SaeYuki – Regret (3.1/3)


PART 3.1


Yuki keep staring at the mirror inside the dressing room. This dress is so beautiful. She keep turning around so she can see the dress better from several sides. I hate to admit it but… I’m glad that this wedding dress perfectly fit on my body. She keep smiling by herself.

“Are you THAT happy?”

Yuki flinched as her eternal enemy suddenly show up behind her back and talked near to her ear. “The fuck.” Her expression suddenly change 360 degrees, from super happy to super annoyed. “When is my turn?” She pointed at the number on her right chest, 35.

“It’s still up to 15th. Maybe you’ll go in about 30 minutes.” Sae suddenly grabbing both Yuki’s shoulders and make her turn around to face her. “Stand still. Let me check the dress once more.”

“Ugh!” Yuki almost fell because Sae made her turned around way too fast. “Hey! Slow down! Can’t you see I’ve just done with my hair and everything?! You sure doesn’t know how to say thanks to your savior.”

Sae snorted. “You’re not my savior if I don’t get an A for this final project.”

Yuki rolling her eyes. “Whatever.”

Sae focusing on the dress on Yuki’s body. She narrowed her eyes on every inch of Yuki’s body while walking slowly around Yuki without taking off her eyes from the dress. She wants to make sure that no more flaws that can ruining her grade.

On the other side, Yuki looks really awkward and her cheeks are slowly become redder. She knows that Sae only checking the dress, but somehow she also fells that Sae’s pervert eyes are also checking out her body. She is definitely doesn’t know where to look, especially in such a close distance.

Without Yuki realizing it, she already staring at Sae’s face. Somehow, Sae’s “work-mode” always make her heart fluttering uncontrollably. This is bad. She sighed. Wake up you stupid girl! She cursed herself. You have Mayu!!! For God’s sake, Yuki!! Besides, he is a guy!!! A fucking guy!

“What are you doing?” Sae cross her arms on her chest while raising one of her eyebrows. “You’re making such a silly face. I don’t want to see you making that face on the stage, okay?” She sighs.

Yuki gasped. “O-oh right. Okay.” She quickly looking at the ground to hide her blushing face.

“Well then… I’ll go outside. The judges will ask me some questions after you go on the stage, so don’t immediately step down from the stage after catwalk-ing. Stand beside me until they’re done asking me.” Sae walking toward the door and reach the knob. “Hey.” She turned around before going out from the dressing room.


Sae smile at Yuki. “Thank you for helping me and umm… you look stunning in that dress.” After she said it, she closes the door.

Yuki stunned as she saw Sae’s sincere smile for the first time. You’ve got to be kidding me. She can’t believe that her heartbeat go faster once again. This is really bad.

*On the Other Side*

Sae looking at her watch. Oh, I still have 15 minutes. I’ll go outside for a minute to get some fresh air. She walks outside of the auditorium.

Sae rested her back on one of the pillar while standing outside the auditorium. I couldn’t believe my eyes before. She’s smiling by herself. The dress… my dress… looks even 5 times more beautiful after she wears it. She couldn’t stop herself from smile and even without she realizing it, she’s already giggling. She doesn’t care about people who’s staring at her strange behavior.

“Sae senpai!!” Someone come and poke Sae’s shoulder.

Sae turn her head and gasp. “Ah, Jurina??!!” Her eyes grow bigger. “When did you come back??” She feels so happy, so she’s go hugging Jurina tightly.

“I arrived yesterday. I called your mother this morning and she said that you must be here.” Jurina clean a bit dust on Sae’s clothes. “You looks so kakkoii, as usual. No doubt, you’re a designer after all… you design your own clothes. The clothes that can make you look like a cool ikemen.“

Sae give a big grin to Jurina after releasing the hug. “My pleasure to hear that from you.” She’s observing Jurina from head to the toe. “You’ve changed.” She can’t hide her admiration toward the girl who’s standing in front of her.

“Modelling school forced me to become like this.” Jurina pout. “Is it that bad?”

“Are you kidding me?! You’re so beautiful. You looks so mature and girly. I think that I’m going to miss you as a boy.” She laughs.

Jurina is grinning as well. “Is a job as your model still opened for me? Because I wanna give my application letter to you.” She sticks out her tongue.

“Huh?” Sae laugh again after hearing Jurina’s question, then her hand approaching Jurina’s hair and ruffling it gently. “It’s yours since the beginning. Don’t tease me.”

Jurina laughing. “Don’t even try to break your promise to me! Make me your first model when you start your own company, okay?” She smiles after Sae give her a nod. “Are you busy? Let go for coffee.” She reaches Sae’s arm and hold it.

“Sorry. I’m in the middle of doing my final project, Jurina.” Sae give an apologetic look to Jurina. “My model will up in about 5 minutes inside the auditorium.”

Jurina look a bit surprised. “Really?! Can I watch as well? I want to see the dress that you make.”

“Of course you can. Let’s go inside.” Sae pulling Jurina’s hand and they walk together into the auditorium. “You can sit here.” She’s pointing at the chair and let Jurina sit on it. “I’ll go there.” She pointing at the participant’s seat.

Jurina give a nod while smiling. “Good luck, senpai.”

Sae smile as well. She look around as she hears that the auditorium become more noisy than before. She’s a bit surprised when she sees that almost everybody looking at Jurina. She bend down her body a little and approach Jurina’s ear. “I can’t believe that you’ve stole their hearts already. Your beauty is not a joke right now.

Jurina laugh. “You silly!” She punches Sae’s arm gently. “Now go there and kill it!” She raises her two thumbs.

After that, Sae go and seat on the participant’s seat and waiting for her turn.

“NO. 35, MIYAZAWA SAE!” The judge finally called Sae’s name.

Sae stand up and waiting for Yuki appear on the stage. 5… 4… 3… Sae’s counting down inside her heart. 2… 1…. now.

Yuki walk slowly yet elegant. Yuki’s natural beauty make the whole students can’t close their lips while looking at Yuki. Yuki forming a smile on her reddish lips and make people admire her even more, including Sae. No matter how often Sae have seen Yuki in that dress, she’ll never be able to turn her eyes away from Yuki.

Yuki take a slight glance at Sae. Sae reply it with a smile and a slight nod. Good job.

* 1 Hour Later *

Yuki throw her body onto the chair inside the dressing room after she’s done changing her clothes. I don’t know that I’ll be this tired. She takes a bottle of mineral water from the table and she gulps it all in one go.

“Tired already? You like an old lady.”

Yuki rolling her eyes. “Why do I feel like want to slap you every time you open your mouth?”

Sae laugh out loud. “Just kidding, I’m sorry. Let’s go grab some food. I’ll buy you a dinner.” She grins.

“Oh, thank God. You finally have some manner.” Yuki stand up and walk toward Sae. “Here your dress.” She gives Sae’s the wedding dress that have been neatly folded.

“It’s for you. Take it as my gratitude.”

Yuki raising both her eyebrows. “Wow. Thanks.”

Sae smirk. “Just in case you miss me when I graduate later.”

Yuki give Sae a WTF look. “In your dream! By the way, this dress is not even as good as you think. I don’t think you’ll get the 1st place in this project.” She throws the dress onto the table. “I don’t need it.”

Sae is kind off offended by Yuki’s word. “Look who is talking now. Do you think you can defeat my grades even for one subject? You’re just too arrogant.” She takes the dress that have been thrown by Yuki before. “If you don’t want this, I’ll give it to someone else.”

“If I get the 1st place in our class, you must do the kneel bow at me in front of all students here!!” Yuki looked so pissed off.

Sae shrug. “Okay.” She grabs Yuki’s hand and pull it, and it cause Yuki’s body fully leaning on her. She approaches Yuki’s face and then she whispers, “but if I win, you must kiss me…… on the lips.” She smirks. “You don’t have to do it in front of many people… just you and me.”

“Get off me!” She pushes Sae strongly. “Sorry, I don’t like boys!” She replied it sarcastically.

“That’s good.. because I’m a girl.”

“You’re joking.”

“I’m not.” Sae smirk. “Why? Are you happy because finally you can totally and deeply falling in love with me from now on?” She laughs sarcastically as she knows that she’s successfully defeat Yuki in this argument.

Yuki massaging her forehead while making a stressful expression. She still can’t believe her foolishness. Shit! Shit! Shit! It can’t be true!!! Oh no. What should I do now? Deep inside her heart, she knows that the fact Sae is actually a girl will make her hesitant even more about her feelings toward Sae because no barrier between them anymore.

“Now, let’s go.” Sae opening the door for Yuki. “I’ll also want to introduce you to someone who is really important to me.”

When Yuki doesn’t even finish with her own struggle, Sae surprise her again. “What?!” She walks outside and both of them walk together toward the parking lot after Sae close the door behind. “Who?!” She feels uneasy.

“You don’t need to be nervous. I’m not going to introduce you to my parents, you know?” Sae laugh really hard. She can’t understand it herself why teasing Yuki become her hobby. She’s enjoying Yuki’s irritated face up-close. “Oh, it’s her.” She pointing at the girl who stand beside her car.

Jurina waving her hand at Sae and Yuki when she sees both of them approaching her. A bright smile is still gluing on her lips.

Sae move closer at Yuki and then she whispering at Yuki. “She’s my childhood friend. I treasure her more than my own life, so you better be nice to her today.”

After hearing that, Yuki feel something strange going on inside her heart. It can’t be a jealousy, right?

=========================== *** ===============================

Hello? Yuki? Are you still there?

“Oh. Yeah, I am. I’m sorry.” Yuki slap her own face. How could I think about someone else when I’m talking with my own girlfriend?! Stupid.

Are you tired? Do you want to sleep?” Mayu sounded worry.

“No. Not yet.”

“…” Mayu paused for a while. “Do you have something in your mind that you want to tell me?

*THUMP* Yuki flinched because Mayu’s question really hit the target. Sometimes I feel that Mayu have 6th sense. She’s almost can see through me even though she’s far away. She doesn’t know how to tell Mayu about the fact that Sae is actually a girl without making her girlfriend worried. She knows that she can’t keep hiding it from Mayu because later if Mayu know it herself, then a big conflict will be started. But how can I tell Mayu after all this time?! I went to Sae’s place and even stayed the night?!!!! Oh my God.


“No. Nothing. Everything is fine and you don’t need to worry.” Yuki curse herself for lying, but she doesn’t ready yet to tell the truth.

… Okay.” Mayu paused again. “I love you. You know it, right?

Yuki staring at the ceilings. She’s remembering the memories that she has been spent together with Mayu. “I know and I love you too.” I can’t keep act like this, I have no heart if I ever try to hurt her,the only one person who always stand by my side even in my most terrible days.

========================= to be continued =========================

Oh no. Chap 3 is longer than I’ve planned before. LOL. I have to separate it by 2 part. See you in 2 days.


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