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YukiRena – New Life

Notes: This story is inspired by wafflekyun‘s post


Black and Gekikara, known as 2 of 4 queens of Rappapa. When they already graduated from Majijo, is their life still same as before? Do fight is still become their biggest desire when they’re start to step on adult life?


I entered a small cafe near the supermarket where I worked. I saw an empty table and then I sat on the chair without thinking too much.

Where is she? I sighed. Is she fight with some random yankee before she get here? Or maybe I walked too fast? I facepalmed. I think that I need to learn how to walk slower.

I started to read my ‘bible’ to kill some time.

*5 Minutes Later*


Someone opened the door harshly. I glanced the door. Seriously Geki, you don’t need to waste your awesome power just to open a small door. I rolled my eyes.

I raised my hand so she can notice me. Yes, she looked at me but in 2 seconds later she looked away to a table in the corner of the cafe. She smirked and started to giggle.

This is bad.

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