Wanted! (8.1/10)


PART 8.1


Jurina lie down on a small bed, she looked at the ceiling. I can’t believe that I’ll wear the ‘zebra cross’ shirt. She touched her prison unifrom. She sighed. Rena….. is she okay? She definitely worried about me.

Jurina wiped her teary eyes. Will she leave me if she know that I’m a prisoner now? She will feel ashamed of me.

“Matsui-san, Takahashi-sama and Watanabe-sama visiting you.” A guard called her from outside her prison cell. He handcuffed Jurina’s hands before she walked out.

Jurina followed the guard who lead her into a room. She saw Takamina and Mayu already sat on the chair. Jurina sat calmly in front of them.

Takamina started the conversation. “Jurina, It’s been a week since you suspended. Why don’t you tell us about what happened? We’re here to help you.”

Jurina avoid Takamina’s eyes, she looked down.

Mayu frowned. “Are you hiding something from us?” She grabbed Jurina’s hand and caressed it to comfort Jurina. “We know and we trust you. You aren’t the murderer, you won’t kill Mariko.”

“Mayu is right.” Takamina nodded. “But you’re suspected now, we have to find a way to make the police believe us!! We can’t help you if you keep silent in front of us.”

“How did your bracelet ended up in there? Are you visited her before? Why didn’t you ask us to come with you? Was Mariko asked you to came alone?”

“Yes. I visited her, Mayu. We talked about something. ”

“When did you come to her house?”

Jurina lifted her head and then she looked at Mayu. “On the day she died.”

Takamina sighed.“It make sense that the police put the blame on you. You’re the last person who met with Mariko before she died.”

“What she talked about? Maybe it can be a key to find the murderer.” Mayu stared at Jurina.

“Honestly, it should became a secret between me and Mariko. But… I think that I can tell it to you now since I’m here and I can’t do anything.” Jurina sighed. “Since years ago.. when she still worked at Hokkaido, she had a girlfriend.
3 weeks before she died, she asked me a little favor to take care of her girlfriend if one day there’s something happened to her.”

Takamina looked confused. “I don’t understand. She already knew that she was targeted by someone but why she didn’t inform it to us?”

“She want to, but she can’t. Actually…. her girlfriend was one of the ‘perfect’ thieves. She kept it secret for years.”

“WHAAATTT???!!!” Mayu and Takamina looked at each other, they can’t believe at what Jurina said.

“When Mayu told her about the thieves, she became really afraid because the thieves at somewhere here and she believes that someday the thieves will take their revenge to Mariko and her girlfriend, Haruna.”

Mayu and Takamina remain silent, they still tried to control their heartbeat. The information shocked them so badly.

“Mayu, do you remember when you said that Mariko almost catch the thieves?”

Mayu simply nodded.

“Mariko failed because Haruna threatened her. Haruna said that she will commit to suicide if Mariko still try to catch her friends. Mariko gave up. She was suspended for 6 months before she moved and worked here. The police department put the blame on her because she let the villain ran away.”

“So, where is Haruna now? Maybe she can help us to make you get out from this place. We promise that we won’t hurt her.” Finally, Takamina can opened her mouth.

“Please be kind to her, she already left the crime world and her friends for years because of Mariko and…. Mariko also sacrifice herself for Haruna.” Jurina looked at her friends seriously. “Please for this one put aside our job as the police, please do it as our favor to our friend. Mariko was really nice towards us. She had always help us in many things.” Jurina shed her tears.

Takamina was totally disagree with the idea, but after the second thought, “okay, only for this time. We will do this for you and Mariko. I will take off my position as a sergeant if later something happens to us.”

Mayu nodded, she looked agree about Takamina’s statement. “Me too.”

“Thank you.”Jurina smiled. “Did you found the files that I put on my office desk?”

“Yes. I found it this morning and then I asked Yuki to check it before me and Takamina went here.”

“Good, Mayu. Those files contains of the thieves data, Mariko gave it to me.” Jurina whispered. “Haruna live at xxx street.” She gave the description about Haruna’s house to them.

Mayu gasped. Her eyes opened wide and grew even wider after Jurina finished her description. Th-that was the house that I saw weeks ago with Yuki. So, those 3 men was kidnapping Haruna on that night?! So the woman who was beaten by them is HARUNA???!!

“J-jurina…..” Mayu seemed so shocked. “D-did…. Haruna has a long-black hair and her height is around this?” Mayu stood up and lifted her hand to show Jurina about the measure. “Is her house number…….. 5?”

Jurina surprised. “H-how did you know? Did you meet her before?!”

F*uck!!! Mayu cried and then she grabbed Takamina’s hand. “Let’s go!!! Hurry up!!! We must go to the office!!!!”

Takamina and Jurina confused.

“Yuki is-” Mayu can’t continue her words, she cried more harder.

Takamina didn’t understand about it, but she trusted Mayu. She stood up. “Jurina, thank you. We promise we will set you free.” She looked at Mayu. “Come on.”

Jurina looked at her friends, they rushed out from the room. Yuki? 

She waited the guard take her into her prison cell again, but after 10 minutes.. none of the guard that come to that room. Jurina walked slowly, she opened the door. “Hello?? I already finished with my friends. You can bring me back now.” Jurina increased her volume.

A guard run towards her. “Ah, we’re sorry Matsui-san. We didn’t see your friends walked out from this room.”

Jurina frowned. A girl? I never know that a girl can become the guards in the prison, usually.. they will placed in our office. Jurina walked first. “No problem.”

The guard smirked behind Jurina. She lifted her cap, Yuko.


Mayu rushed into the office. “Hey!!!! Where’s Yuki?? Is there anyone here who see her??” She yelled at the police officers.

One of the police answered her. “Kashiwagi-san already left the office an hour ago.”

“Damn!” Mayu gave Takamina a sign to leave the office to search Yuki.

But the police officer spoke up again. “She left a message for you, Watanabe-san.” He handed a small-orange envelope to Mayu.

Mayu opened it and then she read it with Takamina.

Hi, Watanabe Mayu sama. (/^▽^)/

Do you already found out….. about me?
Oh… I’m sorry to say this, but… you’re too late and too slow.
You aren’t as smart as you say. \(--)/

We will (definitely) meet again.
I’ll call you later. See you….. honey. (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
*End of Letter*

Takamina didn’t know how to react about this. A cute letter but have a deathly meaning. “Mayu, are you…. okay?”

“NO!!! I’m not okay!!” Mayu put her palms onto her face, she cried.

======================= **** =======================

= Maeda Team vs. Takamina Team =

“ufmmm… ufffmmm…huuffmm…heefft foooff fmmee!!” Jurina can’t talk because they covered her mouth.

Jurina dragged out from a car. Someone pushed her, Jurina can’t saw who it was because her eyes covered by something. Her hands tied behind his back.

Jurina walked slowly while she felt someone grabbed her hand and lead her to walk. She walked more slower when she felt that they will went downstairs.

After few minutes, she pushed down by someone. She forced to sat on a chair. She didn’t has any choice, she obeyed them. They tied her hands and her foot onto the chair. She can’t move.

“Sayaka, you can let her open her eyes and her mouth now. Let’s greet our lovely guest.”

Sayaka nodded. She did as Acchan said.

Jurina opened her eyes slowly because the lights dazzled her. She saw 4 girls stood in front of her. “Wh-who are you?! Where am I??!!” She seemed uneasy because 3 of them held a gun.

“Welcome, Matsui Jurina.” Acchan smirked.

Jurina looked around. “Who are you?!! I’m a police, you will regret about this.”

“Ahh… do you mean….. you WAS a police?! You killed your own friend.” Acchan scoffed Jurina.

Jurina groaned. She was so irritated by Acchan’s words. “Release me and fight 1 on 1 with me!!” She glared at Acchan. “What’s your problem with me? I even didn’t know any of you.”

Yuko laughed. “Oh really? How about… 1 on 1 with her.” She pointed at the door. “You may know her. I mean…. REALLY know her.” She smirked.

Jurina turned her head, she looked at the door. The door opened slowly. A thin-white girl with raven hair entered the room. Jurina shocked.

“Hi, Jurina. Nice to see you here, I guess… you missed me so much. Ne?”

“R-rena? Is that you?” Jurina blinked her eyes, she wanna make sure that she wasn’t mistaken.

Rena rolled her eyes. She walked closer to Jurina. “Yes, it’s me.” She looked at Jurina in cold way. Rena passed Jurina and sat in front of her laptop. “Enjoy your time here. My friends will t-”

“What the f*ck is this??!! Tell me about what’s going on in here, Rena!!” Jurina shed her tears. She confused, sad, angry, disappointed, afraid, and….. broken heart.

Yuko grabbed Jurina’s neck. “You’re too noisy. Should I cut you tounge?” Yuko took a silver knife from her pocket. She caressed Jurina’s cheek with the blade.

Jurina trembled. She saw Yuko’s eyes… cold and full of anger.

Rena unwrapped her lollipop. “I’ve told you, Jurina. Don’t ever cut my words again.” She said it without looked at Jurina and she put her gun onto her desk. “Or I’ll use this later.”

“Put it down, Yuko. You hurting my friend.”

Jurina looked at a girl who came from behind her, she surprised because this time… she knew who it was. Y-yyu-yuki…. “You’re one of them?” Jurina didn’t have a guts to yell again because Yuko still held the knife around her face.

“Back off, Yuko.” Acchan patted Yuko’s shoulder. “Relax. We still have a long night.”

Yuki took her phone. “Yuko, I’ll call them. Just wait on the place that we’ve planned before. Don’t forget… Mayu is a smart girl, don’t be careless. And… about the sergeant, you’ll easily knock her out… Don’t worry she isn’t as smart as her lover.” She chuckled.

Acchan glared at Yuki. “I’m not her lover.”

Yuko step back. “You can wait until your friends come, after that… you can taste my knife.” She put her knife back into his pocket. “Let’s get the others.” She, Sayaka, and Sae walked out from the room.

Everyone leave Jurina in the big room, except Rena.

“Rena…… tell me what’s going on.” Jurina shed her tears, she can’t do anything else… she even can’t wipe her tears. “What does it means?! WHAT THE MEANING OF THIS?!!” Jurina clenched her teeth.

Rena hit the table. She stood up, she took her gun, and then she approached Jurina. “Don’t ever yelled at me again. Why you never listen me?” Rena sat on Jurina’s lap and then she put the gun into Jurina’s mouth. She whispered. “I can easily pull the trigger and then your head will blow up.
What happened between us is just a little mistake. We lived in the different world. It’s your fault because you didn’t ask about my job.
” Rena pulled back her gun from Jurina’s mouth.

Before Rena went upstairs, she looked at Jurina once again. “We brought you here because my team planned something. It’s better you act like a good kid or-”

“Or you’ll kill me? I know.” Jurina looked totally sad. Usually, she say it in playful way because she wanna tease Rena… but now, it’s different. She said it seriously.

Rena shrugged. “Fine, if you say so.” Rena fired her gun to the floor. The bullet almost hit Jurina’s leg. “That’s a warning shot.” Rena was about to went upstairs again…..

“I love you, Rena… even until now and after you did this to me.”

“You didn’t know anything about me,Jurina.” She turned off the lamp and then she left Jurina locked in it.


“Moshi moshi.”

Hi, Mayu. It’s me, your lovely girlfriend. How are you?

“Where are you?!”

Relax, honey. Use your smart and cool brain to find me. Oh, I forgot that you aren’t as smart as I thought. *Yuki giggled*
My friends already waited you around your apartment. Don’t do anything stupid because they’ll keep their eyes on you. And I won’t forget to mention you that we already get Jurina.

Mayu cried again after Yuki ended the call.

*30 minutes later*

Sayaka knocked the car’s door. “Get out from your car and follow me quietly. I think that we have a same thought… don’t mess up in public area.”

Takamina took her gun.

Sayaka laughed. “A bad move, sergeant. Did you forgot about what my friend said? Maybe you can looked at your body before you pointed your gun at me.”

Takamina and Mayu saw the red laser already ‘move around’ at her body.

“If you do something weird, my friends won’t be hesitant to pull the trigger.” Sayaka glared at Mayu, “especially for you, Watanabe-san. Your fake girlfriend already warned us about you.”

Mayu clenched her fist when she heard ‘fake girlfriend’ from Sayaka. “You’ll pay it later. You can’t play with the police and law.”

Sayaka shrugged. “Let’s see later who is smarter between us.”


“Jurina! Are you okay?” Mayu looked at Jurina who tied on her chair.

“Why are you worrying about your friend while yourself in a pinch too?”

Mayu glared at Sae. “Because she’s my friend!”

“I see.” Sae nodded. “So, that’s why I’m worrying about her everytime she’s with you.” She pointed at Yuki who leaned her body on the corner wall.

Mayu surprised, she didn’t noticing Yuki’s presence.

Sae walked towards Yuki. She grabbed Yuki’s hand and pulled Yuki into her hug. Sae pecked Yuki’s lips and then she back-hugged Yuki. She leaned her body onto the wall so she can stood comfortably while she hugging Yuki.
Sae pecked Yuki’s bare shoulder before she put her chin on Yuki’s shoulder. “I’m worrying about Yuki because she’s my friend and my girlfriend.”

Mayu didn’t say anything. Her heart burned by jealousy. Her tears was flowing on her cheek… her eyes seemed so sad, but not angry. “Sh-she’s still my girlfriend!!”

Yuki fully leaned her body on Sae, she held Sae’s hands on her waist. “So… it means I have 2 girlfriends now? Interesting.” She winked at Mayu.

Sae looked annoyed to Yuki’s words. “You’re only mine.” She started to kiss Yuki’s back-ear and downwards to her nape, it caused Yuki let out her soft moan.

Mayu can’t hold her tears, she let it flowing on her cheeks. Yuki did it in front of me.

“Hey!! Hey!!! Both of you!! Get a room! Yuck.” Rena yelled at them from her usual spot (sat on the corner couch, with her laptop).

Yuki and Sae giggled.

“Yuko, bring Haruna here. We will start our me-.” Acchan entered the room. She stopped for a while when her eyes met with Takamina’s ‘upset’ eyes.

Takamina dumbfounded. “Y-you’re part of them too??!!! You use me too??!! You use all of my friends?!” Takamina felt humiliated. She always proud of her team.. proud of herself as a police, but her elite team can easily tricked by a bunch of girls.

Yuki release herself from Sae’s hug. She walked towards Takamina and then she punched her. “Don’t-you-ever-yelled-at-our leader-again.” She hit Takamina’s face once again.

Takamina’s lips bleeding. She ignored Yuki, she looked at Acchan again. “I promise to myself, I will drag you into the prison!!”

“Huh?” Acchan smirked. “Don’t be so full of yourself, sergeant. 3 of you can die tonight if we want to.” She put some files onto the table before she looked at Takamina again. “And you, sergeant… if I didn’t feel pity for you, my friend who sit there-” She pointed at Rena, “-already shoot you when we fight in the bank last time.”

“What do you mean?”

“They’re the ‘perfect thieves’ that we’re looking for. They tricked us, they’re fooling us, and they played with our feeling. Our team already fooled by them since the beginning… since Yuki accepted in our team. She’s a spy.”

Hearing Mayu’s words, Jurina looked at Rena, “You played me too?! All of our ‘accidentally meetings’ are fake, Rena? You planned it? You killed Mariko??!!!”

“We didn’t kill your friend.” Rena avoided Jurina’s eyes. “This isn’t the right time to talk about about nostalgic stories or to tell us about how broken heart you are. We’re here because of something more important than that. And you should thank us because we’ve release you from the jail.”

“You didn’t help at all… you even make it worse!!! The police will assume that I ran away from the jail.”

“Stop it, Jurina!!” A girl shout it out loud when she already entered the crowded room. “They wanna help us to catch Mariko’s murderer and give you the evidence to prove that you aren’t the murderer.”

Jurina stunned when she heard ‘Mariko’. “You are…..”

“Haruna. Kojima Haruna.”

Thanks to Haruna. Because of her, the tension in their meeting room has decreased.

Acchan turned on the projector that connected to Rena’s laptop. “Police team, do you know him?” She pointed at a picture.

Takamina team didn’t answer it.

Sayaka walked and she stopped in front of Takamina, she punched Takamina’s stomach. “Answer her!”

“Ugh!” Itai. Takamina can’t do anything because her hand tied, just like Mayu and Jurina.

Yuki rolled her eyes. “Sayaka, you hit a wrong person. The sergeant didn’t have an excellent brain to remember the villain’s biodata. You can freely hit the girl over there.” She pointed at Mayu. “I’m sure that she remember it because she’s the one who gave me a key to entered the police file room.” She pointed at a stack of files on a table.

Sayaka shrugged. She turned her head to Mayu.

“Stop it Sayaka. I’ll take care of her.” Sae walked towards Mayu. She punched Mayu really hard that caused Mayu and her chair fell backwards.

“Mayu!!! Don’t hurt her anymore.” Jurina looked away to the screen. “I remember him. He’s a confidant of a drug dealer! He sell the drugs in the huge scale… He is 1 of the 20 most wanted fugitives by the police.”

“Your group has been added into that list too.” Mayu smirked.

Rena stood up. “Watanabe-san, can you stop act like you’re the most clever girl in this room? I already predicted about it. You’ll see later how it ends.”

“Tsk.” Haruna hit the table. “Stop your useless fighting!! I don’t want to say this but… we must work together this time.”

Takamina shocked. “Work together??!! Why are you so sure that we want to help the villain?”

“Because of this.” Acchan played the video.

Everyone watched the video.

It show them about how the murderer sneaked into Mariko’s house after Jurina left, how the murderer shot Mariko’s arm before Mariko can take her gun, how Mariko grimaced in pain when the murderer stepped on her head, how the murderer kicked Mariko over and over again, and finally…. the murderer shot Mariko’s head. In the end, the murderer threw Jurina’s bracelet around Mariko’s house.

Rena paused the video and then she enlarge the murderer face. “He’s the confidant of a drug dealer that Jurina mention before.”

Acchan sighed. “The drug dealer itself was our old friend. He betrayed us, Makoto Fujimura. My intuition said that he want to make us fight and kill each other.”

“Why did he need to do that?”

“It’s simple, Mayu… I think, you need to read the police files more often.” Yuki scoffed her. “Do you remember the pawnshop?”

Jurina simply nodded, but Mayu and Takamina remained silent.

“The owner is Makoto’s business partner… the pawnshop did an illegal transaction between the corruptor. They didn’t want the law found them with their bribery stuff, the mortgage it’s only their smart way to hiding those illegal things.” She pick up one of the file. “You can read it here. Sae already investigated it.

Your team ever took him into the prison, but he can got free because he pay many people to help him out.”

Acchan stared at the ceiling. “Makoto wanna took his revenge to us and make us fight each other.” He didn’t see me as his friend again, he changed.

Haruna stood. “So, basically we have a same target. Wanna work together?” She looked at Maeda team and Takamina team alternately.

(Takamina) “No!!” – (Jurina) “Yes.” – (Mayu) “………..Yes.”

Takamina frowned. “Oh, come on!!! We can’t work together with the villain!”

Jurina pouted. “They have a strong evidence to prove that I’m innocent… we’ll know how they can get my bracelet, and besides that… they can help us to catch the ‘illegal’ pawnshop’s owner, the murderer, and the drug dealer in the same time. Cool!!”

“What do you want?” Mayu glared at Acchan. “You must be want something from us. All villains are same.”

Acchan laughed. “Oh, so… do you mean that I’ll begging you not capture us and asked you to not bring us into the jail??” She smirked, “I’m sorry to disappoint you, we only wanna take our revenge. We asked you to help us because your team know him better than us.”

“And after that?” Mayu still seemed suspicious to Maeda Team.

“After all this problem is over…..” Yuki sat on Mayu’s lap. “We’ll split up again and a week after that…. we will play ’catch us if you can’ again. Interesting, right?” She smiled at Mayu. “The police never catch us anyway. Even the great Mariko…. failed.”

“But she almost catch you.” Mayu show her smirk. “Trust me… I’ll looking for you, wherever you go I’ll keep trying to catch you until I die, Yuki. I won’t let you go so easily like today.”

Yuki looked at Mayu’s eyes. What does it mean? She’ll try to capture me to arrest me or… she’ll looking for me because sh-

“Yuki, get up!! Stay away from her.” Sae yelled at Yuki.

Yuki shrugged. “Okay.” She walked away from Mayu.

Takamina sighed. “Okay, we have a deal. I do this because of Jurina and Mariko.”

Jurina grinned at Rena. “Now, you can untie us! We already agreed to work together.” She looked at Rena with her puppy eyes.

Mayu rolled her eyes. “Like seriously, stop it Jurina. You make us feel ashamed if you keep act like that.”

“She’s right. Me and Mayu got a lot of punch from them, how can you ignore us for her?!”

“Sayaka, untie them. Give their gun back. Only their gun, not their phones.”

“A-are you sure, Maeda?”

“Of course. If they do any single weird things that put us in danger, I allow all of you to shoot their head.” Acchan went upstairs.

Sayaka untied Takamina first and then she released Mayu too. When Sayaka was about to untie Jurina, “mouu… I want my Rena-chan who untie me.” She grinned.

“Insane!!” Sayaka rolled her eyes.

Rena turned off her laptop. “I don’t want to release you. You can sit there forever, if you didn’t want Sayaka to untie you.” She went upstairs with the others.


Now, only Takamina team who stood awkwardly in that room.

“So…. we’re here, in our enemy’s headquarter.” Takamina facepalmed.

“We can’t fully trust them, but we can’t break our promise if they didn’t break it too. Just… be careful.” Mayu looked at Jurina. “Here, I’ll help you.”

Jurina shook her head. “No. I’ll wait her to untie me.”

“Geez.” Takamina slapped Jurina’s arm.

“Hey.” Yuki went downstairs, she brought a First Aid Kit. “Acchan give this to you guys. Take care of your wound.” She put it on a table.
“This is our meeting room, your bedroom is on upstairs. You will stay here with us until our business is over. Do whatever you want here as long as it didn’t caused any trouble. We didn’t let you go out from this place.”


Yuki ignored Mayu and then she went upstairs. “Don’t ever force my team to use our weapon.”


“Don’t you even dare to send any information about this place to other parties.”


Yuki stopped before she completely went out from the meeting room. “We will talk later, Mayu. Just take a rest.” She smiled before she closed the door.

“3 of us have a weird relationship with 3 of them. It even happened to Mariko-sama too.” Jurina looked down.

Takamina scratched her head. “Mine even weirder, I almost have a date with their leader. LEADER!!” She facepalmed again.

================= TO BE CONTINUED =================

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