Wanted! – WMatsui, Atsumina, KojiYuu, and SaeYaka [Special]

Fanart by i-am-nutty

WMatsui, Atsumina, KojiYuu, and SaeYaka


1. = SaeYaka =

Sayaka threw her body onto the couch. “Ahhh… I’m tired!!” She closed her eyes and then she used her right arm to cover her eyes.

“I can’t believe that Yuki choose to stay in their house!” Sae closed the door and then she mumbled all the way to the kitchen. “I can take care of her until she’s fully recovered!”

Sayaka laughed. “Yes, it makes me suprised as well. But don’t worry, they will be a good friend for Yuki.”

Sae took a bottle from the refrigerator. “No, they won’t.” She gulped a whole water.

Sayaka sighed. She woke up from the couch and then she walked to the kitchen. “Are you….. perhaps…. still loves her? Are you jealous or something?”

Sae a bit surprised. “No, I’m not. I just… don’t believe them to take care of Yuki. She’s still fragile and I only feel pity for her.”

Sayaka took  a pack of yogurt from the refrigerator and then she turned back. “Really? Because it’s too obvious in my eyes.” She left Sae and went to the living room. She watched the TV while ate her yogurt.

Sae sighed. She leaned her body onto the wall and watched Sayaka from behind. It’s been over 2 years we lived together, yet we still don’t have any bold line about our relationship.
Sometimes… I need her more than just a friend.
But sometimes… I will only need her as a friend.

Sae walked slowly to the bedroom. She closed the door, after that she climbed up to the bed. She looked at the ceiling. Yuki is not my reason, I already left my feelings for her a long time ago.

Isn’t it become too funny if we’re become a lover? I mean… she’s strong, she even didn’t need me to stand beside her. But me… I prefer to protect someone rather than to be protected by someone.
That reason make me half-hearted to date her.


“Hi, what’s your name?” Sae saw her model looked at her in a ’What? You didn’t know me? I’m famous!’ way. She quickly changed the question. “I know your name, of couse I know it. I mean… what’s your nickname? Can I just call you by your nickname? It’s not the first time we meet, we often work together for some magazines.”

“Mariyannu. My friends often call me like that.” She smiled as she saw Sae’s smile. “I thought you don’t remember me. You always work with many girls.”

Sae chuckled. “It’s impossible to not remembering a cute and beautiful girl like you… Suzuki Mariya-san.” She smiled again, she could see a slight red on her model cheeks.
“Well…. thanks for your hardwork today. I hope I will work together with you again later. Good bye.” She carried her bag and walked towards the door.


Sae felt that someone grabbed her hand. She turned her head. “Yes? What’s wrong? Am I forget about something?”

The model quickly let go of her hands from Sae. “Do you free tonight? Let’s have a drink together. My treat.”

Sae wanna refuse her because it was already dark and she already felt sleepy, but then the model say….

“Today is my birthday.”

Sae shrugged. “It will be so rude if I make my new friend disappointed in her birthday.” She put her arm on her model’s shoulder. “Let’s go then.”

*Next Morning*

Ahh… my head! Sae rubbed her forehead. She opened her eyes slowly. She immediately realized that she was in her bedroom. She wanna wake up, but she felt someone slept on her right arm.

Sae eyes widen as she realized the girl who slept beside her. Her eyes grew more bigger when she realized that the girl slept without covered by any single cloth.

She smacked her own forehead. Stupid! Why I ask her to come here? Was it because I’m drunk last night and I didn’t realize it?

Sae often sleep with her models, but she always did it in her model’s house instead of her own place.

She sighed. Sayaka will definitely angry at me. She pulled hand slowly, afraid to wake the girl. She covered Mariya’s body with her blanket and then she stepped out from her bedroom.

She walked towards Sayaka’s bedroom. “Gorilla, are you still sleeping in there?” She knocked the door. She kept knocking, but Sayaka didn’t give any answer.

Sae sighed. It’s quite rare to see her wake so late. She went to the kitchen to make make the toast.

After some minutes, the toast was done. When she was about to take the jam from the refrigerator, a pair of arms hugged her from behind. “Miyazawa-san, I have to go. I have another photoshoot.”

Sae turned around, she was a bit relieved because the girl already wear her clothes. “Tsk. I already made the breakfast for us.” She pointed the toast that already served on the plate. “Couldn’t you go after we eat it together?”

Mariya nodded. “Okay.” She helped Sae to bring their milk. “Ano…. Miyazawa-san, c-can we meet again after this? I mean… not because of our work.”

Sae ruffled Mariya’s hair. “Of course, we can.” She showed her smile, a smile that always succeed to steal any girl’s heart.


“Sayaka, this is already gone too far… you ignoring me for 2 weeks. I don’t understand what’s going on with you! And these-” She pointed at all bruises on Sayaka’s face, “-what happen?!”

“It’s none of your business.” Sayaka opened the door, but Sae closed it again with her body and leaned on it.

“You can’t go before we finish this talk.” She crossed her arms. “You always come home very late! This week, you always came home at 3 AM?! Are you crazy?”

Sayaka rolled her eyes. “Hey, we’re ex-villains. 3 AM should not be a big deal for us. You often didn’t come home and stay overnight in some place… and I never had a problem with it!!”

Sae frowned. “Is all of these because of a girl that I brought last time? Did you angry at me because of that? You never talked to me since then.”

“I said… I didn’t have a problem with anything that you do. Now get out of my way, I’m late!” Sayaka pushed Sae away from the door.

Before Sayaka completely stepped outside, Sae grabbed Sayaka’s hand and pulled her back into their house. “Late? You’re only a Karate teacher in the highshool.. you work in the afternoon. I’m not stupid!”

“Huh?!” Sayaka released her hand from Sae’s grip. “You even didn’t know anything about me.. I already resigned from that school 4 months ago.”

Sae gasped. “What?!”

Sayaka’s eyes started to pour out the tears. “You… you didn’t care about me…. never. You’re here and stay with me only to use me! You’re too sad because Yuki dumped you and use me to fulfil your ‘needs’! And after you get bored of me, you start to date other girls!!”

Sae was taken aback. “D-did you mean that I only need you for….. sex? Of course I’m not! It’s silly.”

“Then… what is it? Huh?! If you didn’t like me, we could went separately back then.. you shouldn’t touch me! You make me believe that you love me back!!” Sayaka’s anger burst out.

Sae wanna wipe Sayaka’s tears. Sayaka always like this… physically, she’s a strong girl, but when she start to cry… it’s really hard to stop her tears. “S-sayaka… I-”

But before Sae touch her face, she shove Sae’s hand harsly. “I don’t need you to comfort me.”

Sayaka went out from their house, but this time… Sae didn’t persuade her to stay.

I’m sorry… Sayaka.


Sayaka was hesitant to knock her own house’s door. She was still felt uneasy to meet Sae. It’s been 3 days after their last quarrel, Sayaka didn’t go home for 3 days because she went out of town for work.

She took a really deep breath then… she pressed the bell. Not long after that, she heard someone’s steps walked towards the door. The door opened.


“Hi.” Honestly, Sayaka didn’t have anything else to say. It was too awkward moment, stared each other in front of their house.

Sae glanced at the bags on Sayaka’s hand. “Let me help you.” She grabbed those bags from Sayaka’s grip.

Sayaka was taken aback because that was the first time Sae offered her some help. Sae never really help her in a small case like that before because Sae believes that she was strong and didn’t need any help. “O-okay…” She followed Sae stepped into their house.

After Sae put the bags in Sayaka’s room, she took a bottle of water from the refrigerator and then she threw it to Sayaka. “Here.”

Sayaka catched it nicely. “Thanks.” She started to drink. After that, she looked around. She frowned. “Wow… I never knew before that you’re……. neat?”

Sae giggled. “Hey! I’m actually a tidy person. It’s just… you always do it even before I wake up in the morning, so…. I almost lost my true nature.”

Sayaka raised one of her eyebrow. “Really? It’s just simply sounds that you’re lazy.”

Sae chuckled. “No, you’re the one who’s too diligent.” She changed her expression. “Where have you been? You know… if we have a problem, you didn’t need to run away like that. You can simply shoo me from this house.”

Sayaka sighed. “Oh, come on Sae. We already became friends for years, you should know me that I’m not THAT childish.”

Sae frowned. “So?”

Sayaka looked at the bottle in her hands. “Since 3 months ago I’m worked as a stuntman and because of the filming location was in outside of the town, so all of the crew have to stay for some days there.”

Sae’s eyes widened. “S-stuntman?!!! No! No way! That’s too dangerous, you know?? You could kill yourself there! So.. all your bruises are because….”

“Yes.” Sayaka nodded. “Last time, my job was to ride the motorcycle on the top of the moving train.” She laughed. “You know… it’s really awesome!!” She looked really excited when the memory came back into her mind.

Sae hit the table. “No, it’s not awesome!” She looked away after she saw Sayaka looked at her in a confuse way. “I-if you start to search a job that wouldn’t break your bones…. I’ll become your girlfriend.”

“Huh??!!” Sayaka laughed. “Stop persuading me with a lame joke like that. I love this job so much.”

Sae stood up, she stopped in front of Sayaka. “I’m not kidding right now.” She gave Sayaka a serious look before she pulled her into a kiss, their lips tangled each other for a while before she pulled it back again. “You should love more than your job, OR you’ll regretting it.”

Sayaka’s cheeks blushed crazily, she was really-really-really surprised. It was not the first time Sae kissed her, but it was the first time Sae put more passion into it. “I don’t know what happened to you… all of the sudden, but-” She grabbed Sae’s collar, it caused Sayaka could see Sae’s face closer. “-I love you more than my life.” She captured Sae lips.

They could feel the smiles on the moment their lips linked to each other.

Sae broke the kiss for a while. “What happened to me? Nothing, except I realized that I want you to become my girlfriend while you gone without any single word.”

Sayaka’s lips hooked up onto Sae’s lips again. Finally.

======================= **** ========================

2. = KojiYuu =


“Kyaaaa!!!” Kojiharu screamed as soon as she saw Yuko ran towards her.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE???!!!” Kojiharu quickly grabbed the towel.

She grinned. “Sorry. You taking a bath too long, so… I just rushing in because I REALLY want to pee.” She passed Kojiharu who still surprised. “Besides… it’s not my fault, you forgot to lock the door.”

Kojiharu started to throw everything around her to Yuko, from the toothbrush until the bottle of shampoo. “I DEFINITELY LOCK THE DOOR!”

“Aww!! Stop it! It’s hurt.” Yuko rubbed her arms. “Well, I don’t have any other choice!! I have to p-”

“YES, you have another choice.. Oshima Yuko! We have 2 bathrooms!!” She threw another bottle again.

Yuko chuckled. “Okay-okay.” She ran away while dodged a soap. “I already saw you many times, you don’t need to overly shy like that!” Yuko closed the door because she saw the water dipper floated toward her, it ended up with hitting the door.

“I’ll drown you inside the bathtub if you do that again!!!!”

Yuko giggled when she heard Kojiharu still yelled at her from inside the bathroom. She threw her body onto the couch, she turned on the TV. Ahh… how I love my life. Her smile was full of contentment.

*10 minutes later*

“Finish already?” Yuko turned her head as she saw Kojiharu went out from the shower.


Yuko frowned as she heard such a cold answer from Kojiharu. “God, are you angry at me?!” She stood quickly and walked towards Kojiharu. “Sorry….” She folded her hands while showing her cute gaze at Kojiharu.

But it seemed Kojiharu didn’t influenced by those cute eyes, she looked away. “Yuko, I know your ability.. you can opened any door in this world, but please! I need some privacy too.”

Yuko sighed. She staring at the floor. “I’m sorry for being a childish girl. I want to get your attention… you’re being so busy lately.” She pouted.

Kojiharu turned her head, she saw her squirel girlfriend turned around. I think… she just missed me. She smiled. “Yuko.”

Yuko turned back quickly. “Yes?”

“I know a good restaurant nearby, do you wanna have a dinner with me? I don’t have any photoshoot schedule tonight.” She gave a short kiss to Yuko’s cheek.

It works! All I need to do are plead and pout… then I get her. She grinned. “I’d love to!” She hugged Kojiharu. “I love you, Nyan-Nyan.”

Kojiharu giggled. “I love you too, squirel.” She let Yuko hugged her. “Yuko…” Her hand went through Yuko’s hair.

“Hm?” Yuko closed her eyes, she wanna enjoy her girlfriend’s sweet fragrance that she longed the most. Lately, Kojiharu always busy and often coming home late… they only have a time for say ‘good night’ to each other in each days.

“Is it okay for Yuki to live in their place? You know… they always wanna bite each other every time they meet.”

“One of the must be suffered.” Yuko laughed. “I know who will become the only victim there.” She smirked.

======================= **** ========================

3. = AtsuMina =


“Hmmmmm…” Takamina grabbed her blanket and then she covered her face again.

Acchan pulled the blanket. “Wake up!!!”

She grabbed the blanket from Acchan’s hand and covered herself again. “I’m an unemployed, so it doesn’t matter if I wake up at noon…” Takamina answered it from inside the blanket.

“Then go and find one! You can’t just sleep for the whole day.”

“Yes, I can.” Takamina popped her head out from the blanket. “Besides that…..” She smirked. “You already had more than enough money for us.”

W-What?! Acchan couldn’t believe that her amazing ‘sergeant’ girlfriend turned out into a childish girl like that. “Baka! Yes, I have a lot of money… b-but… they’re from my ROBBERIES cases!! You don’t mind to use it?!!”

Takamina shrugged. “Of course I don’t mind… it’s still money after all, right?” She grinned.

Acchan couldn’t do anything except facepalmed. Why she looks so helpless? She climbed up onto the bed and layed her own body beside her girlfriend, after that she put Takamina into her hug. “Tell me… what happen?” She stroke Takamina’s hair gently to comfort her girlfriend. Acchan believes that Takamina wouldn’t act like that for no reason.

Takamina closed her eyes and wrapped her arm around Acchan’s waist. When she buried her face onto Acchan’s neck, she felt so comfortable because of Acchan’s sweet fragrance that entered her nose. “I… I couldn’t find other job that can make me feel comfortable like when I was in police department.”

Takamina took a deep breath before she continued her words again. “I resigned from my old job so I could freely looking for you by myself when you’re gone last time.. I was afraid that my status as a police made you hesitate to go back to me.”

Suddenly a deep guilt spread inside Acchan’s heart. “Of course not, silly. I will keep come back even though you are still hunting me and want to put me into a jail. My love is bigger than that, baka!” She caressed Takamina’s cheek. “I’m sorry.”

Takamina tightened her hug. “You don’t need to say sorry. It was what I thought because I felt so desperate when I couldn’t find you. I put all my passion and my effort just to find you. But now, after you come back… I feel confuse about what I want to do next. And I…. ” She seemed hesitant to say something. “I… I’m jealous at Jurina, she already became a sergeant and replacing my old position.”

Finally, Acchan could understand about Takamina feelings… Takamina want to come back, but there is no way back if someone already given up on their position as a police. “Minami… just relax, okay? I believe that you will find your passion again. Let’s just wait together until you find one. I’m sorry for pushing you too hard.”

Takamina was surprised, she looked at Acchan’s worried face.. “Minami?! Not bakamina?!” Yes, it was the first time her girlfriend calling out her firstname.

Acchan smacked Takamina’s head. “Baka!! Why did you ruin our serious moment into a silly topic like that?!”

Takamina chuckled. Yeah.. maybe she’s right. All I can do is only wait until I can find it again. “Thank you for understanding me.” She gave Acchan a soft kiss on her lips. “I love you more than anything in this world.” She kissed Acchan again, but this time seemed like she gave her a deeper kiss.

Acchan was totally blushed by Takamina’s sudden action. “Baka, it is my job to understand you… I’m your girlfriend, remember?” She let go of her arms from Takamina’s body and turned her face to hide her blushing cheek. “I love you too. I love you more than- uhhh….” she seemed confuse about what she want to say next. “umm… more than Yuki?” She grinned.

“Yuki????!!” Takamina pouted she turned her body until her back facing Acchan.

Acchan laughed. She hugged Takamina from behind. “Don’t be jealous at her, baka. It’s not like I love her like the way I love you.”

“Yeah, I see…. she’s your favorite.”

Acchan still could feel Takamina’s jealousy in her voice. “I told you.. I love you more than her. Geez.” She kissed Takamina’s head. “I trust her so much. She’s like my little sister, we already through many bad things together.. she had a terrible life back then and I can’t stay still if I see her suffered again, like when she lost Mayu.”

Takamina nodded. “Yup, you already told me about it.” She turned back and facing her girlfriend again. “Are you sure that she won’t suffered again in that house?” She grinned.

Acchan chuckled. “No, she won’t. I’m sure that she will be okay in their hand.. I trust her choice to stay at their house. I know that your friend and my friend can take care of her really well.”

“I hope so.” Takamina tried hard to hold her laugh.

======================= **** ========================

4. = WMatsui =

“Rena-chaan!!” Jurina called out her girlfriend’s name.

Rena opened the door and then she walked in. “Ne, Jurina?”

“Please help me to fix my necktie.”

Rena smiled at Jurina. “Come here.”

Jurina walked towards Rena, she lifted her head a bit so Rena could easily to do it. She kept staring at Rena’s face while Rena touching her necktie.

“Done.” Rena used her hands to tidy up her girlfriend’s uniform. After that, Rena walked out from their bedroom.

*5 minutes later*

“Rena-chaaan!!” Jurina called out Rena again.

“What is it?” Rena popped out her head from the door.

“I can’t find my shoes.”

Rena frowned. She pointed at the the shoes beside the bed. “There. I always put it there every morning after I clean it, so you can easily find it before you go for work. How can you forget it?” She rolled her eyes.

Jurina grinned. “Oppss… sorry.”

Rena closed the door again.

*3 minutes later*

“Rena-chan!!!” Again…. Jurina called out her again.

“What?” This time Rena seemed a bit annoyed but she tried to keep her voice as soft as she could.

“I forget where I put my-”

“Bag?” Rena cut it off. “Your bag is in your work table, Jurina. You put it there before you went to sleep last night.”

“Ah!” Jurina showed her cat smile.

Jurina followed Rena went out from the bedroom and walked towards her home office desk.

“Here. Your car’s key inside it, in case you suddenly get an amnesia about it too” Rena handed the bag to Jurina. “For God’s sake, Jurina… you already late!!” She crossed her arms.

“I’m sorry.”

“Stop say sorry and go now, or you will get scolded by your boss like yesterday.” Rena turned around. She walked to the living room and sat on the couch.

Jurina sighed. She looked at Rena’s direction… she saw Rena sat beside Yuki, they smiled at each other. Jurina rubbed her forehead. How can I leave them like that? 

It’s been 2 weeks since Yuki stayed at her apartment… and in that 2 weeks, Jurina always came late to the office. Why? Because she felt uneasy every time she want to leave her place.

“Yuki, this is your porridge.” Rena gave a warm smile to Yuki.

Yuki grinned because she felt excited. Rena always cook for her and her cooking (unexpected) is much-much-much better than the hospital meals and it even a bit better than Dr. Watanabe’s bento. Cool!

Yuki opened her mouth, she was more than ready to get the porridge. But when it was about to enter her mouth, Jurina’s words stopped her.

“Seriously, Rena.. stop clinging at Yuki!”

Rena put the spoon back into the bowl, and the she looked at Jurina. “What?! I’m not clinging at her… I’m feeding her.”

Jurina rolled her eyes. “Rena, the nurse and the doctor only said that she just need to relax her mind… she’s not dying! She can feeding herself!”

Yuki looked at Jurina and then she shrugged. “Well… I don’t mind if she willing to do it.” She tried to hold her grin. “Rena, I’m terribly hungry right now.” She pouted while touching her stomach.

Rena turned her head back to Yuki’s direction and then she feeding her with the porridge. Yuki looked happy when the tasty porridge entered her mouth.

“Hm! Oishii!!” Yuki said it after she gulped the porridge.

Rena seemed happy because someone praised her cuisine.

Jurina facepalmed. It’s like I can’t do anything else to separate them. She lazily opened the door and stepped out from her room.

Yuki took a little glance at Jurina when Jurina closed the door. “Rena, she’s cute.. totally adorable.” She said it after Jurina completely went out. She chuckled. “I can feeding myself.” She took the bowl from Rena’s hand.

Rena gave the bowl to Yuki. “I know, but she looks childish sometime. Just look at how she act this morning.”

“She’s jealous, Rena. It’s reasonable because she know that you’re my ex.” Yuki laughed. “She’s right. Stop pampering me, I’m not dying.”

“I’m not pampering you, Yuki. I’m concerned about you and I just want to see you feel comfortable here, with us.”

Yuki gave Rena a warm smile. She didn’t realize before that her best enemy could become her good friend. “Thank you for your concern, I’m really appreciate it.” She put the bowl on the table and pulled Rena into her hug. “You’ve changed. I wonder why. Do you planned something?”

Rena wrapped her arms on Yuki’s body too. “I’m not planned anything.” She giggled. She let go of her arms and looked at Yuki. “Well… you’ve changed too. You are not a damn-fucking-shit-flirty-player girl anymore.”

“Whoa-whoa… easy, Rena. You said many harsh words at me just now.”

Rena laughed.“Sorry. Umm… I think love can change anything.”

Yuki leaned her body onto the couch. “Yeah.. love surely can change us.” She sighed. “Rena…. I miss her so much.”

Rena ruffled Yuki’s hair. “I know.” She wiped Yuki’s tears. “I believes that she is happy up there and you deserve to be happy too.”

“Thank you, Rena.”

“For what?”

“For not pointing your gun at my forehead anymore.”

Both of them laughed together.


“Tadaima.” Jurina entered her apartment after Rena opened the door for her.

Rena cupped Jurina’s cheek. “Okaeri.“ She pecked her lips.

Jurina smiled. She walked towards the couch and then she put her bag on the floor, beside the couch. She threw her body onto the couch, she laid down on it.

Rena grabbed Jurina’s bag and put it on the table. “Jurina, can you put your stuff properly?! That’s why you keep forgetting their place when you need them.” She sighed.

“I’m sorry, I’m a bit tired. Since Takamina resigned and Mayu died…..” She lowered her volume when she mentioned about Mayu. “I’m working alone. I can’t find someone else who have a great ability like my friends.”

Rena realized that Jurina and Yuki had the same expression when they remembered Mayu, they always sad… Rena knew that Jurina missed Mayu too.

Rena sat beside Jurina’s head, Rena gave Jurina a sign for Jurina to put her head on Rena’s lap. Jurina smiled and did as Rena want, she closed her eyes while she felt Rena stroked her head gently… she felt so comfortable to sleep on Rena’s lap.

“Well… I have a same capability with Mayu. Do you want me to work there to help you?” She said a little joke to make Jurina smile.

Jurina laughed. “No way!”

“Why? My ability may be even better than Mayu.”

Jurina rolled her eyes. “Because you will definitely hacking our system again. You’re become a troublemaker when you’re with your laptop.”

Rena giggled. After she saw Jurina already became a bit relax, she kissed Jurina’s forehead. “I’m bored, Jurina. I want to have something to do too. I never use my brain for years!!”

Jurina realized that the little joke was over, Rena was serious when she said it. “Rena… but-”

“No, I mean not in your place. I want to work at IT company, I think it’s good enough. Well… honestly it’s not enough for me but at least I can let my brain works. I can feel my brain cramps.” Rena pouted.

“Your brain cramps?! Why are you so genius, Rena?” Jurina laughed. She lifted her hand to caress her girlfriend’s cheek. “You didn’t know how much I want to recruit you… but I can’t. I didn’t want you holding a gun anymore or included in the police-criminal stuff again.”

“I know. You’re worried about me.”

Jurina smiled. “But.. I think IT company is a good idea.” She saw Rena’s smile slowly appeared.

“Really?!” Rena looked so excited.

“Yes, of course. I can’t let my girlfriend die in boredom.” Jurina chuckled. “Be a good staff, okay? I think it’s not hard for you to search your job, you’re smart… there’s no company that going to refuse you to become their staff.”

“I love you, Jurina. Thank you so much.”

Jurina woke up. “I love you too.” She kissed Rena’s lips. “Thank you for coming back to me.”

“You’re my home, of course I will always come back to you.” Rena kissed Jurina again, she gave her girlfriend a passionate kiss.

Jurina seemed remembered something, she broke the kiss and then she looked around. “Where’s Yuki?”

“She is going outside with her friend.”

Jurina frowned. “Friend? Our friend? Who? Acchan?”

Rena giggled. “Why? Are you worried at her? I didn’t know him, but Yuki said he’s a doctor from her old hospital.”

“Of course I’m worried about her. She stole my girlfriend for a whole month.”

Rena couldn’t hold her laugh. “Don’t be jealous at her, Jurina.”

“Both of you looks good together.” Jurina pouted.

Rena hugged Jurina. “Both of us, you and me, looks perfect together… not only ‘good’.”

Jurina smiled. “Let’s go on date.” She whispered it.


“Yes, let’s go to the park on this weekend.. the park where we meet for the third time.” Jurina smirked. “I want to play with my guitar there. I love the way you look at me when I’m singing.” Jurina pecked Rena’s blushing cheek.

“Wow… it seems Yuki’s flirty ability already moved to you.”

Jurina stuck out her tongue. “Yuki is not around.”

“So?” Rena raised one of her eyebrows.

“So.. this.” Sweetly, Jurina cupped Rena’s cheek and very slowly and deliberately pushed down the bodice of her blouse just a little. Rena laughed. They kissed. Kissed harder. The warmth between them heated, then blazed as Jurina tore off Rena’s clothes and…….

*Bell Ringing*

SHIT! Jurina pouted.

Rena laughed. “Open the door, Jurina. I have to change my clothes because of you.” She patted Jurina’s head before she walked towards the bedroom.

Jurina opened the door and when she found Yuki stood in front of the door… “Yuki!! Why are you go back in the wrong time??! Me and Rena is about to-”

“Hi, Jurina-san.” Someone appeared from Yuki’s behind.

Jurina stopped talking, she was totally dumbfounded. “Y-you…. You and Yuki….. h-how?!!”

Dr. Watanabe laughed because he saw Jurina’s funny expression. “She’s my patient. I mean.. she was my patient.”

Jurina swear that Yuki looked at the doctor in a sweet way.

Jurina couldn’t blink. Mayu… you are awesome! You sacrifice your own older brother for this evil-flirty girl?! She rolled her eyes and then she let both of them entered her place. Just.. rest in peace, Mayu. I will handle this girl.. I mean… your girlfriend, if she dare to hurt him.

=================== END OF OMAKE ==================

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