Wanted! (6.2/10)


PART 6.2


= The Old Friend : Betrayer (1) =

Acchan sat on a couch. “And the 2nd task for us is…. Revenge.”

“What do you mean?” Yuko looks confused.

Acchan turned on the projector. “Do you remember her, Yuko? All of you?”

Everyone looked at the picture on the projector screen. They saw a familiar girl stood on the street, she used a cap to hide her face.

“K-kojima…?” Sayaka shocked.


“Yuko!! We must get out of this place, now!!” Sayaka shook Yuko’s shoulders.

“No!! We can’t!! Haruna is still out there!” Yuko tried to escape from Sayaka’s grip.

Acchan walked closer to Yuko. “Where?”

Yuko didn’t say anything.

Acchan slapped Yuko. “I said… Where is she??!!!”

“Somewhere….” Yuko shed her tears. She cried out loud.

“Don’t you see her?!” Sayaka pointed at Yuki. “Look at her blood!!”

Yuko saw Yuki’s bloody hand.

“Kojima did it to her!!” Acchan raised her voice. “Yuki almost died… thankfully Sae was be there on the right time to pull Yuki.” She held Yuko’s face and lifted it up. “Wake up your mind, Yuko… She’s not belong to us anymore….”

Yuko hugged Acchan, she sobbed in Acchan’s hug. “I… I still can’t believe it….”

“None of us can believe it, Yuko!!” Rena yelled at Yuko. She still hugged Yuki tightly, she tried to calm Yuki who was grimaced in pain.

Sae sat on a desk. “Last week… I saw her. She talked with a police officer in a car. A police who always haunting us lately.”

“NO WAY!!!” Yuko sat on the floor, she cried so hard.


Suddenly… the situation became tense up.

“You’re right, Sayaka. I saw her yesterday. See? How lucky we are! We tried to search her for years, but when we already gave up.. she show up in front of us.” Acchan smirked.

Rena dropped her lollipop to the floor and then she stepped on it. “Let’s crush her.” The lollipop was shattered.

“I followed her this morning.” Acchan changed the picture. “I found her place.” The picture of a white-elegan house.

Sae hugged Yuko. “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay. Let’s kill her tonight!!”

“Yuko….” Sayaka tried to calm her friend.

Acchan crossed her arms. “Geez, no need to hurry.. Let’s enjoy our weekend! We can wait until the right time comes. I promise… she’ll never run away from us again.”

“I can’t wait! I will bring her here… to all of you. I want her to feel our pain too.” Yuko’s eyes looks full of pain, sad, and anger at the same time.

===================== NEXT DAY =====================

= YukiRena =

“Here.” Yuki put some papers onto the table.

“What’s that?” Rena asked it without looked at Yuki. Her eyes still focused to her laptop.

Yuki sighed. Yuki touched Rena’s chin and forced Rena to looked at her face. “Rena, please! Can you stop pretending to be busy in front of me? You’re a genius girl… whatever you do now…. it had already finished an hour ago. Right?”

Rena turned her head and it caused Yuki’s hand slipped from her chin. “Don’t touch me so casually like that.” She took those papers from the table and read it. “Did Sae gave these things to you?”

Yuki took a chair and sat beside Rena. “Yeah… she said that she didn’t wanna work in front of you because she won’t be able to concentrate.”

“Great! Me too.” Rena said it in cold way.

“She’s with Yuko. She and Sayaka tried hard to calm Yuko. Yuko always hold her gun and force herself to go outside our headquarter to catch Kojima.” Yuki looked down. “She was always trust Kojima back then. After the long time, Yuko heard Kojima’s name again… it must be hard for Yuko.” Yuki sighed.

“I have no interest with nostalgic story.” Rena scanned those papers one by one. “Hmm… Sae did a nice job.” She put those paper back to the table. “Are you sure about this?”

Yuki moved her chair, she sat more closer to Rena. “About what?”

“If Watanabe is really as bright as you said, then…. we must preparing another plan.” Rena looked at her laptop again and then she searched something in her folder. “I made 2 applications.”

Yuko moved her chair again, so she can saw Rena’s laptop. “Show me.” She looked at Rena’s laptop.

Rena put the cursor onto an application. “You just need to click this application twice and then your computer will be forced to shut down for an hour.
No matter how hard you’ll try to turn it on again during an hour, it won’t turned on because my application will automatically forced your PC to shut down again..”

Yuki frowned. “What’s that for?”

“I’ll explain it to you later.” Rena pointed the cursor to another application. “This one is the main program, install it to 1 computer there. 5 minutes.. this application need 5 minutes until the PC can fully contaminated by my program.” Rena looked at Yuki, “Listen, you must-”

Rena stopped because Yuki suddenly turned her head and looked at her too. They looked at each other eyes.

“I must…… what?” Yuki approached Rena’s face. She whispered, “what should I do?” She smiled.

Rena turned her head back to her laptop quickly. Damn!! Why Sae left her girlfriend with me?! Doesn’t she know that her girlfriend is totally dangerous and….. seductive?

Rena turned off her laptop. She stood up. “I need to go home now. I’ll send the detail explanation of my applications by email.” Rena was about to put her laptop into her bag.

Yuki grabbed the laptop and put it back to the table. “You can’t go. We have to finish it now!”

Rena glared at Yuki. “Do you want me pointing my gun towards your head again?”

“Relax… Rena.” Yuki walked closer to Rena.

Rena pick up her gun and pointed it to Yuki’s head. “Do you think I’m joking right now?”

Yuki sighed. “Then do it.” She crossed her arms. “No one will stop you this time. Feel free to kill me.”

“You!!” Rena clenched her fist. She really want to shot her, but….. She’s a girl that I’ve ever loved, I can’t hurt her. 

“What happen, Rena? Just… shoot me.”

Rena put her gun back onto the table. She looked at the ground.

Yuki walked closer. “Look at me.” Rena still looked at the floor, so Yuki held Rena’s face and lifted it. She looked at Rena’s eyes. “Don’t you miss me?” She caressed Rena’s cheek with her index finger and whispered. “Don’t you miss my touches?


Yuki slowly nibbled Rena’s ear. “Don’t you miss my lips?” She started to kissed Rena’s neck and suck it slowly. “Don’t you miss my warm breath too?


Yuki pushed Rena slowly, she pinned Rena to the wall. She grabbed Rena’s wrists and lifted it up. “Rena…. I miss you moan my name. It’s been a year, Rena.

“Yuki, I warn you one more time. Back off or….”

She touched Rena’s nose with her nose, she can felt Rena’s breath became heavier. “Or what?” Yuki was about to kiss Rena, but Rena looked away.

*Yuki’s phone ringing*

“Tsk.” Yuki released Rena’s hands. She picked up her phone. “Moshi moshi.”

Yukirin… where are you? You said that you’ll come back soon~

Yukirin chuckled when she heard those cute voices from Mayu. “I’m on my way. Just wait for me, okay?”

Okay~ See you later, honey.

Mayu ended the call.

“So….. she’s Watanabe.” Rena still leaned her body on the wall.

“Yeah…. why? Are you jealous?” She smirked.

Rena licked her lollipop. “No. I’m just feel pity for her. She may will end up like me too… broken into the pieces. Oh, I forgot about Sae….. she’ll kill you for me.” Rena smirked.

Yuki glared at Rena. She pinned Rena to the wall again. “Rena, you know? The way you licking your damn lollipop always make me turned on. I can’t wait myself to taste your licks too, your tongue seems more trained well than the last time we did it.

Rena pushed Yuki. She slapped Yuki. Rena’s tears fell. “Y-you…. had never changed…. always like this….. y-you…. you never respect other people’s feelings!!”

Yuki held her red cheek. She looked at Rena, she can’t believe that Rena cried in front of her. I guess…. I’ve hurt her too much. Yuki turned away and opened the door. “You can go home now. Don’t forget to send the email about your plan to me.”

Rena grabbed her laptop and carried her bag quickly, she went out from Yuki’s apartment. But, she stopped for a while. “I didn’t love you anymore nor hate you. If you stop being a such fucking player, we can be friends again.”

Rena walked and left Yuki alone.

=========================== **** =========================

= Takamina Team : Diversion (2) =

“Mayu.. is there anything else that you got? We need to find the thieves as fast as we can. This morning…the owner of the pawnshop called me again. He was angry at me!” Takamina hit her desk. “I’m a sergeant… how can he talked to in informal way like that? Akh!! Where’s my honor go?!”

Mayu show a picture to us. “This. I got this when I took a walk yesterday.”

Yuki almost spouted her tea from her mouth. “Yesterday?” She glared at the picture, she saw Mayu and another girl took a selca. Yuki tried hard to hold her anger.

“Yeah.. I thought you’ll come back in the morning, but you’re late!” She pouted. “I didn’t have anything to do. I got bored, so.. I went to the convenience store to buy some snacks.” She grinned. “And then… I accidentally met Mariko-sama!! We discussed about this case for some minutes.”

Jurina frowned. “Okay, it was nice for you to met her. But… I think she’s not related to our case. I don’t understand.”

“AH!!! I remember!!” Takamina stood up. “Mariko-sama ever talked to me about some amazing robbery cases. She said that before she moved here 4 years ago, she was worked in Hokkaido and-”

“And!!!” Mayu glared at Takamina. “Don’t steal my showtime, sergeant.”

“Tsk. Go ahead.” Takamina sat down again. Jurina chuckled.

Mayu coughed to clear her throat.
“And…. those robbery cases in Hokkaido are similar with our case now… perfect, clean, and no evidence. Based on my great intuition…. they’re the same thieves.

Mariko-sama said that she’ll give us some information about those cases because 4 years ago……. Mariko-sama almost arrest them.”

Yeah… she almost catch us because of the stupid Kojima!!! Kojima betrayed us and make us suffered back then. My team can’t wait to take a sweet revenge for both of you. Just wait! Yuki clenched her fist.

“Almost?! What happened?” Takamina can’t hold her curiosity.

Mayu sighed. “She didn’t tell me about why she failed. She didn’t want to tell me about it.” Mayu glanced at Yuki who still stared at the picture. Why she looks so angry? “Because of personal matter….. I guess.”

Jurina back to her chair. “So…. if we can’t catch them in proper way, let’s find another way.”

Takamina back to her desk too. “Let’s meet Mariko as soon as possible… But, is it okay to involve her? I mean… she has resigned.”

“She’s okay. She’s the one who offered me some help.” Mayu stood up and walked closer to Yuki who still sat on her own chair. She hugged Yuki’s shoulder from behind.
“After we get enough information from Mariko, we just need to wait until those thieves strikes again. We don’t need to catch them right away, we can follow them until we know their nest. It’s not that hard to catch them anymore if we know where they’re hiding. Am I right, Yuki?”

Yuki pulled Mayu into her hug, she smiled. “Yes, you’re right.. my smart girlfriend.” She ruffled Mayu’s hair. Maeda is right. Mayu is too dangerous for us… she’s worthy to be killed.

Takamina rolled her eyes. “Hey! Stop your lovey-dovey here and get a room. How many times I need to tell you that-” She heard her phone rang. She received a message.

Bakamina…. are you busy right now?
Let’s have lunch together.
ummm….. at xxx restaurant?


Takamina didn’t need to see who was the sender, there was only one person who called her like that. Acchan.

To : Maeda

No, I’m not too busy.
Okay, I will come.
Ano… I still wear my uniform, is it okay for you?

From : Maeda

What unifrom? Are you a factory worker or something? ∑(;°Д°)
Hahaha. I’m joking…. It’s okay, I’m fine with it. ^^

Takamina relieved. She thought that Maeda will refuse it. “Guys. I want to have lunch, please backup my phone.” She went out.

Yuki released the hug. “Mayu, can I borrow your PC for a while? I need to make a report but my computer seems broken.” Yuki pointed at her PC. “I can’t turn it on since half hour ago.”

Mayu pressed the power button over and over again, but the computer always turned off by itself again. “Sorry… I have something to do too.” She looked at Jurina. “Jurina, can she borrow your PC?”

“Okay.. can you finish it today?”

Yuki nodded. “Yes, don’t worry.”

“I will find someone to repair your computer.” Mayu smiled.

“Thank you.” Yuki took a USB Flash Drive from her bag. I hope it’ll works, Rena.

*3 Hours Later*

Jurina looked at Takamina who looks desperate. “What happened to you? Is there something wrong with your lunch?”

Takamina sighed, she put her head on her desk. “Yeahh…”

======================== **** =======================

= The Old Friend : Betrayer (2) =

“Yukirin~ I’m hungry. Let’s buy something.” Mayu patted Yuki’s arm. “Wake up, please.”

Yuki opened her eyes slowly. She yawned while she looked at the clock. “Mayu… it’s midnight. Just go back to sleep, we will buy it in the morning.” Yuki grabbed a bolster and hugged it. She closed her eyes again.

“Mou… I’m really hungry.” Mayu patted Yuki’s arm harder.

Urgh! Can I just kill her now? So annoying! I’m tired.. I need some rest. Yuki kept closing her eyes.

Mayu pouted. “Okay. I’ll go alone.” She pecked Yuki’s cheek. “Sorry for bothering you.” She woke up and went out from the bedroom.

Yuki opened her eyes. She woke up and then she grabbed a jacket quickly. I can’t let her walk alone in the dark like this. She walked out from their bedroom.

Yuki saw Mayu was about to open the door. She walked towards Mayu and then she covered Mayu’s body with the jacket. She back-hugged Mayu.

Mayu shocked. “Y-yuki..”

Yuki put her head on Mayu’s shoulder. “How can I let my beautiful girlfriend walk alone in the midnight?”

Mayu blushed.

“Wait a minute, okay? I’ll take my car keys.” Yuki released the hug. She took her key from her bag. Am I just worrying her?

Yuki took Mayu’s hand and squeezed it. “Let’s go.”

*2 hours later*

They got in to the car.

“Ahhhh… I’m so full.” Mayu touched her stomach. “Thank you for coming with me.”

Yuki used her right hand to caressed Mayu’s cheek while another hand kept controling the steering wheel. “It’s okay. Stop thank me.”

The traffic light turned to red, so Yuki stopped her car.

Mayu held Yuki’s hand. “You’re a perfect girlfriend for me. I love you so much.” Mayu smiled.

Somehow… Yuki paralyzed when she saw Mayu’s face.

It was not the first time for Yuki to heard those magic words from Mayu, but this time was different. Yuki can saw the sincere and faith in Mayu’s eyes. Mayu said it in mature way, not in childish or cute way as usual.

She is really love me….. This was the first time Yuki felt guilty after she played with someone’s heart. Yuki turned her head and drove her car again. There’s no way for me to feel pity for her. I had promised to myself to give my whole heart to Sae. I love Sae…….. right? 


Yuki surprised, she braked her car quickly. “Mayu, don’t surprise me like that!”

Mayu pointed her finger at a car across the street. Yuki turned her head. She saw 3 men kept punching a woman, afterwards… one of those men kicked the woman’s stomach. Those men covered their face with black mask.

Mayu opened ther door and she walked towards them.

Yuki surprised. “Mayu… wait!! It’s dangerous!” She took a gun from her secret car-drawers… under her seat. She got out from her car too. “Mayu!!” She run towards Mayu.

“STOP!!” Mayu yelled at those men.

Those men noticed Yuki and Mayu presence, they stopped and turned their head. The woman seems tried to endure her pain. Yuki can’t saw the woman face because the light was too dim.

Mayu took out her Police ID Card and show it to them. “We’re police.”

Mayu was about to take her gun, but one of those man already pointed her gun at Mayu. Yuki can saw a red laser from the man’s gun at Mayu’s stomach and then moved upwards to Mayu’s neck. Mayu stunned.

Yuki shocked. “Hey! Stop and give up!!” She pointed her gun to the man who wanted to shoot Mayu. “If you dare to fired your gun, I swear I’ll kill you at that time!”

Yuki realized that she was really afraid to lose Mayu. Wh-what is this? I should be happy if someone else can kill her, it means my job reduced as well.

The taller man whispered something that make the shorter man put his gun down. The taller man lifted her hand and gave Yuki a hand gesture. He want Yuki to walked closer to them.

Mayu looked at Yuki and she shook her head. “Don’t!”

Yuki was doubt for a moment, she kept pointing her gun to those men. Mayu took out her gun, but the 3rd man took his gun too and then he fired it at Mayu. Mayu’s gun thrown from her hand.

“NO!!!” Yuki screamed.

Mayu lifted both of her hands quickly to her head. “I’m okay… Yuki. They only shoot my gun.”

Yuki surprised. H-how??!! Sh*t, they’re really skillful.

The 3rd man pointed his gun to a white house behind them. Yuki looked at the house carefully. After the few seconds later, she gasped. Th-they’re…… 

The taller man grabbed the woman’s hair and lifted up her head so Yuki can saw her bloody face clearly. The woman already unconscious, but Yuki still can recognized her.

Mayu confused because Yuki put her gun down slowly. “Yuki… what happen- UKKHHH!!” The 3rd man punched Mayu’s face and then he did a knee kick to Mayu. Mayu fell, she held her stomach.

“Don’t hurt her!!!!” Yuki hugged Mayu.

The 3rd man looks so angry, he pointed his gun at Mayu.

Yuki glared at the 3rd man. “I said DON’T-HURT-HER.” Yuki warned him.

The taller man and the shorter man pulled the 3rd man away from Mayu and Yuki. Afterwards, they carried the woman into their car.

They left Mayu and Yuki on the quiet street.

“Y-yuki…. I don’t understand…. why-”

“Stop talking. You’re hurt.”

“Answer me, Yuki….. Do you know them?”

“I SAID STOP TALKING!!!!” Yuki shed her tears. “Don’t you know how afraid I am???!!! I thought I will lose you!!!” She hugged Mayu tightly. “Please… don’t do any reckless thing like that again…” She stroke Mayu’s head. “I love you, Mayuyu.”

Mayu surprised. T-this is…. the first time she said it… “I love you too.”

===================== NEXT DAY =====================

From : Maeda

Yuki, we’re waiting you. Come here!

Yuki sighed.

Yuki walked to the bathroom, she knocked the door. “Mayu… you can go to the office first.”

Mayu went out from the bathroom, she used a towel to covered her body. “Why?” She pouted.

Yuki pecked Mayu’s forehead, and then she hugged her. “I left my laptop in my apartment. I’ll come to the office as soon as I can, okay?”

“Okay, don’t be late.”

Yuki released the hug. “Yup.” She walked to the door and then she opened it. “See you later.”

“Okay, I love you. Be careful.”

Yuki just replied her with a smile and then she went away.

Mayu closed the door, she looks disappointed. She didn’t say it again.

=================== TO BE CONTINUED ===================

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