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WMatsui – New Year


= 11 AM =

Rena have been staring the picture for about an hour while sitting on her couch. How long has it been? When the last time I stood and sang on Jurina’s side? She’s wiping her tears that has been rolled down since hour ago. Oh my God, I miss her so bad! If I knew that graduate would be this hurt, I wouldn’t make this decision until she graduates as well.

Last year, Rena hope that when she graduated,  her 3 years of unrequited love for Jurina could end as well. But now, she’s realizing that it’s a meaningless hope. Her pain is doubled even since her graduation from 48G. I can’t keep living in a pathetic life like this.  She laughs a little while putting the photo frame back to her desk.

Rena walk toward her bed and throw her body onto it. Lucky for her that she doesn’t have any schedule until next week, so her swollen eyes won’t be a problem as long as she wears black glasses if she goes outside her house. How are you, Jurina? I’m here, alone. She looked at the clock that hanging on the wall. It seems I will celebrating new year by myself tonight.

Since last month, Rena have been refused dozens of invitation from the fellow artist, her new management, her 48G friends, and even from her family. She wants to be alone. Fuck with new year, she said. Days are all same for me, full of pain. It’s tiring to keep smiling like an idiot in front of people when our hearts are broken, right?

Rena close her eyes.

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SayaJuri – Our Dreams


What if our ambition make us forget about our truly dreams?

Would the competitiveness make 2 lovers become parted?

Our Dreams


Sayaka stood up on the outdoor terrace of her flat. She sighed a lot… over and over again. She looked down at the Japan’s night traffic from her 14th floor flat. Jurina… She let out a sigh again.


Jurina stood up while clenching her fist. “It’s easy for you to say that because you had already got what’s you want!!” She yelled at Sayaka.

Sayaka stepped closer toward Jurina. “Jurina… it’s not what I mean-”

“Don’t come here again!!” Jurina pointed her finger at Sayaka.

Sayaka stopped. “O-okay… okay… I won’t touch you, but please calm down.”

“That’s not what I mean.” Jurina looked away. “I mean… don’t come to see me again… EVER AGAIN!”

Sayaka flinched as she heard those words came out from her beloved girl’s lips. “Is it means… you want to…” She bit her own lips before she said it… said the words that she was afraid the most. “…break up with me?”


Sayaka rubbed her forehead. Damn it, Jurina! Slowly… the tears appeared from her eyes and then it rolled down on her cheeks. She closed her eyes and let her sadness out of her hearts.

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JuriAnnin – Limitless

Warning: 17,6K words


How it feels to fall in love with a player? Do you really think that you can change her? Do you have enough confidence to say that she only loves you? How much pain that you have to face?

How it feels to fall in love for the first time? How it feels when you think that you lost a girl even though there are many girls around you? How much time that you need to make sure that she’s the only one?



= 1. Annin =

A girl entered a small café.  She looked so beautiful and graceful with her long-black-silky hair.  The flawless girl looked around to look for an empty table.

“Please?” There was a waitress who smiled at the girl. The waitress seemed wanted to lead the girl to the empty table.

The girl simply nodded her head with a slight smile on her lips. She followed the waitress and then she sat after the waitress pulled a chair for her. “The same as always.” She uttered it to the waitress.

The waitress nodded as a sign that she was understood her customer’s order. She wrote ‘a cup of lemon tea’ and ‘2 slices of strawberry cake’ on her notes, and then she walked away.

The girl looked toward the window and looked outside with an empty gaze. She used one of her hands to prop her chin and then she let out a soft sigh.

Have you ever had a relationship with a player? Well… I have… and it was so painful.

She closed her eyes and brought back her memories.

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SayaMilky – Look at Me!


There are many people out there who hardly express their feelings to someone that they love. But Milky’s case is quite different; she can easily express her feeling toward people. She’s expert in ‘fishing’ people. That’s why everybody always takes all the things that she said as a joke.

How if… she really meets someone that she love and then she want to confess her true feeling? How can she express her feeling properly when the only person that she really love always takes it as a joke?

Look at Me

“Sayanee… daisuki!” Milky grinned at the girl who was still sitting on the chair in the classroom. “The way you always take care of me and protecting me… I love you for that.” She took a deep breath. “Please go out with me!”

Sayanee frowned and then she tilted her head. “Yes-Yes, of course I love you too.”

Milky looked at Sayanee in disbelief way, she couldn’t believe that she would get a light answer and a quick reply for something serious like that. “Wha-”

“Are you in a good mood today?” Sayanee stood up and then she put her books into her bag. “You always say something like that to me when you’re happy.” She shrugged. “Are you going to go home with me or not? But I have to go to the convenience store first.”

“Eh?” Milky stunned. “Wait a sec-”

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FuruYanagi – White Canvas


Airin who worked as a painter, accidentally met Churi in the park. She made a simple sketch of Churi… a simple sketch that will bring a huge impact for her.

Churi who worked at her own animal shop, unexpected received a sketch of herself without knowing who did it because she received it from someone else.

Can fate bring them to meet each other? Will they (somehow) love each other?


“Airin, please wait here. Okay? I’m going to buy a cold drink for us.”

“Ice Chocolate for me. Thank you.”

Her friend simply nodded and then he walked towards a convenience store nearby.

Ahhh… today is amazingly hot! I hate summer. Airin used her hand to protect her face from the sun that so oppressive. It was the end of August, so the weather was quite hot.

She looked around, she was looking for a place to sit. She felt so lucky when her eyes captured an empty bench. She walked towards the bench and then she sat on it. Thankfully that there was a huge tree behind the bench so she was protected by the shade from the tree.

She took out her phone, playing a game to kill some time while waiting her friend. Not long after that, there was a girl who walking in front of her and sat on the bench next to her…. Airin stopped playing. Usually people will bring their dogs to play on the park, but she- Airin chuckled for a moment, after that she took out a notebook and a pencil from her bag. Unique and strange. She chuckled.

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YukiRena – New Life

Notes: This story is inspired by wafflekyun‘s post


Black and Gekikara, known as 2 of 4 queens of Rappapa. When they already graduated from Majijo, is their life still same as before? Do fight is still become their biggest desire when they’re start to step on adult life?


I entered a small cafe near the supermarket where I worked. I saw an empty table and then I sat on the chair without thinking too much.

Where is she? I sighed. Is she fight with some random yankee before she get here? Or maybe I walked too fast? I facepalmed. I think that I need to learn how to walk slower.

I started to read my ‘bible’ to kill some time.

*5 Minutes Later*


Someone opened the door harshly. I glanced the door. Seriously Geki, you don’t need to waste your awesome power just to open a small door. I rolled my eyes.

I raised my hand so she can notice me. Yes, she looked at me but in 2 seconds later she looked away to a table in the corner of the cafe. She smirked and started to giggle.

This is bad.

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Voice [Sequel Mayuki]


This is the prologue for the sequel of VOICES.

Rena and Mayu were Shinigami (grim reaper) that has been lived for thousands years.
They can read each other’s mind, read human’s mind, transform into a human form, move really fast, fly, shouldn’t be known by human, shouldn’t be seen by human, and don’t have love.

But one day, Rena was breaking the rules… she got a punishment because she’s falling in love with human (Jurina), she has to living in hell for 300 years (there’s a time difference between human world and their world… 1 year in human world = 150 years in their world). But in the end, God ordered Rena to not doing her job as a Shinigami anymore because she has love… she’s become an Angel now.

Mayu is still a Shinigami and she is Rena’s eternal enemy/rival. But then… it’s all change after Mayu falling in love with Yuki. She asked Rena to help her to get Yuki.

VOICES - Mayuki

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Voice [Sequel Mayuki] – Prologue

VOICES - Mayuki




“Where is Jurina??” Rena was flying around and asked any soul that she met. But no one knew where Jurina was. She searched Jurina from above. Even on earth, Matsui Jurina’s name didn’t exist. She’s…. gone?

“I know where she is.”

“Where is she, Mayu? If you put her in dangerous again, I swear I will destroy you!!”

“She’s okay. But, I won’t tell you until you help me.”

“You asked for a help?! Mayu, I think you’re lost your mind. Don’t joke with me.”

“I’m not joking!!! I need your help!! Come with me.”

Rena followed Mayu. They were flying down to the earth. They landed on a school yard. So, she’s not joking.

“Why we’re here, Mayu?”

“How did you feel when the first time you saw Jurina?”

Rena almost laughed when Mayu asked her about that. “I feel like being hypnotized. I’m not a human, but I can feel a happy feeling for the first time. And then……”

“You think she will be the only one. You didn’t care about our rules; you even want to spend your whole life in the hell because of her.”

Mayu’s answer made Rena wanted to fall into the hell for the second time. “How can you know that?”

Mayu was remained silent and she walked into that school. Rena didn’t have any choice except followed Mayu. They entered a class, and then they stopped in front of a student. Rena tried to read her nametag, “Kashiwagi Yuki.”

“I feel it too. I feel all of the things that you said before.” Mayu looked away.

“NO WAY!” Rena laughed hard, she couldn’t hold it anymore. “You love her?? HAAHAAHHA…. You have a great taste, my friend.”

Mayu hit Rena’s head, “We’re not friend. Don’t tell anyone!”

“Easy boy… easy. I will help you. So, where is Jurina?”


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MaYuki – Follows The Snow


Yuki and Mayu have been dating since 7 months ago, but still… Yuki couldn’t easily melting Mayu’s icy heart and her cold behavior.
How can Yuki make Mayu turned into a bit warmer at her? Did Mayu actually didn’t care about Yuki at all since she always cold at her everytime?

Once again, I tried to bring the miracle of Christmas to my story.

Follows The Snow
Fanart by mochichan00-san


Mayu turned back as she heard someone fell behind her. “Yukirin!” She walked towards Yuki and helped her to stand up. “Are you okay?”

With Mayu’s help, Yuki stood up slowly. “I’m okay.” She cleaned the dirt on her knees. “I didn’t see those kids ran towards my direction.”

Mayu sighed. She looked at Yuki’s knee and pointed at it. “Look, your knee injured. Let’s just go home.. I’ll help you to treat your wound.”

When Yuki saw Mayu was about to walk to another direction, she spread out her arms to block Mayu’s way. “We don’t need to go back. I’m okay.“ She took a tissue paper from her handbag, she used it to wipe the blood on her knee. “See? It’s only a small wound.” She smiled at Mayu.

Mayu frowned, she looked hesitant for a while. But then… she nodded. “You need to be more careful.”

Yuki simply nodded. In a few seconds later, Mayu already walked first and then Yuki followed her from behind. “M-Mayu!” She tried to call Mayu, but Mayu couldn’t hear her in the middle of crowd street like that. Mayu kept walking and left her behind. Yuki sighed. As usual… she leave me behind. Why she always walks so fast?

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WMatsui – Stuck with You


Love can come to us every where and whenever, even in a shortest time and in an unexpected way.

Stuck With You

= Jurina =

“H-hey! Wait!!” Jurina ran with all her strength, trying to catch a guy who already stepped in to the elevator. “Oh, shit!” She almost caught the guy, but unfortunately… the elevator door closed right in front of her nose. “Aww!” She bumped into the door.

Jurina quickly pressed the button near the elevator. “Come on! Come on. Come on.” She looked impatient while waiting another elevator and her hand gripped the camera tightly. She looked at the number above the elevator door decreased one by one. Right after the other elevator door opened, she noticed the elevator that taken by the guy had stopped on the basement. It was already late for her to chase the guy who probably already rode his car and went to somewhere. She kicked the trash can as a sign of frustration. “Why the celebrities nowadays are really good in running away?!”

Jurina sighed while putting her camera back into her bag and then she took her phone. “I’m sorry… I lose him again.” She talked to the person through the phone.


Jurina closed her eyes when she heard her boss yelled at her through the phone. Damn it! “I tried to take his picture but his bodyguard kept pushing me.”

How can you lose him, Matsui?! Could you imagine how big our profit if his face become the cover of our magazine this week??!! He is a hot topic now!!

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