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WMatsui – Revenge (1/2)



Rena POV

“You were the one who did it, aren’t you?!” I shouted while pointing my index finger at her face.

“Did what?”

My rage boiled up when I heard that kind of tone out of her lips, an indifferent tone. “Cut the crap, Jurina!! You’re just like your father… playing innocent all the time but actually shifty, ruthless, and heartless.” I sensed that her bodyguards glared at me right after I spit out those unpleasant words.

Jurina raised her hand to warn her bodyguards to stay at their place; maybe she realized that those men were more than ready to attack me or to drag me harshly out of her house. She looked at me in such a cold way. “First, you break through my house without permission and then you yelled at me without a reason. Second, you taunted my father who already died 2 years ago. You haven’t change at all… stubborn as always.”

I clenched my fist. I felt like I wanted to punch her face but I didn’t have power to do it, even without her bodyguards around… she is still stronger than me. Why am I THIS WEAK?! I hate it!! I looked at the ground when I felt that my frustration tears were about to fall. I didn’t want her to see my fragile side again… ever again. “Just kill me already…” I guessed I failed to hide my fragility because my voice was clearly trembling. After I said it, the room was quiet for a few seconds.

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JuriMayu – Aren’t you mine? (2/2)



“Yesterday…. Yamada-kun asked me to marry him…..” Rena crying.

“As if I care about your wedding.” My chest felt burning. I hold the knob and open the door.

“I refused him!!!” Rena sobbed.

I stop. Stunned.

“Please….. don’t go.” Rena look at me. Her sad eyes begged me to stay.

I clapped my hands slowly. “Great job, Rena. Now, you hurting 2 people in the same time.” I quipped her.

“Please, understand me… Jurina.”

“I already tried to understand you for years!!” I step outside. “I won’t go home tonight. No need to wait me.” I close the door.

I walk faster to my car and drive it away from our house.

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JuriMayu – Aren’t you mine? (1/2)


—-> Matsui Jurina… a photographer who afraid to falling in love again after she was refused by her High School friend, Matsui Rena.
—-> Matsui Rena… a lecturers of Tokyo University who afraid to face the world. She’s hiding her true self because she’s too care about what other people saying…it makes her lose her best friend.
—-> Watanabe Mayu… a model who met with Jurina in Italy when they did a photo shoot. Mayu and Jurina have interest towards each other.

When Rena realize that she can’t lose her best friend (her ex-lover), is it already too late for her?



My name is Matsui Jurina.

I came from Nagoya, but 4 years ago…. I moved to Tokyo because of my job.
I’m a photographer at one of the biggest fashion company in Japan.

4 years ago I was really felt lonely… I had to left my parents, my hometown, and my best friend….. Matsui Rena.
Me and Rena-chan already knew each other since high school.

Rena-chan was worked as a young lecturers in Nagoya University, but 3 years ago she moved to Tokyo too because she accepted as a lecturers in Tokyo University of Science. I have to admit that she has a really bright brain.

Since 3 years ago, we lived in a same house….

After a year I lived with her, I felt something different towards her… I fell in love with her. And thank God, she accepted my feeling! I was so happy back then.

But it wasn’t last long……

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