yuki. As always….. you’re my favorite.

I have 2 tasks for you.

You’d better get ready because….. you will worked together with Rena and Sae.

Acchan chuckled. I can imagine how Yuki’s expression after she read my message.

========================== **** ==========================

= WMatsui =

“Dont-touch-me! I think that I’ve said it many times..” Rena glared at Jurina.

“B-but… I’m afraid. It’s impossible for me.” Jurina tighten up her grip.

Rena looked annoyed. “Am I the one who asked you to entered the Haunted House an hour ago?”


“Am I the one who asked you to ride this Dark Rides too?”


“So… it’s totally your consequence!! Get off me!” Rena forced Jurina to release her.

“I… I didn’t know that this will be so scary. Let’s just go back.” Jurina pleaded.

Rena rolled her eyes. “There’s no way back, we’re in the midway! This’s not scary at all, this’s boring as hell… I even can sleep in this ‘train’ if you didn’t bothering me from the start.”

“Rena-chaaan~” She shed her tears.

“Geez!” Rena laughed.

*Few Minutes Later*

“Are you okay?” Rena glanced at Jurina. She looks pale, so…. the dark is her weakness? Gotcha! She smirked.

“Yeahh… I think that I’m fine now.” She wiped her tears.

“Okay, let’s ride the Roller Coaster and the Sky Swings. Which one that you wanna ride first?”

Jurina was shocked. “No! No-no… No.. wait…. I’m dizzy. L-let’s take a break for a while.” She shook her head.

“Don’t be a whiny child like that. Let’s go!!” Rena grabbed Jurina’s collar and dragged her. Other people looked at them in weird way.

Jurina was surrendered. I can’t win against her . I’m too stupid to show my weakness to her. She walked behind Rena. Jurina lifted her head. “Wait…… Ferris Wheel? I thought yo-“

“If you faint, I’m the only one who will have trouble. I don’t want to carry you by myself in the way home.” She glared at Jurina.

Jurina relieved. “Well…. I think this rides can ‘refresh’ my mind, so I can forget our scary rides before.”

They get in to the Ferris Wheel. They just sit without saying anything…. too busy with a great views in front of them.

“Beautiful. Isn’t it?” Jurina talked first.

“Yeah… I think we’re on time.” Rena pointed at the sky. “Sunset.” She smiled.

Jurina didn’t blink. She was stunned… It was not because of the pretty sunset. There was something more beautiful in front of her… more beautiful than sunset.. more stunning for her eyes.

Jurina saw Rena’s raven hair which was blown by the wind, Rena’s eyes showed her excitement, Rena’s pale skin that looks pure-white even when it’s nearly dark…. She was dazzled by Rena’s smile which was illuminated by the twilight.

Rena turned around again to watch the sunset, she turned away from Jurina. “It’s the first time I see sunset with somebody else.. I mean… really watching the sunset, not just passing by.”

Wind blown again, some of Rena’s hair covered Jurina’s face. Jurina could feel Rena’s scent, attractive fragrance. She held Rena’s beautiful hair that covered her face and and let it blown by the wind again.

“Me too.” Jurina stared at Rena’s back. She wanna hold it, but….. she resisted her will.

After they finished riding the Ferris Wheel, Jurina stretched her hands. She yawned, “I’m so tired. Let’s go home.” She turned around.

“Wait!” Rena yelled at Jurina. “Let’s ride the Carousel before we go home.”

“Huh?!” Jurina frowned. “That’s a vehicle for children! I don’t want to.”

Rena sighed. “Okay… let’s go home.” She walked first and left Jurina behind.

What happened with her? I thought she will grab my collar again. Jurina ran towards Rena, she grabbed her hand. “Let’s ride it together.” Jurina smiled.

Rena was confused at first, but then… she smiled. “Great!” She released her hand from Jurina and then she ran excitedly. “Come on!!”

Jurina was dumbfounded. Okay… This’s the first time I see her new side. I have to get used to it as soon as possible. She chuckled and then she ran towards Rena.

Rena sat on one of many ‘horse’ there. She smiled… however her smile seems bitter and full of loneliness.


“Rena-chaaan… let’s ride it!!”

“Mou… It’s so childish.” Rena turned around and tried to escape. But she grabbed her hand.

“Come on…. Pleaseeee.” The girl gave Rena a cute pleading-eyes.

Rena shook her head, “No.”

“Just 10 rounds.” She winked.


“7 rounds??”


“5?” The girl looked desperate.


Rena couldn’t continue her ‘No’ because she pressed her lips onto Rena’s lips. Rena blushed so badly, she stunned.

The persistent girl grinned, “5 rounds?”

Rena nodded. The girl was jumping happily.

Rena sighed. God… I love her so much, that’s why I never won against her.


“Rena… Rena-chan..” Jurina patted Rena’s shoulder.

“Hm?” Rena looked at Jurina.

Jurina touched her forehead. “Can we stop now? I’m dizzy… I think we’ve riding this for about 20 rounds!”

Rena nodded. “Let’s go back.”

They went out from the amusement park. After they passed the main gate, they split up and went into their own car.

Rena closed the door. Why did I suddenly remember her again? She sighed then she took her phone.

To : Guitar Girl

Even though you forced me to came here, but… I enjoyed this.
Thank you… for bringing me here.
From : Guitar Girl

Rena-chan… open your window, please.

Huh? She turned her head to the window, she saw Jurina standing beside her car. She opened it. “What are you d-“

Jurina pecked Rena’s lips. “That’s the way you should thank me.” She grinned. She turned around and waved her hand, “See you later.”

Rena surprised. I hate a sudden kisses!!!

========================= **** =========================

= Takamina Team : Diversion (1) = 

“Mayu… I have to go now.” She kissed Mayu’s forehead as she was about to got up from the bed.

“Why?” She held Yuki’s hand. “I still wanna be with you.” She pouted and lay on the bed again.

“I’m sorry… I have something to do. I will come back tomorrow and spend our Sunday together.” She ruffled Mayu’s hair.

“Okay, but promise me to come back soon after your ‘something to do’ already finished.” Mayu pulled Yuki’s neck and then she kissed Yuki’s lips passionately.

But Yuki suddenly broke the kiss, “Sorry, Mayu. We’ve done enough last night. I’m tired.”

Mayu frowned. We did nothing last night.
Okay… we did ‘it’.
But if it was compared with our other nights…. last night was really ‘nothing’. ”Okay, I understand. Sorry.” Mayu turned around and slept with facing the other side.

Yuki realized that she did a mistake here. I’m not done with her, I can’t let any little mistake that will makes her far away from me or suspicious of me.

Yuki laid on the bed again, she hugged Mayu from behind. She whispered. “I’m sorry, honey.

Mayu turned back, “You can go now. I’m okay with it.” She gave Yuki a forced smile.

Yuki giggled. “No, you’re not okay with it.” She pointed at the clock. “Well…. I think we still have a half hour before I go.” She kissed Mayu.

* Some Hours Later *

“Yuki, you’re late!” A girl blocked her way to entered the room.

“I’m sorry, Yuko.. I’m overslept.” She grinned.

“Welcome back!!!!” Yuko hugged Yuki. “We’ve missed you. It’s been some months!”

Yuki chuckled, she hugged Yuko back.

”He-hey!! Back off! Pervert old man…. stay away from my girlfriend!” Sae forced them to release their hug.

“Okay… okay.” Yuko pouted. “I just wanna touch her chest once.” Yuko wanted to grab Yuki’s breast.

Sae smacked Yuko’s head. “If you do that, I’ll throw you to the river.”

Yuki laughed. “Easy my boy….” She held Sae’s arm. ” Do you prefer to fight with Yuko rather than give your girlfriend a welcome kiss?”

“I’m sorry.” Sae pecked Yuki’s lips and then she hugged her. “Welcome, I missed you.”

One by one….. Maeda Team’s member welcomed Yuki. Except……. Rena. Rena still busy (or pretend to be busy) with her laptop and with her lollipop (of course).

Acchan noticed that Rena still sat on her spot. “Rena, greet her.”

“Hi.” Rena said it without turning her eyes from her laptop.

“Rena…. please, we’re a family. Don’t act like that.” Sayaka tried to persuade her too.

Rena sighed. She closed her laptop and then she sat on a table. She looked at Yuki. “Welcome.” And then she looked at Sae. “Don’t ever come closer than this… or your bodyguard will EAT me.”

Sae glared at Rena, she tighten her hug on Yuki’s waist.

Yuki patted Sae’s arm, she gave a signal to Sae to release her. Sae looks worried. Yuki smiled, “It’s okay.”

Sae let go of Yuki’s waist. Yuki walked toward Rena… slowly. “Rena, it’s been a year……”

“Don’t come here!!” Rena yelled at Yuki.

But, Yuki still walked closer. “Let’s end this, Rena…. let’s forget our past..”

“I said… Don’t-come-here.” Rena looked at Yuki in scary way.

Yuki was not bothered by Rena’s warning, she kept walking until she stop in front of Rena. Close enough.

Rena looked at Yuki’s eyes. She laughed…. a scary laugh. “I’ve told you don’t come too close with me.”

Yuki wanted to hug Rena, but…….. Rena took a gun from that table and pointed it to Yuki’s forehead. Everyone gasped.

“Rena!!!” Acchan pointed her gun to Rena too. “Put down your gun.”

Yuki shed her tears. “Wh-why you became like this?”

Rena glared at Acchan.”Do you really want us end up in this way?” She laughed. “I always know that Yuki is your favorite. Our friendship didn’t mean anything to you. You always forget that I’m the first one who support you from the beginning. Since you’re still nothing!!”

“Rena… please, don’t do anything stupid.” Acchan pleaded.

Rena threw her gun to the floor. “I wanna sleep. Don’t bother me or I’ll really blow up your head… all of you.” She turned around.

Acchan put down her gun. “Please come back in an hour, we will start our meeting. We need you.”

“As if I care.” Rena walked away from that room.

Everyone… silent.

Yuko sat on the couch.. “Huft… such a warm welcome party.”

*On The Other Hand*

Rena locked the door. She sat on the floor, and finally… she burst into tears.

She was already crying for half hour. Her phone rang, she got a new message.

From : Guitar Girl

Umm… Rena-can.
Are you already slept? I can’t sleep. Help me. (_)

I’m too happy, we really had fun today.
Maybe… we can go out again someday. (*/ω*)

Rena ignored that message. But a message came again from a same sender.

From : Guitar Girl

I forgot to tell you that…… when we’re in the Ferris Wheel, you looks so gorgeous.
More gorgeous than the sunset itself.

Good night.

Rena smiled. That brat. She’s about to put her phone, but she remembered something.

To : Guitar Girl

No need to wait until ‘someday’, let’s go the the park next weekend.
Teach me how to play with this damn guitar.

Stop flirting with me and go to sleep.

From : Guitar Girl

Next weekend??!!! Σ(゜゜)

Okay. I WILL SLEEP! I promise!!
I can’t wait until next week. >.<

Rena chuckled. Maybe her voice can calm my mind again.

*11 PM*

“Rena… are you okay?” Yuko hugged Rena. “I’m scared.”

Rena hugged Yuko too. “I’m so sorry to make you worried.” She release the hug. “Let’s start this meeting.” She smiled.

Everybody was dumbfounded. They wanted to ask about ‘why Rena’s mood easily changed?? Last time, she almost burned a house because she’s angry at the owner.’ But… no one dare to asked her.

Maeda walked into the middle of the circle. “As I told you earlier… Yuki, Sae, and Rena will work together. I hope 3 of you can work together well.”

Rena and Sae shrugged.

Yuki rolled her eyes. “How can I work together with them if I remembered that one of them ever pointed a gun to my head.”

“Sorry.” Rena ate her lollipop.

“Okay, back to our topic. At first… I only have 1 task for them, but suddenly I got a surprise from Yuki. There’s one of those police who tried to track us. And she has made ​​it through our ‘first door’.” Maeda looked at Yuki.

Yuki nodded. “Her name is Watanabe Mayu.
I never expected before that she’s really good in analyzing our movement.”

Yuki put some papers onto the table.
“2 Days ago, she show these papers to her team, and thankfully… I’m included in her team too.
She is trying hard to search our weakness, but as we always know before and we proud of it…. we don’t have any weakness. But, she is using our power as her ‘key search’.

She started to explore all robbery cases that ever happened in Japan and then she picked cases which the robber was not captured. After that, she categorize it again based on the evidences… and this is the fatal mistake…. only few cases that didn’t have any single evidence.”

Yuki put another paper onto the table. ”Here…” She pointed the paper “She found 25 cases. I already checked the list, she found 18 cases of our 63 cases. In 3 days, she reached 28%!!
And the bad news… she keeps searching it until today. I don’t know how many cases will be listed by her again on next Monday.”

Yuki took another paper. “Here… she also gave the mark at every prefectures that we’ve ever robbed… Hokkaido (Hokkaido), Akita (Tōhoku), Fukushima (Tōhoku), Chiba (Kantō), Gunma (Kantō), Ishikawa (Chūbu), Aichi (Chūbu), Kyoto (Kansai).

Unexpected, she almost read our movement too.

Now… we’re here… Osaka (Kansai), she said that: even if we can escape again this time, she will inform about us to all head polices in Chūgoku and Shikoku.
And if we still able run away, she will tell about us to all chief in Kyushu… she know that we heading south.” Yuki sighed.

Long silence.

Yuko clapped her hands. “It’s the first time I feel worried about us. She’s smart.”

“I’m sure that she’s not as smart as me.” Rena keep licking her lollipop. “Oh, so… that’s why you ALWAYS clinging to her and even SLEEP with her? You  tried to make her ‘busy’ all this time, so she won’t have much time to search about us?” She smirked. “Pretty cunning.”

Sae grabbed Rena’s collar, “Dont-ever-talk-about-it-again-in-front-of-me!!!”

“She’s right.” Yuki shrugged. “I’m so sorry Sae. She’s too dangerous, I must give all my effort to limit her time or stop her to touch her computer.”

Sae let go of Rena’s collar. “Y-Yuki….” Sae looked at Yuki in disbelief way.

Acchan looked at Sae, “I hope you’ll understand. Yuki just did it for us, I’m sure that she didn’t do it for any other reason.”

Sae glared at Yuki.

“Sae and Rena… please find a way to stop her as soon as possible. I’m afraid that in the end… if 3 of you didn’t have any plan….. we must kill a person for the first time.”

Everyone gasped, they looks terrified.

Yuki didn’t say anything… she didn’t know that Acchan will use ‘kill’ as their last choice.

Acchan sat on a couch. “And the 2nd task for us is…. Revenge.”

================= TO BE CONTINUED ==================

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