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SayaMilky – Look at Me!


There are many people out there who hardly express their feelings to someone that they love. But Milky’s case is quite different; she can easily express her feeling toward people. She’s expert in ‘fishing’ people. That’s why everybody always takes all the things that she said as a joke.

How if… she really meets someone that she love and then she want to confess her true feeling? How can she express her feeling properly when the only person that she really love always takes it as a joke?

Look at Me

“Sayanee… daisuki!” Milky grinned at the girl who was still sitting on the chair in the classroom. “The way you always take care of me and protecting me… I love you for that.” She took a deep breath. “Please go out with me!”

Sayanee frowned and then she tilted her head. “Yes-Yes, of course I love you too.”

Milky looked at Sayanee in disbelief way, she couldn’t believe that she would get a light answer and a quick reply for something serious like that. “Wha-”

“Are you in a good mood today?” Sayanee stood up and then she put her books into her bag. “You always say something like that to me when you’re happy.” She shrugged. “Are you going to go home with me or not? But I have to go to the convenience store first.”

“Eh?” Milky stunned. “Wait a sec-”

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