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FuruYanagi – White Canvas


Airin who worked as a painter, accidentally met Churi in the park. She made a simple sketch of Churi… a simple sketch that will bring a huge impact for her.

Churi who worked at her own animal shop, unexpected received a sketch of herself without knowing who did it because she received it from someone else.

Can fate bring them to meet each other? Will they (somehow) love each other?


“Airin, please wait here. Okay? I’m going to buy a cold drink for us.”

“Ice Chocolate for me. Thank you.”

Her friend simply nodded and then he walked towards a convenience store nearby.

Ahhh… today is amazingly hot! I hate summer. Airin used her hand to protect her face from the sun that so oppressive. It was the end of August, so the weather was quite hot.

She looked around, she was looking for a place to sit. She felt so lucky when her eyes captured an empty bench. She walked towards the bench and then she sat on it. Thankfully that there was a huge tree behind the bench so she was protected by the shade from the tree.

She took out her phone, playing a game to kill some time while waiting her friend. Not long after that, there was a girl who walking in front of her and sat on the bench next to her…. Airin stopped playing. Usually people will bring their dogs to play on the park, but she- Airin chuckled for a moment, after that she took out a notebook and a pencil from her bag. Unique and strange. She chuckled.

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