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FuruYanagi – White Canvas


Airin who worked as a painter, accidentally met Churi in the park. She made a simple sketch of Churi… a simple sketch that will bring a huge impact for her.

Churi who worked at her own animal shop, unexpected received a sketch of herself without knowing who did it because she received it from someone else.

Can fate bring them to meet each other? Will they (somehow) love each other?


“Airin, please wait here. Okay? I’m going to buy a cold drink for us.”

“Ice Chocolate for me. Thank you.”

Her friend simply nodded and then he walked towards a convenience store nearby.

Ahhh… today is amazingly hot! I hate summer. Airin used her hand to protect her face from the sun that so oppressive. It was the end of August, so the weather was quite hot.

She looked around, she was looking for a place to sit. She felt so lucky when her eyes captured an empty bench. She walked towards the bench and then she sat on it. Thankfully that there was a huge tree behind the bench so she was protected by the shade from the tree.

She took out her phone, playing a game to kill some time while waiting her friend. Not long after that, there was a girl who walking in front of her and sat on the bench next to her…. Airin stopped playing. Usually people will bring their dogs to play on the park, but she- Airin chuckled for a moment, after that she took out a notebook and a pencil from her bag. Unique and strange. She chuckled.

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WMatsui – Live

Warning: This fic has 45K words, so… brace yourself because your eyes can bleeding anytime (lol)


Rena and Jurina are the strangers at the first place. One day, they meet when one of them is having a broken heart. They’re talking to each other without know each other privacy life, not even their name. They just meet in a same place for months.

When they already knew each other well, can they be together easily? When they experience some ‘upside-down’ in their life like a wheel, can they survive without hurting each other and their friends?

Yuki —> study in a same college with Rena, Rena’s ex-girlfriend
Airin —> Rena’s childhood friend and best friend
Mayu —> Jurina’s best friend, manager, and housemate
Annin —> Jurina’s work partner


We’re born alone, we live alone, and we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.

============================ ***** ============================

= 1. Rena =

I build my love on agony.
I’m stuck in the past. I try to run away but end up with circling in the same place, alone.

2 raven-haired girls stood facing each other, they stared at each other eyes.  One of them was crying….. sobbing.

“Is this really the end for us?” She grabbed another girl’s hand to prevent her touching the knob.

“Yes. It’s over. We come to an end.” She tried to release her wrist from the grip. “Let me go.” She was piercing her eyes at other eyes, the red eyes. “Please, don’t cry again. It won’t make me change my decision.”

“Rena…” She uttered another girl’s name softly. She looked at her in the eye, she hope Rena could understand her feeling by looking at her eyes. “D-don’t go… I love you. I really do.” Her tears rolled down on her cheeks, her tears kept flowing since 2 hours ago. She could feel her eyes started to hurt and she almost couldn’t open her eyes completely, her vision became blurry.

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WMatsui – I Will Give My Heart for You (4/4)



I knocked the door, “Hi, Rena.” I saw she pack her stuff.

She look at me. “Where have you been?!”

She walked towards me then she hugged me. She shed her tears on my shirt. “Don’t cry, Rena.” I stroke her hair. “I will never leave you again.. I promise.”

“I’m sorry. Please, don’t hate me.”

I release her and I look into her eyes. I smile. “I didn’t hate you, never. I’m sorry to make you worried.” I wanna add ‘I love you’ behind it, but I didn’t do it. Last time when I said it, we end up with fighting.

She smile, “Let’s go home. Where’s Churi? Did she went to Paradise Cafe first?” She turn away and wanna carry her bag.

I grab it from her hand, “Let me help you.” We get out from that room. “Akane wait for us in the car. You won’t back to that cafe. From now on, you’ll stay with me.” We enter the elevator, just both of us in it.

“Eeehh?! Wh-why? I think it’s better if I keep stay there, it’ll be easier for me to go work.”

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WMatsui – I Will Give My Heart for You (3/4)



“Rena.. Rena-chan!!” I run towards her. But she stop a taxi and ride it before I can talk to her again.

Lucky for me, that taxi stopped not far away from my apartment because of traffic light. I run to my car quickly and follow that taxi. Thanks red light, I owe you one.

I see her taxi stop at Paradise Cafe, She wanna run but I stop my car right in front of her. I really thankful that my car didn’t hit her. I get out from my car. “Rena, please listen to me.”

She gave me a cold gaze, “What do you want?”

“Sorry about that slap. That’s because suddenly I felt that I’m going lose you. I know, that’s sounds ridiculous.
I just saw you 2 weeks ago, we just talked to each other in these 3 days. You even haven’t call my name yet. I know that you thought that I’m crazy..
So, about my confession… just forget about it. Maybe I’m just too overreacted when I saw you dancing last night.
Sorry for anything that I ever said about you. I’ll be happy if we can be a friends… someday.” I turn away, “See you.”

I hope she’ll call me and said to me to not go, but until I get in to my car, she didn’t call me. Then, I just drive home.

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WMatsui – I Will Give My Heart for You (2/4)



I close my office room, “Finally. Meeting is over!!” I sit again and then I put my foot on my desk. I close my eyes.  I’m so sleepy.

“Jurina!!!!” Airin slam the door.

I’m so shocked. I put down my foot quickly.

“How can you sleeping in that meeting, Jurina??!!”

“So-sorry, Airin. I didn’t realize it. I’m too sleepy and tired.” Last night, I arrived at my apartment at 3AM. I’m having too much fun with that Matsui and I forget to prepare the presentation for my meeting today.

“You didn’t prepare anything! You slept there! Do you know how much trouble that I got because of you?!”

I stand up, “Airin… please don’t mad at me. As usual, you will help me again, right?” I wanna touch her shoulder but she slap my hand.

“I always pampering you and I solve all of problems here, because I thought you’ll change! But I’m wrong.
Now, I know why your father gave all his companies to Mariko-san. You didn’t have any responsibility at all. You’re childish and arrogant!! You didn’t care about everything!! One only thing that you care about is ‘have fun’.”

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WMatsui – I Will Give My Heart for You (1/4)


—-> Matsui Jurina… A rich girl who tried to prove herself to her father that she’s better than her sister. A girl who had a motto: ‘Honor is my everything’.
—-> Matsui Rena… the opposite of Jurina’s life, she’s a poor girl who tried to survive in this cruel world by worked as a prostitute. She has a big secret about her life.

Destiny can screw up a friendship and a love relationship.
We can’t see any difference between enemy, rival, and friend anymore when destiny’s playing with you.
Everything can change.



I threw my body to a chair.

What a suck life that I have! Last week, I just broke up with Mayuyu because I found that she’s sleeping with my own friend, Kashiwagi.
And today, my company’s proposal rejected by a sponsor. Sh*t!
I don’t want dad give this company to my older sister, Mariko.

I heard someone knocked my door.

“Matsui-san, are you okay?”

She’s my secretary… “I’m fine, Airin.”… and my high school friend.

“You’re always a bad liar, Jurina.” I saw she put her books on the table. She turned my chair and then she’s start massaging my shoulders, neck, and head.

“Thank you, Airin. If you’re not by my side all this time, I’m not sure to get through all of this trouble.” I closed my eyes and tried to relaxing my body.

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WMatsui – I Will Give My Heart for You (Prologue)



Destiny can screw up a friendship and a love relationship.
We can’t see any difference between enemy, rival, and friend anymore when destiny’s playing with you.
Everything can change.

“What’s your name?”

“Rena.” She take the cigarette from her pocket.

“Okay Rena, Let’s get out from here.” Jurina grab Rena’s hand and then she took Rena’s cigarette. Jurina throw it.

Rena release her hand, “How much money do you have?”

“…………” Jurina look into Rena’s eyes. “I have it, more than you can imagine.”


Churi pointed at someone, “Rena.. Did you look that men?”

“Of course I am.. I’m not blind.” Rena rolled her eyes.

“Let’s take him.” Churi smirked.

“My pleasure.” Rena walk first and leave Churi behind.


“Give me your phone…”

Churi still shock, afraid, and confuse. Her tears can’t stop falling.

“Give me your damn phone!!!”

But Churi still sat on the floor, so Jurina just grab Churi phone from her hand.

Jurina calling, “Hello doctor. We will come there as soon as possible, please be ready.”

================== END OF PROLOGUE ===================

WMatsui – The Difference (4/4)



Rena can’t even understand why Jurina do this to her. They have a big quarrel yesterday, and now Jurina just ‘attack’ her without any explanation.

Rena lost her patience. Rena can’t take it anymore. Jurina will always like this, she’ll never serious in solve a problem. She never care how hurt I am when I saw her flirt another girl in my face.

“Jurina.. Let’s break up.” Rena is crying.

Jurina look at Rena, she take a deep breath then she release Rena from her hug. Jurina stand up then she tidy up her shirt and hair. “Are you sure about that?”

Rena looks away, “I am really sure.”

“Well then… I can’t do anything….”

Rena shocked, she look at Jurina face. Jurina cold face. Is she really will…..

“From now on… we’re not dating anymore, Rena. You’re free, so do I.” Jurina smile at Rena.

Rena close her eyes, she spill her tears even more. Sh-she smile??!!! She really give up on me. She asked break up for dozen times to me, but I never give up. Now, I only said it once…. and she said like that. I thought she will resist it and told me how she loves me more than other girls…. I’m dumped.

“Rena.. let’s have a farewell dinner. Didn’t you check your refrigerator? I already bought some ingredients yesterday, Mayu and I will cook for us.”

What the fu*k!! She talk about dinner after all happened to us??!! I hate her, how can I dating a stupid like that?! “Are you lost your mind, Jurina?! How can you did this to me???”

“Ohh.. Matsui-sama, you can call your friend too… A girl who came from Tokyo with you. It’ll be fun if  4 of us gather around together. All of us can be friends now, problem resolved.” Jurina laugh.

Jurina take her phone and call someone, “Ohayou Mayu..”

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WMatsui – The Difference (3/4)



“Churi, I need to go home tonight. I feel uneasy to leave Jurina alone too long. She can not take care of herself.”

“Uuummm… you promise me to accompany me for 2 weeks.” Churi pouted.

“Sorry. Ah!! You can come to my place… fair enough?” Rena smiled.

“Deal.” Churi hug Rena. “But… Did you just call your girlfriend 5 minutes ago? Or I misheard something?”


“I heard that you said to her.. you’ll go home tomorrow.”

“I wanna give her a surprise.”

“Uuuuuu…. Is my Rena grew up as a romantic woman now?” Churi laugh hard.

Yes.. I want to give her a surprise, but then.. I felt something different in the way she talked to me.

“Stop make fun of me, Churi. Let’s prepare our stuffs.”


Jurina wake up and take a shower. After that, she pick up her phone and call someone.

“Good Morning… Mayuyu. Can we meet today?”

Ohh.. Ohayou Jurina-san. Sure.

“Thanks Mayu. I need your help to buy some recipes.”

No problem. When you’ll take me?

“In 2 hours. Is it OK.”

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WMatsui – The Difference (1/4)


Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena already dated for 3 years. But one day, they feels doubt of their relationship.. they’ realize that too many different things between them. They start to find each other weakness and use it to ‘attack’ each other.

How their relationship would end? Are they they’ll find someone else? Will they realize that ‘the difference’ isn’t an obstacle between 2 lovers? They even can use it to complete each other.



“Jurina!! How many times I must to wake you up again? Did you said last night that you have a class this morning?”

Rena rush in to her bedroom, she saw Jurina still covered her head with blanket. Rena sighed and strokes Jurina’s hair.

“Come on, Jurina.. I need to go to work. Your breakfast is ready.” She said it softly and kiss Jurina’s eyes.

Jurina suddenly open her eyes and pulling Rena to the bed. Jurina get on Rena’s top, she look Rena’s eyes. Her eyes are so beautiful.

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