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Wanted! – WMatsui, Atsumina, KojiYuu, and SaeYaka [Special]

Fanart by i-am-nutty

WMatsui, Atsumina, KojiYuu, and SaeYaka


1. = SaeYaka =

Sayaka threw her body onto the couch. “Ahhh… I’m tired!!” She closed her eyes and then she used her right arm to cover her eyes.

“I can’t believe that Yuki choose to stay in their house!” Sae closed the door and then she mumbled all the way to the kitchen. “I can take care of her until she’s fully recovered!”

Sayaka laughed. “Yes, it makes me suprised as well. But don’t worry, they will be a good friend for Yuki.”

Sae took a bottle from the refrigerator. “No, they won’t.” She gulped a whole water.

Sayaka sighed. She woke up from the couch and then she walked to the kitchen. “Are you….. perhaps…. still loves her? Are you jealous or something?”

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Wanted! (10/10)





  1. This chapter contains of smut scene.
  2. This chapter contains of a character’s death.
    If you’re not feel comfortable, I suggest you to skip the last scene of “Losing One” sub-chapter, and go re-read chap 8.2 for some lovely moments. :p

For the rest, please enjoy my last chapter. 🙂
This is a long chapter ; 11K words. Don’t be shocked after you hit the ‘Read More’ link. 😛
I hope you won’t get sleepy in the middle of reading. XD


1. = Last Day =

Rena and Mayu sat facing each other with a chessboard on the table. The aura around them became so dark and full of the tension. Both of them were really competitive in doing the game.

“Rena-chan~ my love and my support are 100% for you. Ganbatte!!!” Jurina lifted her fist to support her girlfriend.

Yuki pushed Jurina strongly and it caused Jurina fell from the couch. “My cute and lovely girlfriend will totally win this round!!” She looked at Mayu… her eyes show her admiration towards Mayu.

Jurina touched her butt, “Itai!” She sat back on the couch, after that.. she used her feet to push Yuki. She grinned as she saw Yuki’s butt hit the floor.

Yuki groaned. “You! Such a little brat!” She stood up and then she pushed Jurina, she pinned her down on the couch.

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Wanted! (9/10)




Yuko gave Haruna a bitter smile. “Well… she still tried to be romantic even if that’s her last seconds in this world..” Yuko turned away. “No offense.” She went out from Kojima’s room.

Yuko closed Kojima’s door. She leaned her body on the wall as her tears rolled on her cheeks. I’m so pathetic.

The door opened again. “Yuko.” Kojima dragged Yuko back into her room.

Yuko gasped. She didn’t expect that Kojima would open the door. She looked away to wipe her tears and then she looked at Kojima… she smiled. “Yes?”

“I’m so sorry.” Kojima stared at the floor. “I’ve hurt you too much. It’s been some years but I never say it properly to you… I left you behind without any explanation.” Kojima shed her tears.

Yuko surprised because of Kojima’s sudden statement. She wasn’t expect Kojima would raise this topic again… the topic that she really wanted to forget. Yuko felt the deep pain pierce her heart.

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Wanted! (8.2/10)


PART 8.2


= WMatsui =

Rena opened her eyes slowly. “Hooaaaahhhmmmm….” She yawned. She looked at a clock that hanging on the wall. 4AM? Tsk. “What is it, Sayaka? I’m still sleepy.“ She closed her eyes again.

“Are you still persistent to not untie your friend?”

Huh?! Rena opened her eyes and woke up quickly. “She’s still in our meeting room?!”

Sayaka shrugged. “Yeaahhh. I’m not really care about her, but I think it’s just a little bit stupid for me if your friend keep sitting like that.”

Rena rushed out from her bedroom and went downstairs. She opened the door and then she turned on the lights. Jurina.

Rena saw Jurina fell asleep on her chair. She sighed. She must be tired. Rena walked closer to Jurina and then she looked at Jurina’s face. She caressed Jurina’s cheek slowly, she was afraid to wake her.

Jurina lifted her head as she felt someone touching her. “Rena-chan?”

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Wanted! (8.1/10)


PART 8.1


Jurina lie down on a small bed, she looked at the ceiling. I can’t believe that I’ll wear the ‘zebra cross’ shirt. She touched her prison unifrom. She sighed. Rena….. is she okay? She definitely worried about me.

Jurina wiped her teary eyes. Will she leave me if she know that I’m a prisoner now? She will feel ashamed of me.

“Matsui-san, Takahashi-sama and Watanabe-sama visiting you.” A guard called her from outside her prison cell. He handcuffed Jurina’s hands before she walked out.

Jurina followed the guard who lead her into a room. She saw Takamina and Mayu already sat on the chair. Jurina sat calmly in front of them.

Takamina started the conversation. “Jurina, It’s been a week since you suspended. Why don’t you tell us about what happened? We’re here to help you.”

Jurina avoid Takamina’s eyes, she looked down.

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Wanted! (7/10)




Warning: This chapter contains of smut scene.

I give my huge thanks for one of my favorite author : kawaiiidolworld
You helped me so much with WMatsui scene.


= Maeda Team =

“What you’ve done, Yuki?!!” Yuko grabbed Yuki’s collar. “Do you planned to betray us?!! Huh?!” She pulled Yuki’s collar. “Do you want to end up like her?” Yuki pointed at a girl who tied on the chair.

Yuki looked at her. Her face was covered by blood and her body bruised too… she looked messed up. They keep beating her since last night.

The girl smirked. “Hh-how…. are you….. Yu-Yuki?” She coughed and spitted out the blood from her mouth.

Sae punched her face twice. “You didn’t have any permission to talk. Shut up or…” Sae took an iron stick, “you’ll taste this.”

Yuko let go of Yuki’s collar and looked at Sae. “Stop it, Sae!”

Sae glared at Yuko. “Why?! Do you still love her?” She scoffed.

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Wanted! (6.2/10)


PART 6.2


= The Old Friend : Betrayer (1) =

Acchan sat on a couch. “And the 2nd task for us is…. Revenge.”

“What do you mean?” Yuko looks confused.

Acchan turned on the projector. “Do you remember her, Yuko? All of you?”

Everyone looked at the picture on the projector screen. They saw a familiar girl stood on the street, she used a cap to hide her face.

“K-kojima…?” Sayaka shocked.

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Wanted! (6.1/10)


PART 6.1


Mo-chan…. Thank you very much for your hard work. :bow:
You helped me so much to improve my English. :’)


= AtsuMina =

Takamina opened her eyes, “Urgh… itai…” She grimaced as she felt the pain in all over her body.

“Don’t move! Just take a rest.” Acchan answered her from somewhere.

She was surprised when she heard Acchan’s voice, she looked around. This is my apartment… why she’s here? She frowned and tried to remember what happened to her.

Takamina gasped. She woke up. “Hey Maeda… are you okay?! What happened?? Let’s go to the hospital!! Sorry… I feel bad because I can’t protect you!! Are you hurt?! Are y-” She touched her head, “Akkhhh… my head…”

Acchan walked into Takamina’s bedroom. “See? Who’s going to ‘die’ in pain right now? I’m perfectly okay.” She smiled.

Acchan held Takamina’s shoulders and then she pushed her slowly onto the bed . “Lay your body, I’ll take care of your wounds.” She compressed Takamina’s swollen body and faced it with a warm towel. After that… she bandaging Takamina’s wounds.

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Wanted! (5/10)




= WMatsui : 3rd Meeting =

Rena woke up from that bench. It sounds not far from here. She tried to looking for that voice.

She turned her head to her left because she heard that voice came from there. She stood up and walked slowly. Rena saw someone’s foot seen behind a tree. Ah, maybe that people is the one who singing.

Rena walked closer, she saw that person from behind. That person just sat on the ground. She didn’t know exactly about the reason why she want to see that person closer.

Maybe she’s a little bit envy to that person because that person can play it really well. Even though she already tried to learn to play her guitar in these past weeks, she still can’t do it properly.

She feels annoyed to herself because usually she can learn everything within 2 days. But now, when it comes to music… she can’t do anything. So frustrating!

The more closer she walked to that person, that voice became more and more beautiful to be heard too.

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Wanted! (4/10)




Warning: This chapter contains of smut scene.

Thanks for Katekyohit who helped me so much with MaYuki scene in this chapter.

Thanks to BbSis for your advice.

Thanks for Zaki-san who helped me with SaeYuki scene in this chapter.


= MaYuki : One Sided Pleasure =

After Yuki ended the call with Sae, she went out from her room again, she saw Mayuyu still standing in the kitchen. What should I do to her?

“Yuki, our meal is ready. Let’s have a lunch!” Mayuyu smiled.

Yuki walked to the kitchen, “Okay, but…..” She touch Mayu’s chin and lift it up. “Let’s finish what we’ve started before.” She looked at Mayu’s eyes.

I must make her fall hard to me. It’ll make my job easier. I must get her trust, so I will be able to dig more information. Yuki kissed Mayu on the lips.

Mayu surprised, she broke the kiss. “Yu-Yuki…. we-” Mayu can’t finished her words because Yuki ‘ate’ her lips again.

Their tongue played together. Yuki pushed Mayu slowly, she stopped when Mayu already leaning onto the wall. It caused the shorter girl to moan as the taller one snaked her icy fingers under her shirt to unhook her bra off.

“W-Wait…Not here…”

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