Wanted! (7/10)




Warning: This chapter contains of smut scene.

I give my huge thanks for one of my favorite author : kawaiiidolworld
You helped me so much with WMatsui scene.


= Maeda Team =

“What you’ve done, Yuki?!!” Yuko grabbed Yuki’s collar. “Do you planned to betray us?!! Huh?!” She pulled Yuki’s collar. “Do you want to end up like her?” Yuki pointed at a girl who tied on the chair.

Yuki looked at her. Her face was covered by blood and her body bruised too… she looked messed up. They keep beating her since last night.

The girl smirked. “Hh-how…. are you….. Yu-Yuki?” She coughed and spitted out the blood from her mouth.

Sae punched her face twice. “You didn’t have any permission to talk. Shut up or…” Sae took an iron stick, “you’ll taste this.”

Yuko let go of Yuki’s collar and looked at Sae. “Stop it, Sae!”

Sae glared at Yuko. “Why?! Do you still love her?” She scoffed.

Yuko walked closer to the girl, she grabbed her hair harshly and looked at the girl’s eyes. “I didn’t know her.” Yuko slapped her, she fell onto the floor.

“Don’t waste your time with her.” Acchan walked into the room. All of them looked at their leader. “Just put her into a room. Lock her inside.” Acchan walked closer to Haruna who lied weakly on the floor. “We will ‘take care’ of you later, Kojima. Save your breath, I don’t want you die so easily.”

Sayaka and Sae carried Haruna away from that room.

Acchan turned her head, she looked at Yuki. “I trust you.”

Yuki looked at the ground. “I know.”

“Don’t fail me.”

“I won’t disappoint you.”

Acchan hugged Yuki. “Good. I’m afraid to lose my friend again.” She let go of her arms. “I have something to talk. Come to my house this weekend and bring all of your teammate’s data.” Acchan walked away.

Yuki stunned. D-did she want to-

Yuko sat on a chair. “What happened last night?”

“Nothing.” Yuki looked away.

“You protected her!!” Yuko hit the desk.

“I’m not protecting her. I….” Yuki stopped for a while. “I just want her to die in a proper time. Can you imagine if we really kill her last night? The police will suspect me… and I won’t be able to work there anymore.”

“You don’t need to work there anymore. I will talk to Maeda about this so you can simply kill her.”

“We still need her to work there for a little longer.” Rena entered the room and she sat in front of her computer. “I have a plan. And if it works… No one from us need to become a spy anymore… We can track the police’s activities from here.” Rena pointed at her laptop.

Yuko laughed. “Why are you so damn smart??”

“We’ve done with her. Yuko, here’s the key.” Sayaka threw a key to Yuko. “Don’t let her run away again.”

Yuki looked at her girlfriend. “Sae…..”


Rena, Yuko, and Sayaka left the room quickly. They know that both of them need a private talk.

“Sae, I’m sorry about last night.. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Yuki…. are you tired of me? I guess… you already bored at me.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Since a long time ago… I already knew who you are and what you did behind me, but I kept trying to trust you. I always forgive you… even after you………….. having an affair with Rena.”

“Sae.. I-” H-how could she know about me and Rena? S-since when sh-

“3 years. Why do you still can’t give your heart only to me?
And now… you’re flirting another girl again. I think, I have to preparing my heart since now… I hope my heart strong enough to keep loving you. I want to love you forever.”

“I don’t like her! She’s our enemy… impossible.” She denied it.

“I know you better than anyone here, Yuki. You started to love her.”


“You made me and Rena have a bad relationship. Although I knew that you’re the first one who approached her, I keep standing beside you.” Sae sighed and then she hugged Yuki.
“I can’t hold my anger any longer, Yuki. Sorry, I have to say this… stay away from that girl or I’ll lay my hand on her.”

“I don’t love her!!” Yuki really felt bad about this, she realized that she hurting Sae many times.

“I can’t let you be with another person who supposed to be our enemy. I don’t want you become a betrayer like Kojima… If you do that, Acchan and Yuko will surely try to haunting and kill both of you.
And if that’s really happen… I will-”

Yuki pressed her lips on to Sae’s lips. Just a short kiss, but it was already enough to make Sae calm down. “I won’t betray my team. This team is my family and my life.”

===================== 3 Days Later =====================

= Maeda Team : Strike Again =

Acchan peeked from the window. Sh*t!! Why she’s here?! “Everyone hurry up!!“ She called her members. “2 AM, we need to go now!!!” Acchan looked slightly a bit panicked.

Rena still sat calmly in front of her laptop. “I’ve told you before, It’ll be hard for us to rob this place in a short time. My calculation is never wrong.”

Acchan hit the table, “I’ve added 7 people!!! How the fuck this is still impossible for us?!” She glared at Rena.

Rena licked her lollipop. “Acchan… we rob a bank!! We can’t simply get out in 20 minutes as usual!!
This place is more bigger than the pawn shop. The system security in this place is more complicated too.”

Rena pointed at Yuko, “Look at her, even an energic girl like her looks totally tired. We only have one ‘unlocker’!! How can you only put too much pressure to her? You’re too forcing our team.
Listen.. we planned to do this in next week. We need more time to explore this place, but you’re totally reckless.. demand your team to do it tonight. What happened with you??”

Acchan shook her head, “No!! I’ve calculated this place accurately. I even sent Sae to this place twice.” There must be something wrong. How can the police arrived at this place just in 10 minutes after we arrived?! Impossible. Someone leaked this information to the police.

Rena smirked. “I know what you’re thinking, Acchan. There’s someone behind this.”

“Hey, Maeda!! What do we gonna do now?! The police already surrounded this place.”

“Don’t worry Sayaka, we already through this for years. I know her strategy.” She smirked. She’s a fool sergeant. She turned her head, “Yuko!!”

“Yes, Maeda!!”

“Put a bomb on that door. We gonna blow it up when the police reach this room.” Maeda pointed a door in front of them.

Yuko did it as Maeda said.

“Rena, are you sure that you already sabotaged all CCTV cameras in this building?”

That girl, who called as Rena put down her glasses. “Are you doubting me? Of course I’ve done it. I’ve finished it about 10 minutes ago.” She put her lollipop into her mouth.

“Geez, Why don’t you tell us?! We can bring this money before the police came here. Urgh.” A girl with tomboyish look seem annoyed.

“I said… don’t worry. Sae and Sayaka, both of you… bring this money out. I already prepared an ambulance outside this building, ride it.” She grabbed a bag and threw it to Sae. “Change your clothes. Ah, the key in that bag too.”

Sae and Sayaka nodded their head, they carried 4 huge bag and walk from another door.


“Great job, Yuko. Now, you can follow Sae and Sayaka too.”

“Bu-but.. how about you?” Yuko seems worried.

“Trust me.” Maeda nodded to convince Yuko.

Yuko give her a smile, “Okay.” She grabbed a huge bag. “Guys, lets go!!”

The 7 men nodded too, they put their gun back into their pocket and carried the rest of bags on the floor.

After they went out from that room, Maeda looked at Rena, “Hey, are you ready?”

She took her lollipop out from her mouth, “Anytime.” She put it in again.

Maeda smirked, “Bring them in.”


“Catch her!! Don’t let her run away again!” Takamina shout it out loud.

All the police obeyed Takamina’s order, they rushed into a building.

“Hey, 5 of you!” She pointed the police who stand behind her. “Follow me. We will get in from another side door.” Takamina take her gun.

“Yes, sergeant!!”

I will capture you this time, you can’t running from me forever. She smirked.


Takamina picked up the phone.

“Hello. Who is this?”

Me? I’m a good citizen. Tomorrow at 1 AM, the thieves that are you looking for will rob xxx bank. Their leader is a girl, with a black hair.”

“How did yo-” The caller hang up the phone. “Hey!! Hello! Hello.”

Sh*t! “Mayu. Jurina. I just received a call from someone. Those ‘perfect’ thieves will be strikes again tomorrow morning. We must do something.” Takamina looked around. “Where’s Yuki?”

“She’s buying the lunch for us.” Mayu shrugged. “How about the caller?”

Jurina looked hesitant. “Are you sure? Maybe they just wanna take us to their trap. They won’t give up so easily like that. And…. how the caller know a confidential information like that?”

“Jurina is right. We can’t 100% trust the caller.”

Takamina clenched her fist. “We must go there and catch them!! I can’t let my honor trampled by anyone again. The owner of the shop kept saying some rough words to me.”

Mayu seemed got an idea. “Umm. We can’t fully believe the information, but at least we can try to go there. We can watch them from afar.
Like I said before, we just need follow them until we know their nest. It’s not that hard to catch them anymore if we know where they’re hiding. No need to catch them tomorrow, wait the proper time.. wait until we know their weakness. We need to make sure that we capture the right robber. We need more evidence.”


Takamina opened the door. I can’t wait! I have to catch them!! She ran upstairs as fast as she can, 5 police kept following her through the emergency stairs.

Takamina gave a sign to the police to open the door.

*The bomb exploded*

Takamina totally shocked, she trembled. 2 police sprawled on the floor, they covered by blood. T-they using the bomb?!

Takamina carefully touched the police’s neck one by one. “They’re still alive, bring them out of this place and call the ambulance.”

“B-but sergeant, how about you?”

They have a wife and child, I can’t let them die. “I’m okay. Just go! It’s an order!!“

2 of the police carried their injured friend get out from the building. Only 1 police who accompany her entered the room.

Takamina heard another bomb exploded downstairs. These thieves!!! Fu*k!! She saw someone peeked her from another room, Takamina fired her gun… but it seemed not well targeted.

Takamina saw one of those thieves pointed the gun to her, she hide behind the wall quickly. Lucky for her, she can dodge bullets.

One of the police connected to her handy-talkie. “What happened?! Where are the others?!”

Sergeant, our team can’t entered the building!! All doors are fitted with a sensor that is connected to the bomb, 25 police already injured!! We need more time to call The Special Police Forces to deal with the bomb first.


“Arrkkkhh!!! Sergeant they shot my leg!!” The police grimaced in pain.

Takamina felt someone standing behind her she turned her head. She wanna shot the thief who wear the black mask, but the thief kick her gun away.

The 2nd thief came up from behind Takamina and hit the police’s face. The police fainted. “Are all of the police are like him? So fragile, fool, and weak.” The thief smirked.

“No!! You bastard!!” Takamina wanna pick another gun from her pocket but the 1st thief already pointed the gun onto Takamina’s head. Takamina stunned, “Wh-who… are you… people?!” She didn’t expect before that her team can defeated so easily. I should have listened Mayu’s words.

“Who told the police about us?” The 2nd thief walked closer to Takamina.

“Just kill me!! I didn’t wanna tell it to you!” Takamina yelled at them.

The 1st thief punched Takamina’s face and then she kicked her stomach. She fell on the floor. It’s fucking hurt!

The 2nd thief grabbed Takamina’s hair harshly. “Okay… if it’s what you want.” The 2nd thief was about to pull the trigger, but the 1st thief shook her head.

The 1st thief took a white cloth from her pocket and closed Takamina’s nose with it. Takamina fainted just in 10 seconds. “Let’s go! We need to get out now.”

The 2nd thief nodded. They walk away from another door. The 1st thief stopped for a while and looked back, she looked at Takamina who lay on the floor.

“Acchan, hurry up!!”


“Where’s Takamina?”

“She’s in the hospital now, she tried to attack the thieves this morning.”

“Are you kidding me, Mayu?!” That girl is very angry and then she hit a table. “We told her to keep an eye on them and followed the thieves to their quarters. Not to capture them, not yet!!”

Mayu shook her head, but her expression looks so flat, “No, Matsui-san, I’m not joking.”

“Why she did that?! She ruined our plan!!!”

“This’s not the first day you knew Minami, right?” Mayu grinned.

“SH*T!! She’s so greedy!!!”

Mayu laughed. “Save your anger.“ She looked at her watch, “Hey, It’s already 4 PM!” Mayu looks excited. “It’s time to watch my favorite anime. See you tomorrow, Jurina.” Mayu turned back.


But Mayu ignored Jurina and keep went out from that room.

Jurina didn’t believe about what happened now. She grabbed her hair with both of her hands.

H-How can I work with them?! This team is a mistake… I’m in the same team with a manga lover girl and a greedy leader??!!! “Anyone… please kill me now..“ She sighed. “Where’s Yuki? She looks so busy lately.”

========================== **** ==========================

= The Backstabber =

“Call Yuki, now!!!”

Everyone was silent.

Acchan flipped the table. “I said…. CALL HER NOW!!!”

Sae walk closer to Acchan. “Maeda… please calm down. Yuki won’t do that thing to us. There must someone else behind this.”

“Stop fighting. I’m here.” A girl entered the room. “I’m not the one who told it to them.”

Acchan glared at her members. “Do you guys think that I’m stupid?! I’m not suspecting Yuki for that.” She turned her head to Yuki. “Why don’t you tell us that the police wanna attack us??”

“I didn’t know that they wanna attack us like that. The sergeant made a stupid moves by herself!! She’s a troublemaker.” She walked to Sae’s direction and pecked her lips. “Thank you for trusting me.”

“Always.” Sae smiled.

Rena rolled her eyes. “Duh! Stop your lovey-dovey here, me and Acchan had a bad day this morning. So, don’t forced me to slap both of you.”

Yuko frowned. “So, who told the information to the pol-”

“Maeda!!!” Sayaka ran into their room. She looked confused and afraid. “Th-those men…. left us. They brought half of our money from our theft this morning!!”


Everyone surprised.

Yuko’s eyes full of anger. “I think I know who the only one that can backstabbing us like this…”

“Makoto.” Acchan sighed. “I was fooled by him. How can I trust a drugs dealer?! Urgh!!”

*Yuki’s phone ringing* She read the message. “Guys… I got a news from Watanabe. Mariko was found dead in her home, the police are investigating the case. Is her murderer is one of us?”

Everyone glared at Yuko.

“No!! That’s not me!! I’ll be really happy if I can kill her, but… it seems someone else take my prize.” Yuko looked at the ground. “Is Kojima already knew about this?”

Sayaka shook her head. “Not yet. There’s no way for her to know it, she’s still locked in our room.”

“Bring her. I think she should know about this. Mariko is her lover.” Acchan talked to Sayaka.

“Why she need to know?! You didn’t need to be nice towards her, Maeda!” Yuko raised her voice

Acchan sighed. “She was our friend… our family. Bring her… we need to talk many things with her regarding this case.
As we knew, Mariko is a dangerous police… she can’t easily defeated. So, the murderer isn’t an ordinary person.”

Sayaka went downstairs. Few minutes later, she went upstairs again and brought Kojima with her. Kojima looked really messed up. Sayaka forced her to sit on a chair and when she was about to tie Kojima’s hand again… Acchan stop her.

“Leave her. We don’t need to tie her again, she already too weak for us.”

Kojima lifted her head. “What.. do… you… want… from me.. Just kill me!”

Acchan crossed her arms and then she leaned her body on the wall. “How many CCTV that you have in Mariko’s house?”

Kojima stand up. “WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER???!!!! Don’t hurt her…. I’m the one who betrayed you, it’s totally my fault!!”

Yuko glared at Kojima. “Of course it was your fault!!! But she was the one who incite you to leave us!!!!” She can’t hold her tears. “TO LEAVE ME!!!!”

“I met her before I met you guys!! She’s my childhood friend! We lived in the same orphanage. We’re friends but destiny separated us!!! When I met her in Hokkaido, how can I leave her again after years??!”

Yuki’s phone rang, but this one was a call. Sae saw who was the caller, she looked jealous. Sae let go of her hand from Yuki’s waist and looked away. Yuki grabbed Sae’s hand… she held it tightly while she answered the call. “Okay, Mayu… I’ll come and pick you up. Let’s go there together.” She ended the call.

“Guys! I’m sorry.. I must go, Watanabe asked me to come to-” Yuki glanced at Kojima, “the crime scene.”

Acchan nodded. “Inform us about what you got later. Don’t forget to come to my house this Sunday and bring what I said earlier.”

Yuki nodded and then she whispered to Sae. “I’m sorry. I’ll call you later.” She pecked Sae’s cheek. “I love you.

Sae didn’t say anything. She sighed. Did she really know what love is? Sae saw Yuki walked away.

Kojima shocked. “What she said?! What happen to Mariko??!! I swear I’ll kill the one who lay her hand to my girlfriend!!” She glared at Yuko.

Yuko talked bluntly. “She’s died. Trust me… I really want to kill her, but… I had a bad luck, someone took my chance to take a revenge.”

Kojima totally shocked about what Yuko said, and then she screamed out loud. She sat on the floor weakly, she cried. “It’s….. It’s your fault!!! If I wasn’t here, I can help her!!! She must be looking for me everywhere!!! She went out without thinking about the risk!! We…. we even can’t look at each other eyes before she died. D-destiny separated us again!!” She sobbed.

“We will help you take your revenge, but… it’s not free. You must do something for us.”

Everyone surprised when they heard Acchan’s statement. Acchan ignored those cold eyes. “I have a plan… to crush Makoto.”

=================== On The Weeked ==================

= The Truth =

Rena knocked the door.

“Rena, you’re late!!” Jurina opened the door for Rena. “Come in.”

Rena walked in. “Well… sorry. We postponed our plan for a week. I have many important things more than playing a guitar.” She licked her lollipop. “And… I took an hour to found your place. Why didn’t you pick me up?!”

“That’s your punishment for canceling our date.”

Rena rolled her eyes. “It’s not a DATE!! It’s a private tutoring. Today, you must teach me properly or I’ll-”

“Kill me? I know.” Jurina shrugged.

“No. I’ll smack your head really hard.” Rena looked away. “And don’t ever cut my words, ever again… or I’ll-”

“Kill me?”

Rena groaned. “No! I’ll hit your head onto the wall, 10 times.”

Jurina giggled. “You’re cute, Rena-chan.” She took her guitar from her room. “Yeahh… at least I won’t die in your hand.” She grinned. “You can take a rest for a while and have your dinner, I already bought your meal…. I wanna play it by myself first.”

Jurina walked to her outdoor terrace and sat on the chair. She lived in apartment and her room is on 22th floor, so… she could really feel the cold wind and she could clearly saw the beautiful lights, the stars, and the moon. She started to play her guitar.

Rena heard the song from inside the room. She looked at Jurina, she saw Jurina’s back. She’s a nice girl. Rena smiled.

Jurina already played 3 songs and Rena couldn’t take it anymore, she walked out to the terrace. “Am I misheard something or your songs were really sounds too depressing!?” Rena looked at Jurina’s face. S-she’s crying??? “What happened?”

Jurina stopped and then she put her guitar. “2 days ago… my senpai in my work had passed away. She’s like my own sister.”

Rena really want to cheer Jurina and comfort her, but… I’m really good in teasing people, I’m not designed to comfort them. Rena still stood in front of Jurina, she put herself into an awkward situation.

Jurina chuckled. “You don’t need to comfort me. I’m fine.” She smiled and then she held Rena’s hand. “Your presence itself is enough for me. Thank you.”

*doki doki* “Don’t act like a sweety kid in front of me. That’s so disgusting to see.” Rena looked away.

Jurina laughed. “Aww… you’re blushing! Am I the one who make you shy so cutely like this?” Jurina stood up, she held Rena’s face and forced her to looking at Jurina. She caressed Rena’s cheek. “Thank you for worrying me, even though it’s just for a minute.”

“I’m not worried about you. You’re so full of yourself!” Rena scoffed, trying to hide her blushing cheeks.

Jurina smirked and pecked the girl’s lips. Rena could be cold and sometimes distant, but when she blushed it was the cutest thing in the world. “Wanna spend your night here, Ms. ‘I think I am smarter than everyone’?” Jurina teased wrapping her arms around her waist.

Rena rolled her eyes at the comment. “I do not think I am smarter than everyone!” she denied. “But I’m definitely smarter than you.”

Jurina chuckled. “Whatever you say, Rena.” Jurina replied sarcastically.

Rena pouted.

Jurina noticed this and laughed again. “Aww don’t get mad Rena,” Jurina said caressing her cheek.

“I am not mad.”

“You so are.”

“Fine I am. Happy?”

“No.” Jurina mumbled before capturing her lips.

Rena’s eyes grew wide. She wasn’t expecting that. The kiss didn’t last long, but it was sweet and breathtaking. Rena’s heart was beating rapidly inside of her chest. “J-Jurina…”

“An apology.” Jurina explained as if answering Rena’s utterance before leaning in and capturing her lips once more. This time the kiss was more passionate and hot as underlying desire began to surface. Rena’s head was spinning and she could see fireworks.

Rena wrapped her arms around Jurina’s neck attempting to bring their warm bodies closer than they already were. The kiss was more exhilarating and deep than any other they shared before. Rena could feel Jurina’s pure essence clouding her senses and suddenly she couldn’t smell, feel or see anything that wasn’t Jurina. It wasn’t exactly a bad thing though.

Rena felt Jurina’s tongue begging for entry and she instantly complied welcoming the sweet intrusion. She could only hold back the noise threating to leave her mouth as she felt the pleasant sensation all the way to her toes. Their tongues began a fiery battle for dominance, but the more it continued the more it seemed Jurina was going to win.

Rena who never shown any weakness or emotions was suddenly overwhelm by a huge sense of longing, lust and… Love. It felt so strange to her, yet so natural at the same time.

Jurina broke the kiss and began to plant kisses underneath her jaw heading downwards. Every inch of skin Jurina was kissing was tingling and Rena couldn’t help, but think that she could get addicted to those sweet kisses. Rena bit her lip trying to hold back the moans that were threating to escape as Jurina began to lightly nibble on the tender skin of her neck.

A pool of pleasure began to gather in her stomach as Jurina’s lips continued to explore. Rena already felt so over the edge and both of them still had their clothes on.

Jurina suddenly began to kiss upwards until she found Rena’s ear. Rena couldn’t help, but whimper as she felt Jurina’s warm breath in her ear. “I want you.” Jurina whispered as her hands travelled down finding the end of Rena’s shirt. Jurina pulled the shirt off revealing Rena’s milky skin and round breasts hidden behind a black lacey bra.

Jurina was awestruck for a couple of minutes. “You’re so beautiful.” Jurina finally said after gawking for a couple of seconds.

Rena blushed slightly and turned away from Jurina so she wouldn’t see her evident blush. “P-Pervert.” Rena managed to say as Jurina inched closer to her.

Jurina chuckled and grabbed Rena’s hand guiding her towards the nearby bed. Jurina gently pushed Rena down in the bed. Staring at the beauty before her half naked with her long black locks spreading behind her Jurina felt captivated. She was like a goddess that descended from heaven. It was too much for her to handle. “Well I don’t see you fighting back or anything.” Jurina responded as she unclasped the hindering bra.

Rena was about to reply, but lost her train of thought when Jurina took both her breasts into her hands. The moans she was trying to hold back slipped out as Jurina gently, but firmly fondled with her breasts.

The feeling was like nothing she ever felt before. Her body grew warmer if that was even possible and she felt a slight throbbing between her legs. Jurina’s thumb brushed one of the harden nubs causing Rena’s body to jerk upwards with pleasure. Jurina smirked and proceed to pinch both of Rena’s hard buds causing the girl under her to squirm as more and more arousal build up in between her legs.

Rena was panting now as Jurina captured one of the hard nubs with her lips and began to suck it all while her hands proceeded to explore Rena’s body. Rena could only moan in bliss as Jurina’s lips and hands worked their magic on her making her feel sensations she never dreamed of. Jurina pulled away from her perky breasts much to Rena’s disappointment. Jurina noticed the disappointment in her face and chuckled.

“Lift your hips,” Jurina told her. Rena did as instructed and Jurina began to pull down her skirt undergarments and all. Rena couldn’t help, but blush as Jurina exposed the most intimate part of her body. Jurina tossed her skirt and panties aside. Slowly she began to plant kisses from the valley in between Rena’s legs downwards. Jurina took her time tasting every bit of smooth milky skin. Rena’s bosom rose up and down as Jurina got closer to her core.

Jurina was amazed by the way Rena looked at the moment. Her face bright red, her lips slightly parted as her breath got heavier. It was just lovely. Jurina swirled her tongue in Rena’s belly button causing the other girl to hiss, “Don’t tease me.”

Jurina gave her an apologetic smile. “Sorry. I couldn’t help myself. Your belly button is cute.” Jurina replied before kissing in between her thighs. Rena looked even more embarrassed if possible and refused once more to look at Jurina.

Jurina noticed this and sigh. “Mou Rena you’re such a tsundere! Will you at least look at me?” Jurina asked while stroking the girl’s thighs.

Rena shook her head setting Jurina off.

“Fine if you are not going to look at me or tell me what you want I’ll just do as I please.” Jurina smirked evilly. Once more Jurina began showering Rena’s thighs with kisses, but avoided the area that was damp due to all the stimulus Jurina had given her.

Rena tried to keep strong, but when Jurina planted a small kiss in the wet slit it became too much. “J-Jurina please just…” Rena mumbled.

Jurina smirked. “Please what Rena?” Jurina asked faking innocence.

Rena groaned as Jurina lightly touched the place she longed the most to be touched. “T-This is embarrassing,” Rena admitted having strong self-control.

“I only wanted you to look at me. You made it worst on yourself,” Jurina told her while stroking her thigh.

Finally Rena couldn’t take it anymore. She made have strong self-control, but the throbbing was getting unbearable. “J-Just take me…” Rena mumbled restraining herself from using more vulgar language due to embarrassment.

Jurina was about to tease Rena more, but she saw how desperate Rena looked and couldn’t help, but to dive in to the meal Rena was offering her.

Rena’s moaned loudly as Jurina’s tongue explored her sensitive folds taking her to a world she didn’t know existed. If Jurina wasn’t turned on before she was now as Rena’s loud moans warmed her ears. Rena tangled her fingers in Jurina’s dark locks pushing her closer to her warm core. Jurina expertly licked and sucked all the right places.

Rena briefly wondered if Jurina had already been with someone else since she seemed so experienced. “H-Have y-you d-done this b-before?” Rena stuttered as Jurina’s tongue touched places deep inside her.

Jurina looked up and looked surprised. “No you’re the only one Rena,”

Jurina answered her eyes piercing Rena’s. Rena blushed at Jurina’s intense expression that seemed to make her melt.

Then Jurina inserted two digits and began to kiss Rena passionately. Rena’s began to buckle her hip as smoldering pleasure overtook her body. Rena could only moan into Jurina’s mouth as she felt herself melt under Jurina’s tongue.

“You’re mine now.” Jurina whispered seductively as she pulled away.

Soon Rena felt herself unable to hold on any longer and her body began to shake uncontrollably as she reached her limit. Jurina noticed things and quicken her pace making Rena see starts. “Jurina!” Rena called out as her back ached.

Jurina kissed her sweaty forehead. “How was it?” Jurina asked genuinely concerned that the other girl might have not enjoy it.

Rena could see her reluctant expression. She cupped her cheeks lovingly and smiled. “That was very good, but I think it’s time for me to return the favor.” Rena replied before flipping them over so she was pinning Jurina down. Jurina gasped not expecting Rena to surprise her like that. “You’re still wearing clothes Jurina. That’s a bit unfair,” Rena pointed out before removing the hindering shirt. Rena resisted the urge to blush as she took in Jurina’s tempting milky skin. Rena kissed her lips then continued her trail downwards. Jurina felt her body heat up due to Rena’s sweet kisses.

“Rena…” Jurina uttered her voice soft. Rena smiled and kissed the girl’s lips. Jurina felt herself melt into the kiss as Rena’s hands took the opportunity to explore her body. Jurina let a soft moan escape into Rena’s mouth when she felt Rena’s hands on her bosom.

Any coherent thought left Jurina’s head as soon as Rena removed her bra and proceeded to toy with her breasts. Jurina broke their kiss as she began to get louder and louder. “R-Rena ah Rena!” Jurina called out her lover’s name as intense pleasure began to consume her.

Rena smirked and licked one of the buds earning a loud moan from Jurina. “You’re so loud.” Rena teased before encircling the hard bud. Jurina’s body shot upwards turning to obtain more contact with Rena.

“I-I c-can’t h-elp i-it,” Jurina managed to say as Rena’s tongue sucked her hypersensitive buds. Never in her life had Jurina felt as aroused as she did in that moment. Rena’s warm tongue and roaming hands were too much for her.

Rena finally stopped sucking on the hard buds and planted a small kiss in Jurina’s lips. “Then you’re about to get louder,” Rena whispered. Jurina responded with a glazed look. She could care less of the embarrassing noises that left her mouth. All she knew is she needed Jurina and she needed her now.

“Please,” Jurina pleaded as the burning between her legs began to feel unbearable.

Rena began to pull Jurina’s shorts off revealing a wet spot in her panties. Rena smiled. Rena couldn’t help, but to be pleased knowing the girl was enjoying herself as much as Rena did. Rena finally removed the last piece of clothing Jurina was wearing revealing her womanhood.

Rena kissed her forehead before inserting two fingers into Jurina’s moist cavern. Jurina bit her lip and groaned as Rena’s fingers began to thrust into her. Rena couldn’t help, but think the girl looked incredibly sexy when she did that.

Jurina’s body began to shake as the pleasure increased and Rena quicken her pace. Deciding to make Jurina feel even more good she took one of her hard nubs into her mouth again causing Jurina’s already loud moans to get louder. Jurina felt ready for sweet release when Rena stopped and kissing her naval.

Jurina couldn’t hide the disappointment from her face. “I-I want to taste you.” Rena mumbled before circling Jurina’s clit. “A-Ah Rena!” Jurina moaned as she felt the overwhelming pleasure return. Rena sucked her clit a while before entering Jurina’s cavern once more.

Jurina’s taste was something she couldn’t describe, but all she knew was that she wanted more. Jurina could feel herself losing it as Rena’s warm tongue hit all her sensitive places. It wasn’t until Rena’s hands began to toy with her breasts again that she felt herself explore into Rena’s awaiting mouth.

Her body shook as the extreme pleasure tool over all her being and she faintly remembered saying Rena’s name before she came back from the high she just experienced.

Rena fell onto Jurina’s body, she looked tired. Jurina hugged Rena. She whispered, “thank you, Rena.” She kissed Rena’s forehead.

Rena wrapped her arms around Jurina’s waist. She hide her face from Jurina. “I… I… Ummm…I..*cough*.. Tsk.”

Jurina giggled. “Let me try to finish your words, you can hit my head onto the wall as many as you like if I’m wrong.” She touched Rena’s chin and lifted her face. Jurina saw Rena who totally blushed in her arms. “I love you, am I right?”

Rena nodded slowly. She wanna hide her face again but Jurina still holding her chin.

“Look at my eyes, Rena. I love you too.” Jurina smiled.

=================== Next Morning ====================

*Rena’s phone keep ringing since 10 minutes ago*

Jurina opened her eyes. “Rena…. pick up your phone! So noisy.” She closed her ears.

Rena groaned. She still closing her eyes and her hands traveling around the bed to looking for her phone. “Hello.” She answered it lazily.

Rena, where are you???!!!! I’ve called you over 20 times!!

Acchan! She opened her eyes and she woke up. “So-sorry. I didn’t hear my phone ringing.”

Come to my house! NOW!!” Acchan hung up it.

Rena stood, she pick up her clothes and wear it back as fast as she can. What happened? Acchan never yelled at me before (except when I pointed my gun towards Yuki’s head). “Jurina, I must go. See you later.” She walked out from the bedroom.

Jurina surprised. “Hey!! Where’s my morning kiss??”

Rena rolled her eyes. She entered the bedroom again, she saw Jurina looked at her with her puppy eyes. Rena sighed. She pecked Jurina’s lips.

Jurina grinned. “See you later, my icy girlfriend.”

*1 hour later*

“What happen?!” Rena rushed into Acchan’s house. “What are you doing here?” She glared at Yuki who sat beside Acchan. They looked at the laptop screen seriously.

Yuki stood up. “Do you remember the application that you asked me to be installed in one of the PC in the police office?”

“Yes. It works, right? We already succeeded to access the computer. I even gave it to you, Acchan.” Rena looked annoyed, she hate if someone told her that she’s failed in something.

Acchan sighed. “Yes, that’s what I’m doing right now.” She turned her laptop screen, so Rena can saw it too.

Yuki smirked. “Do you know her? I installed your application into her computer. She’s one of my teammates.”

Rena walked closer, she gasped when she saw it. T-that’s my picture! Impossible!!! She was totally shocked.

“You seemed had a nice date with her. Amusement park, isn’t it? With Jurina.” Yuki teased her.

“Shut your damn mouth, Yuki!!!” Rena sat on the floor. She grabbed her hair. H-how can she- I thought she’s a singer!

Acchan patted Rena’s shoulder. “Are you okay?”

“No! I’m not okay!!” Rena shed her tears.

Acchan show her sympathy for Rena. It’s so rarely to see Rena cried, she’s a strong and cold girl. She often didn’t care about everything surround her. “Rena, listen-”

“I know!! You wanna tell me to not betray you, right??!! I won’t betraying you, I never will!!” She stood and hugged Acchan. “You didn’t know how it feels..”

Acchan hugged Rena back. “I knew what it felt, Rena. I knew about it!!”

Rena frowned. “What do you mean?”

Yuki change Rena’s picture to another picture.

Rena looked at the picture, it’s Acchan. She saw a night sky and the river behind Acchan… Acchan took a picture with someone else. She surprised, she let go of her arms from Acchan. “S-she’s the sergeant!!! How-”

“I didn’t know it before, Rena. I’m really troubled because of this.” Acchan sighed.

“So, that’s why you prevented me to shot her in the bank?! You hesitate about her??”

Acchan simply nodded. “Now… we know what Haruna felt when she was with Mariko.”

Yuki got a call from Mayu. “Guys, we got another shocking news about Mariko’s murderer.” She looked at Rena. “The police put the blame on Jurina, they said that they found Jurina’s bracelet on the crime scene.”

Rena wanna talk but Acchan cut her words. “I know, Rena. Jurina isn’t the murderer. Last night.. me, Yuko, and Haruna already went to Mariko’s house. Haruna took the CCTV recording tape that she put secretly in that house.”

“So, who’s the murderer?”

Acchan smirked. “I think we have to change our plan.”

================= TO BE CONTINUED =================

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