Wanted! (8.2/10)


PART 8.2


= WMatsui =

Rena opened her eyes slowly. “Hooaaaahhhmmmm….” She yawned. She looked at a clock that hanging on the wall. 4AM? Tsk. “What is it, Sayaka? I’m still sleepy.“ She closed her eyes again.

“Are you still persistent to not untie your friend?”

Huh?! Rena opened her eyes and woke up quickly. “She’s still in our meeting room?!”

Sayaka shrugged. “Yeaahhh. I’m not really care about her, but I think it’s just a little bit stupid for me if your friend keep sitting like that.”

Rena rushed out from her bedroom and went downstairs. She opened the door and then she turned on the lights. Jurina.

Rena saw Jurina fell asleep on her chair. She sighed. She must be tired. Rena walked closer to Jurina and then she looked at Jurina’s face. She caressed Jurina’s cheek slowly, she was afraid to wake her.

Jurina lifted her head as she felt someone touching her. “Rena-chan?”

Rena gasped, she pulled back her hand quickly. “Ah, you’re alive.” She looked away and then she walked towards her usual spot.

Jurina smiled. “I know that you’ll come. You’re worrying me, ne?”

“I’m not worried about you.” She sat in front of her laptop and then she turned it on. “I’m here because I have something to do.”

“Ah really?” Jurina giggled. “Okay, untie me first. I will help you with your ‘something to do’, Rena-chan.”

“First, stop calling me ‘Rena-chan’, I feel sick of it.
Second, I don’t need your help… I’m smart enough to handle my own business.
Third, I didn’t want to untie you because you’ll definitely bothering me.”

Jurina sighed. “Rena-chan, come on~” She dragged her chair closer to Rena and it causes a noisy voice because of friction between the floor and the chair legs…. over and over again.

Rena groaned. “Stop it. Stop it, Jurina!! My ears, urghh! Everyone are sleeping!” She closed her ears.

Jurina didn’t care to what Rena said, she kept dragging her chair around like a kid who won’t stop until she get what she want.

Rena gave up. “Okay, okay! I will do it.” She sighed. “Jurina, you didn’t know how much I hope to use my gun now.” She stood in front of Jurina and she calmly untied Jurina. “Quit staring me!” She felt that Jurina kept looking at her.

After Jurina completely released by Rena, she grabbed Rena waist and pulled Rena’s body into her hug. She hugged Rena tightly, she buried her face on Rena’s stomach.

“J-jurina…” Rena totally blushed by Jurina’s act. Th-this kid is totally annoying! Rena tried to ran away from Jurina’s hug.

“Stop struggling, Rena. I missed you, let me hug you for a little longer.” Jurina closed her eyes and then she took a deep breath. Jurina can feel Rena’s sweet scent. Jurina caressed Rena’s bare waist, she wanna feel Rena’s smooth-milky skin. “You never know how much I missed you.”

Rena didn’t know how to respond Jurina’s words, so… she chose to not answered her. I wonder if she has the double personalities. She acted like an very-annoying-spoiled-child in a few minutes ago!! And now…. suddenly, she acts like an adult and show me her sweetness and show her…… love. “Let go of me!!”

“Rena, until yesterday…. everytime I hugged you, I always wanna protect you because you looked so fragile in my hands… in my arms. But I’m wrong, you’re much stronger than I ever imagined about you… You’re so strong and it makes me really afraid now.

I’m afraid that… I’m not strong enough to protect you….
I’m afraid that…I’m not strong enough to hold you and to keeping you stay by my side.
I’m afraid that… I’m not strong enough to accept the reality if someday… you will fly away from my arms.”

Rena remained silent.

“Okay.” Jurina let go of her arms from Rena’s waist. She slowly pushed Rena away so she can stand up without bumping her. “I will go to sleep.” Jurina smiled. “Thank you for untying me, I’ve waited you for 3 hours.”

Rena saw Jurina turned away and wanna went upstairs. “Why don’t you angry at me? I will feel better if you just scold me.”

Jurina turned back. “Scolding you??” She smiled at Rena again. “I don’t know. It seems my love for you is much bigger than my anger. I love you just a little too much, Rena. I know… it’s my stupidity.” Jurina continued her steps, she went upstairs.

Rena stunned. Sh-she still loves me?? After what happened between us?! Rena’s eyes get teary.

Rena went upstairs quickly to chase Jurina. She stopped when she saw Jurina still on the way through the kitchen. “Look at me, Matsui Jurina!”

Jurina gasped, she turned around. Jurina saw Rena’s teary eyes. “Why are you crying? I mean… I’m the one who have broken heart so I think… it should be me who crying.” Jurina let out a soft chuckle.

Rena slowly approached Jurina. “How can you leave me behind……. ” she took Jurina’s hand and put it on her left chest, “……. after you made my heart pounding crazily like this?!”

Jurina felt Rena’s heartbeat. It beating rapidly… “Then… what should I do?”

Rena came closer to Jurina. “Kiss me slowly.

Without a futher ado, Jurina hugged Rena and pressed her lips onto Rena’s lips. After that, she licked every part of it, she want to taste every inch of Rena’s lips. Just like Rena said before, she kissed her slowly instead of gave her the passionate one. I want her to feel my love now…. not my lust.

Rena broke the kiss. “You can sleep in my room.”

Jurina’s cheeks blushed crazily. “Y-you want to-”

Rena blushed too after she realized what Jurina thinking. She smacked Jurina’s head. “Do-don’t get it wrong!! I’m just thinking that your room is too small for 3 people. Well, I pull back my words…. you can sleep with your friends then.” Rena walked away from Jurina.

Jurina giggled. “Rena, can you stop being a tsundere girl? You can simply say that you love me and you don’t wanna see me sleep with another girl except you.” She walked and followed Rena entered her room.

“I didn’t love you!”

“Yes, you do… definitely.” Jurina laughed.

========================= Next Day ======================

= AtsuMina (1) =

Takamina opened her eyes slowly. She yawned but after that she grimaced in pain. “Aww!! My face!! It’s totally hurt.” She woke up and sat on the bed “Awww!! My stomach is hurt too!!” She was about to stand up but…. “Aaawwww!! Even my back too?! Those thieves will get my revenge someday.”

“Where’s Jurina?”

Takamina surprised with the voice that came from nowhere. She looked around, she saw Mayu sat on a chair… she looked out the window. “Don’t shocking me like that! I didn’t see her since last night. Maybe she still waiting someone to untie her.” She rolled her eyes. “Wait here, I will looking for her.”

She prepare herself, in case the ‘perfect thieves’ will attack her like last night again. But when she went out from the bedroom, her eyes grew bigger. “Wh-what happens here??”

The scene in the living room was totally different with what she imagined before.

Takamina saw Jurina teached Rena how to play the guitar.. they sat on the couch, Jurina played some guitar chord keys and Rena tried to imitated Jurina’s finger. Rena smacked Jurina’s head when Jurina teased her because she was bad at it.

Yuki and Sae sat on a different couch, they laughed when they saw double Matsui smacked each other head because Jurina licked Rena’s lollipop without her permission.

Sayaka stood up, she raised both of her hands.. she enjoyed her victory. Yuko seemed irritated by Sayaka’s act, she threw the stick playstation from her hand. Sayaka did the highfive with everyone in that room, (strangely) with Jurina too.

Takamina looked around. Where’s Maeda and Kojima?

“Come on, sergeant!! Let’s play this game with me. All girls here already defeated by me.” Sayaka grinned as she pointed at the TV screen.

Takamina saw a stick playstation in Sayaka’s hand and then she glanced at the TV. Sh-she calling me to play ‘Street Fighter’ game with her?! Wow… they looks like……. normal. Where’s the ‘bloodthirsty’ thieves that punched my face last night???

Takamina nodded. “Okay, let’s play.”

*1 hour later*

“I lost????!!  Again?!” Takamina groaned.

Sae laughed. “Yeah… 3 times. I’ve told you, Sayaka is a pure blood fighter!”

Yuko clapped her hands. “Come on – come on – come on. Let’s decide her punishment!!” She looked excited.

“Eehh?! This game have a punishment??? Why don’t you tell it before?”

Sayaka shrugged. “If we tell it to you, you will refuse to play with us.” She grinned.

“Ah! I get an idea!” Yuki raised her hands. “How about…. we put 5 balloons on her head and then we will shoot it one by one.”

“Wa-wait… what?!!! Jurina… help me!”

Jurina simply shrugged. “You playing with the villain, you must receive the consequence. I can’t do anything.”

Takamina surprised. “You’re on their side??!! I will fired you from my team!”

“Guys! I bought some ice creams, you want it?” Acchan came from the kitchen, she brought a big plastic.

“Sure!!” Everyone ran towards Acchan and picked their ice cream.

Jurina stood in front of Acchan. “Ca-can I get one too, leader? That…” She pointed at a vanilla ice cream. “That one.” Jurina looked at Acchan with her pleading-cute eyes.

Acchan chuckled. She ruffled Jurina’s hair. “Of course, kiddo.”

“Yeaayyy!!” Jurina happily took hers.

Rena pinch Jurina’s arm. “Don’t ever show your puppy eyes to the others again!”

“Aww!! Okay-okay.” Jurina caressed her arms. “It’s hurt.”

Takamina looked at Acchan. “How about me? Did you count me too?”

Acchan surprised. She didn’t see Takamina before, maybe it was because Takamina’s height lower than the others. “No.” She walked back to the kitchen.

Takamina stood and followed Acchan to the kitchen. “We need to talk.”

“There’s nothing to talk about.” Acchan opened the refrigerator.

Takamina harshly pushed the refrigerator door and it caused it closed again. “We have many things to talk about.” She stared at Acchan. “So, is this the reason why you left me at the restaurant last time?”


Before Takamina entered the restaurant, she tidy up her uniform. She opened the door.

Everyone looked at her and whispered each other. “Look – look. The sergeant!” “Yes. He looks so cool.” “He’s handsome.” “He’s my type.” “It must be fun if he become my boyfriend, I will totally safe around him.

Takamina smiled at them and then she looked around. Ah, Maeda is there. She walked and approached Maeda’s table. “Hi.”

Acchan started crying.

Wh-what happened? Why she looks so shock? Am I did something wrong? “Hey, what’s wrong?” She tried to touch Acchan’s shoulder.

“Don’t touch me!!” Acchan shouted out and it caused everyone in the restaurant looked at them.

“I don’t understand…” Takamina looked totally confused.

Acchan stood and she pointed Takamina’s face. “You!! You didn’t know what you did to me?! You’re a fu*king police, I hate you!! I will slap your face if we meet again, Bakamina!!” She grabbed her handbag and then she left Takamina alone.

What?! What have I done? She pointed her own face.

Everyone started to whispering again. “Hey, did he make the girl pregnant?” “Maybe.” “He didn’t have any responsibility at all!” “How can he broke up with her girlfriend like that?” “How can he did something like that?! I feel pity for the baby.” “He is not that cool and handsome.” “Yeahh.. after second thought, he’s not my type, he’s too short.” “He’s too small for me.

Takamina always boiled everytime someone mentioned about her height. “Hey! I didn’t make her pregnant!” She took off his hat. “I’m a girl!” She rushed out from the restaurant. “Don’t ever mention about my height again!”


Acchan didn’t answer her.

“Maeda… did you ever think about me?”

Acchan remained silent.

Takamina felt irritated because Acchan didn’t say anything. “Why you lead these people became the thieves?! You lead these girls against the law! Sooner or later you will face me in the court. You are not worthy to get my love!”

Acchan slapped Takamina. “You didn’t know anything about me… about us. You better watch out with your mouth! We can easily kill you and your friends here.” She pointed at Takamina’s face. “One thing again. This is my life and my choice, so it is not your business!!”

Takamina shocked. She touched her red cheek. “You chose the wrong path for your life, Maeda!”

“You judge us because you don’t understand about us! You better go away from me if our business is over, I don’t want to see your face again.” Acchan looked away. “Leave me alone.”

Should I leave her? Takamina reached Acchan’s face, she made Acchan looked at her. “Don’t cry.” She wiped Acchan’s tears. “And please… I beg you… don’t ever let me push you away.” She pulled Acchan into her hug. “Let’s through this, together.”

Acchan surprised. “Le-let go of me!”

“No, I won’t!” Takamina hugged Acchan more tight. “I won’t let you leave me again. After you left me last time, I think about you a lot.” She cried. “And after I saw you last night.. your true self, I realize that…. I think about you more than I probably should.”

“Do you hate me?”

Takamina smiled. “No.”

“Really? What do you think about me now?” Acchan leaned her chin on Takamina’s shoulder.

“Let’s see… Ummm..” She let go of her arms and then she pecked Acchan’s lips. “I think that I want to stay by your side until I can always be the last thing on your mind before you go to bed.”

Acchan’s cheek burning up. “Umm… I’m just kidding when I said that I didn’t buy the ice cream for you.” She walked towards the refrigerator and then she took a chocolate ice cream from the freezer. “This is for you.” She looked away.

Takamina chuckled. “Well… then… Am I became too emotional because of a piece of ice cream?” She touched Acchan’s cheek and she caressed it slowly. “Promise me to not push me away. Maybe I’m a baka girl, as you always say to me, but I’m not too stupid to realize that I’ll suffering if you leave me.”

“Sorry… I can’t promising anything to you right now.”

Takamina sighed. “Okay.” She grabbed her ice cream and then she went back to the living room. “Okay, I’m agree with my punishment!” She grinned.

Everyone surprised.

Yuki smirked. “Well… it’ll be fun.”

“Hey, I won’t forget to tell you that Yuko is a little bit weak in using a gun.” Rena sucking her lollipop again.

Yuko closed her ears, “I hate balloon!!! Maybe me I’ll end up with shooting you head.” She sighed.

Takamina gulped. “Then… you better dig my grave now.”

Yuki laughed at them, but she stopped until she realize something. She looked around. Where’s Mayu? Is she still in her room?


= MaYuki (1) =

Yuki opened the door, she saw Mayu sat in front of the mirror… treat her wound. “Ohayou.“

Mayu turned her head. “What are you doing here?” Mayu said it in cold way.

Yuki smirked. “I wanna see my own girlfriend, what’s so wrong with it?” She entered the room and then she sat on the bed. “Your friends already fooling around with my friends out there. Try to get along, we’re team…. for some weeks.”

Mayu looked away to the mirror. “I’m not interest.” She looked at the mirror and she continued what she did before.

Yuki stood and then she approached Mayu. “Let me do it for you.” She grabbed the cotton from Mayu’s hand. She used alcohol to soak half of the cotton. She held Mayu’s chin and pressed the cotton gently onto Mayu’s wound… on the corner of Mayu’s lips. Sae punched her too strong.

Mayu slapped Yuki’s hand and it caused the cotton fell. “Let go of my face! I’m doing fine without you.” She stood up, afterwards she walked and sat on the edge of the bed. “Just take care of your another girlfriend!”

“Don’t make my situation become more complicated.” She leaned her body onto the wall and she crossed her arms.

“You don’t understand how much I cried!!!” She shed her tears… for a countless times since last night.

“Do you wanna break up with me?”

“…….” Mayu smiled as her tears soaked her cheeks.

“Why are you smiling? Is it that happy for you to break up with me?”

“Giving you a faking smile is much easier for me, Yuki. You will never understand even if I tell you how sad I am.”

“You’re right, I won’t understand.” Yuki was about to leave the room but she stopped. “You’re not the first girl who mad at me because of this. Honestly… I played with many girls, I even hurt my own friend here… Rena. I didn’t see any difference between you and other girls.
Sae is the only one who keep opening her arms for me even though she knew it all.” Yuki opened the door. “See you in our training room tomorrow. Maeda said that we will have some practice.” She went out and closed the door.

Mayu stunned. Sh-she a player?! I gave my everything to a player?! Mayu sobbed. She doesn’t love me.

========================== **** ==========================

=The Messy Collabroration =

*1st Lesson: Shots Accuracy*

They gathered on the house backyard.

Takamina gulped. “Wh-why there are 7 balloons on my head??” Takamina stunned as the balloons already hung on her head.

Everyone ignored Takamina.

“Then… we call our best shooters. Sae and Acchan, try it first and then you decide how far our distance from her.” Yuki pointed at the balloons.

Acchan sighed. “Come on. Don’t fooling around! We need to training our teamwork.”

Yuko nodded her head agreeably.

“It’s not a ‘fooling’ around’, this can be counted as a lesson too. To know how good their shot accuracy.” Sae took her gun.


The bullet hit the 1st balloon.

Takamina gasped. “Hey!! Can you counting first before you shoot me?!!” She looked angry.

Sae shrugged. “Your enemy won’t counting before they blow up your head.” She passed her gun to Acchan’s hand. “Your turn. Well… I think it’s still too easy.”

Acchan took 5 steps backwards. “I think it’s enough.”

“Oh, come on Maeda. We know that you much better than that! Are you afraid that we will kill your girlfriend?” Rena sucking her lollipop again.

“She is not my girlfriend!!” Takamina and Acchan said it in the same time.

“Okay – okay. Relax. Duh!” Rena rolled her eyes.

“I mean… not yet.” Takamina blurted it as she saw Acchan’s red cheeks.

“Okay!!” Acchan took 10 more steps backwards. “I think it’s far enough.” She pointed her gun at Takamina.


“He-hey!!! Can someone please kindly counting it for me?! I may not die because of the bullet, but I will die because of a heart attack!!” Takamina glared at them.

Acchan walked slowly towards Takamina. “It’s okay. As long as you don’t move, you’ll safe.”

Takamina glared at Acchan. “Easy for you to say!”

“What? Do you want me to take your place? No problem. I know exactly about my team’s ability.” She smirked. “But you looks doubting your own team.”

Takamina turned her head to the girls who already lined up in front of her. “Let’s start!! Shot me as many as you like!!!”

Sayaka, Yuki, and Rena seemed didn’t have any problem with it. Takamina was still breathing.

“I wanna try it too!!” Jurina raised her hand. “If Rena-chan can did it, I can to do it too.” She grinned.

Rena ruffled Jurina’s hair. “Good girl.”

Takamina shocked. “A-are you sure, Jurina??!! You didn’t use your gun for a quite long time. We even haven’t time to practise!! Don’t use me to impress your lover!” Takamina facepalmed. “I will die in my own friend’s hand.”

“I will shoot!” Jurina looked at Takamina for a while and then she closed her eyes.

Everyone shocked.

“He-hey!!! What are you doing??!!” Acchan suddenly got panicked.

Takamina laughed. “Are you worrying me??” She smirked. “Just like you said to me, Maeda. I know exactly about my team’s ability too.”

Jurina lifted her gun. She changed her expression to the serious one. “Don’t underestimate my ability.”

Jurina… don’t fail me. I mean… don’t kill me.


Jurina shoots 2 balloons that left on Takamina’s head.

Everyone stunned.

“D-did she just shoot with her eyes closed??” Sayaka can’t blinked her eyes.

Rena’s lollipop fell from her mouth. “I guess so.”


*2nd Lesson : Bare Hand Fight Ability*

= MaYuki (2) =

“Okay, face your pairing!!” Sayaka lead the next lesson because she’s expert on it. “For this time, we just use our hands. No kick allowed.”

Rena-Jurina, Takamina-Kojima, Acchan-Yuko, and Sae-Yuki.

Yuki turned her body. “Let’s do it.” She lifted her fists.

“……” Sae still stood while crossed her arms.

Yuki frowned. “What? Did you underestimate me?”

“No. I’m not.” Sae pointed at the girl who sat on the bench. “I wanna fight with her.”

“No, you can’t!!” Takamina raised her voice. “She is not in charge to enter the ‘battle fields’, she’s my team’s analyzer. She only need to use her brain, do you hear me??!!” She glared at Sae.

“I wanna try.” She stood up.

“What??!!!” Takamina and Jurina were totally shocked.

Yuki looked at Mayu. Will she be fine? She shrugged. “Well… I think I will only become a spectator for this time.” She walked away and sat not far away from them. She leaned her back onto the wall.

Yuki focused her eyes to Sae and Mayu. It’s really fun to see your girlfriends fight each other, interesting.


“You don’t need to hold back your strenght, Jurina.” Rena lifted her fists.

Jurina smirked. “Is it okay for you, Rena-chan? I will use this moment to take my revenge of all you did to me.”

“I said…. don’t hold back your strenght.” She glared at her girlfriend.


Takamina – Haruna

“Are you okay, sergeant? You seems didn’t really bright in fighting. And… I didn’t want to mention about your height too.” Haruna chuckled.

“You already mentioned it. You’ll regret it.” Takamina stared at Haruna.

Well…“ Haruna wanna tease Takamina more. “Mariko always told me about you. She said that you’re a prefect leader who can replace her place… but I’m sorry, she never talked about your fight ability.”

“My hand will tell it to you.” Takamina raised her fists.


Acchan – Yuko

“I feel bored! I always become your pairing.” Acchan sighed.

“I know..” Yuko smirked. “But… let’s keep doing this seriously.”

Acchan nodded. “Fine.”


Sae – Mayu

“How is it feel?”

“What do you mean?” Mayu looked at Sae.

“Stole my girlfriend. Is it fun for you?”

Mayu shrugged. “Not fun actually.” She smiled. “But at least… she already slept on my bed for….” She acted like she counting with her fingers. “…a countless times?” She smirked.

Sae spits. “You’ll die as soon as Sayaka say ‘start’.”

“Wow. It didn’t even close to freaking me out. You seems don’t have an ability to make people pissed off .”


Sayaka blew her whistle. “START!”

Yuki watched them fighting carefully.

Jurina is a good fighter. She mostly can avoid Rena’s fist. I’m sure that if her opponent isn’t Rena, he/she will fell 5 minutes ago. Jurina seems hold back her punch many times and she choose to keep defending.

Takamina… she is not bad in 1 on 1 fight either. She only got tired easily. She just need to control her breath and stamina well if she wanna fight with 2 or 3 people in the same time.

Mayu. I’m totally impressed with her. She can dodge Sae’s hit many times. As the time goes, she even can dodge it more and more often. She’s smart, she use Sae’s unstable temperament. She keep moving around and it causes Sae become impatient. Mayu still fight calmly.

But…. something changed when Sayaka gave them an instruction to used their foot too.

Jurina looked didn’t have any problem with it, Takamina seemed tired and her punch become more slow and more weak than before, and Mayu…. she looked fine until Sae succeed kicked her head. Mayu fell onto the ground.

Yuki immediately stood up as she saw Sae kept kicking Mayu’s stomach. Yuki felt the warm water flowed on her cheeks and fell onto her hands. She lifted both of her hands and looked at it. Why… Am I crying….?

Without the second thought, Yuki rushed into their training field. She pushed Sae harshly. “STOP IT!!!” And then she hugged Mayu, she wiped Mayu’s bloody forehead with her hand.

Sae surprised. “You hugging her right in front of my eyes…. AGAIN??!!!”

Yuki bravely glared at Sae. “Yes, WHY??!!”

Sae shocked. She never saw those hatred eyes from Yuki before. She even felt that in a seconds ago, Yuki looked like wanna kill her.

Yuki carried Mayu’s weak body, she lifted it with both of her hands. “A-are you okay, Mayuyu? Your wounds from last night haven’t lost yet I still caused  some new wounds sculpted on your skin.” She cried. “I’m so sorry.”

Mayu gave Yuki her weak smile. “Don’t worry… I’m fine.” She touched Yuki’s cheek. “I missed you.

“Let’s go back. I will take care of you and this time… You can’t refuse me again. I’m begging you.” Yuki walked away and brought Mayu along with her.

Sayaka slapped Sae. “What are you doing??!!!” She slapped Sae again. “If you wanna fight so badly, do it with me!!!”

Everyone left Sae alone at the backyard after the gave Sae a cold gaze.

Sae knelt on the ground, she cried.. she sobbed. “Aaakkkkkhhhh!!!” She hit the ground over and over again until her hands bleeding.

Sae grabbed her own hair. “Y-yuki…. she leave me.” her tears kept flowing. In these 3 years I keep forgive her and I don’t leave her even if she stabbing my back over and over again. And now….. she dump me because of a weak girl?!!

God… take me to the time and to the place when everything between me and Yuki was fine…. It’s all messed up today.

*At Yuki’s Room*

Mayu lie down on the bed.

“You need to sleep.” Yuki wiped Mayu’s face with a warm-wet towel. She cleaned Mayu’s hands and foot. “I won’t let anyone can touch you so easily like that again.”

Mayu tied her little finger to Yuki’s little finger. “Pinky swear?”

Yuki chuckled while her tears still flowed. “Pinky swear.” She pecked Mayu’s forehead. “Now sleep. I will wait you here until you wake up again.”

Mayu smiled. “I love you. Stop crying.”

“You should be happy to see me crying, it’ll show you how much I’m worried about you and how much I regretting all mistakes that I’ve ever done to you. I love you too.”

Mayu lifted her hand and wiped Yuki’s tears. “I’ve seen it now. I see enough, now stop crying.”

Yuki nodded. She kissed Mayu’s hand and then she caressed Mayu’s head until Mayu fell asleep.

I see her difference from other girls now. Yuki smiled. She’s the only one who can make me so sad and worried like this, her love for me is so innocent and it makes me wanna spend my entire life with her.

No matter what happened these last days, no matter how huge the mistake that I created, no matter how I deep I stabbed her heart… she take me back. I have to learn how to love her like the way she love me.

I love the way she need me, she’s so fragile.. it even make myself become afraid to touch her. I’m afraid to hurt her.
Sae and Rena are totally different with her, they can take care of themself.. they didn’t need me as much as Mayu need me.

Mayu… you don’t need to looking for me anymore because I already found my place to stay. I love you, I really do.

======================== **** =======================

= KojiYuu =

Yuko finished making her hot tea, she wanna brought it to her room. In the midway, she saw Kojima’s door opened. She can’t hold herself to not peeking.

She saw Kojima sat in front of the TV. She was about to walked away but she turned back. It’s not a TV channel. She knocked the door.

Kojima turned her head. “Ah, Yuko?” She surprised because Yuko never approached her again after she chose Mariko to became a part of her heart.

“Yes, it’s me.” Yuko gave her cup to her. “I made it for me, but… I think you need it more than me.”

“Thank you.” Haruna took it from Yuko’s hand.

“Why do you keep watching it?”

“Because it’s the last moment of her life.”

Yuko sighed. “I know how you feel, but you can’t watch it in the middle of the night. It even freaking me out… no offense.” She said it carefully because she didn’t wanna make Kojima missunderstood.

Kojima smiled. “Don’t worry, I’m fine.” She took the remote. “Actually… I didn’t play the whole tape, I just repeated this part.”

Yuko saw the murderer stepped on Mariko’s head before he fired his gun that made Mariko lost her life.
Yuko frowned. “What’s so special about it? It’s still freaking me out.” She glanced at Kojima. “No offense.”

Kojima rewind the video and the she zoom in Mariko’s face. The video played again but it more slower now. Yuko can saw Mariko slowly looked at the camera and then Mariko move her lips weakly… I Love You. *BANG!*

Yuko gave Haruna a bitter smile. “Well… she still tried to be romantic even if that’s her last seconds in this world..” Yuko turned away. “No offense.” She went out from Kojima’s room.

I’m so pathetic.

================== TO BE CONTINUED =================

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