WMatsui – Revenge (1/2)



Rena POV

“You were the one who did it, aren’t you?!” I shouted while pointing my index finger at her face.

“Did what?”

My rage boiled up when I heard that kind of tone out of her lips, an indifferent tone. “Cut the crap, Jurina!! You’re just like your father… playing innocent all the time but actually shifty, ruthless, and heartless.” I sensed that her bodyguards glared at me right after I spit out those unpleasant words.

Jurina raised her hand to warn her bodyguards to stay at their place; maybe she realized that those men were more than ready to attack me or to drag me harshly out of her house. She looked at me in such a cold way. “First, you break through my house without permission and then you yelled at me without a reason. Second, you taunted my father who already died 2 years ago. You haven’t change at all… stubborn as always.”

I clenched my fist. I felt like I wanted to punch her face but I didn’t have power to do it, even without her bodyguards around… she is still stronger than me. Why am I THIS WEAK?! I hate it!! I looked at the ground when I felt that my frustration tears were about to fall. I didn’t want her to see my fragile side again… ever again. “Just kill me already…” I guessed I failed to hide my fragility because my voice was clearly trembling. After I said it, the room was quiet for a few seconds.

“I didn’t know what the hell you are talking about.” Jurina stood up from her chair. “Bring her out of my house.”

I saw her walked away after she ordered her bodyguard to drag me out of this place. “Jurina!!!” I screamed when my hands were being grabbed by one of her bodyguard. “You’re a demon, Jurina!!!” I raised my voice while trying to escape from the strong grip. “Your father killed my family and now you’re trying to make my life more miserable!! I promise that I will make you pay to what your family did to mine!!!”

The man pushed me out of the house harshly and made me fell onto the ground. “Go away!” After that he closed the door.

You will pay everything, Jurina.




“Oh, you come?” Rena hugged the girl who ran toward her.

“Yes!!” The little girl grinned at Rena. “I come with my dad.”

“Hi, Rena. How are you?”

Rena lifted her head as she heard the middle-aged man’s voice. “Oh, Mr. Matsui.” She quickly stood up and bowed her head.

The man smiled at Rena. “Please take care of my Jurina. She kept saying that she missed you, so… I brought her here.” He sighed. “Actually, we’re supposed to go to Tokyo for 3 days but this kid-” he pointed at his daughter “-didn’t stop crying for an hour.”

Jurina nodded. “Of course I don’t want to go! I’ll be lonely without Rena-chan.” She pouted.

Rena looked at Jurina. “Like seriously, Jurina… it’s only 3 days!” She rolled her eyes.

Jurina’s father laughed while seeing his daughter hugged Rena’s waist tightly as if she was afraid that Rena would tell her to just go to Tokyo with him. “Here are your clothes, Jurina.” He put the bag on the table and then he looked at Rena. “Please take care of Jurina. I’ve told your father that she will be here until I come back.”

“Okay, Mr. Matsui. Don’t worry.” Rena ruffled Jurina’s hair. “I will take care of her better than anyone in this world.”

“Yeay~” Jurina kissed Rena’s cheek. “Rena daisuki!”

Rena’s cheek reddened. Geez! Why do I have to blush?! She’s just an 11 years old girl! It’s normal for her to keep saying she loves everyone around her.


I heard my alarm beeping and then I opened my eyes. I could feel my heavy breath and my palms were cold. Shit! Why do I keep dreaming about her?! I couldn’t control my heartbeat, so I sat on my bed and then I took a glass of water from the small table beside my bed. I drank the water without care about my alarm that still beeping.

I drank the whole water in one shot and then I closed my eyes, trying to calm myself. Why? Why?! My tears rolled down little by a little and then it fell hard. My hands trembled as the memory from the past came to my head again. I shook my head, trying to prevent the painful memories take over my head too deep.

After I calmed down a bit, I put the glass on the table and then I turned off my alarm while sighing. I hate my pathetic life. I don’t have to live alone in a small apartment like this if Jurina’s father didn’t backstabbing my father. I really hate her father. Although her father already died 2 years ago, yet… my heart is still full of hatred. Every time I see Jurina’s face, my anger will show up in an instant.

I hate to face the fact that Jurina lives in a big house now and also have some big companies. I’m fine if her richness was really from her family, but… IT’S NOT! IT WAS FROM MY FATHER!!! My father was kicked out by her father from their company after 20 years they worked their hard together from the very beginning.

My father was the original CEO, he build a small company by himself. After a year passed, he realized that he need someone he trusted to develop the company with him. So… he asked his best friend’s help, Jurina’s father. Both of them were best friends since they were in college.

After running the company for about 6 years, they began to gain more profit. Their company escalated into a bigger scale after they got many big stockholders because of their promising company. For the next 10 years, the company started to build some company’s branches. It means that they were on the peak of the business field.

But 5 years ago, on the 20th anniversary of the company, my father was kicked out for no justifiable reason. I remember vividly that starting from that time… our family lived in a terrible mess. I was devastated. Our family had been betrayed by our close relative. That was… Ugh! I smacked the table to let out a bit of my disappointment.

I let out a heavy sigh while massaging my forehead, trying to calm myself again. Yesterday was the first time I saw Jurina in a flesh; we didn’t meet each other after my father was kicked out from his own company. Our families avoiding each other… she and her family didn’t come to my parent’s funeral and vice versa… I also didn’t come to her father’s funeral; I just watched it on television. He died because of the traffic accident.

I actually didn’t like to break through her house like yesterday, but… 2 days ago, I saw one of her people stole the money from the cashier machine where I was worked at. I’m sure that he was ordered by Jurina to make my life more miserable. The result of that, I was fired from that small shop. The owner thought that I stole the money and sadly… I couldn’t prove my innocence. I couldn’t do anything! It was only a small shop, so it didn’t have a CCTV.

I’m a piece of shit right now. I’m poor, unemployed, alone, and now people see me as a thief. Great!!

=========================== *** ===========================

Jurina POV

I closed the door and then I walked toward my desk. I sat on the chair while keep thinking about what happened yesterday. I put my forehead on the table and let out a loud sigh, trying to let out my confusion as well. I can’t believe that I would see her again, despite what happened to us in the past.


Jurina looked around the cafeteria. Where’s Rena-chan? I want to go home~ I feel tired. She sighed. College is surely hard. She turned her head toward the window. Oh! She saw Rena’s figure who sat below the tree behind the building. She grinned and then she quickly walked out from the cafeteria.

Jurina ran toward Rena and she was about to give a kiss to Rena’s cheek as usual. “Rena-chan, let’s go home tog-” Her words was stopped by the slap from Rena. What? “…Wh- why?” She looked confused. She looked at Rena in disbelief way while holding her red cheek.

“Your father is a complete shitty moron!!!” Rena shouted out loud. “Your family is a fucking shit, you know?!You guys are the trash!” She pointed her finger at Jurina’s face. Her eyes didn’t stop glaring at Jurina.

Jurina frowned. “Huh?” She didn’t know the reason why Rena mad at her, but she didn’t asked it since she was offended because of Rena’s words. “If I did something wrong to you, please don’t bring my parent into this. That was a pretty harsh word.”

“I don’t care!!!” Rena clenched her teeth. “I hate you, so don’t showing up your fucking face to me ever again.” She grabbed her bag and then she left Jurina below the tree alone. She refused to hear anything from Jurina’s lips again.

Jurina dumbfounded. She didn’t move from there for a few seconds because she was too confused about everything that just happened. Did I… really do something terrible without I realized it?


Ah, this is so frustrating! I covered my face with my palms.

At that time, I didn’t know what happened. But… after I arrived at home, my father told me everything and it made my heart ached so much. On the next day, I couldn’t find Rena at campus. I tried to come to her house, but the house was sealed by the bank. I have no idea where they were moving and Rena was also never showed up at campus again.

I heard the news about her again from my informant… it was on the day her father died because of illness. I really wanted to come to the funeral 3 years ago, but… my father didn’t allow me to go. I felt so sorry for her. We both only have our father as our family, so… I could imagine how suffered her life to lose her only family she has in this cruel world.


I tidied up my hair when I heard someone knocked the door. “Yes?” The door opened little by a little… and when I saw who was coming, I smacked the table. “You! What you did to Rena?! I told you to keep your eyes on her secretly… not to steal her money!!!” I saw him flinched as I raised my voice.

“I… I didn’t steal the money, Matsui-sama.”

“Don’t lie to me!! How on earth she could recognize you if you didn’t do it?! You’ve worsen everything between Rena and I! You’re fired! Get out of my office.” I turned my chair back, so I didn’t have to see his face. I really want to punch him!

“P-please listen to me, Matsui-sama.” He tried to explain. “I did everything as your order. I watched her every single day from afar, keeping her safe… telling you everything that I saw to you.” His voice trembled. “As soon as I heard Rena-san yelled in front of her shop, I quickly ran toward the guy who was pointed by Rena-san. Probably, she recognized me as one of your people because of this uniform. She saw me ran with the thief, which was why she thought that I was worked together with him to steal it.”

I surprised. Well… yeah, my bodyguards have a uniform, the black one. I turned my chair and looked at him. “Did you get the thief or at least the money?”

He nodded. “I punched the thief until he passed out and… I got the money but-”

I cut his words. “Then why did you not tell me about this?! Do you want to steal the money as well?!” I smacked the table again.

He kept looking at the ground, avoiding my eyes. “No! I… I was afraid that you will angry and fired me because I couldn’t protect her as you told me. I planned to give it to Rena-san on Sunday because it was my off day. I swear that I planned to give it to her, but I didn’t want to wear our uniform because I’m sure she would misunderstand us like this. I’m so sorry!” He bowed his head at me. “Please don’t fire me.”

I sighed. “Bring the thief to me immediately.” I ordered him firmly. I don’t care if I have to kill someone, as long as Rena didn’t hate me more than before.

=========================== to be continued ===========================


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