Wanted! – Dr. Watanabe x Yuki [Special]


Dr. Watanabe x Yuki


The doctor seemed disagreed. “But you can’t always gave her an anesthetic!! You can kill her! It’s so barbaric!!”

Yuki saw they debated about her. She tried to narrowed her eyes. Mayu? M-Mayu!!! But… her voice sounds different! Her hair… why… so…….. short?

Yuki tried to call Mayu’s name but it seemed the anesthetic already influenced her body. Mayu……..

The doctor squatting in front of Yuki. He smiled. “Don’t worry. Just sleep. I promise that it wouldn’t happen to you anymore.”

Yuki’s eyes was about to closed because of anesthetic effect.

“Doctor Watanabe, your other patient is waiting for you.”

“Okay.” The doctor looked at Yuki again. “I’ll make you get out of this place soon.”


Yuki lost consciousness.

====================== Next Day =====================

Yuki sat on the cold floor. “I don’t want to eat anything!” She pushed the plate strongly. Why they’re so hardly to understand my words?! 

The plate fell onto the floor but it wasn’t broken. They changed Yuki’s plate became the plate that made from the melamine instead of the plate that made from the glass. So if the plate thrown by Yuki, it wouldn’t be too harm anymore.

The nurse looked so irritated by Yuki’s attitude. She went out from Yuki’s room. “Doctor, I can’t hold it anymore!”

“Tsk.” Yuki climbed up onto her bed. “They’ll definitely wanna make me faint again.”

The door opened.

Yuki already on her ‘defense position’. Anesthetic make me feels so damn dizzy right after I regain consciousness. She held a pillow.

“Hi.” A doctor entered her room as he gave Yuki a bright smile. “How are you?”

Yuki chose to didn’t answer it. She observed the doctor from his head to the toe. He is only a male who look alike Mayu. She cried. Mayu… where are you?! Why did you go to a place that I can’t see? She put the pillow onto her bed and then she closed her face with her palm. Yuki sobbed. I miss you.

The doctor seemed confuse. He walked slowly. “I’m sorry. D-did I make a mistake? Why are you crying?”

Yuki lifted her head. “Go away! You’re one of them, right?! Don’t make me faint again!!” She threw the pillow to the doctor. “Don’t come closer!”

The doctor catched it. “Yes, I’m one of them, but.. I’m not here to force you sleep like last night.” He smiled.

Yuki saw his smile. Somehow….. it made her a bit calmed down.

The doctor pulled a chair and sat in front of Yuki. “What’s your name?”

Again… his smile could make her believes that he won’t hurt her. “Yuki.” She uttered her name.

“Well… Yuki-san, you can call me Nabe. Can I check your blood pressure, Yuki?”

“I’m not crazy!!”

The doctor chuckled. “I didn’t say that you crazy. I just wanna measure it to know your condition.” He put his hand on the bed. “It won’t hurt. I promise.”

Yuki slowly laid on the bed and let the doctor grabbed her left arm.

After a few minutes, he let go of Yuki’s arm. He sighed as he saw Yuki’s pale and small face. “Your blood pressure is too low.”

Yuki remained silent.

The doctor smiled. “I know that the food in this place like a shit. I won’t be surprised if you didn’t want to eat it.” He acted like he whispered at Yuki. “I always bring my own bento instead of eating for free in this place.

Yuki looked confused.

“Do you wanna try my bento? It’s totally delicious!!” The doctor’s eyes seemed sparkling. “My mom is the best chef… you won’t regret it if you try it!” He grinned. “You must try it.” He stood up. “I’ll bring it to you tomorrow.”

Yuki saw the doctor walked away from her room. I even didn’t say yes.

====================== Next Day =====================

Yuki curled up on her bed. She looked at her fingers. Her fingers much smaller than she ever remembered. Why am I not dead yet?

Yuki heard someone knocked the door, she wake up quickly. She moved backwards until her back touched the wall.


He again?

“Here.” The doctor grinned as he lifted his plastic bag. “I told my mom about you… and then she decided to make 2 bento.” He walked inside. “She’s nice, right?” He giggled.

Yuki saw the doctor pulled a chair and a table became closer to her bed. He put the plastic on the table. He took a bento and put it in front of Yuki.

“Come on, try it.” He took his bento from the plastic bag as well. “Itadakimasu!!” He grabbed his chopsticks and started to enjoy the food in front of him.

Yuki didn’t move from her spot. “I’m not hungry.”

The doctor hissed in a funny way. He put his chopsticks and then he scratched his head. “Well… I think my mom will kill me tonight. She always upset if she saw there was a food left in my bento.” He sighed. “Okay… don’t worry. I will eat yours then.”

The doctor continued to eat his own bento. “Why my mom give me a bigger portion than usual?!” He grumbled by himself. “Geez! I’m full already.”

The doctor drank the water to help him gulped the rice. “Ahh.. my stomach.” He kept grumbling.

Yuki frowned as she saw the doctor grumbled every 10 seconds. “Okay… I’ll help you.” She moved forwards and then she grabbed the chopsticks.

“Oh, wait a minute. I will bring more water for us.” The doctor stood up and then he walked out from the room. He closed the door and then he peeked Yuki from the transparent window on Yuki’s door.

He smiled as he saw Yuki ate the meal that he brought. Finally. He walked away to the hospital kitchen and grabbed 2 bottles of waters. I have to find another excuse for tomorrow, so she will eat too. He chuckled.

====================== Next Day =====================

“Ohayou, Yuki-san.”

Yuki didn’t react to it.

“Let’s have lunch together again.” For the third times, the doctor pulled the chair and the table again. “I think I’ll just leave it here. It kinda troubled if I keep dragging it everyday.”

Everyday? Do you planned to come here.. EVERYDAY?! Yuki remained silent.

“Today, my mom cook the different dishes from yesterday. Lets ea-”

“I won’t eat that.” Yuki looked at the doctor in a cold way.

The doctor pouted. “Why? Was the meals tasted bad yesterday?” He sighed. “I will call my mom to tell about it.” He took out her phone and started to dial someone.

“No, that’s not it.” Yuki sounded a bit panicked because the doctor wanna call his parents. “It’s delicious.”

dr. Wanatabe smiled. “Cool! So, let’s eat! Itadakimasu!!”

Why I’m trapped between a mom and a child problem?! Yuki started to eat the bento.

========================= **** ======================

It’s been 3 weeks since they had lunch together. Watanabe could see the difference. Yuki’s weight gained and her face wasn’t as pale as before.



dr. Watanabe stared at Yuki who ate in front of him. “Let’s take a walk outside.”

“The nurses won’t give me a permission to step out from this room.”

The doctor surprised. “Really? How long have you been here?”

“Almost 2 years.”

“And you never went out from this room for 2 years?! At least you can go to the hospital park and sit there to feel the fresh air.”

Yuki shrugged. “I didn’t need it.”

She is totally an introvert girl. Watanabe saw Yuki already finished her bento. “Is it delicious?”

“Yes, delicious as always.”

She almost responded all of my questions. She’s not as cold as before and her emotion become more stable as the time goes.

A nurse knocked the door. “Doctor Watanabe-san, patient in 304 need your help.”

“Okay.” He stood up and then he packed his bento boxes that already empty. “See you tomorrow.”

Yuki smiled as the doctor had completely left the room. Since he worked here, I never get the anesthetic anymore. He’s not scaring me like the others.

======================== **** =======================

“Wanna go outside?” Wanatabe sat on his usual chair.

Yuki choked, she grabbed the water that Watanabe gave to her. She drank it. “I want but…. I’m not sure about it.”


“Seriously, Nabe-san. I’m a crazy girl. I always wanna hurt myself if I saw a sharp things.”

dr Watanabe surprised…. not because of the statement, but… “It’s the first time you call my nickname.” He smiled.

“Ah, really? I never realize it before.” She smiled back.

dr. Watanabe got the second surprise. “This is the first time I saw your smile too.”

Yuki laughed. “In these 3 months, you always looked at me in detail like that?!”

“It’s the first time I saw you laughed too. It’s 3 combo!! We must celebrate it!” the doctor grinned.

Yuki’s eyes widened. “Stop it! It makes me looks like a creepy girl who never smile and laugh.”

Watanabe grabbed Yuki’s wrist. “Let’s chat in the garden.”

“The nurses won’t gave me a permission, Nabe-san!”

Watanabe smirked. “Did you forget?? I’m a doctor. Come on.” He pulled Yuki’s hand.

Yuki seemed hesitant. “Are you sure? I mean… If I’m hurting myself or anybody out there, I will-”

“No worries!” Watanabe cut it off. “I’ll take care of you. I promise.”

“O-okay…. but please bring the anesthetic. In case I-”

Watanabe shook his head. “I won’t bring it. I saw your medical record. In past 2 years, you almost anesthetized every 3 days! It will be dangerous if we keep insert it again into your body.”

“Soooo…….?” Yuki looked hesitant.

The doctor rolled her eyes. “SO, Let’s get out of here and play in the park!” He smirked.

Yuki was surprised because the doctor pulled her hand strongly. She almost fell but her foot seemed strong enough to support her body. Eh? My power regained?! Am I already recovered?

Yes, before dr. Watanabe forced her to eat the bento that made by his mom…. Yuki was really weak. She even often fell when she tried to climb up to the bed. She even forgot the day when she was really strong and can fought with many guys when she robbed a place with her friends.

Yuki followed him helplessly.

The doctor opened the door, Yuki stepped outside slowly. It’s been a long time. She saw all the nurses… looked at her. They were confused, afraid, and shocked.

Yuki can felt the difference of the air. In her room, the air felt so stuffy… but after she walked outside and specially when she walked outside the hospital building, she could feel the fresh air filled her lungs… swept her skin.

The doctor let go of his grip from Yuki’s hand. He looked at Yuki, she closed her eyes…. the doctor could see that Yuki enjoy the moment. He smiled. “Feel better?”

Yuki opened her eyes and looked at the doctor. “Much better.” She smiled.

dr. Watanabe stunned as he looked at Yuki’s smile. Her smile looked brighter and bigger than before. S-she’s so beautiful…. The ‘old’ Yuki flashed in his memory. She looks so different from the first time I saw her. Her reddish cheeks and her red lips starts to bloom… her warm hand… her smile… her laugh…. her cold gaze disappeared. She…. she… I-

“Nabe-san!! Why do you still standing there? Where’s the park??” Yuki seemed so excited.

The thick wall between us slowly disappearing. The doctor walked towards Yuki and then he pointed at his right direction. “There. Just follow me.”

“Hey, Mr. Doctor! Thank you.” Yuki patted his shoulder.

“For what?”

“For trusting me. Another nurse and another doctor wouldn’t let me go outside… especially without hold the syringe that full of anesthetic.”

The doctor smiled. “Well…. you trust me too. You wouldn’t let me entered your room without throw your pillow at me and you wouldn’t walk out here with me… if you don’t trust me.” He looked at the sky. “I always trust my patients… I never think that they’re hopeless…. I always think that one day they will get out of the hospital and give me their smiles…”

“You’re a great doctor.”

======================= **** ========================

“Umm… Yuki-san.”

“Yes.” Yuki put the last piece of the meat into her mouth.

“Tomorrow…. we can’t have lunch together. I have another schedule.”

“Tsk.” She sighed. “Well, okay. No problem.”

*Next Day*

“I won’t eat that!!” Yuki laid her body on the bed and faced the wall. “How many times I need to tell you that I don’t want to eat anything!!”

Yuki kept facing the wall without looked at the nurse, she was afraid that she will throw the plate or hit the nurse.

The nurse walked closer and grabbed Yuki’s arm. Somehow…. she felt threatened by that action. Yuki woke up and then she turned her body, her eyes seemed full of hate, she clenched her fist. She lift her fist, when she was about to hit the nurse…….

“Yuki-san, there’s a call from dr. Watanabe.” Another nurse walked to her room and stopped right in front of the door. She was afraid and hesitated to get closer to Yuki.

Yuki growled. “Liar!!!”

The nurse talked through the phone. “She-” She stopped because she heard the doctor talked to her. “Okay.” She pressed one button on the phone.

Yuki-san. This is me.

Yuki lowered her fist as she heard the voice from the phone’s speaker.

Do you wanna talk with me?

Yuki reached out her hand.

The nurse turned off the speaker and walked towards Yuki. She slowly put the phone on Yuki’s hand.

“Moshi moshi.”

How are you today?

Yuki laid her body on her bed and faced the wall again. “I’m fine. And you?”

Umm…. actually. I don’t feel good.

“Why? Are you sick?” Yuki sounded a little worried.

The doctor chuckled. “No, I’m not sick. I’m extremely hungry, my stomach a bit hurt…. I haven’t lunch.

“You should eat!!” Yuki yelled at the pity phone.

The doctor laughed. “Then… you should eat too.” He said it calmly.

“But I-”

I haven’t eat since morning… just like you. My stomach felt hurt, so I’m sure your stomach just like mine too. So, let’s have a lunch together. We can eat together now and chat through the phone.

Yuki seemed doubt for a while but then… she woke up again. “Okay.” She grabbed the plate from the nurse’s hand. “I can eat by myself.” She said it as she saw the nurse was ready to feeding her.

The nurse was surprised. “O-okay.”

The nurses walked out the room and then closed the door.

“Hey… Yuki-san always become so calm around doctor Watanabe.” The first nurse talked to her friend.

“Yeah. dr. Watanabe seems put a lot of effort to Yuki-san. He arrived at the hospital earlier so he could persuade Yuki-san to eat her breakfast, he brought the bento so he would have a reason to have lunch with Yuki-san, and she came home late so he could buy some meals for Yuki-san before he went home. He tried really hard to make Yuki didn’t skip her eating time.”

The first nurse nodded. “Yuki-san is very lucky to be close to a handsome and sweet doctor like him…. she get 100% of Watanabe-san’s concern.”

======================== **** =======================

“Arrggggghhh!!!!” Yuki kept screaming in her room.

dr. Watanabe rushed into Yuki’s room. He shook Yuki’s shoulder. “Yuki, Yuki, wake up! It’s just a dream.”

Thankfully that Watanabe have a night shift today, if not… he was sure that the nurses will simply gave Yuki the anesthetic again to shut her up. “Yuki.. wake up. You’re dreaming.”

Yuki opened her eyes, she looked at Watanabe. Her eyes widened and then she grabbed Watanabe’s neck and pulled it hard. “M-mayu!!! You’re safe!! I’m so sorry. I’m sorry… I won’t leave you again!!” She said it as she caressed Watanabe’s head.

The doctor blushed because of Yuki sudden action. “Y-yuki… I’m not-”

“I love you… I love you, Mayu! Please don’t leave me again!!” Yuki tightened her hug. “Don’t go!”

Watanabe tried to push Yuki away. “Yuki, I can’t breath. You hold me too tight. It’s only a dream, Yuki. You better take a rest.”

“Is it true? Is it just a dream?!! That’s a fucking bad dream!! I saw you died in my hug. You didn’t die?!! Thanks God, I’m wake up now.”

The doctor shocked. So… this is the reason. The reason why you’re here. You had a terrible memory and experienced a worst thing. “Yuki… you better sleep. I need to go. I have something to do.”

“Don’t go! Sleep with me. Please accompany me here, I feel so cold and lonely.”

Watanabe released himself from Yuki’s grip. “I can’t, but I will accompany you. I will sit here until you fall asleep.”

Yuki started scream again. The scream sounded so painful. It even can make his heart feel throbbed. “Ssshhh… shh…” He stroked Yuki’s hair. “Okay… okay… I will sleep here.

Watanabe climbed up onto the bed and start to lay down, he faced the ceiling. For a moment later, he felt Yuki’s hand wrapped his chest. Maybe she’s right. I’m dead.

He glanced a gorgeous girl who slept beside him. He groaned. Focus, Nabe.. focus!! You only need to accompany her until she sleep! Don’t do anything!!

*In the morning*

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!!” Yuki kicked Watanabe strongly.

The doctor bumped the floor. He grimaced in pain. “It’s too hurt! I’m here because you ask me to do so.” He rubbed his butt.

“What?! It’s impossible! You’re pervert!”

Watanabe rolled his eyes. “I’m not a liar. Wanna watch the CCTV together? Besides that…. we’re not doing anything. We only sleep.”

The doctor looked at the nurses who already stood in front of the door. They chuckled. “Why no one wake me up??!!”

“We didn’t have any troubled patient last night. So, we didn’t wanna bother you.” A nurse simply answered.

======================== **** =======================

“Let’s try it.” Watanabe put a little bag on the table.

“A-are you sure about it?” Yuki rubbed her own palm. She seemed not sure about something.

Watanabe sighed. “We have to try it. It’s been 6 months since I worked here and I know that you can do it. Your progress looks really good. You can’t be here forever. Trust me, okay?”

Yuki nodded helplessly.

“Okay.” The doctor took a sharp pencil from the bag and then he put it on the table.

Yuki rolled her eyes. “Seriously doctor… I’m not that crazy. It’s just a pencil.”

Watanabe laughed. “Well… I’m sorry. I didn’t know how sharp it will be. I will make it from the easy one.”

Watanabe took a pen, a toothpick, a pin, a needle, and a wood nail… he put it all on the table. He waited for Yuki’s reaction but nothing happened. “You looks okay with small stuff.”

The doctor put her hand into the bag again. “This is getting serious now.” He took a screwdriver and a big fish hooks. He smiled as she looked Yuki still didn’t react to it.

Watanabe started to take the bigger things.
A sharp wood… it much bigger than a toothpick. Good.
A razor blade and a cutter… She seemed a bit surprised and started to rub her palms. He stopped for a while, unexpected… Yuki calmed down again.
A scissors… Yuki rubbed her forehead strongly, she looked a bit stressed. She seemed uneasy.

“Are you okay? Do you want me to stop? The next tools will be too dangerous if you grab it.” The doctor looked so worried.

Yuki closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She opened her eyes again. “I’m okay.”

Watanabe nodded. Finally, a knife… a small one.

Yuki gasped, she started to panic. She grabbed the bed cover and tightened her grip onto it. “I… I feel…. I want to-”

“Think about your friends Yuki, imagine how sad they’re if you keep like this. They will blame themselves because they can’t protect you.”

Yuki closed her eyes. Acchan, Sae, Yuko, Sayaka, Haruna, and Rena… their face appeared in her head. She remembered how worried they were before they put her into this hospital. Their worried face even didn’t disappear when they trusted this hospital to protect her. They looks so sad.

Yuki’s eyes teary. I’m sorry to become your burden for years. She opened her eyes again and then she loosened her grip. “I’m good.”

dr. Watanabe smiled. “I’m proud of you.” She took out a bigger knife and a piece of shards glass. He put the empty bag onto the floor.

Yuki looked uneasy for a few seconds, but after that… she smiled. “I’m okay, so…. Am I pass this test?” She grinned.

“No… not yet.”

“What?! Oh.. come on!!” Yuki protested.

“Yuki…. this is serious.” He put his hand into the pocket. “You can kill me too this time.”

Yuki looked at the cute doctor with a suspicious look.

“This.” The doctor carefully put a gun onto the table.

Yuki gasped as she looked at it. She could feel the sweat out of his pores. It gave her chills. Yuki closed her eyes when many words echoed in her head.
H-Hhh-Hi… I’m Watashi… Ah, I mean…  I’m Watanabe Mayu. Ni-nice ttoo-tto meet you… Mayu looked so nervous.
Yuki…. Yuki… Yuki…. Mayu smiled.
I love you… I love you… I love you… Mayu blushed.
Y-Yuki…! Yuki…Yuki~… Mayu moaned.
Yukirin~ I’m hungry. Let’s buy something… Mayu pleaded.
Sh-she’s still my girlfriend!! Mayu looked jealous. Mayu cried.
You don’t understand how much I cried!!! You will never understand even if I tell you how sad I am… Mayu was angry. Mayu’s tears rolled down.
I missed you… Mayu gave a weak smile.
Pinky swear? I love you. Stop crying… Mayu’s face looked messed up but still…. her bright and beautiful smile appeared.
My number is 284!!! I’m the last?! Mayu looked really irritated but when she turned away… A short smile grew in her lips.
Yuki, Will you leave me again? Mayu’s eyes showed her uneasy feeling.
At least you already felt my love before something bad happen… Mayu looked away as she tried to hide her worried face.
It’s okay… It’s okay. I’m fine. Mayu tried to calmed down Yuki.
Let’s save our friends.
Y-yuki…. I’m sorry. I- I ruin…. everything…. I’m… r-ruining…. our dd-dreams…. I- I…. lov-

“Aaaaakkkhhhhh!!!!” Yuki screamed. She started to grabbed her own hair. “Mayu! Mayu!! Mayuuu…!!!” Her breath became heavier. She clenched her teeth. Her eyes opened and her gaze locked at the gun on the table. “I want to die.”

When Yuki wanna grab the gun, a pair of warm palms held her hand gently.

“Yuki… think about your friends.” Watanabe made his voice soft.

“They left me here!!! Alone!!! They didn’t love me anymore!! They only think that I’m their burden!!”

The doctor smiled. “No, Yuki. It’s not right. They love you. They worried about you.”

“They are not!!”

“Think about me….. I’m worried about you. I missed your smile, the smile that you gave to me an hour ago… a laugh that you gave to me an hour ago… an optimism and enthusiasm for life that you showed to me 5 minutes ago. You wanna pass the test, right?”

Suddenly… her tears came out from her eyes. Her hands didn’t try to reach the gun anymore. Those hands tried to reach another thing. Yuki stood up and then those hands grabbed dr. Watanabe and pulled him closer into her hug. “Thank you, Nabe-san.”

Mayu…. can you hear me? I love you… I really do… and I will always do. Is it okay for you to postpone our meeting? Because…. I’m not okay with it. I want to meet you but….. I don’t know…… a moment ago it feels like something resist me to do it.

The doctor rubbed her patient’s back. “You’re welcome.” He pushed Yuki slowly, so he could see Yuki’s face. “Congratulation. You pass the test.” He smiled and then she packed all tools on the table, include the gun.

He walked away. Before he closed the door, “I will buy our dinner to celebrate it. Let’s eat together.” He smiled and then he closed the door.

dr. Watanabe leaned her back onto the wall. I knew that today will happen sooner or later. Why? I should be happy for her. Why?! He rubbed his forehead. He lowered his body and sat on the floor. He cried softly.

======================== **** =======================

Yuki heard her door knocked. “Come in.” She sighed. I already did the test 5 times and I passed it all. He want me to do it again?!

“Yuki!!!!” Someone ran towards her and hugged her tightly.

Yuki looked so confused and then she lifted her head. “Yuko?” She rubbed her eyes to make sure that it wasn’t a dream. “Yuko!!” She hugged Yuko back.

“How are you, Yuki? You looks more beautiful.”

Yuki heard another voice. “Maeda?”

Acchan walked towards her. She ruffled Yuki’s hair. “You’re still my favorite.” She smiled at Yuki.

Yuki felt her bed a bit jumped. It because Jurina playfully threw her body onto the bed. “Wow… your bed is so comfortable.”

Yuki smiled. “Jurina, stop it. You will crush my bed.” She pulled Jurina into her hug. “Thank you for coming.”

Jurina rubbed Yuki’s back head. “No need to say thank you, you’re my friend.”

One by one her friends went into her room, suddenly… her room became really noisy. It’s been a long time… really long. Yuki shed her tears.

Someone knelt in front of her and wiped her tears. “Don’t cry, Yuki. We’re here… I mean…. I’m here to see your smile.” She smiled as she held Yuki’s hand.

“R-rena? You? Wh- Hold my hands?”

Jurina put her hand on Yuki’s shoulder. “Yeahh… I know. It startled me as well. She had changed.”

Yuki laughed out loud. “It’s not startled me. It frightened me.”

Rena gave Yuki a short kiss on her cheek. “I’m glad you’re back. We missed you.”

Yuki and Jurina stunned.

Jurina pulled Rena away from Yuki. “That’s too much!! Don’t kiss her!”

Rena shrugged. “Why? I’m just being honest.”

Yuki chuckled. A few seconds later she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked at the owner. “Sae.”

Sae smiled. “How are you?”

“I’m fine…”

Sae gave Yuki a bitter smile. “I’m sorry… I couldn’t help you much.”

“It’s okay, Sae. I know that you always try to help me and never give up, although you know that it wouldn’t works.”

Yuki realized something. “Anooo…. guys, why did you suddenly come here??”

Acchan smiled. “We’re here to bring you home. Well actually… we didn’t live together anymore but you can choose one of us, we’re glad to have you in our house.”

H-home? Yuki surprised.

Takamina came into Yuki’s room, she looked out of breath. “I’m sorry, I’m late.”

The visit time is over.” They heard a nurse talked through the hospital’s speaker.

“What?!! I even haven’t say ‘hi’ to the patient!!” Takamina smacked her forehead.

“Hi.” Yuki giggled.

“We will come back tomorrow and pick you up. Today we will finish the letters and the administration first, we will stay in the hotel. Take a rest, Yuki.” One by one of her friends said ‘see you’ to her.

I… I’m going home? Finally!! Yuki grinned in front of the mirror.

“You looks happy.” Watanabe closed the door and then he leaned his back on the wall. “Your friends are very noisy. But it seems fun to have a friend like them.” He chuckled.

“Why you didn’t tell me about this?”

“If I tell it to you, it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore.” He looked at the ceiling. “You can get out of this fucking hospital tomorrow. Congratulation!!” The doctor grinned. “I will stay overnight in this place. I will be missed our eat time together, so I think… we should have a dinner together…. for the last time…. if you don’t mind.”

“I’m fine with it.”

“Good.” The doctor walked outside her room.

A moment ago I felt so happy, but now…. I’m sad.

==================== Last Dinner ====================

Watanabe put 2 boxes of bento that already heated in the microwave onto the table.

Yuki was surprised. “Ha? Your mom made 4 boxes today?”

dr. Watanabe sat on the chair. “Since it’s our last day… can I just be honest to you? I hope you won’t get too angry at me.”

Yuki opened the bento. “It depends on your lie. If it’ll hurt me, you better save it for yourself.”

Watanabe took a deep breath. “My parents didn’t live here. They lived in another town, Osaka.” He put the meat into his mouth.

Yuki almost choked. “So?!”

“So…. I made all of these bento.. since the first time you ate it. All of the nurses and the doctors already knew about it. They knew that I’m lying to you.” He ate his bento faster.

Yuki slammed her chopsticks onto the table. “You-”

“I started to make it because I saw you didn’t wanna eat anything. I lied to you about I always eat my own bento instead of hospital’s meal. Then.. I feel glad when you said that these things are delicious.” He said it without looked at Yuki’s face.

Yuki glared him. “You didn’t have to lie about this!”

“If I didn’t lie to you, are you sure that you wanna touch it? I’m sure that you would throw it to my face.”

“Y-you’re right. I forgive you.” Yuki started to ate again.

“I have another lie.”

Yuki put the bento to the table, harshly. “What is this again?!”

“Do you remember the day when you mistaken me for someone else? The night when you ‘sleep’ with me.”

Yuki didn’t answer it because somehow… she smelled something bad.

“I stole your kiss… on the lips.” The doctor poured much chili sauce into his bento. “I just felt that…. you’re too beautiful that night.” He feed her mouth with the spicy rice. “Only a short kiss. Nothing more.”

“You!! Just… what?!!”

“I have another lie too.” The doctor drank the water. “I said that you became more beautiful and looks healty rather than when the first time I saw you. But the truth is….. ” He put random thing to his mouth. “Please reduce your weight when you start to life out there. Just… a bit. I think my own cuisine were too delicious and then you start to forget everything. But, I’m happy that your appetite increased.”

Yuki couldn’t close her mouth.

His bento box already empty, so he took something from his plastic bag “I have another lie.” He opened a bottle of alcoholic beverage. “I said that I’m happy for you because you can go home tomorrow.” His eyes teary. “The truth is…. I’m totally sad about this… I even cried when you passed your first test. At that time… I was sure that sooner or later, you will get out of this place and leave me here.”

“Nabe, I-”

“I have another lie.” He gulped it all and started to open another bottle. “I’m not thinking you as my friend or as my patient anymore.” He looked at the ceiling. “I love you and I didn’t want you to go.” His tears flowed.

“I have another lie.” He said it before Yuki could respond it. “I’m M-”

“STOP IT!!! Stop it, Nabe. Stop.” Yuki’s tears started to falling as well. “It’s not a lie but… I never tell it to you before. I was a thief, a player, a robber, a criminal, and I kill many people last time too.” Yuki looked away. “I’m not sure that I have a same feeling for you, but.. even if I have…. I’m not worthy for you.”

Watanabe stood up, he sat beside Yuki. “Don’t cry. I’m sorry. This is should become a fun farewell party for us. I ruin it. I know that your heart already belonged to someone else. But I only wanna say everything before you go. I-” He felt that Yuki pressed her lips onto his lips.

Yuki pull it back. “You talking too much.”

Watanabe quickly pull her into another kiss that she started before. “Sorry….” He pecked her lips. “but…” He kissed it again. “Please let me…” He felt that he didn’t want to break their kiss. “kiss you more…” He held Yuki’s waist. “tonight… just kiss. Nothing more.” He stopped it and waiting for Yuki’s answer.

Yuki moved, she sat on the doctor’s lap. “If it’s just the kisses, I think it’s okay… You already saved my life and do many things for me. I’ll take it as my gratitute for you.”

When the doctor heard ‘the kisses’ words, he start to eat Yuki’s lips. I love her… What should I do? Their kiss changed into the passionate one as Watanabe’s tounge started to sweep Yuki’s lips, it begging for entry. His hand moved around her back.

Yuki smiled, she gave it the permission to sweep every corner of her mouth. Mayu… I still love you. Forever. No matter what happens, but… if I started to love someone else too… What should I do?

The doctor stopped as he felt Yuki’s warm tears flowed. He whispered.“I’m sorry. I know what it feels.” He carried Yuki’s body and laid it onto the bed. He covered it with a blanket. “Good night.” He kissed Yuki’s forehead and then he went out from her room.

======================== **** =======================

“Yuki… yuki.. wake up. Let’s go home.” Acchan patted Yuki’s shoulder.

“Hm?” She looked at the clock. 11 AM She woke up quickly. “Wait a minute, okay?”

Yuki ran outside and looking for someone. She kept walking around, but she couldn’t find what she’s looking for.

“Ano… Yuki-san. Are you looking for dr. Watanabe?”

Yuki nodded.

“His shift already over at 8 AM.” She took a small paper and gave it to Yuki. “He want me to gave it to you.”

Yuki read it quickly.

I have another lie. One more left….
I can’t show up in front of your friends because Takamina and Jurina know me well.
I’m….. Mayu’s brother.
I didn’t know about your relationship with her at the first place….. until I read your medical story.

There’s my sister’s name in it.

Thank for your love to her. It’s really a great love.
But, I’m sure that she wanna see you happy.
She didn’t wanna see you try to kill yourself.
I know my sister so well.
That’s a great loss for us, so.. let’s get up together and cheer up everyday.

“Yuki!!! Come on!” Yuko yelled.

Yuki rolled her eyes. Yuko, this is a hospital!!  Don’t scream. She looked at the nurse, “can I borrow your pen and the paper too?”

“Of course.” She gave it to Yuki. I have to write quickly before Yuko scream inside this hospital again.

She folded it and gave it to the nurse. “Give it to him and… thank you.” Yuki ran towards Yuko.

Mayu…. thank you.

======================= **** ========================

“dr. Watanabe. There’s a message for you.”

The doctor took it from the nurse.

285. Doctor Watanabe
Please email me as soon as you get this paper.

Watanabe smiled. He looked a bit confused about ‘285’. Well… at least she didn’t really leave me without any contact number. He took out her phone. ’Ohayou. This is me, Nabe.

A quick reply arrived. ’Nabe, I think your sister won’t angry if we go out together sometimes, later. See you.

The doctor smiled. Sister, is it okay if I dated with your girlfriend? I promise that I will take care of her for you.
Your love for her and her love for you will never can be replaced by me
I know it..
Come to my dream and please answer me! 
He chuckled.

=================== END OF OMAKE ==================

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