Wanted! (9/10)




Yuko gave Haruna a bitter smile. “Well… she still tried to be romantic even if that’s her last seconds in this world..” Yuko turned away. “No offense.” She went out from Kojima’s room.

Yuko closed Kojima’s door. She leaned her body on the wall as her tears rolled on her cheeks. I’m so pathetic.

The door opened again. “Yuko.” Kojima dragged Yuko back into her room.

Yuko gasped. She didn’t expect that Kojima would open the door. She looked away to wipe her tears and then she looked at Kojima… she smiled. “Yes?”

“I’m so sorry.” Kojima stared at the floor. “I’ve hurt you too much. It’s been some years but I never say it properly to you… I left you behind without any explanation.” Kojima shed her tears.

Yuko surprised because of Kojima’s sudden statement. She wasn’t expect Kojima would raise this topic again… the topic that she really wanted to forget. Yuko felt the deep pain pierce her heart.

“I’ve broke your heart for years…. and it broke mine as well. At that time I- I was in love with you too, but somehow… I realized that my love for Mariko seemed mor-” Kojima stopped talking because she felt Yuko’s palm on her cheek.

“It’s enough… I understand. I’m happy to know that at that time… you love me too.” Yuko moved her hands downwards, she held Kojima’s hand. “Look at me.“ She made her voice as soft as she could.

Kojima lifted her head slowly, she saw Yuko smiled at her.

“Let’s be friends… again.”

Kojima couldn’t slap or pinch her own face because both of her hands held by Yuko, so she blinked many times instead… to make sure that it wasn’t a dream. “R-really??”

“Yeahhh……” Yuko looked away. “Even though I hate Mariko as a police and as your girlfriend, but still… I feel sorry for her. The murd-”

Kojima released her hands from Yuko and then she wrapped it around Yuko’s neck. She pulled Yuko’s body, she hugged her. “Thank you, squirrel.”

“H-hey!!” Yuko pulled back her body. “D-don’t get too excited. If it wasn’t him, I could become the one who kill her anyway. The murderer only stole my job.”

Kojima smiled. “I know you so well, Yuko… you won’t do that. You often said that you wanna kill me too, but you didn’t. You even asked us to be friends again.”

“Tsk. I hate to admit it but… yeah, you’re right.” Yuko felt irritated because she didn’t expect that Kojima can understand her very well. Although she really hate Mariko, but she was Kojima’s happiness. She didn’t have a heart to kill Mariko. “But… I beaten you up.” Yuko caressed the bruises on Kojima’s face.

Kojima chuckled. “Yeahh… you was succeeded in made my face looked so messed up.” She shrugged. “You hit my face a lot. At least I’m not dead.” She grinned.

“But you were dying. We even didn’t feed you for 3 days. I’m sorry… I couldn’t control my anger. I’m sure that you suffered.”

“It’s okay. What I did in the past is wrong, I even almost kill Yuki back then. It’s my consequence.” Kojima glanced at Yuko eyes. “Do you wanna sleep here?” She said it because she saw that Yuko’s tears almost falling. “We can playing cards until we fall asleep.”

“Good idea.” Yuko smirked. “What’s the prize for the winner?”

Kojima rolled her eyes. “Everything is okay EXCEPT the pervert things.”

Yuko giggled. “Again.. you can read my mind.”

Kojima closed the door.

========================== **** ==========================

Last Lesson : Battle Field =

Acchan sat on the front seat with Sae who already held the steering wheel. “Come on, guys!!”

Yuko rubbed her eyes. “Alright – alright!! We’re still sleepy, Maeda.” She stepped into the jeep.

“Where are we going?” Yuki walked out from the house.

“To-” Acchan heard Sae grumbled, so… “Yuki, you better ride another car with Sayaka.”

Yuki sighed. She looked at the members who ride with Acchan.. Sae, Yuko, Kojima, and Rena. “Okay, but where-”

“Don’t worry. Sayaka already knew it, you can ask her.”

Yuki shrugged. She looked at another jeep, the red one. She walked towards it. “Wow… since when both of you get along together?” She smirked at Sayaka and Takamina who sat on the front seat.

“Your leader forced me to go with her.” Takamina pouted.

Sayaka laughed. “What should we do with them, Yuki? We’re in the same team.” She turned on the car. “Let’s go to the hill.”

“Wait… what??!! We gonna do the real practice?! With them??” Yuki pointed at Takamina Team. “We’ll never going to win.”

“Did you forget? We have a police who can shoot with eyes closed.”

Jurina grinned and then she offered her hand to help Yuki get into the jeep. “We become teammates again.”

Sayaka started to drive while another jeep already went first by passed another way.


Yuki felt someone grabbed her shirt. She turned her head. “Mayu.” She hugged Mayu. “You don’t have to go.”

Jurina coughed. “Honestly… we really need her. Another team have my Rena-chan!! Can you imagine how scary her brain?? Tsk.”

Yuki let Mayu curled up in her hug. “Of course I know.” Yuki rolled her eyes. “I’ve known her long before you meet her.”

“Somehow… it makes me jealous.” Mayu gave a soft punch to Yuki’s chest.

Yuki giggled. Yuki put her chin on Mayu’s head and she tightened her hug. “Don’t worry, I’m with you now.”

“Wait… what is it? Is there something that I miss??” Jurina glared at Mayu and Yuki.

Yuki was about to talk but Takamina yelled first. “We arrived!! Take your bag under your seat!”

Sayaka knocked the window. “Come on, come on. We must hurry before something happen.”

Yuki, Mayu, and Jurina carried the black backpack and then they get out from the car.

“Explain about ‘something happen’ to me.” Mayu looked confused.


Someone fired her gun to the car and left white mark on it.

“Before that happen again.” Takamina grabbed Mayu’s hand. They ran and hide behind the huge tree. “I guess.. you already understand. We’re the red team and they’re the black team.”

Mayu seemed surprised but then… she nodded. “Real practice.”

Yuki opened her backpack. “Take your gun. Don’t worry we only use the fake guns for practise.“ She wear the vest quickly. “Our clothes have a sensor, the lamp will be turned to the red if you ‘die’.” She pointed at the small green light on their black clothes.

Jurina put her earphone. “Cool. I feel like a FBI Agent.”

Sayaka pointed at an old house that looked far enough from their place, not too big… it only had 3 floors. “The first one who can kill all the opponent’s members and take the opponent’s flag inside that house, will become the winner.”

Jurina stunned. “Are you sure that the house didn’t have the ghost?? It makes me chills.”

“Jurina!! That’s not the case now.” Takamina smacked Jurina’s head. “Let’s take them down.” She smirked.

Yuki grabbed Mayu’s hand. “Stay close to me.”


“Seriously, Sae. You don’t have to shoot them like that. You almost shot my girlfriend.” Rena leaned her body onto the tree while she cleaned her nail with a knife. “Yuki will hunt you for sure if your shots hit Mayu that early.”

Sae shrugged. “I just want they know that the game already started.”

“Yeahh… just take it easy.” Yuko hold Sae’s shoulder. “We will defeat them for sure.”

Acchan still stared the red team, she narrowed her eyes. “Don’t underestimate the police team.“

“Come on, I think it’s better to enter the house from the back door. I’m sure that they’ll come from the main door.” Kojima pointed at the footpaths behind them.

*15 Minutes Later*

The black team almost arrive at the old house.

Yuko lead them, she walked in front of them. “See, Maeda. I’ve told you that we will easily win th-” She shocked because she felt her left feet tied by something. “Waaaa!!!” Yuko fell and then her body pulled to the top. She hanging upside down on the tree.


Everyone looked up.

Jurina blew her gun’s mouth. “I’m so sorry, Oshima-san. Don’t underestimate the power of being underestimated.” She grinned as she saw the red light on Yuko’s clothes.

“Sh*t!!” Rena fired her gun but Jurina hide behind the branch.

“See you later, honey.” Jurina hang her belt to a rope that connected with another tree. She held her belt with both of her hands and then she used the rope and the belt to slided away to another tree. After she completely stood on another tree’s branch, she cut the rope and then she slided away by another rope again.

A few seconds later, the black team couldn’t see Jurina anymore.

Acchan sighed. “See? Underestimate is the sign of getting fucked up.”

Yuko shrugged “I’m sorry. Put me down, please. I’m dizzy.”

“How can they know that we will take this path?? Even Jurina already waited us up there!!” Sae sighed and then she started to climb the tree to help Yuko.

Rena bite her candy until it crushed into the pieces and then she threw the lollipop’s stick. “Watanabe.”


Jurina landed on the ground. “Game over for Yuko.”

“Yeaayyy!!” Takamina did the highfive with Jurina.

“Tsk. You should take Rena instead of her. Rena is their brain!!” Mayu smacked her forehead.

Jurina grinned. “I can’t ‘kill’ my own girlfriend.”

“Geez!” Mayu turned on her earphone. “Yuki and Sayaka, you can come back. Jurina already found them and ‘kill’ Yuko. They are not going to thru those paths.”

Yuko?! Why sh-” Both of Yuki and Sayaka seemed annoyed.

“Don’t ask me.” She glared at Jurina.

Okay, We’ll come back.

Mayu turned off her earphone.

“You’re smart, Mayu. You ask 3 of us to wait at every possible paths to reach the house and put the trap on it. And.. the rope slide is a brilian idea!!” Takamina seemed excited.

“Yeah… I’m smart. But there’s someone who didn’t wisely in using a chance that I made.”

“Okay-okay, sorry. If there’s a second chance, I’ll try to give her the red light. Promise!” Jurina made a peace sign with her fingers.

*10 Minutes Later*

The red team finally entered the house. But as soon as Mayu opened the door…


“Mayu, watch out!” Yuki tried to pulled her, but it was too late. Mayu’s light turned to the red one.

“That’s for Yuko.”

Jurina fired her gun, but Kojima climbed upstairs quickly and hide behind the wall. Jurina closed the door again.

Yuki groaned. “Mayu, you can’t easily opened your enemy’s door like that!! If this is a real case, you would die! Don’t be stupid!” She angry at Mayu.

Takamina who stood behind Mayu made a cross sign with her hands and then she moved her lips without a sound. “Don’t-call-her-stupid.

Mayu released her wrist from Yuki’s grip. She crossed her arms. “Okay, smartie!! It’s okay for me to die since my job is as a police.. I’m ready to die anytime. Let’s see how long you will live!” She walked away from the house.

Yuki sighed.

Jurina poked Yuki’s shoulder. “Do you know about her IQ? It’s too scary to be mentioned.”

Yuki lifted her gun. “Her great IQ won’t useful if she didn’t know how to use it in the battle fields.”

“Let’s split up. Me and Sergeant will go to the left and both of you go to another side. Be sure to turn on your earphones.”

Yuki and Jurina nodded. They rushed to the right of the house and then they quietly entered the house from a big window. They shocked because Rena already stood in front of them and pointed her gun straight to them.

Yuki and Jurina looked at each other. “O ow.” Jurina gave Yuki a weird smile.

“Hide!!” Yuki ran quickly. She tilted the table and hide behind it.

Jurina still stunned on her spot. She wanna shoot Rena but she seemed hesitant to do it. She gulped. “R-rena chan…. can we avoid each other and ‘kill’ another members instead?”

Rena smirked because she knew her girlfriend’s weakness. Jurina didn’t want to shoot me.

*BANG!* Rena fired her gun but Jurina could avoid it nicely.

“R-rena chan! Calm down!! Can’t we just avoid each other and ‘kill’ other members instead??”

Rena rolled her eyes. *BANG!* And again.. Jurina could avoid it.

“Come on Jurina!! This is only a game. Shoot me.”

Yuki smacked her head. What happen with Jurina?! A few seconds later.. she smirked as she got an idea. “Jurina!! How was it?”

Jurina seemed confused. “How about what?”

“How was your first night?? Did you feel amazing when you slept with her?”

*BANG!* Rena fired her gun, but this time not to Jurina. She fired her gun to a table on the corner where Yuki was hiding.

Yuki laughed.

“What??!!!” Jurina blushed crazily. “How can you mention it at the crucial time like this??!!”

Yuki peeked Jurina from behind the table. “You don’t need to shy in front of me, Jurina. I can understand your feeling. I mean…. I REALLY know and I REALLY understand how it feels. You know… you can freely ask my advices later. I’m sure that you want Rena to feel even better, right?” Yuki giggled.

*BANG!* Rena shot her gun again but Yuki hide her head. “Shut up, Yuki!! I will cut your neck!”

Jurina clenched her fist. “What is it means? Just spit it out, Yuki!!”

Yuki lifted her head. “She often slept with me.” She grinned.

Jurina glared at Rena. “Is it true?!”

“J-jurina… Ummm…”

*BANG!* Jurina fired her gun at Rena’s foot. “Answer me!”

Yuki smirked with contentment. I did it! 

Rena stepped back. “Y-yes, but-”

*BANG! BANG!* Jurina fired her gun. Rena could avoid it but still… she seemed in trouble.

“How often you did it?!!” Jurina clenched her teeth.

“N-not really. But Jurina… me and Yuki already-”

Yuki couldn’t took off her smirk. “Umm… very often actually. We did it almost everyday.” She tried to make the situation became more tense up.

Jurina kept firing Rena. Rena didn’t have other option except fight back. Both of Matsui kept changing their bullets and dodged it many times too.

Finally, after some seconds they shot each other……

“YES!!!” Yuki jumped happily as she saw Rena’s light became red. “I did it!!”

Yuki stop smiled because double Masui glared at her. She gulped when Jurina pointed her gun at her. “Jurina, look. It was happened in the past… It even happened long before you meet each other.”

Jurina frowned. “Hm?”

“She’s my ex, that’s it. We never do it again since we broke up over a year ago. I swear!!”

Jurina put her gun down. “Really?” She grinned. “Well, then… I guess you’re right, I need your advices. I’m still bad at it.”

“Hey!! Hey!!! What are you talking about??!!” Rena’s cheeks became totally red.


* AtsuMina (2) *

Sae jumped over Sayaka, but she was too late. Sayaka succeeded shot Kojima and it perfectly ‘kill’ Kojima before her gun slipped from her hand.

Sae and Sayaka wrestled on the floor, fight over a gun that lay not far from them.

“Sergeant, Go!! Take the flag!”

Takamina nodded. She went upstairs, she saw a room opened. She went inside carefully.

“Is it only us who left?”

Takamina surprised because Acchan already sat on the chair and ready to grab the red flag.

Takamina looked at the black flag that stood on another side of the room. “I’m sorry for disappointing you but… Sayaka and Sae still struggling downstairs.“

“Ah.” Acchan nodded. She pulled back her hand from the red flag and then she walked towards her own team’s flag, the black one.

Takamina walked slowly towards the red flag. Unexpected, Acchan just let her walked comfortably. “Why don’t you attack me?”

“Let’s just wait until we hear a gunshots. Take your chair.” Acchan pointed at a chair that she sat on it before.

Takamina shrugged, she took it and sat on it. She glanced at the red flag behind her. She looked at Acchan again. “Finally… tomorrow is the last day.”

“Yeahh… and next week you will hunt us again. It will become your advantage because you already saw our face.”

Takamina leaned her back on her chair. She looked at the ceiling. “Maeda… should we go on date tomorrow? Since it’s our last day.”

“Call me Acchan. We’re close enough to call each other by our nickname.”

Takamina smiled. “Really? Are we that close?”

Acchan laughed. “We’re even too close if we put ourselves as a thieves leader and a sergeant.”

Takamina stared at Acchan. “Just put aside this game first. Let’s bet… if I grab your flag first, you must go out with me tomorrow… only tomorrow.”

“And… how if I grab it first?”

Takamina looked away. “You can ignore me forever and I’ll let you go. No matter what happen, I won’t arrest you. I’ll close my eyes to your criminal cases and give the job to another sergeant or chief to catch you.”

Acchan surprised. “Do you think it’s fair enough for you? If your team let go of our robberies case, you can say that my team will never be captured.”

Takamina smiled. “It’s okay. It’s not fair for me since the beginning. I met you, I like you, and then I love you before I knew your job… just like Mayu towards Yuki and like Jurina towards Rena.
When we agreed to work together with you, we’ve unwittingly gave up on our job. Life will never fair, Acchan.”

“I…. I wa-”


Acchan heard the gunshots before she finished speaking.

Acchan and Takamina lifted their guns. They shot each other. They dodged each other bullets.

Takamina rushed towards Acchan. Acchan was surprised with Takamina’s sudden movement. Acchan fired her gun, but Takamina bowed her head.
She slid towards Acchan, she intentionally bumped Acchan’s feet. Acchan fell onto the floor and it makes her gun was thrown. Takamina grinned as she about to grab the flag.

Acchan kicked Takamina’s knee and it caused Takamina fell too. “Not so easy, Sergeant.” She smirked.

They kept struggling on the floor. Their competition became more serious than Takamina thought before… Acchan started to punch Takamina’s face.

They rolled on the floor while hit each other. Takamina’s face began to bleed, her lips already covered by blood. She wanna get her freedom so badly?? She chose to ignore me forever rather than go out with me only in a day?? Fine. Takamina loosen her grip on Acchan’s shirt and let Acchan hit her.

Acchan felt that Takamina didn’t fight back anymore, so she stood up and picked up the gun. She pointed the gun at Takamina who still lay down on he floor.


Takamina’s light on her clothes became red.

Acchan held her knee, she looked very tired. She tried to control her breath and used the rest of her strenght to walked towards the red flag. My team will get our freedom just because a silly flag and a silly love. She reached out her hand to grab the flag.

Takamina shed her tears. “Well… I guess tomorrow is really our last day without doing anything.” She chuckled as her tears and her blood rolled down from her cheeks.

I… I can’t. Acchan laughed weakly. “Why do you always become a cry baby?! Stop crying and take the flag! Hurry up, so I can take mine too.”

Takamina stop sobbed. “Huh? But my light already became red.”

“Baka. You said by yourself to put aside the game, so I guess… it doesn’t matter.”

Takamina stood and grabbed the flag quickly. She ran towards Acchan and kissed her. “Thank you.”

“Promise me that you’ll really give a week for my team to ran away before you chase us again.” Acchan pulled Takamina’s neck and captured her lips again. They kissed passionately.

Takamina nodded as their lips and their tongues still tangled. She grabbed Acchan’s waist at pulled it closer to her body.

Sayaka and Sae rushed into the room.

“Hey!! Who’s the wiiiiinnnnn-” Sayaka gasped. “O-okay… we can talk about this later.”

As soon as Takamina broke their kiss, she saw Sayaka’s light still green. She threw the black flag to her, Sayaka catched it nicely. “We win!!”

“Wait… what??!!” Acchan gasped as she realized that she forgot to grab the red flag. “Geez!!”

Sae crossed her arms and glared at Acchan and Takamina.

======================= **** ========================

= Internal Chaos =

“Mayu.. I’m so sorry. I promise that I won’t call you as a stupid anym-” Before Yuki finished talking, Rena grabbed her collar.

“Yuki, do you wanna pick a fight with me or what?! You didn’t have to say something like that to Jurina!! She act so strangely last night. What did you say to her?! Don’t you ever dare to ruin her innocence!” Rena glared at Yuki.

“Look. I didn’t mean to bring the topic about us again, I just wanna make her pulled the trigger to shoot you.”

Jurina poked Yuki’s shoulder. “Yuki-san, about the diary that you gave to me to learn about the techniques… I can’t find Rena’s name, too much girls name in this book.” She read a small notes book.

Yuki’s eyes grew bigger. “Hey!! I told you to not bring it outside your room!!” Yuki was about to grab it, but Mayu grabbed it first.

“What is it?” Mayu opened the first page.

“No-no-no-no!!” Yuki tried to grab it, but she failed. Mayu turned her body so she could dodged Yuki’s hand. Yuki facepalmed.

Mayu turned back. She seemed really pissed off. “WHAT-IS-THIS??!”

“Ma-Mayuyu, p-please calm down.”

Mayu slapped Yuki’s arm with the notes book. “How can I calm down when I saw my number is 284!!! I’m the last?!” She slapped Yuki’s head with the notes book again.

Rena was surprised as well. “Ha?! How about my number? I never know about it before.”

“Yours is 175 and Sae is 82.” Mayu was about to cry.

Rena pointed at her own face. “Jurina, am I that low?”

Jurina chuckled. “No, Rena-chan. It’s the order of the girls who had been slept with her in past 4 years, by date sequence.“


Everyone was silent, they looked at the table that already flipped over.

Yuki sighed. What is this again?!

“S-sae…” Yuko tried to hold Sae’s shoulder but Sae slapped her hand.

“All of you so damn noisy all the time!!!!” She kicked the chair too.

The door opened. Acchan and Takamina entered the house. Both of them seemed shocked as well.

Acchan saw that everyone looked at Sae, so she didn’t need to ask who was the culprit. “What happened?”

“Nothing happened!!! Leader.” Sae turned around. When she was about to go to her room, Acchan called her.

“Come back here and say it.” Acchan firmly gave Sae an absolute order.

Sae turned back. “I wanna get out of this group…. tonight!!” She yelled at Acchan.

Acchan seemed shocked but she kept trying to control her expression.

Sayaka grabbed Sae’s hand. “What are you talking about??”

Sae hit Sayaka’s face. “I’m saying that I wanna leave this fucking team!!!”

“Are you sure?” Acchan crossed her arms.

“Of course I’m really sure about it!!”

“No one can leave my team…. alive.” Acchan took her gun and pointed her gun at Sae.

Sae pointed her gun at Acchan too. “Okay, let’s do it if you wanna end it like this..”

Yuko and Sayaka pointed her gun at Acchan’s head while Yuki and Kojima did the same to Sae.

Sae laughed. “Do you see what you’ve done, leader? Our members even wanna kill each other now. Great!”

Rena frowned. “Let’s talk in our meeting room. Don’t make a chaos up here.” She released her hand from Jurina’s grip and then she went downstairs calmly. Maeda team members went downstairs one by one.

When Jurina, Mayu, and Takamina were about to enter the room… Yuki blocked their way. “Outsiders can not enter. Just wait in your own room.” She closed the door.

Mayu shrugged. “Yeahh… we’re outsiders.”

*Inside The Meeting Room*

“Okay guys, spit it out. It’s only us here.” Rena tried to not let herself leaded by the tension and the anger like the others.

Kojima sat on the couch. “I already lost my right to speak up here since years ago. So, I’ll only receive what’s your decision.”

“What’s the reason?” Sayaka looked at Sae, she seemed sad.

“Do you guys even need me to say the reason??!!” Sae hit the table. “Just look what happened to us after those damn police involved in our live!! Everything looks so messed up!
I never agree with your plan at the first place, Maeda! Are you sick or something when you decided to ask them working together with us??!!”

Yuko crossed her arms. “I’m agree with Sae. You, you, and you-” she pointed at Acchan, Yuki, and Rena “-make our life become harder!! Use your brain before you start to do something… you guys shouldn’t falling in love with them!! We even shouldn’t be friends with them. You know the consequence!!”

Sayaka sighed. “Today… we may only pointed the gun at each other, maybe tomorrow… we will fired the gun to each other’s head because of the same reasons.”

Yuko walked towards Acchan and then she pointed her finger to Acchan’s face. “Especially you!!”

Acchan clenched her fist. “Don’t put your finger on me.”

Yuko didn’t care about Acchan’s warning. “You!! You’re the leader and I thought you’ll became the only one who will use your brain wisely.. but I’m wrong!! You started to falling in love with the damn stupid sergeant! I should be the one who lead this team since the beginning!”

Acchan tried to hit Yuko’s face but Yuko dodged it well. “No one can enter this circle.. it’s between me and Maeda.” Yuko lifted her fist.

Acchan stepped forward and then she kick Yuko’s stomach. But before Acchan pulled back her leg, Yuko grabbed it and hit Acchan’s stomach strongly.

Acchan stepped back. “I’m getting serious now.”

“Bring it on.” Yuko tightened her fist.

Yuko wanna punch Acchan’s face, Acchan lifted her hand to ward it. Yuko can read Acchan’s movement well so she use her knee to kick Acchan’s stomach instead.

Acchan stepped back, she held her stomach. Yuko won’t waste the small chance, she rushed towards Acchan and pushed her, it caused Acchan lost her balance.

Yuko kicked Acchan’s face. Acchan’s lips started bleeding.

“Arrrgghhh!!!” Acchan used her arms to avoid the kick and then she grabbed Yuko’s leg. As soon as Yuko fell onto the ground, Acchan sat on Yuko’s top and she hit Yuko’s face over and over.

Yuko used her strenght to flipped Acchan. The table turned, Yuko sat on top and then punched Acchan’s face.

Acchan started to cry, her tears that mixed with her blood rolled down on her cheeks. “You’re right, I’m not the proper leader for you.”

Yuko stopped.

“Yuko… back then, could you thinking before you started to fall in love with Kojiharu?”

Kojima gasped.

“That’s not the case!! We’re on the same team and she haven’t betrayed us back then!!” Yuko wanna hit Acchan’s face again.

“Now, after she come back… can you use your brain wisely to not falling in love with her again? You already knew that she betrayed you and us. Can you give an order to your heart to not falling in love with her?”

Yuko stood up. She was about to go upstairs.

“Tomorrow… I beg you.” Acchan coughed. “After that, we can go separately if you really want it. But, I still hope that you’ll stay by my side forever… no matter what happens, you’re still my friend.”

Yuko went out from the meeting room.

Rena helped Acchan to sit. “Are you okay?”

“No, I’m not okay.” Acchan chuckled softly. “You can replace me as a leader if you want.”

Rena ruffled Acchan’s hair. “Silly. I don’t want to be beaten up like this. I never know that it’ll be this pathetic to maintain the team.”

Acchan and Rena smiled at each other.

Yuki walked towards Sae. “Can we talk?”

“No.” Sae looked away.

Yuki sighed. “Just like Acchan said before, no matter what happens.. you’re still my friend. I can’t let you down. I’m so sorry about what happened between us. I hope someday you’ll understand my decision.”

After Yuki walked away, Sayaka came approached Sae. “Please… don’t go.” She shed her tears.

“Oh my God, Sayaka!! Don’t cry. You looks really funny when you like this.” Sae wiped Sayaka’s tears. “Sorry for that punch. I couldn’t hold my anger.” Sae hugged Sayaka. I understand.

================== TO BE CONTINUED =================

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