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JuriAnnin – Limitless

Warning: 17,6K words


How it feels to fall in love with a player? Do you really think that you can change her? Do you have enough confidence to say that she only loves you? How much pain that you have to face?

How it feels to fall in love for the first time? How it feels when you think that you lost a girl even though there are many girls around you? How much time that you need to make sure that she’s the only one?



= 1. Annin =

A girl entered a small café.  She looked so beautiful and graceful with her long-black-silky hair.  The flawless girl looked around to look for an empty table.

“Please?” There was a waitress who smiled at the girl. The waitress seemed wanted to lead the girl to the empty table.

The girl simply nodded her head with a slight smile on her lips. She followed the waitress and then she sat after the waitress pulled a chair for her. “The same as always.” She uttered it to the waitress.

The waitress nodded as a sign that she was understood her customer’s order. She wrote ‘a cup of lemon tea’ and ‘2 slices of strawberry cake’ on her notes, and then she walked away.

The girl looked toward the window and looked outside with an empty gaze. She used one of her hands to prop her chin and then she let out a soft sigh.

Have you ever had a relationship with a player? Well… I have… and it was so painful.

She closed her eyes and brought back her memories.

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WMatsui – Live

Warning: This fic has 45K words, so… brace yourself because your eyes can bleeding anytime (lol)


Rena and Jurina are the strangers at the first place. One day, they meet when one of them is having a broken heart. They’re talking to each other without know each other privacy life, not even their name. They just meet in a same place for months.

When they already knew each other well, can they be together easily? When they experience some ‘upside-down’ in their life like a wheel, can they survive without hurting each other and their friends?

Yuki —> study in a same college with Rena, Rena’s ex-girlfriend
Airin —> Rena’s childhood friend and best friend
Mayu —> Jurina’s best friend, manager, and housemate
Annin —> Jurina’s work partner


We’re born alone, we live alone, and we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.

============================ ***** ============================

= 1. Rena =

I build my love on agony.
I’m stuck in the past. I try to run away but end up with circling in the same place, alone.

2 raven-haired girls stood facing each other, they stared at each other eyes.  One of them was crying….. sobbing.

“Is this really the end for us?” She grabbed another girl’s hand to prevent her touching the knob.

“Yes. It’s over. We come to an end.” She tried to release her wrist from the grip. “Let me go.” She was piercing her eyes at other eyes, the red eyes. “Please, don’t cry again. It won’t make me change my decision.”

“Rena…” She uttered another girl’s name softly. She looked at her in the eye, she hope Rena could understand her feeling by looking at her eyes. “D-don’t go… I love you. I really do.” Her tears rolled down on her cheeks, her tears kept flowing since 2 hours ago. She could feel her eyes started to hurt and she almost couldn’t open her eyes completely, her vision became blurry.

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